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Hit everyone like a BOULDER with your football footwear fashion sense 👣 @bergelicous posing in her cutie for the game 😍 🏈

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lol rock with holes..but I love painting them. I am a knitter not an artist 😊

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Get to now me Peaches. (Yes my name is Peaches)

So I know theres a thing going around that girls have hairy armpits for Feminist. But mine is for 2 reasons.

  1. I have very sensitive skin and break out when I shave. (I’ve used and done everything! EVERY-THING!)
  2. I have Bulimia and this is import to me. To over come the fear of feeling not only fat but ugly. I’m not saying that hairy armpits, Privates or legs are ugly I think it’s so beautiful and you have to be strong willed and truly love your self as a woman to fully commit to having hairy armpits, Privates and legs. And I Look up to those women and admire them. I want to love myself and be happy.

So I my like gothic/horror things (only in October) but I am truly a hippie. No matter what I like. I will always be a flower child. I’m sorry to those goths following me. You all are beautiful and I love you but really I’m not a goth even though I pull it off well. Lol thank you for following me really.

I still love Metalcore, gothic rock and kpop music, but I really like new age (enya, Loreena Mckennitt, hangdrum..ect) classic rock (Jimie Hendrix, Guns and Roses, Greatful Dead…ect) the most. I’m in to mori kei and nature, plants and gardening. I love cats and dogs but I prefer Reptiles (ball pythons, Corn snakes, beardies and leopard geckos…). Thunderstorms are peacefully and rain days are delightful. Autumn is the best time of year were I am in a hoodie, leggings and boots all nice and warm and cozy. Cottagecore well let’s just say I’m a Hippie grandma at heart. Tea is nice but Coffees best. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful female earthlings. One is 6 and in school 😭 the other is 3 and a tesser and Rambunctious I love them both so much. My little Flower children. I’m married to a men. He’s a musician and a entertainer. 😃 I live in Clearwater Florida right next to the ocean! I’m a Christian but I still believe in magic, healing stones, oils and herbals. I love to draw and write and read books. I love nap time in the sun. I’m a ginger. 😍 I hate tomatoes and white Supremacist nazis. One day I will go vegan for my health. I have Bulimia, I’m suicidal, server bipolar depression, and chronic anxiety disorder and PTSD. Yay!!! But I try to look at thing positively. One of the reasons why I became a hippie and got away from the emo/goth lifestyle. I am 9 months selfharm free.

I can go on but this is most of I have every talked about myself. Lol I hope you all find me interesting come follow me. If you have questions please hit up my ask box I’m open to answering you guys. :)

🍁🍂Happy October!!!🍂🍁


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