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Performance art via /r/funny

1st day of summer! Apples to Apples! Mom is the judge. My 9 year old picks 不不不

Oh poo! Little bob the squirts and decorates mum ! Then big bob also tries to squirt and faceplants! ! Screengrab taken from , funded by @PeoplesPostcodeLottery

& impossible! RT : "Trump's 2020 campaign strategy is to be above the law"

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Words of Advice From America’s Wealthiest People


My dad destroying his throat with the #MichaelJackson notes.

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Driving with #dad

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Tumblr presents, Kofi.

Hello guys and welcome. I am your host whom you may call, Kofi.

Just a little preface before I get into the purpose of this blog:

I have always want to do something like this. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to even try creating a blog, all I know is that I am entering my senior year and I haven’t done anything worth MY wild. Though I was in band the first 3 years of high school and have a few crazy stories - however, we’ll get into those LATA’.

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Anyway, I’ve been very inspired lately and while I am a bit overwhelmed with preparing for the rest of my life, I want a platform that allows me to blow of some steam and offer some sort of inspiration to others. So without further a due I present to you, Kofi.

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The purpose of this page is to be yet another safe space, because we don’t have enough of those (yes, taste the sarcasm), for black youth. I enjoy making others feel good about themselves especially my black peers. Now I’m not expecting some viral blog with millions of viewers. Frankly, I couldn’t really care less (plus it’s not like many people use tumblr like that anymore). This is simply a safe space for my black users, or should I say, blaq users. ha-ha. ha-ha. Get it? Because coffee is black? No? Okay. cringes

Anyway, I am very excited to begin. I have so much planned and I hope you are all open to following me on the journey of this page. Until next time,

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- Kofi, 12 JUN 2019