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The Thawing the blizzards have past and in her stead is The Thawing, a white highlight that will leave the skin looking wet with its high shine

En Venta🚘🚩🖼️ 2009 km: 127.000 motor: 2.0 Transmisión: Mecanico Combustible:bencina N° Dueños: 2 Precio: 5.000.000 ⛽ ☏Contacto☏(Dueño) ⇢ Oscar vargas ⇢+56973949195

Tot 9 april de actie folder in de Vandaag 3-pak middel (45 x 60 cm) in de limited edition kleuren, Lila, Pink en Taupe. Normaal: € 58,20 NU: € 48,90

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This song sounds sadder today ..... Its really sad .it cant sounds the same anymore

<2019/3/30 Lee Gi Kwang Mini Concert in Taipei> VVIP區 block seat 1~6 row ,If anyone else need it just text me have many tickets

<2019/3/30 Lee Gi Kwang Mini Concert in Taipei> VVIP區 block seat 1~6 row ,If anyone else need it just text me have many tickets

<2019/3/30 Lee Gi Kwang Mini Concert in Taipei> VVIP區 block seat 1~6 row ,If anyone else need it just text me have many tickets


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Uniglow Highlighting Palette by Beauty Concepts.


[190324] Choi Yeo-jin went to Gikwangs concert


Brows❤️ Design and tinting •

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Brows❤️ Design and tinting

#brows #microblading #browsonfleek #lashes #eyebrows #highlight #брови #contour #browgame #permanentmakeup #красивыеброви #brow #motd #anastasiabeverlyhills #micropigmentation #semipermanentmakeup #бровист #коррекциябровей #pmu #browsonpoint #eotd #eyebrowsonfleek #browhenna #wakeupandmakeup #бровинашевсе #hairstrokes #waxing #eyeshadow #eyeliner #окрашиваниебровей (at Tel Aviv, Israel)

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A friend of mine is getting into making ffxiv youtube videos / funny moments from raids and shit, and honestly his editing is amazing, so please check this out if you have the time! This is all from streams, so you can stalk his twitch too, which should be in the description!

12/100 Days

I am currently struggling to keep up with everything. I am so behind in Chinese and don’t even know if i am going to pass my exam in 4 weeks, so I am going to be focusing on that class a lot😬😬😬

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I haven't been part of the kpop fanbase for a while, now I hear about this burning sun scandal, can you please explain me what's going on? I hear mistreatment of women, but I don't know exactly what happened and how it happened or how many people were involved? Mind to explain cause I'm overwhelmed with all the news and debate going on

I will try my best to explain, anon. I will start from the beginning because a lot of people are confused about the timeline.

The scandal broke in January when a man named Kim Sang Kyo claimed he was assaulted by Burning Sun’s staff, a club co-owned by Seungri, while trying to save a woman who was sexually harassed. This young man sent a letter to the Blue House, where he explained what happened. This incident happened back in november 2018.

The man who assaulted the woman was a Burning Sun’s employee and the man who punched Kim Sang Kyo was one of the club’s manager, he claims. MBC revealed CCTV footage that confirmed what Kim Sang Kyo was saying. 

Mr. Jang, punched Kim Sang Kyo, dragged him to the street, and began physically assaulting him. The club’s security guards held Kim Sang Kyo down and helped Mr. Jang to beat him.

What’s amazing is that Kim Sang Kyo was arrested and assaulted by the police on the way to the station, altough he wasa the one who called the police and reported the incident. He was beaten by over 10 policemen and the press released CCTV footage for this incident as well. This young man witnesed more police corruption so this is why he sent a petition to the president of South Korea.

Around the time that Kim Sang Kyo sent the Petition to the Blue House, another video of a sexual assault at the Burning Sun club emerged. 

In the video, a club employee drags a woman to the VIP room, where he raped her. The woman reported the assault, but the police took no action and Burning Sun deleted the CCTV footage. 

Soon after this, all hell broke lose when the press reported that Seungri was present on the day of Kim Sang Kyo’s assault. Articles about how at Burning Sun the men (including the staff) use the date rape drug GHB emarged. On january 29, Seungri resigns from directorship of the club and says he’s sorry. The other CEO’s of Burning Sun are Lee Seong Hyeon and Lee Moon Ho, but Seungri actively participated in the management of the club, according to the police, although he later denied it. Burning Sun employees began to speak up about the drug use and sexual assaults that happened int he VIP Section. Now, in a shocking turn of events, the woman who Kim Sang Kyo said saved said he was the one who sexually harassed her. Kim Sang Kyo denied, but two more women from Burning Sun later made similar claims against him. Later on, it was revealed that the man who assaulted him was a CEO and a very good friend of Seungri. He was a VIP customer who spent 7.000-9.000 dollars on tables each visit. 

The three women who accused Kim Sang Kyo of sexual harassment, including the woman Kim Sang Kyo saved from being groped, were all revealed to be connected with Burning Sun employees. One of these women is Aena, the accused drug dealer Seungri once took a selfie with.

After this, Dispatch revealed a shocking group chat used by Burning Sun employees where they discussed drugging and raping women. In February, Burning Sun And Yeoksam Police Station Are Raided By The Police For Evidence, following Kim Sang Kyo’s assaults. Anyway, the employees and the managers of Burning Sun are suspected of providing VIP clients with drugged female clubbers to rape.

Seungri was also accused of offering prostitutes to rich investors. I made a big post here explaining everything he’s accused of. At first, Seungri said the text messages where he sells women to CEOs are fabricated. He will soon change his story at least 5 times. In this time YG Entertainment was caught hiring a disposal company to destroy 4 tons of documents.

Sooner, in march, Seungri’s KakaoTalk chatroom was revealed to have many other celebrities, including Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon (FT Island). The chats were from 2015. Police later discovered a seperate chatroom where Jung Joon Young, Seungri and other people discussed about women. Jung Joon Young even sent videos he illegaly filmed of women who were not aware of what he was doing. In that chatroom they discussed drugging and raping women as well. What the public doesn’t understand is the police never charged them with rape because no victim had the courage to speak up about what happened, in fear of their identities being made public (this always happens). Their stories were made public (while keeping their anonimity) by the reporters who first broke the story. 

It was confirmed that Jung Joon Young also sent illegal videos to his group chat, Seungri’s groupchat & in other conversations with his friends, including  Higlight’s Junghyung and CN Blue’s Jonghyun. Regarding Jonghoon, he was in one of the big groupchats and he talked about how he was caught drunk driving, but was discharged without problems because Seungri and the CEO of Yuri Holdings had a high-ranked man in the Police Force. You can read more about the group chats and see screenshots yourself everywhere in the press. They also talked about female rookies and called them `whores` & `easy` in some convos. Most of their victims are in their early 20s. Particulary, Jonghyun asked for `young girls`, but no one knows how young. This story was covered by Time, BBC, New York Times etc. So it’s not biased as Seungri’s die-hard fans claim. The other 3, Jonghoon, Jungyunh and Jonghyun all lied in the beginning (some never stopped lying until now), but their involvement was later confirmed by the police. Illicit filming is an epidemic in South Korea. Over the past five years, as many as 30,000 cases of “surreptitious filming” were reported to the police so this is nothing new to the korean public.

Jung Joon Young admited to all crimes and was later arrested (the police also identified 10 of his victims).

 Seungri keeps saying he isn’t guilty and that he is a victim, but the press keeps releasing more stuff that he’s involved in and his excuses look dumber and dumber. All of his bussineses are involved in illicit activities and the proof that he is a pimping girls to CEOs and to foreign investors is just overwhelming. There is also a suspicion that some of the girls he was pimping were minors. He also invested in a club that prostitutes elementary school girls so this sickening…

There is soooo much evidence against Seungri, and i advise you look at the police reports and the interviews of the reporters who first broke this story because they are very good investigative journalists (one of them put a former korean president in jail). I wanted to concentrate on the story more and not on the celebs involved because this is bigger than kpop. Besides the celebrities, CEOs, rich kids and the police are involved. The case was also disccused in a press conference by the president of South Korea. The korean public still doesn’t have faith in the investigation and thinks that Seungri & co will get away with it.