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❤独占インタビュー❤ 」インタビューSP )独占インタビュー♡ドラマ で抜群の相性を見せている3人がドラマの見どころや撮影の裏側を明かす! ▶1月20日(日) 夜7時15分~

(原題)」 × 共演の最新ラブコメディ♡最強の幸運を持つトップスターと最凶の悪運を持つ女性脚本家、正反対の2人がドラマ制作現場で出会ったとき、最高のロマンスが始まる!? ▶1月27日(日)夜8時50分~

() ライブ2019 「GOODBYE 20'S」 チケット代行 ■公演日時:2019年2月1日(土),2日(日) ■公演会場:オリンピック公園オリンピックホール チケット確保済み!A,B区域は両日1枚のみ、他席も残りわずか! ご予約はこちら⇒

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入隊までD-7 20160821 思い出のライブ💡 当分見れなくなるんだなー😢 (改めて) ソウルコンの醍醐味は こうしてカメラ入れてもいいし 近さもたまらん‼️‼️‼️

Kore eğitim bakanlığı , üyeleri , , , üyeleri , & bir şarkıcının lisans diplomalarını sıfırlama kararı aldı. - NAVY -

[69'] | Ο ανοίγει το σκορ στο ΓΣΠ. Ο Γάλλος ΄έκανε το δυνατό σουτ εκτός περιοχής με τη μπάλα να κοντράρει σε σώματα αμυντικών και να καταλήγει στα δίκτυα. Δεύτερος συνεχόμενος αγώνας που σκοράρει ο Κέβιν Μπρου.

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기광 아ㅏ 나는 널 많이 사랑해. 나는 너를 기다릴 것이다!

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고로케 입에 넣다가 실패한 뽀쟉 광옵 봐주세오ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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190116 Casper Radio

My top 18 songs of 2018 ✨

I was tagged by @kingparkjinyoung to list my top 18 songs of 2018 💕

1. Flower Road- Big Bang

2. Good Evening- Shinee

3. Cookies- Lee Honggi

4. Summer nights dream- Ft Island

5. Epiphany- BTS Jin solo

6. Dawn of us- Jackson Wang

7. Scentist- Vixx

8. Lullaby- Got7

9. Adore you- iKON

10. Explore- Kris Wu

11. Shoot me- Day6

12. Beautiful feeling- Day6

13. Days Gone By- Day6

14. Egotistic- Mamamoo

15. Mohae- Monsta x

16. Loved- Highlight

17. One of those nights- Key

18. Sooner than later- TVXQ

I tag: @life-of-multifandom-trash @idratherbeontop @tabi-ears @tabi87 @huluhal @rebeccafultz-blog @lu2lubelle @shootfortheestrella @hidden-starlightt @ahgase-vip

You don’t have to if you don’t want to! 🥰


[FULL] 190116 Dongwoon’s Casper Radio Instagram Live


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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite make up looks? Sorry if you've already done this. I love your blog!

hey!! I have done this before here, but I felt like doing another one anyway bc i feel like I don’t post enough makeup heh:

1: Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Contour / Highlight 1 / Highlight 2 / Lips / Facepaint 

2: Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Blush / Highlight / Lips / Facepaint

3: Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Highlight / Blush / Lips / Facepaint 

4: Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Highlight 1 / Highlight 2 / Lips / Facepaint

ps, ofc I used these lashes ;)

♡ ♡

highlight of ‘chapter 3: the mall’



January 9, 2016

A lot happened that I won’t mention yet, except that Jenny never showed. But at the end of it, we were sitting in Barnes and Noble. You were on a chair and I was sitting at your feet recording you as you played Beethoven on a toy piano that meows when you touch the keys.

highlight of ‘chapter 3: the mall’:



December 31, 2015

Alexander: No babe I just need you I don’t care where but baby I need to be able to hug you, I need to be able to kiss you, I need to be able to wrap my arms around you and hold your hand I need to be able to do all of those things without it being a secret I want to walk up to my mom holding your hand, and give you a big fat one right on the lips