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After all they have done to our ancestors & all of us, WE ARE

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chiiiaroscuro  asked:

‘ she’s delicate. a rare rose. but not without thorns. ’ ( for rabastan from druella re: narcissa )

HE SMILES , more to himself than to the older woman , neglecting to assure her that he knows this quite well. sometimes , he thinks , he knows far too much about her youngest daughter , which in turn reminds him he knows all too little about himself. he reconciles it with admiration , but he can never be sure it is enough. 

she is brilliant.

he does not look at her when he says it. in fact , he isn’t quite sure he’s said it aloud at all until it echoes back , reddening his cheeks and drying his tongue. it isn’t at all short of the truth , but nonetheless. he wears so much on his sleeve , his heart the least of them , and it grates his nerves every now and again. narcissa may approve , but bellatrix has never been kind to EXPOSED ORGANS. he wonders if he’s learning enough from her.

he wonders if he’s learning too much.

as for druella , his discomfort is rooted in her superiority and that alone , and while she’s never given him specific reason to fear or distrust her , it’s almost instinct. you cannot show everyone your feelings , you fool ! she has more at stake than you ! he swallows and turns towards the window , seeking out fresh air. 

she’s not like - bellatrix at all , is she ? i think you gave yourself a rather - impressive balance , madam black. they are both , in their own way , phenomenal. i am glad , honored even , to know them.

to distribute energy is to draw distraction , at least for him , and it is the best that he can do. until he catches sight of sun - washed tresses below in the garden and his heart skips a beat. or several. he can feel eyes on him although he does not know whose , and he realizes quite quickly he’s drawn a target on his own back. 

but what is he to do ? he’s never been much of a liar in the face of a woman from the house of black. it’s a magic all its own that they possess where rabastan is concerned. he can only hope his paranoia is unfounded. 

you need not worry about her though. she is as strong as they come , and those thorns aren’t simply accessories. a pause. and then , ❝ thank you.for what ? for birthing the girl ? perhaps , but he adds nothing more , instead continuing to stare out the window. 


I’ve tagged (bc it’s the most common tag i’ve seen) spoilers for last night’s episode as “cr spoilers”. If you don’t want to see the content from/about last night, PLEASE block that tag. And if you’re not caught up, I highly recommend doing that. Please and thanks. This is always the case, of course, but especially for this week. 

You’re all amazing and i love you. 

- Caro

the-human-maelstrom  asked:

Try+ Artemis or Cassie Sandsmark


“It’s not that simple.” She stated with a huff. “It’s never that simple. Those with a parent like me gotta prove every step of the way, we’re nothing like our parents.” Explained Artemis. “That’s why I didn’t want anyone to really know my identity at first. To see the hero first.”

Tag Game!!!!

Using only the song titles from one artist/band, cleverly answer the question and tag 10 people!

I was tagged by @naturallytom! I LOVE GAMES thank you!!!!

Artist/band: Gonna twist this up and go with the great man John Mulaney lol

What’s your gender? You know who’s a great lady?

How do you feel? Trying His [her] Best

If you could go anywhere? The Salt and Pepper Diner

Favourite mode of transportation? Chase Through the Subway

Your best friend? Baby Grandma

Favourite time of day? Now It’s Time for the Robot Test

If your life was a TV show? What Should I Do With My Life?

Relationship Status? Taking Care of Myself

Your fear? The Dow Jones and the Very Rich Donald Trump

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after some discussions a bit ago about the need to stop white-washing dragon age characters, i wanted to try and put together at least something using actresses of color for canon characters. thanks forever and a half to @bornpariah for her tremendous help with this 

tao okamoto as merrill, thandie newton as isabela, indira varma as josephine, danai gurira as vivienne, claudia kim as cassandra & gugu mbatha-raw as briala

brangaene  asked:

Question: English is not my first language and today I wondered if I pronounce 'Destiel' right in my head: do you pronounce 'De-' like DEsiree/DEsignated or like DEAn? Thank you very much, I hope I can live with the answer ;)

hey! a very good question. it’s more like the onset of “designated” (de). if you know IPA at all, here it is spelled out that way: 


(which i’m gettin the consonants in IPA wrong i know lol but the vowels are right)

hope this helps :)

Zach and Cat-Zach

@idreamonpaper chase acutally did have a black cat for a little while so whatever this is canon now

Zachriel had no idea how many times he’d told Chase they couldn’t keep pets and he had no idea how many more times he’d have to tell him. At least one more time considering the black cat held carefully in Chase’s arms as he did nothing to hide his guilt at bringing Zachriel yet another animal he wouldn’t be allowed to keep.

“No, Chase.” At this point, Chase could probably recite the rejection word for word. “You know we can’t have pets, I can hardly keep you fed and that cat is better off on his own.”

“But you haven’t even met him yet!” Chase stuck his bottom lip out in a pout, as thought that had ever worked before. Zachriel had no idea how the mind of a ten year old worked, but apparently if you ask for something enough times that means you’ll get it. “Just meet him!”

The fluffy cat in Chase’s arms didn’t seem to mind being jostled by an excited child, rather the little animal was purring up a storm and rubbing his face affectionately against Chase’s chest.

Zachriel sighed and knelt down to Chase’s height, “Alright. Introduce me. What’s his name?” By the time he brought animals to Zachriel, Chase always had names for them most often consisting of some redundant emphasis one of their qualities— like calling a white rabbit “Snowflake”—or some arbitrary inanimate object—Zachriel still had no idea what possessed Chase to name a golden dog “Brick”.

“His name is Zachriel!” Chase proudly displayed the cat, which just stared at Zachriel with golden eyes. “He was hissing and swatting at everyone who came near him. He’s kinda a nasty little bastard but he likes me!”

Any authority Zachriel had was immediately relinquished by the damn smile he couldn’t force down in time. Chase’s eyes caught the corners of Zachriel’s mouth moving and his face lit up. “So I can keep him?” He was bouncing on his toes and cat-Zachriel didn’t seem to mind at all as he resumed bonking his head into Chase’s chest.

Zachriel wanted so badly to say no but instead his shoulders slumped in defeat. “You can keep him, but only—” he had to cut Chase off before the boy could surely shriek in excitement “—as long as he can feed himself and if we have to run we’re leaving him behind. Deal?”

Chase didn’t answer with words, just squishing himself and that unfortunate cat against Zachriel in a hug. Once his excitement caused him to bounce away from Zachirel, Chase held up cat-Zachriel in front of him and began kissing his head and telling him how happy he was that the cat had decided to be friends with him.

Zachriel knew Chase would be shattered when the cat would die or they’d have to leave it behind. It would hurt eventually but for now Chase was the happiest Zachriel had seen in years and that was all that mattered.