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Who we are? What we want? When? Where? and all around the in and outside! For and generations!

Lent picture-a-day challenge - Day 37: Our time on earth is limited. The Bible says "we are like dew on the grass, in the morning but gone in a second.” Live every day to honor and glorify God

We are now at Age Concerns Communitea Cafe for "Coffee with a Cop" to help

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Like this? Yeah we are and everywhere else so I hope everyone gets a grip. You?

,we don't see the freedom of people to observe right candidate to parliament for making right law and reforming entire state of mass.Why? here,we see MENTAL GENOCIDE of mass by communalitic mentality by which we are making communal polarization in this country not democracy!

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We are now taking bookings for our Graffiti Tour of the Glebe neighbourhood in Ottawa.. Come check out the amazing Street Art on display whilst our local guides show you where it's OK to light up whilst enjoying the art..

We are now taking bookings for our Graffiti Tour of the Glebe neighbourhood in Ottawa.. Come check out the amazing Street Art on display whilst our local guides show you where it's OK to light up whilst enjoying the art..

In the , , , and are They of Deity with World and Eternal Concept Wide expressing Male and Female Pain. I will state it again. And again. Forever: We are not ashamed of what it took to get & .

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in 9811109195 Call Girls in Beach Are you looking for Call in Baga Beach then we are for you. call/WhatsApp:- 9811109195

we are in the moment like always! Lets make the most of it and this world so that it can be hyper charged with higher dimensional energy !!!!

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Artists give people something they didn’t know they were missing.

- Daniel Pink

More Than I Can Stand (Roxanne)
Moulin Rouge (Boston) Compliation

By request, a compilation of 18 audios of Aaron Tveit singing “It’s more than I can stand (Roxanne)” in chronological order, starting with first preview (lowest quality) and ending with closing night.

Dragalia Lost Ask Meme
  • Alberia: Favorite royal sibling?
  • Avenue to Power: Who is your strongest adventurer?
  • Castle: Favorite event facility?
  • Collection: What would your element alignment be, and what weapon would you use?
  • Daily Deal: Is there anyone you don't have but are hoping to summon?
  • Dragon's Roost: Favorite dragon?
  • Eldwater: Have you promoted anyone to five star yet? If so, who?
  • Epithet: What epithet are you using?
  • Mana Fount: Have you fully unbound anyone's mana circles? If not, who is the closest?
  • Showcase: Favorite alt so far?
  • Summon Voucher: Do you save up for tenfold summons or stick to singles?
  • Wyrmite: Favorite adventurer?

“I don’t want to talk about what happened at Hogwarts.” He waves his hand in a non-committal way, as if trying to ward people off of him. He’s still reeling from the fact it happened and he wasn’t there. He finds small comfort in the fact the two people he cares about most had been with him but it’s not much. “I’d really rather not think about the years of knowledge I’ll be losing out on. I wanted to graduate with honors, damnit.”

Unbound || [LOUD]


In the boy’s place, was a wolf, tail lashing, ears back, a snarling pulling its black lips back to show a row of white teeth.

He took a step forward.

Leave, the growl said. 

His eyes focused on the intruder, the prey. He snarled again. The boy said something–but the wolf didn’t understand it. His ears merely flicked and he took another step forwards.

Leave, he snarled again.

The boy spit. The wolf’s ears pressed farther back against his skull, the snarl ripping from his throat. The wolf didn’t care about petty human customs of disgrace, but he knew that spitting was a sign of attempting to mark territory. 

It was a good thing that the boy left the next minute, turning his back on Lou. The wolf followed him to the door of the shoppe, slinking between the tables like they were the trees they once were. He never took his eyes off the human. 

When the door snapped shut, Lou stood in front of it. His ears were still back, his lips still curled. The smell of the boy was everywhere. Lou wanted it gone. His nose twitched with it, his claws scraped at the hardwood. 

After a few moments, there was the sound of footsteps coming from behind him. 

Lou whipped his massive head around, his eyes glinting as he growled low and guttural again. 

Mine, he snarled at this new human and took a few steps forward, prowling towards him, the scent of the first intruder still clogging his nose. Mine. His ears lay flat against his head, his tail straight as an arrow behind him, the tip of it only curled up just slightly. 

if ur wondering where i stand with this finale nonsense “positive vs negative” : I am neutral. anything can happen, but i realllllyy dont like how it’s been going and i Can’t see the beautiful outcome we all want lmao. im basing everything off of what the writers have given us so far, and it ain’t lookin great, but all i want is to be proven wrong !! so yeah that’s where im at thanks for coming to my ted talk

turn the tables | billy lenz x barb coard

  • ‘How you holdin’ up?’ Billy lifted his chin weakly, pushing out a whine. Above him, Barb sucked on a cigarette. Her satin slip glossed over her skin, hanging lusciously from her slender body. She tilted her head, exhaling smoke down at him. ‘Too tight?’ She said, coolly inspecting the ropes binding his wrists and hoisting his arms high above his head. The ropes looped around the sturdy attic rafters, keeping the young man helplessly in place. He nodded, tugging and whimpering plaintively. Barb tapped away ash from the end of her cigarette and tutted slowly and deliberately. ‘You gotta behave or I won’t help you with your little problem,’ she purred, glancing down at his cock. It jutted out from his hips, beads of slick precum gathering and then dripping with delicious slowness. Barb bit her bottom lip, watching a glossy string of it stretch and drip downwards. Billy’s jeans had been peeled open and tugged down only so as to reveal a few inches of his pale thighs. He still wore his sweater and the itchy heat of it paired with his own arousal blushed his cheeks prettily. Barb tossed her cigarette onto the floorboards and stubbed it out carefully beneath the heal of dainty slipper. Billy keened softly as she reached up with fingers tainted by ash to touch his mouth. Her thumb traced the shape of his lips; the fullness of the bottom lip, the sweet dips of his cupid’s bow. ‘You’ve been such a good boy for me, Billy. Do think you deserve your reward?’ Her words were no more than careful whispers, breathy and weighted by her own lust. In the gloom, her creamy skin was the only light. Billy nodded, his breaths heaving in his ribcage. ‘I can’t hear you,’ Barb teased with a smirk. ‘Speak.’ Billy head lolled from side to side as he continued to whine before weakly pushing out, ‘Yes.’ He met her gaze desperately, his hair tumbling against his brow and dipping over his eyes. Barb stepped closer until he could feel the heat of her and her hand closed around his shaft, the pad of her index finger gliding over his tip to smear the stickiness against his sensitive flesh. He choked on a moan and his eyes slipped half-closed. Mere inches from his parted lips, Barb cooed with a vicious softness, ‘Beg.’

brodinglies  asked:

“ there are things i just can’t explain. ”


     “  right.  of  course.  always  the  mysterious  boy,  right ?  ”  he  presses  his  lips  together  to  hold  back  a  sigh,  one  hand  lifting  to  run  through  his  hair.  “  what  exactly  am  i  supposed  to  say  to  that  hardin ?  do  you  expect  me  to  just  accept  that  and  move  on ?  everyone  has  secrets  but  i  thought  –  i  thought  we  were  better  than  this.  ”  his  fingers  curl  and  uncurl  at  his  sides,  shaking  his  head.  “  clearly  i’m  an  idiot  for  thinking  so.  ”

ask-terracotta-jade  asked:

15, 59, 89 !

15: Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?

OH TRICKY though I loveeeeee zoos with all my heart, and I’ve never seen an art museum! I would probably pick a zoo because it’s just such a great experience tbh I love spending the whole day there. 

58: Think back to January 2007, were you single?

lmfao I was 13, so PRETTY SURE I was single! My first “boyfriend” was in 8th grade and it was basically one of those “Yeah we’re totally dating uwu” 

>proceed to never go out anywhere together

>call on the phone sometimes I guess? 

>literally barely interact but we were totes dating


59: Green or purple grapes?

I actually have some trouble with grapes texture wise LMAO I can’t really eat them rip but they have nice feels to TOUCH just not CHEW 

89: What is something you wish you had more of?