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We are working on our visits to the archaeological area of ... So lucky to be , now 😎

We are 4️⃣ words down with our celebration banner ! We love to celebrate Disability Awareness Month! It’s awesome to have everyone in the building involved!!

Limitless is contained within us, joy that is revealed when we are able to still the , if only for a few minutes. Our joy is not separate from the human but is deeply interconnected with the everlasting life that can always be found in the and .

Happy • so important to develop a comfortness of sexuality in your own God-given skin in order to be F R E E with self & to the universe! We love EVERYONE and we are

We are very pleased to help HERE Technologies with a live streaming video and slides Town Hall event today!

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Make sure to contact us for any , we offer in-person , courses, daily shipping and we carry all of the updated books! We are to you to take the steps in obtaining your license!

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richie tozier makes a movie

[ also known as the one shot i started in may, forgot about, recently rediscovered and plan to finish soon. until then, here’s the first (almost) 1k words ]


           It starts with something very simple, a blank black screen that reads December 29, 1996 in white, blocky letters. The screen stays like this long enough to be considered too long, nearly a full twenty seconds passing before suddenly switching to the first clip. In it, a twenty-year-old Richie Tozier is fiddling with his brand new SHARP VL-H4000 Digital ViewCam, a digital camcorder that was gifted to him during Christmas only a few days prior. He has yet to realize it’s already on, the camera focusing on his shoes and the floor as he curses lightly under his breath, poking and prodding at the buttons with absolutely no idea what he’s supposed to do. He ends up pressing the wrong button and cuts off the recording. In the next scene, the camera is pointed at his bathroom mirror, his reflection showing him grinning smugly from having finally figured out how to work this unfamiliar equipment. On the slope of his nose, there’s a pair of plain black glasses, and he’s clad in a dark grey sweater and regular jeans. Addressing the camera, he says, “Thank fucking god, I finally got this thing working! Y’know, I love Mike, and I appreciate the gift, but fuck, man, this shit is confusing as hell. He better be impressed when I tell him I figured it out.”

           That is the end of that scene. Now, the screen once again goes black, only now the letters simply state New Years Eve, 1996. This black screen doesn’t last nearly as long as the last one, disappearing after a few short moments before sounds suddenly come to life and fireworks take up the screen. In the low lighting provided by the moon and the fireworks, you can barely make out the silhouettes of five people. Richie, from behind the camera, begins to cheer loudly. Suddenly, the camera jolts as someone else grabs it, turning it around to point at Richie, who’s glasses are reflecting the lights, lips stretched out in a smile so wide he almost looks like a mad man.

           “Hey, that’s mine,” he complains, but he doesn’t look the slightest bit upset or sad as he says it.

           A new voice, pout audible, mockingly says, “But you won’t be in the video if you film it all. Someone has to make sure you get some screen time, too!”

           “As if you care about that,” Richie snorts. His hand covers the lens briefly as he takes the camera back, spinning it back around to show the person who had stolen it in the first place. It takes a moment, but eventually the camera focuses on Eddie Kaspbrak, his hair falling in his face as he huffs out a laugh, glancing between the lens and behind the camera at Richie with an unimpressed look. Tone gooey and sugary sweet, Richie asks, “Don’t you want me to film ya, Eds?”

           “I want you to stop trying to get everything on camera and enjoy the night like you promised you would,” Eddie quips back, cocking an eyebrow challengingly, the action barely visible in the low light.

           Before Richie can respond, a third voice calls, “Hey, assholes!” Richie turns the camera towards the source of the voice and shows Stanley Uris staring at them expectantly, the vague shape of the rest of their friends hidden behind him. “Are you gonna help us light these fireworks or not? Midnight’s in ten minutes and we wanted to light the big box that Bill bought right before it, but at this rate we’re not gonna get to the box until one in the fucking morning.”

           Now out of sight, Eddie says, “You hear that, Rich? Gotta turn that thing off now.”

           “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Richie mumbles, clearly reluctant as the camera points to the ground.

           In the next clip, there’s a collective wall of sound as seven people count down from ten. The camera is assumedly placed precariously on a table or a chair and angled towards the collection of people as a large box of fireworks goes off behind them, sending mortars flying high in the air and washing over the scenery with bright colors and noise. It’s in this shot that the rest of the group is fully visible, showing Mike Hanlon, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, and Bill Denbrough. Richie is standing closest to the camera, having clearly just turned it on as he glances down at it as if to make sure it’s recording. Under his arm is Eddie, staring up at the fireworks as he giddily shouts the countdown towards the stars. By Eddie is Beverly and Ben, who are clutching each others hands and gazing at one another excitedly. Besides then is Mike, holding Stan up on his shoulders, Stan already leaning forward and staring down at Mike with a contemplative expression, looking as though he’s assessing the situation in order to figure out what to do. Lastly is Bill, who is glancing between them all knowingly, his grin widest out of everyone else’s. Together, they reach the end of the countdown, and in the wake of their echoing voices shouting, “Happy New Year!” around them, three things happen.

           Stan hunches over, somehow managing to contort his body until he looks like he may fall off Mike’s shoulder, but he still succeeds in pressing their lips together in a full force kiss. Beverly uses her grip on Ben’s hand to pull him closer and do the same, while Eddie reaches up and guides Richie’s mouth to his. From the sidelines, Bill cheers and whistles, clearly used to seeing such extravagant displays of affection with these couples. When Richie and Eddie part, Richie tilts his head back and shouts, “It’s ’97! It’s our year!”

           Then, as if to solidify that point, the screen goes black and says 1997: The Year of The Losers.

fidgemimic  asked:

Aaa I'm so glad your requests are back open! Your writing is just so mwah - chef kiss - so good all the time. If it's cool and if you haven't done it already, would you be willing to write something with Clay comforting Caleb post-night terror?

(this became less of comfort and more of a weird conversation, but you know, cest la vie. also sorry this is so so late, I promise I didn’t forget about you and the prompts at all, life just got in the way, but now HERE WE ARE!!)

• • • • • •

Caleb’s head hit the roof of the upper bunk as he jolted awake, heart crawling up his throat and lungs filled with fading unease. He took a long, deep breath, tried to still his mind, and ran a shaky hand through his bed-tousled hair.

Then he opened his eyes and glanced around the rest of the cabin. All of the others were still asleep, gently rocking with the Mistake’s voyage through the waves. All, save for one individual who had cracked his eyes open and was now staring back at Caleb intently, face outlined from the bed next to his, draped in the wisps of faint moonlight that trailed in through a nearby porthole.

It was Caduceus, and there was a little bit of drool at the corner of his mouth—though currently, that was not the most pressing detail about this situation.

“Are you alright?” the cleric asked softly. 

Ja, ja,” Caleb instantly whispered back. “I am…fine.”

Caduceus raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Are you sure?” His whispering sounded like a far-off rumble of thunder. “You don’t look fine.”

“It is dark,” Caleb muttered. “It may be hard to see how completely-fine I am.”

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New Z Nation headcanon

Murphy saved Hector when Vasquez threw him down into the tunnel full of zombies by mentally stopping the zombies from eating Hector, because Murphy was jealous of Vasquez & Warren’s closeness and wanted to give Hector a chance to come back and kill Vasquez.


Alot of you seemed to like my dark world Noelle design so I decided to draw more of her! Also Kris because I love them and I have this idea that they’re childhood friends. (I mean they are or were close enough that Kris could hide under her bed and their parents were/are close after all).

Also mini comic came from this text  from the game combined with my theory of ‘what if doing certain ACTing actions drained Noelle’s hp cause speaking up is hard and it takes alot out of her to do those things’.  Also thank @lalnerd for the second page of the comic cause she suggested it.

Episode 41

The pirates set sail from the island of Uruk'azel and begin their two week long journey across the seas to the island of Darktow. Caleb finds Caduceus in his room on the first night and asks him his thoughts and whether or not he plans to stay with the Nein after such terrible times. Caduceus agrees it’s been hard but he understands that his destiny isn’t supposed to be easy. Caleb gives him the periapt of wound closure he got from Molly to help protect him and leaves him be to rest up.

Jester checks on her weasel, Sprinkles, who is surprisingly still alive but very damp, and finds Nott to ask her about boys. They speak of first kisses and whether or not Fjord giving her his breath constitutes as a kiss. They agree it did count and head off to bed.

The next day the Nein divvy up the jobs in the ship with Jester taking up the role of carpenter. She heads to the Mystake to help patch it up and runs into Orlie giving a sailor a tattoo. She watches and learns from him, even asking to practice on the sailor but being turned down. Orlie offers her and the Nein special to me that increase one of their desired stats if they find him gem dust to do it.

After a few more days or uneventful travel the crew spots a ship in the distance. It’s a shipping vessel it seems and Avantica calls up her new temporary quartermaster, Fjord, and gives him the decision on whether to board them or leave them be. He gives the order to intercept and board with the agreement that they will only be violent if they are attacked first.

The boarding goes rather well with Nott firing a warning shot to stop them and their intimidation tactics working to prevent hostility. They loot a few crates of supplies, leaving enough for the crew of the ship to use to sail back to land themselves, and Beau finds a large chest filled with coins in the Captain’s quarters as well as a ledger of what exactly they’re shipping that clues Beau in to a secret package set to be delivered on board. They search for said package and get attacked by a hidden guard, cutting Fjord up pretty good before being stunned by Beau sand grappled by Yasha. He gives up and points to the crate in the corner that holds the secret package. Opening it they find a smaller chest within that Nott detraps and unlocks to reveal an enchanted ceramic jar and paintbrush.

They take it, give the guard some gold for the trouble and return to their ship (where Jester is giving a crew member of the shipping vessel a tattoo of a smiley face with googly eyes and tusks) successful in their nonviolent (mostly) pirate experience. After hiding the paintbrush from Avantica Caleb identifies it as a magic brush and ink that can make almost anything drawn with it real, and although it’s a dangerous move they gift it to Jester as she is the artist of the group.

The Nein then discuss how everyone feels about what they just did and what to do next and agree that they need to make port regardless of what they want to do anyways so they should keep playing the part of gung-ho pirates taken under Avantica’s wing for now. Fjord informs them of the dreams he’s had and how Avantica now has power over the waters after their excursion to the temple. That night Fjord dreams again, this time of him, Avantica, and a third figure trudging through water when the other two glow and begin to move faster than him, Avantica points to him and he begins to glow as well and make his way through the water easier than before. The images of his dreams and the voice of Uk’otoa hint at where he can find his next destination to get his “reward”, and he snaps awake, rushing to find the location hinted at on his map. Meanwhile Jester is visited by the Traveller, who tells her he’s excited to see what chaos she brings with her new paintbrush as she paints him a small statue of himself. He also offers her some advice on boys when she asks and bids her a goodnight.

A few more days of travel go by when they reach the jagged high cliffs of Darktow island. As they approach they see some dock hands take notes of the new additions to Avantica’s crew and run off. The Nein give their crew the evening off and begin to follow Avantica and her crew to the Bloated Cup Tavern, however they’re stopped by a large human man who is the assistant to the Plank King (the general ruler of the pirate island), named James Tibault, who tells the Nein and Avantica that the Plank King would like to speak to them.

He leads them up the cliffs to the cave overlooking the island where they see the goliath Plank King, Wyatt Merinas. They introduce themselves and explain why they took up the mantle of pirates. After introductions and explanations from both sides he pushes them out to enjoy their night and welcomes them to the island, stopping Beau to whisper in her ear that if she ever sees Avantica doing anything untoward to the island or community to let him know and there will be hefty coin in it for her.

With that business done with they make way back down the numerous amount of steps to get back to the Bloated Cup.

hey all, I love guys and gals! my heart gets all fluttery when I make eye contact with a girl with a great french tuck! I’m all gibberish when I retell a great conversation with a cute guy! Girls who run after their dream to be an incredible food blogger or guys who love who can’t wait to tell me their grandpa’s story about the crazy drive to Florida, I love it! Some days I think about one more than other, and some days I don’t think about anyone at all. It’s no phase, it’s a concrete reality, and I’m just so happy to be who I am! A musician, a writer, a foodie, a bisexual young lady, and me.

This might be giving the players too much credit, but I’m going to throw it out there anyways, just in case I’m right:

I have a sneaking suspicion that Laura might be fucking with us.

I’ve been working under the assumption that she 100% is trying to make Fjord/Jester happen - a reasonable assumption, I would say. But what if she isn’t?

It seems to have taken a turn, especially in this last episode, towards the setup for an unhealthy relationship. If Laura’s aware of that, and working with it, I feel like that changes everything. Suddenly, Fjord/Jester is no longer a practically canon ship; it’s a one-sided manifestation of Jester’s flaws and many of her struggles. She’s been sheltered; she’s been lonely; she’s young. She grew up without a father, and her father-figure is, if not unbenevolent, then leading her down paths that I doubt are good for her or for anyone else. She obsesses and she acts out in jealousy.

Working under the thought that that’s intentional, and all about Jester as a character rather than Fjord/Jester as a ship, that would not only make sense, but it could lead to some very interesting character development. Jester needs other people, someone else to talk to her about right and wrong. She needs to come into her own - we saw that a little bit this episode when she was learning to be a carpenter and a tattoo artist. She needs to figure out what she really wants.

Because, in my personal opinion, Fjord isn’t actually what she wants. She wants this idealized version of him, and she has for a long time, so no matter what she gets now, it would disappoint.

Again, this might be completely me making things up and I might be continually and forever frustrated by the whole situation. But I hope I’m right.