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Are you ready for Day 2 at the ? We certainly are and can‘t wait to see you at our stand 🤩

I'm excited to announce my next workshop at in , Digestive Health Through Herbs & Spices, is on 5th Feb from 12-3pm. All are welcome! Register & get more info at:

Effective Home and Natural For :- has the potential to treat stammering by various like , Sonth, etc. There are various home remedies that are effective and have no side effects.:-

Health is Wealth KIDNEY BEANS (Rajma) help slow the absorption of sugar into the blood and reduce blood sugar levels, causing a reduction in blood sugar spikes of DIABETIC PATIENTS after their meals. . .

レモングラス&レッドペッパーのハーブガーリックオイルを使った 【アサリのレモングラス蒸し】

The use of herbs for erectile dysfunction goes back over 2000 years. Now science is catching up. Read on to see which herbs have potential benefits for ED.

is an formulation which is made for getting relief from . The herbal medicine is made of specially chosen 20 . The syrup can be consumed by as well as as it is safe for people of all age groups.

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Motivateddddddd yasss. Just sat my chemistry exam today and I was able to answer all the questions even though I doubted myself so much before hand! My tarot cards said I would come out on top but I still doubted so much. But in the end, the spirit knows best!


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I admit, I disappeared for a bit there...

But I come back and I find most of my favourite witches gone! So I want to find new people to follow, and also introduce myself to the new witches in town! Hopefully gain some mutuals.

Hello everyone! My name is Eris Merlin, a name I derived from the Greek Goddess of disharmony, Eris, and the ancient warlock, Merlin. I am from Australia, and I am a member of the Yuin clan of the Indigenous Australian people. My practice is mostly revolved around the Aboriginal ways, and my own witchy flair. I also write stories based on all assortments of witches!

I would really like to find some new witches! So please interact if you post anything on:

  • Australia
  • Storm Magick
  • Myths & Legends
  • Divination of all kinds
  • Grimoire Inspiration
  • Religious stories & Gods
  • Indigenous Magick
  • Herbs & Flowers
  • Animals
  • Fire Magick
  • Witch Stories & Music
  • Magickal History
  • & honestly, anything else!


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✨happy moonday, sweet souls! Sending you special blessings of joy and love today🌷

You already know what your next move needs to be…
Trust that your intuition is accurate and revel in the joy you feel knowing that your instincts are valid. Question any situation that you think can’t be changed, and then open your mind to see you where you can make the change. Any step that you take will help you see the options that you may have never noticed before. As long as you ask for help and let yourself receive with grace; you are supported in all ways. By receiving, you balance the energy within and around you, bringing new forms of abundance, and pushing away stagnant energy. Follow your inner guidance and watch the doors swing open for you, but be sure to let the old doors close.  Some doors that close are not meant to be reopened🚪

Just like you outgrow clothes and shoes, you outgrow your beliefs, boundaries, people, and situations. Every single day you have the ability to change and grow, simple little choices that can influence big events. In the past you may have seen yourself as insignificant… trust and believe that you are completely incorrect. Release any and all thoughts and  feelings of inferiority, you need to believe that you are absolutely amazing and qualified for whatever you desire. Don’t allow life to push you around; take charge, set your plans, and do the damn work💪🏽

Pop over to to snag all of your mind, skin, + spirit needs! I’ve restocked all Fixed Candles, Enchanted Oils, Herbal Salves, and Sugar Scrubs in my shoppe. Calm your mind, heal your skin, and soothe your spirit✨

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anonymous asked:

Yes! So it really depends on your view of fame. If fame means luck, prosperity, wealth, and success, here is a list below.

- Clover - Luck, Sucess (Non-edible)

- Cinnamon - Luck, success, money

- Dill - Money, luck

- Mint - Attracts money and success

- Bay Leaves - Sucess

- Maple - Prosperity, money

- Clove - Strength and courage

- And of course, your intent! No matter how good the herb is, it will never work as well as something that is enchanted by intent :P

Tip: If you are to make a spell from these herbs, I recommend adding rosemary to the mix. In this case, it represents remembrance, which can boost its effectiveness.

You can combine these herbs in a spell, or the edible ones in a recipe to increase the spells chances

Admiration is kind of the same way, it’s truly what you associate it with. For example, we can take the qualities of a great leader.

For admiration:

Fennel: worthy of praise, strength

Eyebright - Truth

Hazel - Wisdom, luck.

Dandelion: faithfulness, happiness

Dogwood: love undiminished by adversity, durability

Thyme: activity, bravery, courage, strength

I hope that answers the question, and feel free to ask more!  


Mañana de té … 🤩
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