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Quand, tout à coup, one envie irrépressible de banane... J'comprends pas 🤷‍♂️🍌 —— tout cru

Hier je vous ai crusiné une superbe purée que j'ai ajouté à votre Salad Bowl, et vous semblez avoir adoré ça. Alors aujourd'hui on la refait ! 👌 —— #…

Okay LJ I LOVE YOU! such a great and true point... this is for everyone who says it’s “natural” and “human” to mass-slaughter animals.!

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Ah mais je t'ai pas dit ! Les s ont fait leur grand retour chez Love me cru ; et là galette est vivante elle aussi. Tu veux faire danser toutes tes cellules ce midi ? 🌯 ——

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Aujourd'hui c'est le grand retour du chez Love me cru ! Et pour fêter ça on va se faire un petit jus de ouf avec ses copains la carotte, la pomme et le persil ! 🌱❤️ #…

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Name: Tony Tony Chopper
Race: Halfing
    Racial Traits: Halfling Luck, Fey Magic, Craven, Caretaker, Attentive
Profession: Doctor
Class: Druid (Circle of Life)
Key Spells: Cure Wounds, Beacon of Hope, Revivify Animal Friendship, Healing Spirit, Conjure Animals, Dispel Magic, Guardian of Nature, Locate Creature, Heal, Death Ward, Find the Path, Move Earth, Regenerate, True Resurrection
Lycanthrope Curse: Were-reindeer
    Traits: Regeneration, Tracking, Dark-Vision, Animal Empathy, Full Moon Rage, Tough Hide
Skills: Animal Handling, Climb, Spellcraft, Profession, Medicine, Craft (Alchemy), Knowledge (Nature)
Feats: Healer, Lucky Healer, Cautious Fighter, Desperate Swing, Magic Initiate, Medic

Here he is. The small boy.

Chopper was raised in a nomadic halfling tribe that traveled the northern area of the continent. However, he was ostracized by the tribe because of his strange mark and stranger magic. One night, the tribe was attacked by a large reindeer-like creature, injuring Chopper in the process. The next full moon, his curse was discovered, and he was abandoned by his tribe.

After roaming the winter forest, he was found and taken in by ex-rouge alchemist Hiluluk. Hiluluk taught Chopper the basics of alchemy, how to harness his magic, and how to deal with his curse. However, Hiluluk’s medical practices eventually brought him against the corrupt ruling royalty, which lead to his death. Chopper was taken in by Hiluluk’s associate, an elven witch named Kureha, who formally trained him to be a doctor, both with and without magic.

Chopper later joined Luffy and his crew after they helped him take down the corrupt king. He’s more inexperience, and still learning how to control his curse, but he’s trying his best.

There are several ways to go about a healer, in terms of class, but I went with druid because I felt it tied into Chopper’s animal nature. And druids have access to a wider range of spells that better reflect his abilities (like Move Earth for his digging move). And character wise I thought it’d be interesting because druids are known for being wise and their class uses that skill a lot and Chopper is notwise. It reflects the fact that he’s still learning and growing.

He is also a lycanthrope, specifically a were-reindeer. His full were-form his basically his monster point form, and he can’t control it at all at first. But as he advances as a druid, he learns to control his transformations. He gets so good that he figures out how to manipulate his ‘hybrid’ forms to do specialized things (which is analogous to his zoan transformations).

Some more details:

  • Fey Magic gives the character access to three cantrips when their in their favored terrain. Chopper’s favored terrain is forests and arctic area. Craven replaces the typical halfling trait of bravery and instead makes them more alert.  
  • Druids who choose the Circle of Life path have remarkable healing capabilities, of both people and land.
  • Chopper’s spells focus mostly on healing, but he also has spells that help him commune with animals and nature, and spells that help him track or locate things (which reflect his canon animal abilities).
  • Halfling Luck - halflings, as a race, are naturally lucky, which gives them certain bonuses. The feat Lucky Healer applies that natural luck to healing spells and checks.
  • He also helps Usopp and Sanji brew potions, since he has alchemy training thanks to Hiluluk.

I got respect for vegans because they’re living their truths and doing what they believe to be best for themselves and their world,

But I also got respect for people who out here eating JUST meat. Y’all some crazy motherfuckers on both sides, but I respect that you do what you believe and what you think is best for you and your world.

Craziest thing is both diets can be beneficial for you. They can both bring you health. And no matter what foods you eat, we’re still all going to die. 🙂