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I will exalt you, O , for You lifted me out of the depths and did not let my gloat over me. ... my God, I called to You for and You me

jesus_lordandsavior “But you, Sovereign Lord, help me for your name’s sake; out of the goodness of your love, deliver me.” Psalms 109:21

. Is this the right lineup for me to go to the Super Bowl? Also have DJ Chark Tyler Lockett & DeVante Parker. Chart and Parker are out? What WR’s do I go with?

I lost this pic that I purchased on my recent cruise. I went to see if I could get another one, but the “manager” wasn’t really helpful (basically called me a liar) Any other suggestions? This was our first cruise ever and I lost that beautiful print out 😫 – at Ensenada Port Inlet

Has anyone used this? Did you like it? I have oily/combination skin and I need something to last all day that won’t break me out or rub off easily.

It's Christmas time witch means it's giving time. Gotta get something for my gf and brother. Help me out?

Moved intomy house in May and still finding random things that confuse me 😂 my hallway light started flickering so I get the ladders out to change the bulb 💡 WTF?! 🤔😂

It was arm day this morning and, like every arm day, I half-a**ed it. I hate upper body day. I need a work out partner who will motivate me

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Back when I first discovered the Mute function, I muted ICE because all of the news about them was bumming me out. But I didn’t realize until just now that capitalization doesn’t matter and I accidentally muted all ice and not just the acronym 🤦🏻‍♀️😅😩

Birthday has just passed, manager is kicking me out ON CHRISTMAS, school is almost done...seems like a good time to randomly be picked for the contest 🙏🏾👀😤

Help me eat today and buy my porn 🥺🙏🏻💗 I missed my flight and wasn’t prepared to dish out the $$$ for another night in Hawai’i, I’m flying for the next 15 hours and already starving 😭💔

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Could anyone help confirm an ID on this please? I’ve keyed out to Ophion Scutellaris (found deceased in Shropshire in October this year). Twitter only lets me put 4 photos up so can send more!

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My friend Tony has a named Irdin Check out my me raise some ca$h so I can take my dog Sam to the he's getting on in age :-\

Colourful needles to help me get started 😊. Thinking of starting out with YouTube tutorials. Any crochet fans on my timeline who can with best channels for learning to crochet?

It’s me... Cloverblobs terrified fraggle toy.... I’ve taken over the beasts twitter while she’s sleeping in an effort to send out an SOS. I don’t have long as she could wake up any moment and have another go at me... pleeeease save me... gah she’s opened an eye, gotta go!

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