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Vive donner une formation la première semaine des camps de jour en pleine restructuration 🤯🤪

One half is happy about the run. The other half is worried, being fully aware that this is probably the last healthy thing this dude is going to do until July.

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I be upset if I unwittingly supported BUT how does this those stuffering NOW ~real time. A ? I don’t get how that’s a 🧐? Should we walk out on the etc 👀 👀

Alguien que esté jugando con un Xiaomi Mi 8? No me funciona bien el AR/RA. Ya borre la aplicación 19 veces y nada.

Bijen maken hun nest wel op een heel ongelukkige plek. Boven de slaapkamer onder de dakpannen. Wel 4 a 5 meter hoog. Wat moet ik hier nou mee?

CENTRAL UNIVERSITY SAGAR DESK अखिल भारतीय विद्यार्थी परिषद विश्वविद्यालय इकाई द्वारा काउंसलिंग के दौरान छात्रों की मदद हेतु लगातार लगाए जा रहे (HELP DESK) आशीष गौतम प्रदेश सह मंत्री

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Ok so I may be a little late on this, but I am just so shocked and heartbroken right now…

So if you don’t know a few days ago Etika, a popular Nintendo gamer went missing after posting one final video claiming that he is sorry for everything he had done. There was tons of people worried about his safety as the police got involved looking for him. This wasn’t the first time police got involved with an Etika situation however. Etika had already been hospitalised for his mental state and had also been in numerous incidents with the police as well.

Suddenly a few days later, the police found Etika’s belongings on a bridge near a river. That’s where they found a man’s body who at the time presumed to be Etika, but there was not proper evidence yet. Finally 2 hours later, the body was later identified as Etika. He is now dead. Etika is dead.

I am just not only so shocked, I am also just disappointed by this world. I felt like that nobody even realised how serious the situation is and how much he had gone through. When I mean that I mean everybody thought he was crazy and didn’t decide to help him at ALL. He never got the proper help he needed. He was just put in a hospital on repeat. All he needed was help, we gave it to him, but not the right type of help. It hurts to realise this.

But this is the reality of our world as we know it. People barely try to actually help someone in a mental state. All they do is put that person in a mental institution or a hospital and put them up for multiple medications just in hopes they would get better. That’s not how it should be. 

That’s all I have to say right now. I hope someday people would realise what they are doing and I hope they try to actually help a person in a mental state by at least taking them up for counselling or contact a hotline or something because at this rate, all we’re doing is just making things worse. And as for you Etika, I hope you finally find some peace and happiness wherever you are. I’m sorry, we are sorry and we thank you for the times you made us happy. Rest in peace.



Sherlock: You remind me of gingernuts

John: Why is that?

Sherlock: I love gingernuts

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Hi ^^ Natal Sun - moon conjunction in Scorpio in 6th house ?

There is a position of someone who is private and secretive about the kind of work and employment they do.  They may love to do hidden work or work that revolves around peak emotional experience and makes them feel emotional alive.  They like to work with emergencies, underground activities, hidden arts or deal with true emotional life and death scenarios.  There can be interest in underground research and finding hidden information and knowledge.

The everyday life includes a lot of passion and desire to life to the fullest.  There is great interest in taking action and wanting to make everyday count for the most.  The daily life can consist of a lot of emotional experiences, sexual encounters or activities that help them grow and push past barriers that holds one back.  Obsession with the interest of the moment can embody what fills up the everyday life.  There can also be a great emotional attach to pets and small animals as a way to feel emotionally balances.  

The health is often a major focus as their can be a lot of physical of mental heath problems associated with sun and moon in this house together.  The heart, spine or back can be issue areas.  The stomach, digestion or chest/breasts areas can have health issues.  Genitals, rectum, bowels and mental health like anxiety probably from Sun and Moon in Scorpio in the 6th.

Please, someone who can make GIFs!

In need a gif from the tv show Good Omens. In S1E6 Aziraphale walks in to a pillar of hell fire. There he inhales, sighing in delight and cracks his neck.

I can’t find a gif like that. Not on tumblr, not on GIPHY.

If anyone knows someone who can do that or someone who can do that. Please write me or post the gif and tag me. I would be very grateful.

I will NOT claim that this GIF belongs to me or that I created it. I will post the creators name under it, whenever I use it and recommend them.

Please, I would really appreciate it.

One second

Can we talk about Sherlock getting jealous of John’s “previous commander”? When he mentioned he was more antisocial than Sherlock, Sherlock got JEALOUS. He was like “but… me!” He was so devastated that Sherlock wasn’t the most antisocial. He had that going with John. Now what does he have? A crush that is married to someone else (cough* assassin cough*) and who doesn’t really see him anymore. Poor baby.



hi lucy,

i’m afraid I won’t be able to come to the wedding
I know, don’t say it, I’m still the same, always messing up
this time I made it big! 

i don’t stand a chance this time, Lucy.  
i’m a goner and you can’t come save me like always.
here after a couple of days does not start to be bad, i learned to fish - think a little!
and I have fire. this morning I found an old ship stranded - now it’s my home. it’s not as beautiful as ours but
but i don’t know where i am, i’m alone and you are not there. i miss you. so much so i can’t breathe.

i don’t even know why I’m writing this letter to you, it can never get to you. maybe i needed it to move on.
i imagine you looking in the mirror, alone, in the bathroom, crying. no one can see you sick, just me.
i’d like to be there to tell you it’s a joke, as usual, but it’s not. hope you can move on, even without me.
I can’t live without you. I love you so much.

forever yours, Juno

Latest Anxieties

For those of you who don’t know me, hi. My name is Krystal and I am disabled and queer. I have been experiencing reoccurring mental health issues for the past year which made my life a roulette board of job searching. Now things are settling down, but I need a little last bit of help to get things back to stable.

I got a new job at a liquor store that I like, but I started in the middle of a pay period so my first check was delayed and is only for $150. I even got a second job back at the college library which doesn’t pay much and doesn’t start until tomorrow. The problem is to keep these jobs need to pay my car payment in full and a half for the total of $360 by the end of the month. Plus the electricity bill we had to put on hold in full for $220 is due on July 5th. Not to mention I owe my partner $75 for rent money since he’s covering the majority of that via his disability check while I scramble to handle the other bills.

I have asked personal friends for help more times than I want and at this point I am so beyond exhausted with basically everything. Donations would be nice, but I can work out payment for your donations as well. I can offer writing stories (erotica and fanfiction included), writing professional pieces such as cover letters or resumes, flower sketches, helping with editing anything from creative writing to professional writing, or basically anything else we can come to an agreement on.



So, because 11,801 participants/beneficiaries of the Western Pennsylvania Teamsters and Employers Pension Fund DIDN’T BOTHER TO VOTE, the 30% cut goes in effect AUGUST 1, 2019. 7,133 REJECTED the cut of the pensions they EARNED, beating by far the 2,265 that were scared to say NO and demand that Congress do something to save ALL the failing MEPPs. But 11,801 didn’t care enough to check a box and send ONE piece of mail. Maybe they thought it wouldn’t matter, but over HALF of the potential voters IGNORING the ballot matter. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for letting everyone else down and destroying the security everyone EARNED and deserved.

Now I have to try to make up the difference from what my DISABLED mother is going to lose from her WIDOW’S pension so that her quality of life doesn’t suffer too much, but since I’M her primary caregiver her quality of life WILL suffer because I won’t be here when she needs me.

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i'm not ending it but it sure as hell looks like it is since things have become so stale and unfeeling now. i mean i know you want to try but how do you want to try when you're numb and i'm kinda the same way too now?

— Well.. he had a point. “I still love you..” he wants to make that clear. Though.. “I suppose sometimes… Love isn’t enough.” His stomach twists uncomfortably. Are they really ending things? Are they… Getting divorced? He never pegged himself as someone that would get divorced.

“So are you— what do we do?” Kensei kept his quarters… Rose couldn’t kick izuru, renji and Shuuhei out of his. Would Kensei move out of their house?