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Does anybody else’s dog have the same thing? I recently noticed my dogs nails are turning into an off white. He’s a 5 yo male . Doesn’t look like he’s in any pain. (his doctor isn’t in till Thursday)

Or I may just make one of these plumbobs and walk around as a Sim XD (Photo from google but you get the idea)

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how does one write a good make out scene without it being weird?

I was looking at a blog post and the banner at the bottom which was saying don’t interact if you’re yada yada yada and most of it was reasonable and I agreed with until I saw cishet and I’m more confused than anything. A cishet is just a cisgender heterosexual right?? Unless there’s something wrong with being cisgender and heterosexual?? I’m really confused actually and I’d like to get answers.

Sahih Muslim, The Book of Gifts, Book 24, Hadith 5

Ibn ‘Umar reported that 'Umar b. al-Khattab (Allah be pleased with him) donated a horse in the path of Allah and (later on) he found it being sold, and he decided to buy that. He asked the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) about it. whereupon He (the Holy Prophet) said:

Don’t buy that and do not get back what you gave in charity.

Sahih Muslim, The Book of Gifts, Book 24, Hadith 5

i need help... again.

guys guys i need help finding another fic it’s this one where it’s tom holland x reader and the reader uhhh goes on summer vacation to SOME PLACE AND TOM IS THERE AND IT’S A SURFER AU AND THEY START DATING OVER THE SUMMER AND SHE HAS TO LEAVE AT THE END AND THE DESC. SAYS ITS JUST A SUMMER FLING AND IT WAS A SERIES AND I NEED TO FIND IT OMG

I have finally started going back to uni

As in showing up there so I might actually work. But as soon as I got here and opened my laptop I started checking tests. Replying to work emails. Preparing lessons. Doing everything except for school. I am not sure how to get from my work mentality back into the “I really have to get my degree to keep my job” mentality.

Does anyone have tips?