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Help!! I am in need of some help. Can anyone help with the process of making a fan game? I want to make one for Dead Space.

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De plus en plus de jeunes en IME ont des troubles psychiatriques. Sans psychiatre en IME, nous ne leur offrons pas tous les soins dont ils ont besoin.

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The top I wear on days, like today, where my pain is so unbearably bad that I legitimately feel it could kill me... 😖😵

2 abandoned bunns.. left behind when owner moved in Oct. Been outside since then. Urgently need a foster home for this likely bonded pair. to fill out a foster app. They likely wont survive this cold snap. . .

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lassoswhip  asked:

watch sprint cars or late models w me,,,,,plose,,,,,,

I have no idea what either of those are 

this is a very for help and i’m reblogging this on all of my blogs

my sister is dating a boy and he’s kinda stupid but i think he has a good heart. my sister, however, has been physically abusive to me and my mother and i am worried she might be physically abusive to him as well. i’m very unsure what to do because they’re both 16 and in high school and are supervised often. i’ve heard her threaten to break up with him multiple times and gloat about how she takes away his phone and punished him for being bad in school.

for the past few days in a row, they’ve been taking finals or whatever and they’ve been coming home early. they go up to my sister room and i hear rough housing but i can excuse that because i know they like to rough house but what i cannot excuse is my sister screaming at her boyfriend, literally screaming at her full lung capacity. she is screaming stuff like “why can’t you do what i say?” and “what’s wrong with you?” i’m going to talk to my mom about this later today when we’re alone and hopefully i’ll get somewhere.

Maybe one day

I’ll find the courage

To finally set myself free

And lighten your burdens

Till that day comes

Can you make me feel better?

Will you show me a ray of light?

So that I can hold on to it

That very thin string of hope

So I can dream again

Like I used to

I know you’re better off

Without me holding on to you

But what should I do

I can’t let go

I don’t want to

Please let me hold on

To that little string

That string that is disappearing

I can hardly see it nowadays

But I still keep searching for it

I want to see it very badly

That little string

That once used to be so long

I could see my whole life ahead

A beautiful future

That string

I wonder when it started to fade

And when it turned into this

Which I can no longer see

And now with nothing to hold on to

I’m falling

And I keep falling

Down a hole with no end

An endless void

Nothing to look around for

An empty heart

And though I don’t know

When I’ll finally hit an end

I’ll still keep searching

For even the slightest view

Of that string

That once showed me every dream

That I could dream

And then if I can find it

Maybe I’ll say my goodbye

One last time

And maybe then

I’ll finally find the courage

To set myself free


I left a note in my house of a song in writing about me being bi. It’s lost. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s gone. And I haven’t come out and I think my mum found it. It’s strange???? She’s been telling me how if I ever came out that she’d accept me, and I know she will be I’m still scared…

And one time we were the conversation about how this dude on a tv show treated his wife and I said ‘If I get a wife’ and she didn’t really notice so I said ‘I’d never treat my husband like that’

I don’t know what to doooooooooo???

I. am. So. Pissed….. The link I posted for the petition has been flagged. I have appealed but @staff this is not “explicit content” this is a petition to save my country. Yes there is a photo of a woman, yes not every part of her skin is covered but you may notice that she has been SHOT. this is an emergency people’s lives are at steak fuck you @staff.

i gotta learn how to flirt or just interact with males
 I need like relationship advice
like not like ‘aw my boyfriend like’ how do i even get to that point
how do i get those. how do i get a helper, a wingman, just tell me what to do where to go
i need a class
a teacher
i need
relationship teacher help. how get. teach my dumb ass