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Look at who is snow spent! Thank you for the warm fire! We are loving you!! . . .

KEEP WARM & COSY AS THE REAL WINTER WEATHER DESCENDS: Fragranced soy candles available in six heavenly ( and natural ) fragrances .

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Have you tried a lavender latte or lavender white mocha?? Perfect balance of sweet and calm, combined with our delicious espresso and steamed milk! Try something new today!!!

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Are you ready to take responsibility for personal revival? Read the "Revival" blog and reawaken a spiritual fervor for the kingdom of God to be fully manifested in your life.

I was happy living w my family of 2 cats and me in ancient forest. We hiked, did creativity research for my dissertation. I am hyperspace oriented. This means I am present in my hyperspace multiverse self as much as here and as much as one with the all.

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His Love for us endures forever! Remain confident no matter what you face that He is ON IT! Praise the Lord

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Sophia in Egypt

Agown in heavenly purple glow you stood,

Eyes full of azure fire,

Your vision was the first blaze

Of world-filling, life-giving day.

What is, what was, what shall forever be —

All, all was held here in one steady gaze…

The seas and rivers blue beneath me,

Distant woods, snow-capped peaks.

I saw all, and all was one —

A single image of womanly beauty…

Pregnant with vastnesses!

Before me, in me – only You.

Radiant One! You can’t fool me:

I saw all of you there in the desert.

Those roses in my soul won’t wilt,

Whichever way the day may turn.

Yet but an instant! And the vision veiled.

The sun climbed the sky’s height.

Silence, desert silence. And so my soul prayed;

While within: an endless celebration of bells.

Vladimir Solovyov


It is difficult to resist singing; the words are wonderful, full of celestial wonder. So let’s do worship today. “O give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name: bring an offering, and come before Him: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”

are there people in your heaven?

i would say there are not. i would say there is simple bliss & peace there. there may be similar smells & feelings & characteristicsย of those who have departed up there, but i do not think we see their faces again. we will be reminded daily that they are in fact there, just like that cool spring breeze on your face which reminds you of a particular person or that cold, snowy night that reminds you of peace & good.

& to be honest, i am not sure which way i would rather have it - physical people in heaven or my imaginedย heavenly version of them. you see we create such beautiful personificationsย of people in our minds that sometimes seeing an actual physical version of them does not manifest as highly which leads to disappointment.

so no, no people in my heaven;
just a heaven full of blissful feelings & endless, forgiving love.

“You want to know where heaven is? I’ll tell you. Heaven is when we are lying in bed together and you are looking over at me talking with your head on the pillow.. not realizing just exactly how beautiful you really are. Heaven is when we are waiting for the city bus.. and you are standing behind me with your arms around me, laughing about some joke that we shared. Heaven is me washing your hair in the shower and you are griping about how hard I scrub your scalp.. but you still love every minute of it. I’ve learned that heaven isn’t some place really far away but those happy moments that we share between us.. the ones where we felt completely at home, those perfect, timeless moments we shared together. That’s where heaven is.. and that’s where heaven will always be. ”

Heaven is right there in your arms where I feel so at home, heaven is OUR happiness together - Eue


I remember our first time.

It was after such a terrible thing.

You were so careful to touch me,

As if I’d break if you pushed to hard.

I didn’t know what to do.

I was so used to being pushed around.

I was scared that I would do something wrong, that I was doing something wrong.

But you seemed so at peace with it all.

Every touch from the beginning was so lively,

But so sweet.

It was heavenly.

You were heavenly.

To bad I was an angel from hell.

But oh did I love you from that first kiss,

That first time together.

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Erste #Schneeschuh-Tour (ca. 15km) 2019. Herrliche #Schneelandschaft in himmlischer #Ruhe 👌🏻. First Snowshoing (about 15km) 2019. #Wonderful #snow #landscape in #heavenly #peace 👌. #winterwonderland #snow #forest #mountains #snowshoing #instagram #instagood #instalike #insta #likeforlikes #like4like #likeforfollow #myself (hier: Görisried)

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