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Beautiful colours

There's nothing more astounding...than seeing a gorgeous sunrise in the morning. Its just beyond....therapeutic & heartfelt, seeing oceans of clouds☁ through the skies with beautiful golden light piercing through. How beautiful💜 :3

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139 years old photo of Ajitnath Jain temple at Taranga It was built by Gujarat king Kumarpal Solanki in 12th century

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“Divine like heaven, lovely like an angel, a beauty like beautiful aspires to be.. you are oh so perfect to me, and I love you more than anything.”

Anything in the world, my love.. anything in the world - eUe

“Sitting here, I find myself thinking about your voice.. the sound of an angel for sure, like the singing of heaven cascading from the gates of heaven themselves.”

Your voice sounds so very sweet, to call it heavenly would be an understatement - eUe


Have a faaatly blessed rockin’ week!!! It’s only Rock ‘n Roll!!!
❤️ 🎼🎶🎸😇🙏
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“Your lips feel like fluffy little pillows made of clouds on mine and I expect at any moment, for angels to start descending from the sky all around us, singing and playing trumpets..”

That’s what kissing you is like, no shame.. I love kissing you more than anything. Can you say heavenly - eUe


Ohmgawd my goosebumps have chills! 😭 I need this full version rn!💓💓 Kyuhyun & Chen giving us the collab we’ve been dying for! 🙏 @e_xiu_o @weareone.exo
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“The love flows out of me and straight into your heart, a love like none other.. complete.”

I love you completely and with my whole heart, beyond that of this earth.. heavenly and forever - eUe

Large Blue Angelite  Anhyrdrite Palm Stone for Angelic Healing and Spirituality 5.4 ounces / 153 grams. 

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The Artist

With love and great joy, the artist labours over His children. Each brush stroke adds depth and beauty. Each moulding and shaping creates a being in His image. Night and day don’t cease and He doesn’t rest until He is sure the masterpiece before Him is complete. He plants the fire inside you to search Him and He knows that fire will burn until your last breath. The artist cherishes and takes great pride in every piece of art because it is His child. The artist looks out over every work of art and sees His children. He writes on the arms, the chest, the face, the legs… he etches in the palm of every hand the traits that make each of His children unique. Then He places his lips on each palm and seals it in. With pride He looks into the eyes, purposefully, of His masterpiece and knows the soul waiting to come alive in them will shine through those windows. He rejoices over that glorious day those eyes would open to the world with purpose.

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