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Drowning in a ? Let the make it fun!

The clear skies have arrived... The is upon us...I reckon we’ll be on tonight

What's your excuse? The has given us the perfect reason to jump on the bike (as if we needed one already). We'll see you this evening at your local dealership for our annual Season Open Night -

Now this is getting silly. 25 degrees in the shade and it's only February. Nice to be back in shorts though.

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OAKLAND SAN JOSE LOS ANGELES AJ1:1986:2021: AJ2:1987:2019: AJ3:1988:2020:

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Think it’s always cold in ?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Think again! in Aberdeenshire is 18 degrees today, the hottest place in the UK & even warmer than ! Come & bask in the sunshine in & 🌞 📸:

16 degrees in sunny Loughborough this afternoon! It may be time to start selling our specialist hot-country specific PVC-U mix to UK installers!

Remain cool while on the green with this illustrated ice cube design with customisable background colour on a golf glove.

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is conducting a workshop on mitigation aimed at ensuring better preparedness of States and local governments for tackling extreme heat conditions in Summer.

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Sunshine ✔ Weekend almost here ✔️ Gem Anthems turned up loud ✔️ Let’s start the weekend early! 2pm Gem Anthems is on 🙌🎉 👉🏻 - Dan x

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Are you ready for the temperature to get into the high teens this weekend? What’s the plans ?

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Heatcold in Chinese Clothes(?)


#heatwave have fun on your #snowday with music gear. #GuitarPlayer #bassplayer #ukulele (at Crow River Guitar & Sound)

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Kendra and Carter return to Legends:
  • Kendra: So what have we missed?
  • Sara: Nothing special...
  • Nate: We just saved a world few times.
  • Ray: And entire timeline..
  • Mick: After we screwed it up.
  • Sara: C'mon man it wasn't so many times.
  • Zari: (looking at John and Charlie): Yes, because you know about every single time..
  • Sara: What that suppose to mean?
  • John and Charlie: Nothing, nothing, at all, right mate?
  • Carter: And who are you guys?
  • John: John Constantine, exorcist, demonologist and dark art master.
  • Sara: Ekhmm.
  • John: Dark art adept. That's better, love?
  • Kendra: Why would you need an exorcist?
  • Mick: I ask myself that everyday.
  • Sara: Well, we might accidentaly let loose some magical creatures from another dimension...
  • Carter: And they are bad?
  • Charlie: How dare you judging me, you winged bastard!
  • Kendra: She's a magic fugitive? And how did you open... what.. another dimension?
  • Charlie: I'm a shapeshifter, you ignorant!
  • Nate: And she looks just like my ex. Who was also a member of our team...
  • Charlie: Yeah, thanks John!
  • John: Oh, I'm sorry I'm sure you will feel better in some cosmic prison!
  • Sara: Guys, guys, calm down. About how we did that- we just tried to save the world.
  • Carter: From who?
  • Mick: Some time demon with stupid name that was first in Ray's girlfriend then in her dad.
  • Ray: Nora's not my girlfriend!
  • Sara: And her dad was Damien Darkh.
  • Nate: Who we've already defeated when he changed reality with Legion of Doom.
  • Kendra: Legion of Doom?
  • Ray: Him, Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn, bad Snart and bad Rip.
  • Kendra: Speaking of... where is Rip? And proffesor Stein? And Jax?
  • Mick: Dead, dead, not dead but have a family now.
  • Carter: (to Zari and Nate): And you are?
  • Nate: I'm Steel, but right now I'm more of an office worker in Time Bureau.
  • Zari: I can control wind. That sounded so much cooler in my head.
  • Carter: What is.. Time Bureau?
  • Sara: You know, just secret organisation that Rip started to repare our mistakes.
  • Ray: At first we had some disagreements but now it's all cool.
  • Mick: Mostly because Sara sleeps with their boss.
  • Kendra: That...that's a lot...
  • Carter: Anything else?
  • Sara: My girlfriend is a clone from the future.
  • Nate: We fought with aliens.
  • Ray: I had baby alien as a kid.
  • Mick: We kicked some nazi asses.
  • Nate: Which they totally deserved because they killed proffesor Stein!
  • Mick: And had gay Leonard.
  • Zari: We defeated Mallus by turning into giant toy called Beebo. That used to be like a God in one timeline.
  • John: I screwed up time once again to try to save my boyfriend.
  • Everybody: (exluding Charlie and Zari): What?!
  • John: And it kinda turned you into a puppet show, and some weird Charlie's angel version and boys into predators.
  • Zari: And I was a cat.
  • Charlie: And Mick turned against you and started working with a fairy Godmother.
  • Mick: Not surprising.
  • Sara: ...
  • Sara: We would have to talk about that.
  • Kendra: (whispers to Carter): They are now even bigger mess that they used to be!
  • Carter: I think we should go.
  • Wally: (showing out of nowhere): Hi guys, I've heard we have visitors! I'm Kid Flash!
  • Sara: Oh, and we have a speedster in team when it's convinient.

Ну… Что тут скажешь, я обожаю этот пэйринг. :)
Обводить не буду, боюсь сделать ещё хуже.
Так, кто не понял в прошлый раз. Если я хочу это рисовать, значит я буду. Плевала я на ваши ориентации. У них нет пола :D
#traditionalart #transformersrescuebots #rescuebots #chasexheatwave #chase #heatwave

  • Mick: So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute.
  • Mick: FLOOR IT?
  • Leonard: MICK NO
  • Mick: HOW ABOUT 4,000,000 DEGREES FOR 1 SECOND
  • Leonard: MICK P L E A S E

Heatwave - Boogie Nights
Cuddle Buddies - ABookishSortOfLover (qwerty28274) - DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Sara Lance & Leonard Snart, Sara Lance/Kendra Saunders
Characters: Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Sara Lance
Additional Tags: coldwave, set in season one, Fluff, International Fanworks Day 2019, IFD 2019
Series: Part 5 of International Fanworks Day

Sara snaps a picture and Len doesn’t approve.

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Boost post for the Coldwave Discord server

A place to talk DC Coldwave - Leonard Snart and Mick Rory AKA Captain Cold and Heatwave - Rogues Gallery, Flash, Legends or just Dom and Went!

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It’s so bullshit that only certain flash characters have coffees at Jitter’s, like

Where’s Ralph’s Elongated Man caramel macchiato with whipped cream and extra thick caramel that gets everywhere?

Where’s the Heatwave cinnamon spice coffee that only comes out during the summer and contains so much cinnamon anyone who drinks it feels like they’re doing the cinnamon challenge???

Where’s the Captain Cold vanilla bean frappe that only comes out for December and January?????

What about the Golden Glider pumpkin spice coffee that’s super allusive and no one knows when it’ll be available, it just randomly appears for few weeks and then isn’t seen for months???????

Or the Vibe that has 20+ shots of espresso and when you drink it it makes you feel like you’re vibrating through dimension???????????

What about The Thinker that’s exclusively for college students and is made from the most caffeinated coffee plus an energy drink to go with it???????????????

And let me tell you, Jitter’s fucked up by not calling the decaf Flash drink Reverse Flash