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Its getting hot in here 🔥🔥🔥. The second of the two controllers to be raffled off at . This xbox controller has the same firey design as its gamecube breathern so come to heatwave for a chance to win one of these great controllers!

Early bird tickets time extended until the 20th of October ✌🏽 Get your General tickets for only just R120 and VIP R450. Line up drops tomorrow 🔥🙆🏾‍♂️ Trust, you DO NOT wanna miss this. Please share for awareness

The heat is turning up 🔥🔥🔥. The first of two controllers im raffleing off at . Flourished with flames and the heatwave logo, this controller is just too hot to handle.

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⚡️⚡️⚡️ invades Ebukhosini Resort , In association with - Early Bird tickets time EXTENDED 🚨 lineup dropping tomorrow 💫 It’s gonna Be Lit AF Aw’ Nkos’yam ngiba nokusaba 😫 🔥🔥🔥 📍Ebukhosini Resort 📆 03 November 2018

So in just 2 hours we will know what effect the long summer and endless has had on the 2018 wines of the . uncorks the first of this year's with live , great as flows free until 9pm and the last bus home

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The mercury is getting higher! This is the hottest summer since 1976. But what did the kids get up to back then? The Stink! A novel about being young in a hot summer. #1976

The Flame is looking🔥 HOT 🔥lately. Follow us on Instagram to see the latest 📸

The views over Moscow were beautiful as we have been treated to some unseasonably warm and sunny weather!

Mick... just want a ... sigh. My is sad without his partner in crime.

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31 Days of Atomwave Horror Aesthetics for Halloween! aka Atomwaveen

Day 18 - The Hills Have Eyes


summer Saturday evening 216/365 by Dawn Verdaguer
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George Benson “Star Of The Story” Star Time 12″ (2014)

I purchased Heatwave’s Central Heating (1977) for two cuts: “Star Of The Story” and “Leaving For A Dream”. That was when a then-interest came with me to West Babylon’s Looney Tunes one summer afternoon. “Star Of The Story” was one fo those tracks I had on repeat because it had those Seventies’ Brooklyn-youth qualities I go for. George Benson later covered it for his 1980 record Give Me The Night with Heatwave member Rod Temperton on additional personnel. While Benson’s version doesn’t have the same startle, dramaticism, or sensitivity as Heatwave’s original, it’s interesting enough for me to see how close it comes and it passes. Michael Boddiker’s and Richard Tee’s keyboards definitely have me.

Star Time is a bootleg vinyl label with almost no information about it. Some of the label’s releases are mis-titled with the word “KON” in them, an acronym for New York City dee-jay / producer King Of Nothing, also known as Christian Taylor. The Star Time label may possibly be a means for King Of Nothing’s mixes, transitions, and dubplates.

  • Nate: I'm totally Twilight Sparkle. I love books and history.
  • Ray: Yeah, I can see it. What about me, though? I always thought I was Twilight-ish, too.
  • Nate: Nah. You're totally Pinkie Pie, or maybe Fluttershy. You just see the good in the world.
  • Mick: Would you two please stop comparing yourselves to crayon-colored animated horses for little girls?
  • Nate: Aw, someone's being a Cranky Doodle!
I really want slash music video to “On the Other Side” from Greatest Showman!

I listen to the album a lot and this is my fav song and I sit and think of ships i have and how would fit.

Mostly I think of Harrisco, Atomwave, Coldatom, Destiel and Spangel!

For Harrisco Cisco would have Hugh’s part and Harry would have Zac’s.

For Atomwave Ray would have Hugh’s part and Mick would have Zac’s, but could work the other way to.

For Coldatom Len would have Hugh’s part and Ray would have Zac’s.

For Destiel Dean would have Hugh’s part and Cas would have Zac’s but again they could switch.

For Spangel Spike would have Hughs part and Angel would have Zac’s but maybe they could switch it up.

Now I’m gonna go think about this more and what other ships I have that this song would work for.