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Grow their future!!! 🍃🍀🥬🥦🥕 A project on vegetables provides lots of opportunities to explore growth and living, and may inspire some children in your to develop green thumbs! 📸 Project at Linchfield Primary

Birthdays are ... It's a special day so make it special your way. Celebrating Birthday of our from Somalia... Sagar Family wishes you a &

RT FlexiBrands: Definition of a : Someone who predominantly eats a diet, but doesn't deprive themselves of meat when they fancy it. At the same time minimising their effect on the , whilst keeping

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44% of our affluent respondents take vitamins or supplements every day and 70% at least once a week.

Use coconut oil because it contains HDL which is very good for health. The fat in coconut oil are known as MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which means that the fatty acids are shorter then most other fats.

Trade fruit juice with . You'll love the rewards of fresh, , and tasty whole fruits!

¡Si deseas ver el video completo, sígueme también en ! ¡Si a tu bebé le están saliendo sus primeros dientes, te recomendamos para ello, los mordedores!

RT FlexiBrands: Definition of a : Someone who predominantly eats a diet, but doesn't deprive themselves of meat when they fancy it. At the same time minimising their effect on the , whilst keeping

To jump, run, skip, hop and fly are activities kids are meant to do. Give them the energy to allow them to be their crazy-self with Pride of Cows milk.

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In der Früh trinke ich natürlich ein Glas Wasser, wenn hast du keinen Wünsch von pures Wasser dein Tag beginnen. Ich vorschlage keine gesundnährungsIdee weg schiften. Niemst du besser dazu, was du im Kühlschrank findest: ist das Erdbeben 🍓, Gurke 🥒, Basilikum 🥬 oder bisschen Wassermelone 🍉 was passt zu deinem Geschmack!
Du mit Wasser machst der Beginn des Verdauungssystems sauber nach der lange Nachtspause und es beginnt für dich gut arbeiten. Danach eine Tasse Kaffee ein sehr gutes Stimulus ist weiter zu leben☕
🇷🇺 Утро я начинаю обычно со стакана воды, так прекрасно, что у нас можно пить воду прямо из под крана. Император построил водопровод напрямую с горного ледника. Однако, если тебе начинать утро со стакана чистой воды скучно. Добавь немного натурального вкуса🍓сразу станет ярче и веселее. Да и конечно чашечка кофе в постель от любимого мужчины☕. Это наш ежедневный ритуал🥰
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Currently trying to lose weight in a more healthy way by eating lots of veggies and protein bc my boyfriend noticed I lost weight and I don’t want him to think that I‘m turning into a bulimic/anorexic again lmao

Weighing in

Weight 15st 6.4- 2 pounds lost

I am inpatient. I want to see results now. After less than a week I want to drop atleast half a stone to indicate that the meal plans and no processed snacks is actually working.

But that’s not how it works. I know that’s not how this works, yet I still feel a little ’ what’s all this effort for?!’ when I see the scale either stay or go down. I know that the first couple of weeks your body is gearing up for lifestyle change so the figure on the scale might not reflect what is actually happening. I know it is a process. Yet that niggle in my brain keeps telling me.

This is pointless.

The number displayed on that screen for two seconds will either make my day or break it, and the fact that there was an indication that by just watching what I eat and a little bit of extra moving is working, I still feel like I’m wasting me time.

It makes me wonder about the whole weight loss clubs that do fixate on the number and not the mental wellness. How does it feel to think you’ve been good the whole week to then go get weighed and them to tell you in a room full of people that yeah it was good but someone else was better.

I need to not only work on the physical side of myself but also mental side, if I’m ever going to feel content with who I am and how I look. I always though skinny was happy but at what cost? Eating an apple and a salad each day? Working out twice daily for over an hour each time?

For myself that isn’t healthy.

I need to come to terms with myself that a. Healthy weight and a healthy mind is all I need. The rest will follow.

I couldn’t go to the gym today because I lost my ID. Figures! I’m going to get a new one on Friday when I’m actually home and the office is open for me to get it replaced. It sucks because my picture looked super cute on there (let me be shallow). I did, however, do a quick run. Nothing crazy since my shoulder is still hurting, but I got to listen to Zombies Run.

…I’m not sure if it’s such a huge spoiler but I pictured Ben Barnes as Runner 3 and I’m not mad at all.

This simple vegetarian egg fried rice is ready in just 15 minutes! Made with easy-to-find ingredients. This is a good healthy dinner. #friedricerecipe #chinesefoodrecipe #vegetarianrecipe #vegetarian