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Difficulties I’ve had picking up my meds 1
“We’re sorry, we don’t have your doctor’s note”
Difficulty 2
“We tried emailing you but can’t get through for an unknown reason”
Difficulty 3
“We mistyped your email but it has been resolved and we’ll need your bloodwork now”
Difficulty 4
“We’re gonna need to get your lab results back”
Difficulty 5
“Now we need to call the pharmacy again, call back later or wait a few days”
Difficulty 6
“Now we need the prescription to come in”
Difficulty 7
“Well we have it and everything’s ready to go but we can’t give it to you now it’s being held until we call your doctor again”
Difficulty 8
“Your doctor isn’t answering”
Difficulty 9
“Oh we got ahold of your doctor but we the pharmacy just don’t think you need this medication”
Difficulty 10
“You’ve changed to a new pharmacy but your insurance also changed now you have to call your insurance company or your doctor and change it through them”
Difficulty 11
“Your doctor isn’t in right now they’re on vacation”
Difficulty 12
“You have your meds in, but they have stopped working, we stored them at an incorrect temperature and now we have to ask your doctor what to do about that”
Difficulty 13
“We can’t get ahold of your doctor you should schedule an appointment and drive an hour to go see your doctor when it best suits your doctor’s schedule”
Difficulty 14
“We are charging you a second time for your bloodwork even though you already paid for it.”
Difficulty 15
“Sorry, this is a controlled substance and we need your ID and social security to make sure you’re not a criminal. You’ve never been treated like a criminal until just now but you need to show some ID.”
Difficulty 16
“The pharmacy closes several hours earlier on this day specifically for an unknown reason, a thing that only has started just now, call back tomorrow”
Difficulty 17
“I think you need these needles not the other needles, even though that’s what the doctor said and how you’ve always been taking your meds, I think I know more about needles as a pharmacist so I’m giving you these ones that you can’t use because they’re intravenous and your meds are subcutaneous.”
Difficulty 18
“We don’t get the shipment in until **looks at calendar** monday, come back in a week.”
Difficulty 19
“So we have no record of you in our files and we have no idea who you are, sorry.”
Difficulty 20
“Actually we do have a record of you and we also see where your meds were supposed to be in Monday but an unknown altercation has arose and you can’t pick it up now, call first thing in the morning tomorrow and we’ll order another shipment.”
Difficulty 21
“We got the shipment in but it was for the wrong needles again, we’re gonna call your doctor and see if we get a response call back later.”
Difficulty 22
“We’ll call you when we get it. ***We’re never gonna call you***”
Difficulty 23
“Your doctor will respond in 2-3 days. ***We’re never gonna***”
Difficulty 24
“So it looks like we can’t refill your prescriptions because you didn’t schedule an appointment with your doctor to check up on how you’re doing with your prescriptions and even though no one told you this is something you have to do or ever contacted you about it, its your fault, schedule an appointment at your doctor’s earliest convenience.”
Difficulty 25
“So we can’t get you in until at least a month from now is that an okay time to go without meds or should we write you something to hold you over until the appointment?”
Difficulty 26
“So we asked if they’ll write you something to hold you over and when we hear back we’ll do something about it. ***Nobody is doing anything about anything***”
Difficulty 27
“So it looks like we don’t have you on file or know who you are again.”
Difficulty 28
“Here’s some old man’s parkinson’s medications that are definitely not yours.”
Difficulty 29
“Sorry we made a mistake, here’s your wrong needles you can’t use again.”

This is over the span of 4 years, 3 pharmacies, 3 insurance companies, and countless employees, doctors and staff.

I have never, not once, at any point, picked up my prescriptions without major issues arising for one nonsensical reason or another. Currently waiting another day or two for them to figure out how to fill my prescription I needed filled a week ago. I am lucky all I need is steroids for my muscular degenerative condition (cmtd) because if I had anything more life threatening I’d definitely be dead.