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: How new from to is improving healthcare.

We have the you need to get back in the game! Whether you're recovering from surgery or treating a chronic issue such as tendonitis or neck and back pain, we put your needs first :) ///

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“Make it easy to chew”. Swap out some of the traditional “meat and potatoes” meals for stews and soups, which are ofter in texture and easier to chew and digest – so it's a win-win.

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organizations have outdated systems and lack investment in tools. Review our Healthcare Toolkit for resources you can use as a victim or organization.

Some top tips for entrepreneurs at the Trinity Healthcare Entrepreneurship Forum from CTO and co-founder of John Vaughn

If your child has a , make sure not to let them lean back until the bleeding is under control to keep the blood from draining down the throat. More tips for treating a nosebleed at home:

Kelly Rakowski, President of Leadership and Search Solutions at AMN Healthcare, shares with how she became interested in working in the health care industry and the trends and opportunities ahead that motivate her work.

In order to improve the use of resources and increase profitability, organisations need to invest in quality assurance ! Patience Fagbenro of explains in HealthManagement

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out of control PPO cost - 73% increase over past decade

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I don’t vaccinate the twins. I don’t get vaccinated.

Why? Because I believe in natural healing for the body. I believe the health care business is the biggest scam in the industry. Which, I mean I get it. We all have families to take care of, get it how you live. However, don’t belittle the next person that does not agree with it. We all have our opinions and to be honest, no one is wrong. I am not here to change anyone’s mind ….I just wanna know what yall smoking! What are your thoughts about vaccinations?

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I’m tired of hearing high paid people in large companies tell me that the employees should be held accountable for their own health problems.

Apparently it’s our own fault that all of us can’t afford a $3000 deductible. It’s our fault that we can’t afford to always go to a primary care physician. When the very head of the company uses a private jet to get to business meetings that cost thousands and thousands of company money just to use… But our healthcare is “too expensive” to offer other options.


Carelumina’s anytime 24/7/365 Telehealth plan provides unlimited access to board certified physicians anytime, anywhere. Our platform is HIPAA compliant and offers integrated solutions to ensure the best quality care is provided. 🏥👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
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