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RT : Better care delivery. Improved patient outcomes. Greater employee engagement. These are just some of the ways can empower organizations. :

Fun fact via : U.S. spends 85% more per capita on care vs. average of 9 other OECD countries. Where are calls for "benchmarking"?? Lesson: EVERYTHING is more expensive in U.S. !

I love fruit but it spoils so quick so i started freezing it. Any thing from bananas to pineapple,grapes,kiwi. Im always ready for a good lowfat .

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had six state agencies submit letters β€” among the roughly 190,000 public comments β€” describing the costly burden the rule would impose on and some unintended consequences the policy would have: ()

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One month of ADHD meds. Holy cow! Hope these work better than my last ones.

Today, in my early-morning foggy-minded state, I started to roll out of bed.

Now, I have a large mirror facing opposite my bed - it’s pretty much the first thing I see.

With the dim lighting and all, my brain seemed to see that I was not only shirtless, but that my chest was flat.

For some reason, that’s how I thought it was for a second. And I was SO PROUD. I was happy, and I felt free in that split second before I realized - no, that’s just my shirt.

I was heartbroken.

The average cost of an FTM top surgery is anywhere between $3,500 and $9,000, and it is recommended to take 1-2 weeks off, 4-6 for more active jobs and/or sports, which is 1-2 or 4-6 weeks of lost money.

Don’t you dare tell me I don’t need free healthcare.

Don’t you fucking dare.

HEALTHCARE PSA (United States)

My state (Oregon) Medicaid agency is being A Pill but I have talked to the federal (Marketplace) people and there is a 60 day special enrollment period past the December 15 deadline from the day you are denied coverage by your state Medicaid agency.

i.e. My state agency has been blithely rattling on about how the Dec 15 deadline doesn’t affect application to them and that oh gosh they’re just so backed up we’ll get to the application you submitted three weeks ago when we get to it. Only I know they’re going to deny me coverage (we’ve done this dance before) but I need that denial to qualify for the tax credit from the feds. According to the very nice lady from Kentucky, however, when I get my (inevitable) denial from the state, even if it’s past the Dec 15 deadline, I can call back to the Marketplace and run through the steps to get signed up and get the tax credit.

So, if your state agency is also dragging its heels, do not give up hope! Call the Marketplace people, they are super chill and ready to help you understand your options! In some cases they can even just get you signed up over the phone!