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The Health Innovation conference impact in numbers from the second year. Making a difference is what we are gunning for.

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Countdown for , the gateway to the industry in the & attending "The Innovation Pavilion by Sweden" by in Zabeel hall 2 (Z2.A10). Looking forward 2 meet w members of ๐Ÿ‘‰

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, la svolta della nel campo del trattamento a distanza dei pazienti e non solo!

It took the creator of the Rubikโ€™s Cube (Erno Rubik), one month to solve the cube after he created it; the world record now stands at 4.22 seconds

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How can we talk about patient experience without patients? Read the full article: Health Conferences in the New Decade โ–ธ

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Y'know what? We don’t fucking even need socialized healthcare. Y'know what we need? For the government to do its damn job and break up the fucking insurance conglomerations and pharmaceutical empires that are guilty of predatory (read: illegal) monopolization. Like, enforcing the policies that are already in place would solve a huge chunk of our healthcare system issues.

But that shit’s not gonna happen.

Because lobbyists.

We live in a society.

“Pharmaceutical companies are charging the American people – by far – the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. The result is that 1 out of 5 Americans – including patients suffering from cancer – are unable to purchase the drugs prescribed to them by their doctors. This is totally insane.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders


Yang’s healthcare model, Medicare, and the difference between Yang’s and Bernie’s healthcare plans.

Explained by Rain from the Sorority of Yang.

Thai Healthcare (General Observations)

I was given the ability to visit various hospitals throughout Thailand, along with speaking to some of the Public Health officials who basically made some of these regulations possible. for starters, Thailand has universal healthcare insurance for all of their citizens, free of charge, known as UCS (Universal Coverage Scheme). This was implemented in Thailand around 2001 and has been in effect ever since. this insurance plan covers all general care that you could possibly think of, the only procedures that they dont cover is cosmetic surgeries. this sounds perfect right? but just like every “perfect plan” there are some flaws. 

similarly to the US, UCS does not cover the immigrants who migrate from Myanmar and other neighboring countries, so this leaves a portion of the population without healthcare. UCS is not the only insurance option in Thailand, there are other incentives for individuals who receive insurance from their employers, more specifically if they are a government official, OR if they are financially stable enough they can opt to pay out of pocket for private insurance. in Thailand there are two kinds of hospitals that people can go to for care, either a Government Hospital (public) or Private Hospitals. 

Government hospitals as you can imagine are generally overly populated and downsized on the amount of doctors, nurses, and other health personnel that they should have. kind of similar to the US as you may have experienced, they have Health Centers aka Clinics but for an entire community. One of the social scientists that we spoke to stated that there is generally one doctor for a population of 16,000 people. crazy ratio right? 

one of the major issues with the lack of doctors in the government hospitals is the fact that the pay is very very low compared to that of private hospitals, and they are almost always overworked. when they gravitate towards private hospitals, they are paid 10x more and see less patients along with less severe cases. 

my opinion on this: I honestly believe that there should be a greater incentive for the physicians who work in the public hospitals in Thailand. not to downplay the work of the physicians who work in private hospitals, but the healthcare providers in public hospitals work so much harder for a substantially less salary and none of it adds up. they all have similar education backgrounds and should be treated the same. money is definitely one of the major issues because Thailand is a developing country, but I still have hope that there will be improvement within their healthcare system in the future. I do see myself going back to Thailand to help when I become a physician, or I could even just be volunteer as well. whatever help they need I will be open to providing it. 

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T: going to the ER is expensive

Me: well yeah but like….we came here just because i had a fever. They gave me an IV drip took x-rays, did blood tests and a nose thing that almost went up my brain and all we had to pay was like 100 bucks because the government insurance covers the majority of it. I dont think we could’ve done this in America.

T: true.

Sometimes i don’t think Koreans fully understand the comforts and for lack of a better word privileges they have. Obviously I’m not saying Korea is perfect and it doesn’t have fucked up shit, but what I’m saying is that in Korea most people can afford basic commodities that seem like luxuries in countries like Colombia, for example the latest smartphones or as basic as good healthcare. Yes poverty exists here too but it’s not as bleak and shocking as what you would see in Colombia or the Philippines.

(To be fair, housing in Colombia is much cheaper and…. fruits and vegetables….)

Pro-life people seriously need to get over their infatuation with other people’s uteruses.

Try focusing on other things like climate change, healthcare, the economy, you know…things that actually affect you.


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The kidneys perform these tasks with no outside help. Several conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, may affect their ability to function.

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Faith can be secular. I’ve recently learned personally how critical faith and trust are to us. Segue to politics from healthcare.

Some of you are aware that our son has had a liver transplant. What you may not know, because frankly I don’t remember what I’ve posted recently, is that the transplanted liver failed. He then received almost immediately a second liver, which was transplanted. The procedure went well initially, but then horribly wrong. He was in an uncontrolled bleeding situation, and almost died. But he didn’t. We learned that the cautious and meticulous actions taken by his healthcare providers has worked, and the bleeding was brought under control after three days.

Today (nine days after the nightmare began), he opened his eyes and communicated with us, through nods and shakes of his head. I was speechless, but I managed an inane, “Tom, I’m here! Hi!” I was in awe. He is now entering into a “normal” transplant recovery and monitoring process. It will be arduous, but not as terrifying or threatening as what he has gone through.

What does this have to do with faith and trust? When the first liver failed, it felt like we were on the precipice of a cliff, looking down into a deep, dark canyon with steep walls. We had no idea what would happen or what to do. We were terrified. We could have been angry, but we weren’t. We were scared, and felt helpless and immobilized. Then, that evening, a second liver was located. We were relieved and grateful, and again thought of the fellow human being who was giving life to our son, and her or his family.

About 24 hours later, when he was in uncontrolled bleeding during the procedure and the lead surgeon told us his prognosis was extremely poor, we were back on that cliff again, but this time the canyon was darker and steeper and had no bottom. The feelings of helplessness, fear and terror were more intense than they had been the day before, and were accompanied by a sense of loss.

In both of these situations, the only thing that kept me going and prevented me from going into uncontrolled despair was faith. I knew that there is a mostly-hidden, but effective organ transplant system out there, functional and mostly successful, and based upon a combination of the private healthcare sector and government partnership. I had faith that the people running that system, or working with or within it, were working hard on locating a second liver. They had to be. I trusted the doctor and the team who told us they were going to find a new liver. Faith in a system and trust in people pulled me through. Then when the death angels were knocking on the door, I watched seven to nine professionals in our son’s room in the ICU, feverishly doing their jobs, running and rushing here and there, poking and prodding, reacting quickly in a controlled chaos, adjusting numbers on digital devices, hearing beeps and whistles and bangs and whoosh noises. At that very intense moment, I had faith in the healthcare system and trust in those women and men working so hard to save our son. And they did, because about 4 or 5 hours after the nightmare starting, the blood loss was reversing.

Looking back now, I realized my faith in social and healthcare systems and their webs and weaved threads and rules and regulations and brilliant people was all I had left at those moments when our son needed a new liver and then later when he was dying. Faith and trust. Now I understand a lot more what faith in the religious context means, and how critically important faith and trust generally are to each of us so that we can live in a complicated and sometimes baffling world.

What does this have to do with “segue to politics?” The politicians in the republican party have for years, since reagan, strived to weaken and then destroy our systems that are our safety nets and sources of comfort and assurance, and have created, intentionally and maliciously, doubts in each of our heads about their need and efficacy, all at the altar of Ayn Rand or whomever else is emerging at the moment as the latest savior of that “old way of life” and rugged individualism. Then came trump and his people, who have accelerated that destruction, and deepened and broadened the destructive impact so that we have reached the point where we doubt if our vote physically counts, because the system is hacked or rigged, or if whom we vote for cares what we think, or if those politicians will redefine disability or poverty to harm millions more, or will change our regulations to tolerate the expulsion of more toxic air or crap into our water, thus making us ill, or whether the Department of Veteran Affairs will fail our veterans or if we will die because our healthcare insurance programs will only cover hangnails, and then only those that weren’t there last week, and so on. We don’t trust much anymore, and are losing faith or have lost faith that the systems embedded within our government to protect our health, environment, safety, savings, children, elderly parents, our kids’ education, and so on will help us, or even acknowledge our existence.

These people must go, and whomever follows has to work really hard to restore whatever can be restored so we can once again have faith in what surrounds us and trust in the people embedded in those systems to help us.

Faith and trust have become my mantra. I now get it, after years of struggling to understand.