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SLU Hospital first in region to offer 'flexible' robotic surgery

is often cited as a major barrier to access. Donations made to United Way of Greater Cleveland help people get to medical appointments, jobs, and even the grocery store. Learn how:

Collectively, employers provide coverage to the majority of Americans, so they are uniquely positioned to disrupt the US healthcare system. Find out about ’s Vitals for Change framework.

Alline Kabbatende and explain how is leading the way in terms of infrastructure in the latest issue of , click the link to find out more!

"The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes." - Tony Blair

Public Health Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Improve Overall Health of Arizona

Our mobile mammography unit made it possible for us to provide mammogram screenings to women within the community. We will continue to fight against Breast Cancer!

Despite the best efforts of public & private payers, as well as many organizations, value-based care is stalling. That is the conclusion of a recent survey. Read about this survey's results in our latest white paper:

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Hi I’m a 4th year pharmacy student and I’ve been given the opportunity to do a short 10-minute presentation on a psychiatric/neurologic condition for a group of other student pharmacists and I’ve decided to do mine on sensory processing disorder since it affects me and is never spoken about in school. 

If anyone on this site experiences problems with sensory processing and can think of ways that health care professionals (doctors, nurses, or pharmacists) could do better when treating and counseling you on other medical conditions, please let me know because I would love to help everyone have access to professionals who will help you without stigma! 

My current list includes being patient and understanding when patients say “what?” repeatedly because they have trouble processing auditory information, not wearing perfume to work (which is actually a rule at my hospital that some employees ignore!) for patients who have olfactory sensitivities (the basis of the rule is for allergies but whatever), not asking patients “Where is your accent from?” every time they hear a “cool” speech impediment, etc.

Because of the overlap in patient populations, I plan on also touching on treating patients on the autism spectrum and patients with ADD/ADHD so anything about that would be helpful too!

If you choose to share a story with me, I will not share it with my class. Your health and privacy is important to me.

Only in America does the question “does everybody deserve healthcare” become a political question

My prof asked the class if they believe that healthcare is a basic right and one girl raised her hand and literally said, “ I don’t believe that healthcare is a human right” and went on to say that it wasn’t fair for people who had to pay for their own healthcare to “let” others get healthcare for free and implied that they had to “go work for it” like everyone else
Catalyst defends $375,000 drug price after Bernie Sanders rebuke
Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc, targeted by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for its high drug prices, said on Thursday that prices of its treatment for a rare neurological disorder were “in line” with similar products in the industry.

Sanders had earlier this month written to the Florida-based drugmaker asking it to justify its $375,000-per-year price for Firdapse, a medication that for years has been available for free.