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Coverforce were delighted to be a platinum sponsor at the 2018 Anytime Fitness Annual Conference. What a great start to the event, no doubt the next couple of days will be filled with more insights and fun ways to celebrate all things health & fitness!

eating and people concept - Asian happy mother and daughter havi by PramotePolyamate

& what has Christianity in common with Communism? You guessed right David, BOTH INVENTED BY JEWS! See

Hiiii my first marathonโ€™s this weekend SOS haahhahaha im so nervous

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just got done working out, felt fine throughout did some arm stuff. I am working on the pull up machine to try and teach my body how to do a pull up bc I have never been able to do one!!

however, the sugar cravings have hit. it is whole30 day 2 and the ‘hangover’ is starting. they had garlic knots for lunch today and they looked so good but I resisted. I would kill for a ben and jerry’s peanut butter half baked rn :(( but I know it is for the best so we will suffer through, for now I am just hella grumpy but well be fine

Tai Chi Exercises for Beginners

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Whether your flexbility has actually minimized due to age or you require a low-impact routine while you deal with weight loss, tai chi provides a secure, reliable kind of workout that doesn’t tire your joints. The gentle collection of settings can raise strength and equilibrium, and also help as you locate tranquility of mind through relaxing, reflective movements.
Tai Chi Basics
Tai chi isn’t the kind of workout that will get your heart pumping as well as mind auto racing, rather, tai chi incorporates 3 key tenets: motion, breathing, as well as meditation, or state of mind. The activities in tai chi are moving as well as graceful, gone along with by appropriate breathing methods. Integrated with the reflective mindset during technique, tai chi is indicated to affect the ‘qi,’ or vital force of the body, which is intended to be essential to good health.
Beginner Stances
Known as the wu chi, wuji or high equine position, the start setting starts by putting your body in a relaxed stance with legs parallel, positioned somewhat larger compared to the shoulders as well as knees slightly bent. Keep your facility of gravity straight down the middle of your body, as well as hold your back directly. To move into the reduced equine position, place your legs somewhat large and sink your body reduced. For one more straightforward relocation, place your feet take on width apart and also then slowly 'pour’ your weight to your best side. Hold, and afterwards 'pour’ your weight back to the facility. Repeat on the left side.
Simple Upper-Body Moves
Relax your neck with the aptly called neck relaxer move. Sit in a chair with your feet level on the flooring and your back straight. Slowly drop your chin to your chest, then turn your head so your right ear rests on your right shoulder. Return your head to the facility, after that drop it pull back to your upper body and also move your left ear to your left shoulder. Focus on your breathing as you repeat this cycle numerous times. Loosen your arms with arm circles. Remain sittinged in the chair and also raise your arms out in front of you. Bend your arm joints a little as well as keep your wrists as well as fingers kicked back. Circle your lower arms outward 6 times, then circle your arms and shoulders exterior six times. Repeat the procedure, circling around internal this time.
Routine Modifications
Because of the gentle, low-impact nature of tai chi, there’s typically no contraindications for the workout. However, if a particular activity hurts an issue area, change it with the help of a skilled tai chi instructor, or eliminate it from the regimen. When exercising tai chi, follow appropriate safety measures such as utilizing a workout before, a cool-down after as well as stretching throughout.


10 Minute Abs Workout for Women - Abs Workout At Home


15 Minute FULL BODY Workout - No Weights Required

45 lbs down!

I just laughed to myself considering that my original goal was 50 lbs in 90 days, and here I am 7 months later, finally reaching 45 lbs.

BUT, the reality is that I work 50 hours a week, I like to socialize and have fun, I like to travel. What inspired me to set such an aggressive goal was one of those shows on TV where the people have a celebrity trainer and (apparently) no other responsibilities.

I’ve gone through a weight loss journey several times. What is different this time is that I haven’t really beat myself up if I didn’t achieve an aggressive goal. Instead, I just kept going. I didn’t give up if the scale didn’t move for 2 weeks, I just tried something different. And I didn’t let a couple of slips do me in, I just got right back on track.

I owe this last 7 lbs of weight loss to changing things up. I HAD gotten a little stuck. I WAS adhering to my diet, buuuut I stopped paying so much attention to calories. Potatoes because an almost daily staple. They are GF ya know! 🤣 Anyways, I hopped on the low-carb kick Monday and got rid of a few lbs I had gained plus more!

I’m now 33 lbs from my ultimate goal. I CAN DO THIS. YOU CAN DO THIS. HEY, LET’S JUST DO THIS SHIT ALREADY, RIGHT?

When I was 13, my mother put me on my very first diet. It was the cabbage soup diet. I was not overweight at 13. I felt so deprived, having to eat cabbage soup while my brothers got chicken nuggets and fries. I wasn’t allowed dessert because I was a girl and “didn’t need it.” My brothers would get cookies, or ice cream. Not me. When I misbehaved, I was sent to my room and given a piece of bread with butter for dinner. That’s when my relationship with food became a thing. I started sneaking the cookies my brothers were given, but denied to me. I started sneaking food when I was on one of these diets because I was so hungry. When I started highschool and had lunch money I made bad choices because I felt so deprived. I started gaining weight. By 17 I was overweight. My mother couldn’t understand where she went wrong. My mother told me she couldn’t love me until I was thin. When I asked why? She said because I didn’t love myself. Now I am an adult, I realize that was bullshit. I realize now that I was taught that love was conditional and that food was a reward and/or punishment. That was all I kne for a long time and it really fucked me up. I needed that love. For the next few years I worked to be thin, and fit, and to earn her love. I did all the diets. Of course, when I finally succeeded, I was “too thin” and “looked better with some fat because my face became too gaunt.” That destroyed me. I packed the weight on again. I have now accepted the limitations of my mother and that she is incapable of love. I have accepted the damage she did, and the damage that was done by her mother, and I own it now as an adult. It has been freeing, but I still struggle. Little things she had taught me pop into my head - legs should not touch when you walk, - you should weigh 130 lbs (I’m 5’10”) -you will not be loved unless you are thin. Im getting better at giving these thoughts less weight.

Now I don’t do diets; I just live and eat when I’m hungry, without shame. I (try) to focus on the facts. When I look at this picture I see a strong, spunky, kind & empowered person that works hard, trains harder and places first in triathlons… she is a bit of a brat, too. She is good enough.

Where the legacy of pain and conditional love ends, I begin.


A new perspective: 

Generally any sort of therapy is conducted after a harmful event has occurred. For example, first you get injured, then you go to a physical therapist. And usually it occurs in that order. Not until you get injured you go to a physical therapist.

Or you eat a lot, notice you are gaining weight, and realize you need to get a personal trainer to get you active and a nutritionist to straight out your diet. And unfortunately most of the population that is seeking a personal trainer is overweight. 

People have focused on fixing the problem once it arrises as oppose to making it a priority to live a healthy life. The drug industry has made billions based on this concept. People are reliant on taking certain drugs that keep there bodies functioning properly to keep them living longer. How about we all focus on living better? Quality over quantity. But in order to do that we have to prioritize what truly matters, and not turn to some quick fix B.S that will give you a temporary high.