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Had to share tonights dinner! Salmon with roasted sweet potato (which I kind of burned, but they still tasted really good! 😅) and a pineapple salsa on a bed of spinach leaves! It was so delicious! 😍👌🏼
The leftovers are already packed for lunch tomorrow!


19.6.2018. // 9:21pm

Today was surprisingly good. Got praised by the supervisor for some work I had to do. I felt dumb because honestly it was such an easy task that wasn’t worth mentioning. It would be hilarious if the supervisor changed her mind about me staying - doubt it’ll happen, but still funny.
Cousin bought me an icecream cone today, no particular reason behind it. Also the gym wasn’t crowded and the workout was alright. Managed to do 5 x 3 mod. pushups, which is a lot for me. 😅
It’s been a weird day and I hope tomorrow might be similar. We have Friday and Monday off because of holidays so I’ll try to catch up with you all on Friday since Tumblr isn’t showing all notifications. (:

Thats it… I’m “starting over” again. I’m mentally tired of doing good all week and then always ruining my progress just on two days. I feel like a broken record always saying,” I’m starting over”, or “this time its for reals”, I’m just tired of it all. There I go again haha. Ahhhhh anyways yesterday was Day 1 of running. I plan on going everyday, unless of coarse it rains or we have something else to do. For those of you who don’t know me or know anything about me. I’m 24, 5′1, sw:212, cw:177, gw:__,  wife, mom of 4. My days are mostly spent in the kitchen cooking for the kids/hubby and trying to make healthy foods for myself. If its not that, then I’m doing the basic housewife things as cleaning and yadida… you get the pictures. So anyways here goes to see where this time leads me. The plan is to post a blog everyday for accountability and to look back and remind myself even if its a bad day, the good will hopefully outweigh the bad. 


207.2 last Tuesday –> 206.2 Wednesday –> 205.6 Thursday –> 205 Friday –> 205.6 Saturday –> 204.6 Sunday –> 206.6 yesterday –> 206.6 today

I work from home, as you know, but my boss is in town this week and wanted to hang out together yesterday, so I actually left the house at 8am for the first time since January and went to our new company’s office to meet him and the handful of people who work out of it! 

It was weirdly fun being back in an office for a day and drinking all of their sparkling waters and getting a LOT of work done because I didn’t want anyone to see me on Facebook on my first day there.

They have that crazy lunch stipend my last office had, where you get $20 to order yourself lunch, but they all order from one website that offers a bunch of different curated options from various restaurants. There actually wasn’t a lot that was grain-free, so I went for a Shake Shack burger and ditched the bun. DELISH.

But so many calories! So I had the relatively lower-calorie chicken/pizza stuff again for dinner and then ate a whole pint of Halo Top to reward myself for a HARD DAY at the office.

But then I felt guilty about eating that many calories and had to get on my stepper before bed. 

I stayed the same weight today, but I still feel SO GOOD about how my body is looking. Like, I have somewhat of a neck, and my back is flattening out, and I think even my butt is looking better because I’ve been trying to do 100 squats a day. Makes it pretty easy to care less about my weight!


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It’s really hard to keep yourself completely together when your health is fighting you every step, but it’s the little things that keep will keep you running.

Battling a chronic illness shouldn’t have to mean you stop living your life, you just have to make adjustments to the way you go about things.

  • Check the upcoming weather and keep track of pressure changes, they’ll make you feel like trash and send you into a spiral
  • Only surround yourself with those that make a genuine effort to understand what you’re struggling with and how it impacts your life
  • Don’t push your limits, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad that you have to set limits, you do this to stay functioning
  • Remember that it is okay to say you can’t do something, to cancel plans, or to shut off your phone for an entire day and just rest
  • But most importantly, listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Don’t assume you can just push through it without consequences. This isn’t a bad mood, this is your life.

Chronic illness is a hard pill to swallow, no matter if it affects you outwardly or internally. Make sure you have a support system, it’s a lot easier to get through the horrible days if there’s someone holding your hand through it that understands ❤️


My NSV. I joined a gym online this morning and then I actually went and did a workout. I used to be fine in gyms but the last couple years I have been anxious about going to gyms.and have worked out at home instead.

A few years ago because of some mental health issues I became fearful of certain situations. I have been waiting for the fear to go away. Think that someday it will be better but I see now that someday doesnt actually exist. The antidote for fear is actionn

The home workout program I use is great and I love it! So my goal is to go 3 days a week until it becomes something I can do naturally without feeling anxious.