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Great workout on this first day of the week. Determined to conquer this week making it more successful and better than the previous. Start you day and your week determine not to look back but moving forward.

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I was going to post this super positive “non-scale victory” thing. Because I legitimately had a NSV… I typically wear size 18 jeans; but was able to fit into an old pair of size 17’s! They were a little snug but I had no problem getting them on and buttoned.

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But then something weird happened… a freak case of bloating or something…And by the time I got to work, I felt like a busted can of biscuits.

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So still a NSV. But damn, fam. WTF.

Time to be in charge of your self. Eat what your body needs not what your mouth wants.


Not just for weight loss but also, more importantly, for your overall health.


Too many of us have this backwards. Just because your mouth craves something doesnt mean you have to eat it. Why let your mouth dictate what you put into your body?




MOST of the time eat what you need, (fruits veggies, lean protein, clean carbs)🙂🍎🍌🥝🥔🍗🥩🍳🥗🍚🍉🍅🥜🥦🍇


And just SOME of the time eat what your mouth wants. (Devil inspired junk food)😈🍪🍩🥧🍔🍟🍕🥨🥐🥖


Good morning Tumblr!

I wanted to post this because sleep is so important to your overall health and fitness lifestyle. Before I ever started regularly working out and eating healthy, I never prioritized my sleep. Now that I make sure I get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a cold room after my night routine. I function so much better and am able to get my body to the gym as the sunrises. When you go to sleep after a hard workout, it’s your body’s time to recover, and make sure you are ready and able to go for the next day. 

To help you sleep better, try sleeping in a cold climate with a fan on if you have one and like the white noise it makes. I try to make sure I don’t eat a lot before bed, just because I don’t sleep as well when I am full. If you can, stick to a consistent schedule, and develop a routine that tells your body it is time to go to bed. For me, I put lavender essential oils in my oil diffuser, take a hot shower, and write in my planner what I am going to accomplish tomorrow. This helps me sleep soundly every night.


So I mentioned before that I’d update all yalls on how I’m managing my various pains throughout the day, I just needed a couple weeks to make sure

So, for my general pain the doctors have gotten me taking Amitriptyline, which is more for sleep but has the added bonus of helping with long term pain. I would say it is helpful to me but there’s no such thing as a miracle cure so I still get pains, but it does help me sleep. I do however get some weird side effects, for like a week I had no appetite and I didn’t even feel thirsty which was a bit of a concern for me, but that seems to have passed, so other than that I get normal side effects, dry mouth and some really odd dreams but nothing I can’t handle.

For the rest of my pain that appears randomly out of nowhere I’ve been using tiger balm and actually, it seems to be working pretty well for me. Maybe it’s a placebo and the action of touching the sore area is what makes it work but for real, I don’t even care. I’ve always been medication adverse and I find painkillers don’t work particularly well for me and I just end up burdened with some bitch of a side effect (aspirin crazies are fun) so I’m just glad it’s how it is.

I’ve also begun to take megnesium supplements along with my vit D so hopefully that might help too but I would need more time to make a judgment on that one!

To all my followers thank you for putting up with my random bouts of Tumblr energy and then having me disappear for weeks at a time, I really value you all


Session at DW not a bad gym💥💥🎥🎥🎥 click and have a watch :)