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RT Feeling under the weather? Here's what to eat -- and avoid -- when you have a cold. via WebMD:

RT Every pound on your frame puts 4 pounds of stress on your knees. It also strains your back, hips, and feet. via WebMD:

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Sedentary lifestyles are killing us. More and more labour saving devices are readily accessible. We have less bone density and less strength than generations before us. Movement and exercise is fundamental

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پائرولو کوئنالن کوئنون صحت کے لیے جادوئی اثرات رکھتا ہے # Vitamin

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Give this shoulder workout a try! ⭐️

How do you guys like this new format? What do you want more of?


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I didn’t have any dinner yesterday, because I was feeling real down. For Breakfast this morning I had a half of whole grain bread with a tablespoon of almound butter and a banana half. Totalled it around 300. I’m only packing an Apple for lunch, so that’ll make my afternoon calories 416. I don’t want to eat dinner today, but I’m going to have a lean one.

Quick Tips For Everyone With Breasts!

Note: When I say breasts, I mean those possessed by afabs!

So, we’ve all got breasts. Big, small, dark, light, etc. But I feel the health issues that come with fun bags aren’t discussed enough in the LGBT+ community. Here’s some important info!

Lumps and Bumps

I’ve found that it’s hard to tell weather or not something is a “lump”. The trick to examining your breast tissue is to use your palm, not your fingers, and use a circular motion. If a part of the tissue is hard, gritty, or tough to move, get it checked out! On a side note, your breasts go all the way up to your armpit and just below your collarbone, so always check there too.


Nipples come in all different shapes and sizes, so here’s some reassurance. Your nipples are probably normal. If they bother you that much, get your doctor to see if there’s cause for concern. If they leak and your aren’t pregnant/nursing, are tender, or have any other issues, don’t hesitate to have your doctor see! It’s always better to be same rather than sorry.


Here are some binding ground rules I set for myself to lead a healthy life:

  1. Only bind for 8 hours at most. Take a break if needed.
  2. Take it off if you’re having a hard time breathing or are experiencing any discomfort.
  3. Wash it once every two weeks!

By setting these rules, I can make sure I cause as little damage to my pecs as possible. Remember that if you damage your breast tissue, you might not be able to get top surgery.

To those of you who read, thank you very much! I feel like breasts aren’t talked as much as they need to be, because there are certain dangers we face as being afab. I hope you all enjoyed! :^)

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I tried a Sugar Detox for a Week

So I finally uploaded my first video!  Please check it out and bear with me, I have a lot of great plans for future videos and would really love the support.