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I really need to get out more often… Joking not joking. See, I’ve been so busy with life, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t taking care of me. Have you ever experienced that? Well, I’m excited to say that I’m going to be more “healthy“ and for me that means taking care of me:)

Stop telling people to “move on from the past” when what you’re talking about isn’t in the past. Just because the initial event is over doesn’t mean the effects have disappeared. Not every problem disappears the instant after it occurs; some things have objective long-term consequences and require real solutions.

We all have experience with trying to correct the wrongs of the past, whether it’s curing a disease you picked up or reconciling with an estranged relative; you don’t get to decide exactly how much time has to go by before a person should give up. As long as there is hope, “the past” is still very much present.

Oof- sbucks hath betrayed me

My tummy is hella rumbly. I fucked up my last two days by eating hella carbs, so switching back to none is really making me ill. The carbs weren’t even worth itttttt 🙃 I dunno but ever since I started keto, my tastes have changed, and the stuff I used to eat dosnt taste the same.

And then I got a cold brew from Sbucks, but I didnt realize it was going to have FOUR pumps of caramel in it 🤔 23 carbs?! I only drank ¾ of it, but that was still way too much. So now I feel hecka sick.

RIP my digestive track

Went to a yoga class at our gym tonight and holy hell it was exactly what I needed. I feel so relaxed and stretched out. I absolutely love that class and haven’t been able to go in a while due to my schedule.

Side note, I seem to be weighing consistently less now which is what I expected to happen this week. Eating habits have remained the same and exercise has increased. My new lowest weight is 174.8. I’m hoping I have a little more time over the summer for workouts even with my summer classes. Here’s hoping. 🤞

It really sucks because I’ve become nearly completely exercise intollerant. Whenever I stand or walk my joints hurt really bad and I feel faint and nauseous. I am about 8-9 hours into working and I’m really struggling.

On a better note my mental health I think is improving. Most days I feel okay (although okay at this point is not crying or hallucinating) and others something makes me feel overwhelmed and then I spiral for the rest of the day.