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How grief and work together

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Meet Melanie "Melweather" McConnery. Mel is a certified SydFIT group instructor and personal trainer, has taught our youth classes and is our Intake Specialist. Oh. And a SydFIT member too!

"My own prescription for is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass." -

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21st October, 2018.

I got my butt back to the gym yesterday after a week of headaches, migraines, and generally not being able to do much. After a full-body weights session, I felt amazing. After working out at home and being focused on running for so long, it was awesome to get back there!

And now, I’m looking forward to today. Plans are to:

- Start incorporating yoga into my routine
- Go for a short run (hoping my foot holds up!)
- Eat well and enjoy my Sunday!

Keen as a bean.


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Oftentimes the people next to you can help you more than people who are already on.

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Pro tip: if your doctor ever prescribes ciprofloxacin DO NOT TAKE IT. Tell them to switch it to something outside of FQ family of anibiotics. I only took 3 doses and I immediately started presenting with bad reactions. This antibiotic can srsly mess you up. It has two black boxes from the FDA. Just don’t take it.

Another update!

I can’t believe I’m coming up on week three of a double jaw surgery. My swelling is still there but it’s gone down almost completely. My G-tube feedings are slowly being increased to help with avoiding weight loss but my appetite isn’t great but I’m getting there.

I don’t have any pain I’m mostly numb like the whole left side of my face is numb and doesn’t move as much as my right side. It has been a crazy experience and it’s fascinating to me with how the body works and heals. My surgeon is shooting for November 17th to remove the splint and unwire my jaw so fingers crossed because not being able to brush the back of my teeth is driving me nuts.

I am slowly getting back into writing but I still get horrible headaches from my muscles being tight but hopefully therapy will change that next week.

Any ideas on what to eat? I’m on an all liquid diet and I’m starting to get bored with the food I’m eating. So far I have blended up waffles, a burrito, stuffing (my request because I have been craving it), oatmeal, chicken soup, and cereal but that was a failed attempt because it was too grainy. I hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!


فوائد تجميلية رائعة للزنجبيل 5 ًWonderful Benefits of Ginger

Day 6 - 30 day challenge

Last night I went to bed at about 11:30pm. This morning in my sleepyness I turned off my 6am alarm but woke with my 6:30am alarm. Which is good… Until I fell back asleep at 7am until 8:30am… So I would say I failed that challenge today (but its not too bad because I’m poorly, it’s saturday, and I tried).

For breakfast at 9:35am I had an acai bowl and a coconut flat white from pret.

I went clothes shopping and honestly I hate clothes shopping because changing rooms just make me feel the worst about myself. I feel fat and ugly when trying on new clothes in that little box. I’m not doing this challenge for weightloss (although I do want to drop the weight I gained over my university career, I’m not prioritising it anymore because I get into a bad mental space) but rather to create a healthy schedule to feel good body and mind. And boy is it working. I felt GREAT in the changing room. I felt so confident in my physical appearance because although I’m feeling poorly and sore from my new exercise schedule I feel great physically and mentally. Even without wearing makeup and the few pimples I have I just feel pretty and most importantly I feel worthy. And if nothing else that makes me fall in love with this health journey even more. ❤

At 1:15pm I had a soya pumpkin spice latte for our hike, we walked around the beautiful woods where I have many fond childhood memories ❤ The hike was 80 minutes in total and was my cardio workout and my steps for the day 💪🏻

At 2:50pm I had half of my falafel salad box from pret (I got full really quickly and didnt want to force myself into stuffing myself).

At 7:15pm I had a healthy vegan bolognese ready meal with a 350ml glass of orange juice as i was now feeling extremely poorly.

I saved the almond butter bites from lunch as I was so full and my tummy was feeling delicate and had one giving the other to my fiance at 8pm as a dessert with a cup of tea made with light soya milk and 2 sweeteners).

Today I got my steps and exercise, ate healthy and drank 3L of water despite feeling very poorly.

Im lucky that I had access to healthy and nutritious premade food today and that I had a gentle form of exercise before I got too poorly. Tomorrow is a well deserved rest day after a first week of hard work :)