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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” -Milton Berle WRTP/BIG STEP can help you build that door—literally and figuratively. Get a head start on your future with industry-led, worker-centered initiatives.

Our children deserve the best we can give them, and in order for that to happen, we need to fairly compensate those who dedicate themselves to caring for our kids and providing critical, quality early education.

"The power is in the crowd!" Thank you & Andrea Ball for energizing & empowering the Head Start community on grassroots advocacy!

Last month, the children at Pope gathered with family members for a family engagement event. The children and their families worked together to make sensory bottles.

Local, County, State, & Federal Legislators learned what it's like to attend Head Start/Pre-K when they attended a Legislative Luncheon & classroom tour on 4-1-19. Program overview, ride on a school bus, & a tour of a classroom were given to attendees.

Volunteer Brenda Tyler from Arkansas and teacher Kari Sutton are showing they ! They know starting early is the best way to give a child a strong start to life.

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Learning to interact with others, writing their name, developing language skills, and showing signs of independence. These are just some of the way commented that positively impacted their . is open! Apply today

Looking forward to this afternoon session facilitated by SRI's Cornelia Taylor () on improving the accuracy & feasibility of infant & toddler assessments in applied contexts like and !

CCEEPRC Agenda: Improving the Accuracy and Feasibility of Infant and Toddler Assessments in Applied Settings

Sheryl & I are heading to NADC today In Leading their staff through our curriculum! Connect w/us if your center is looking for an engaging parenting program.

We love leading trainings! Call us today if your center wants to improve their scores!

Across our programmes, we measure four social mixing outcomes that help young people to build trusting and meaningful relationships with those from other backgrounds.

Addressing children’s social & emotional needs is one of the hardest parts of any early learning teacher’s job. Yet it’s not typically included in teacher preparation programs nor a priority for many principals.

TFW your bookstore calls 🙌 your special orders are in 🙌 and you have NEW BOOKS to read while recuperating from surgery! 🙌

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Just got onto the headstart marine biology coarse for this summer!!!


awe I miss head start and the amazing ladies My kids had for teachers were all so very caring. I can not thank the teachers and staff at Head Start enough for everything they have done for my family. I truly love them. I’m going to miss them so much! Thank you Head Start in Spring Hill for being AMAZING! Thank you class 402! ❤️💚💛💙💜 #howbigbws #teamnathan #headstart

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I sent in Jaxon’s application for HeadStart and I’m nervous. I think we’ll get approved, but I’m nervous to send him to school.

I keep asking him if he wants to go and he says no, and I don’t want him to be scared. He is so shy at first to the point of almost shutting down, but I know he needs this. He needs socialization with other kids and there are so many things a teacher will be able to teach him that I can’t.

I’m just having a lot of anxiety about this. 😣


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This is where we get the phrase “Ggoing the extra mile.” from. Jesus says.
“If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”
Matthew 5:41
Very few go the extra mile. It is a valuable piece of real estate. It pays cash. I recommend investing in it. Also
Napoleon Hill says
“You don’t have to do more than you are paid for, but you can push yourself ahead mighty fast by doing it voluntarily.”


Had an awesome time shooting with #headstart along with my @dynamicrockers crewmate @tung.action check it out!

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#WarBabyInc Shooting BTS for #HeadStart hat company with Photog 📸: @chad_griffith Creative Director: @deezyvanburen , Muses: the talented @tung.action @bboyspyderman from the #dynamicrockers #Music #Marketing #Commercials #Videos #Film #Artistdevelopment #Culturepreservation #Brandbuilders

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SPOTLIGHT on MCDC in Orange after actor turned author and EO native John Amos visited on Dec. 14th to read his new children’s book “A World Without Color” to the students. pt. 2 #johnamos #goodtimes #actor #author #childrensbooks #aworldwithoutcolor #mcdc #montclairchilddevelopmentcenter #headstart #prek #earlychildhoodeducation #enroll #openenrollment #3to5yearolds #orange #orangenj #eo #eonj #eastorange #eastorangenj (at Montclair Child Development Ctr)

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Startup Exits : An Investor’s Perspective

Startups Exit is one of the paramount issue in the VC community in India and also at the same time often overlooked or misunderstood by many. Fact of the matter is that scale / exit strategy determines the type of investor.

My presentation given at HeadStart Foundation at Delhi

Exit for Startups : An investor perspective from Shailesh Vickram Singh

Survey Add-ons for DV HS Key

I wasn’t early enough on the Kickstarter to get the Headstart Key or Support Bundle, and have been looking to obtain one. If you can’t buy any add-ons and want to trade for a headstart key, I am willing to trade with you! Surveys will be sent out October 13-15.


- Headstart Key

- Celestial Pup

- Clerical Dragoncat

(You can hatch them, then trade them so you have the pet entry)

Message me if you are interested!


Our red bellied cooters have arrived! These little turtles grow up behind the scenes at the Aquarium all winter, getting big and strong so they can be released again in the spring with a greater chance of survival. #headstart #redbelliedcooter #newenglandaquarium (at New England Aquarium)

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#headstart #firstdayofschool #kasim😍 so excited 😍🏃💼

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