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Well sometimes you gotta secretly record a practice and post it without telling Nick. You sound great buddy! But what is playing through Matt's headphones??

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Jordan Torres

Plus side of being partially deaf my mom doesn’t think it’s strange when I say I need headphones to watch anime cause I tell her it’s easier when i actually just don’t want her to be able to hear if those scenes come on

yesterday i had subs in two different classes. and because my teachers don’t leave them enough information about me, bad things happened. both tried to force me to speak, make eye contact, and take off my headphones. the first came up to me and started POKING ME IN THE ARM TO GET MY ATTENTION. WE ARE STRANGERS, TOUCHING IS IN NO WAY APPROPRIATE (sorry for the caps, still very upset and disturbed by it). the second wrote down a note for my teacher to tell her that i was misbehaving or something. the teacher apologized and said that next time the sub will be told to just leave me alone in class, so at least i have that victory. i had to go home early because of this, and ended up having a huge, ugly crying panic attack where i told my mom i never wanted to go back to school because of how terrible the day was.

“ Weigh the pros but the cons come first
I’ve got a black belt in doubt
I get claustrophobic
All these open doors around
Still the pros are the hardest to ignore
I’ve never felt this light before
I took off my sunglasses
And waited for the words “

Diesen Worten lauschen katapultiert mich direkt auf das Feld in der isländischen Einöde, auf dem ich manchmal, wenn ich den Vogellauten überdrüssig war, mit Kopfhörern von einem Heuballen zum anderen tanzte und laut sang. Da draußen irgendwo im nirgendwo. Dieser Song ist Freiheit für mich. Für einen Moment, ein paar Minuten. Auf repeat.