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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Newsboy hat knit in lacy waves of a light blue bordering on gray. Stylish for anything, Bad hair day, partying, hiking, etc.

🏉 Our bespoke MASS Impact Technology provides the very best on the market 🏈 Engineered by 1. The Top - A soft thermoplastic that dampens impact 2. The Pod - Designed to collapse and deform at a specific rate Maximum Protection

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anatomy task and done works

Good morning

Y’all. My head hurts.

Did you know that for some reason when I was cleaning with comet last night, it smelled like feet. So yeah. The whole place smells like feet now. And vinegar. That’s the other thing I used.

I have a bruise on my chin. Hit it on a chair.

I’ve been putting off taking a shower but that shouldn’t surprise anyone because I’m gross and we all know that. Maybe I’ll take one now.

Is your heart under a lung? Or is it just out?

Yeah behind my ear really hurts whenever I do anything.

Yeah. Not cool.

Ok that’s all.


- Ok, how am I doing so far?
- I can’t tell you that, you know. After the exam.
- Oh come on, at least tell me if i made a big mistake!
- All I can say is that you should check your protection gear is complete again.
- The hat! I forgot the hat! Oh I’m stupid! I hope I’ll still get my certification…


- Ok, je me débrouille comment jusqu'à présent ?
- Je peux pas te le dire, tu le sais. Après l'exam.
- Oh allez, dis-moi au moins qi j'ai fait une méga-bourde !
- Tout ce que je peux te dire, C'est que tu devrais revérifier tes équipements de protection.
- Le chapeau ! J'ai oublié le chapeau ! J'suis bête des fois. J'espère que j'aurais quand même ma certif…

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6