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The new 19 Days chapter 263 is so amazing. 😍❤️ as as 📷 Edit by me

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I love this fanart and just for fun we tried to recreate it. XD Maybe I will redo it. Just made a fast edit. as @Majo_Freed as

I couldn't resist after all the Flashes today and had to edit one of our photos from last weekend 😍❤️ @Majo_Freed as as 📷black_neko Edit by me

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have anybody watch this movie before? :D <Together> Dai Yang Tian act as Lin Xiao Bei is so cute #

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Discovered TianShan


@adawong6 DONE and Thank you!

«C'mon little Mo, another one?»

He Tian bumped his forehead against GuanShan’s temple «Look, a little one, just a peck, yes?»

GuanShan pushed him away, looking at the textbook over his desk, that math’s problem was making no sense into his head no matter how many times he had read it.

He Tian, who technically was there to help him, was glued against him. His arm against GuanShan’s, same for his leg, and head too.

He Tian had agreed to help him with his homework in exchange for a kiss that GuanShan had painstakingly given him. It was so hard for him even though they were dating for quite some time now.

«Knew you just wanted to fuck around» said GuanShan, biting his pen.

He Tian smirked, turning on his side and circling GuanShan’s shoulders and neck with his arms «I’d love to~»

«Piss off!» hissed GuanShan «You said you would help me, I did what you wanted! You’re a fucking liar!»

He Tian raised his shoulders «Technically, I didn’t said the exact number of kisses you know?»

GuanShan slammed his hand over the desk «ANNOYING! SO FUCKING ANNOYING!»

he turned towards He Tian, looking intensely into his eyes. He was deadly serious, one step away from rage.

«One!» he said, showing his index «And you’re going to help me then, or I’m going to beat the shit out of you!»

He Tian, trying to contain his satisfaction  by keeping a cool expression and happily fidgeting his legs, nodded.

GuanShan looked at him and sighed. He turned around and closed his eyes.

«Mn» he mumbled.

“So cute” thought He Tian.

He raised his hand, caressing GuanShan throat, slowly raising his fingers over his skin through GuanShan’s cheek.

GuanShan’s eyebrows trembled, his cheeks flushed.

Their lips were just a breath-

GuanShan bedroom’s door opened.

«I’m back GuanShan!»

GuanShan thought that his eyes must have been as wide open as He Tian’s when he opened them.

In one millisecond he tried to analyze the situation…yeah, there was no way to escape it: He Tian’s hand was still over his cheek, they were practically hugging, not to mention the lips that were so close to his.

He felt both so cold and hot at the same time.

«Oh my!» he heard her, he wanted to turn around, but he was paralyzed «Sorry! I- didn’t mean to!»

The door closed.

GuanShan jolted and jumped up.

«MA!» he yelled, running towards the living room «MA!»

She was looking at the fridge, both her hands on her cheeks.


She turned around, her lips were giggling so happily, and her cheeks faintly blushing.

GuanShan gritted his teeths, burning from toe to head «It’s! It’s!» he didn’t know what to say.


She giggled again, hopping towards him and giving him a little pat on the shoulder.

Somehow GuanShan felt his face burning even more. She had figured out, no matter what he was going to said.

He lowered his head, imagining steam coming out of his ears.

«Fu fu fu fu~» smiled now his mother, now patting his head, now saying hi to He Tian, now leaving the house to buy something for dinner

GuanShan’s head had been lowered the entire time.

He was so embarrassed that it had to happen that way.

He walked back to his room. He Tian was still sit where be had left him. GuanShan didn’t look at him.

He sat down, sighing.

He Tian learned that day that a textbook could hurt really, really, really bad.

«So…» said He Tian, after some time «You're…» he cleared his throat «You’re still up for that kiss?»

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QuiCheng on a bike ride - could be a nice prompt? Haha 😊

And hello to you tooo lovely anon! This might be a long shot as you may not see this but do you mean:

a) a sexy Qiucheng motorbike scene where qiu is like you’re gonna have to get on this bike and Cheng is basically like shit he’s sexy 🏍😏


b)do you mean a bycicle ride round the countryside? In which case I’d probably go the tired but happy couple coaxed (forced) on a bike ride by little he tian 🚲🌿
Hot as Hell - Chapter 1 - starlightstarshine - 19天 - Old先 | 19 Days - Old Xian [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 13/?
Fandom: 19天 - Old先 | 19 Days - Old Xian
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: He Tian/Mo Guan Shan, Jian Yi/Zhan Zheng Xi
Characters: He Tian, Mo Guan Shan - Character, Zhan Zheng Xi, Jian Yi
Additional Tags: Demons, minor jian yi/zhan zheng xi, could be major later idk, Supernatural Elements, guan shan swears a lot, they all swear a lot, Alternate Universe, demon he tian

Mo Guan Shan accidentally summons a demon and now that demon won’t go away.

just posted the 13th chapter!!!!

fic on wattpad under the same name

Overnight (kind of) TianShan

@wings-chan DONE and Thank you!

A thunder.

Then another, and another. Flashing lighting brightened the sky as daylight.

Both He Tian and GuanShan were standing still as wind strongly hit the window outside GuanShan’s apartment.

Another thunder.

As usual He Tian had showed up at GuanShan house, taking his sweet time there as it was his own place, and as usual GuanShan was about to finally kicking him out, unfortunately that was happening: a fucking storm.

«What the shit…» whispered GuanShan as a incredibly strong thunder made the ground tremble.

He Tian looked at him, and then at the tiny umbrella that GuanShan had lend to him.

He smirked, giving the umbrella back to GuanShan

«I don’t think it’s going to do something anyway. Rather, it’ll most likely break with this kind of wind»

GuanShan was about to say something when his phone rang inside his pocket.

He unlocked it: it was his mother. He looked at the phone and then right at He Tian who smiled softly at him.

«Go ahead» he said «See you tomorrow»

Struggling to what to do first, GuanShan quickly answered the call as He Tian started to walk downstairs. He clicked his tongue. What did he care, it was just water. He closed the door behind him.

«Ma?» he said

«Gua- bzz..Sha-?»

GuanShan frawned, the line was horribly disturbed «Ma? What’s up? I can’t hear you well»


«TV?» GuanShan went to the living room and turned the TV on: on every channel news of an upcoming storm were alerting citizen.

GuanShan changed into a news channel, a lady with a serious expression was reading a paper while images of the city hit by the rain passed behind her:

«Worsening are expected over the next few hours. The weather alert has been extended to the whole region. The danger of flooding in the city is still very high and intermittent blackouts are expected. It is recommended NOT TO GO OUT. The danger is very high. I repeat: it is recommended that citizens do not leave their homes».

Immediately GuanShan thought of He Tian. He took the phone while quickly putting his shoes on «Ma! Are you alright Ma?»

«BzzZ…yes! Gua-….bzz I can’t… home..bzz- stay ins-bzz»

«I get it Ma! Don’t worry!»

But the line died definitely and GuanShan was running as fast as he could.

As soon as he got outside, the wind and the rain hit him so hard that it almost hurt him. He looked around and he was so relieved, so much that he would never admit it, to actually be able to see He Tian not too far away.

He called his name as strong as he could. But the storm covered his voice, muting him.

He tried again, but nothing. He walked as fast as he could, but He Tian was getting further and further away.

GuanShan looked at He Tian’s back, gritting his teeths.

“Turn around, damnit!” he thought and, in that moment, he saw He Tian stopping completely and just like that, turning around.

Both of them widened their eyes, and both of them stared into each other. GuanShan felt weird for a moment, but it disappeared as soon as a thunder stroke the sky.

«Wha-?» said He Tian

«WHAT ARE YOU DOING??» yelled GuanShan with all the force he could muster, grabbing then his arm, pulling him back to his house «YOU’RE FUCKING BLIND OR WHAT UH? YOU WANT TO DIE UH?»

GuanShan kept pulling He Tian without turning around, an arm in front of his eyes to protect him from the strong wind.

When they got inside, the TV was still babbling about the storm. He Tian looked at it and then at GuanShan

«Don’t tell me you were worrie-»

«No» said GuanShan, turning the TV off.

He took his phone, his mother has sent him a message:

“GuanShan, I’ll stay at work until the storm pass. Everything’s alright. Do you need anything?”.

GuanShan heard He Tian sneezing «Don’t fucking wet the floor» he said while writing and answer to his mother «Go get a towel in the bathroom»

“I’m ok. Call me when you can”

He hit send, and suddenly a towel was thrown over his head.

«Hey!» he said.

He Tian was sitting on his couch. His white shirt was drenched, glued to his chest it was like a transparent veil covering nothing; he was rubbing a towel over his black hair. He looked at GuanShan’s eyes, and the redhead noted all the little drops that were slowly running down the soft line of his lips.

He jolted, grimacing.

«You can stay, for now. But disappear as soon as this is over, you hear me? I’m going to my room. Don’t fucking annoy me» he said, disappearing into his room.

He got inside and closed the door behind him.

He sighed while searching into his closet for dry clothes, he stopped while thinking back at when He Tian turned around out there in the storm.

GuanShan looked at the shirt into his hand, pinching the hen of the neck.

«What am I doing?» he whispered.

Suddenly all lights went out.

He looked up and outside the window. Everything was dark.

“A blackout” he thought.

«GuanShan?» the redhead jolted. He looked at the door «Are you there?»

GuanShan got up. He was about to open the door, but something stopped him. He looked straight at the door.

«What do you want?»


«The lights are out, I can’t see»

«It’s just a blackout»

Again, silence.

«Can I come in?»

GuanShan rested his forehead on the door, closing his eyes.

“Say no” he said to himself “Just fucking say no!”

He gritted his teeths so hard, as his hand closed into tights grips.

And then…

«Please?» whispered He Tian.

GuanShan opened his eyes, looking at the door, imagining He Tian on the other side, looking back at him.

He looked down at the handle and, sighing while shaking his head, he opened the door.

Soulmates TianShan

@dadeeacotzo DONE and Thank you!

«How does it feel?» asked He Tian, slowly. Whispering. His voice thick as honey.

GuanShan bit his lips «Weird».

They’ve done it in the end.

They’ve bonded.

He Tian teeth had felt so right deepening into his flesh, marking so unnecessarily deeply. GuanShan knew that He Tian had made it on purpose. He wanted to show off and most probably it was also his little revenge on GuanShan for making him wait so much before they could finally bond.

GuanShan had to close his eyes; it felt like they were burning from the inside. His breath was short and fast. His forehead dripping with tiny sweat drops.

Even his neck, there where He Tian had bit him. It was throbbing, hard. Pulsing like his own heart.

He swallowed, taking a deep breath.

Everything around him felt different and unknown. Like his senses has swapped from someone different than himself. The smells, the colors, the feeling of He Tian’s shirt under his fingers.

He opened his eyes: He Tian was looking at him with so much possessive eyes.

«I waited for so lon-» said He Tian.

«I know» interrupted him GuanShan, closing his eyes and resting his head on the wall behind him.

He lost himself in the feeling that was flowing inside of him. He opened his eyes, looking deeply into He Tian’s eyes «I can feel it».

He Tian grinned, showing off his teeth «I like that»

GuanShan frowned «Don’t get used to it»

He Tian smirked «Little Mo~» he said, kissing his jaw «You’ll want to. I’m going to make you feel everything»

GuanShan shivered.

He Tian smiled, nibbling at GuanShan’s ear

«MY little Mo» he said.

Again, GuanShan shivered from the depths of his being. He took He Tian’s shirt, crushing their lips into an hungry kiss. Warm tongues intertwining onto each other.

They stopped, still one breath away from each other.

«Don’t forget» whispered GuanShan in a soft and oh so sweet tone, that made He Tian growl from the depths of his throat «That you’re mine too»

Domestic TianShan

@thetrashdreamer DONE and Thank you!

«See?» said GuanShan, showing an article on his phone «Told you there are penguins in Africa»

He Tian, who was lazily resting his head on GuanShan’s lap, shrugged.

«You’re still thinking about that?»

«You said I was making that up!»

He Tian laughed pinching GuanShan’s nose «Alright, alright»

GuanShan went back to look to his phone.

He Tian snuggled closer to GuanShan’s belly.

«There’s a pile blanket in the closet»

Huffing He Tian got up and disappeared into the other room.

«Where is it?» said He Tian from the other room.

«On the left side»

A moment of silence «No blanket here»

GuanShan thought for a moment «It has to, look better»

Another minute went by «Can’t find it» said He Tian.

Giving up GuanShan got up, mumbling «Can’t believe it. If I fucking find it…»

But, as soon as he got inside they’re bedroom, something literally caught him and he was surrounded by darkness and something soft and fluffy.

«The fuck!!» he screamed, and right after that he was thrown into the bed

«HE TIAN!» he screamed from under the blanket «LET ME OUT! I CAN’T BREATH!»

Suddenly that blanket was out of his face, his body thought was still trapped inside the warm cover. So warm that GuanShan felt his face reddening and cheeks burning. He Tian was besides him, looking at him with a soft smile.

«What are you doing?» asked GuanShan.

«This» said He Tian, hugging him tightly «Warm…» he said, smiling.

GuanShan wriggled furiously «How many times do I have to tell you to fucking stop doing this?!»

He Tian softened his eyes, resting his chin on the blanket and looking at GuanShan’s eyes from below him «You don’t want to?»

He Tian had long learned that if he wanted something from GuanShan, asking nicely was actually going to work pretty well…but that time, something different happened.

GuanShan face went still and indifferent. He Tian frowned.

GuanShan would usually complied after He Tian’s plea expression, instead he looked pretty serious.

«Let me out» whispered softly GuanShan.

He Tian slowly let go of him, and GuanShan untangled himself.

He Tian looked away and scratches the back of his neck. An horrible feeling churned into his stomach, something he felt a long time ago, from before they were married.

He was ready to get up, when something poked at his arm.

«He Tian» called him GuanShan.

He Tian turned around: GuanShan was laying on his side, the soft blanket was over him, except for one side that GuanShan was keeping up with his hand. He was pouting, his cheeks slightly red.

He looked at He Tian, and then at the spot besides him, nodding at it «Mn» he mumbled.

He Tian felt his heart floating light as a feather while practically diving into that special spot made just for him.

GuanShan lowered the blanket, covering both of them.

«Five minutes» said GuanShan «I have to make dinner»

He Tian smiled, snuggling into GuanShan’s chest «Deal» he said.

Let’s get to work!

I’ve decided to write tons of TianShan OneShots till the 17th comes. (considering work of course!) That said, I need your help! Throw ideas, suggestions, headcanons, whatever I can use to write something good! Of course they will be extremely short stories, so that I can write as much oneshots as possible! They can have whatever theme you want, even be with different pairing that TianShan! A gift to all of you who follow me and my blog itself!