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Loved the new chapter and had to edit some old photos 😍❤️ as as 📷black_neko Edit by me

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So we kinda changed our roles for this photo, since it was easier for me to stand on my tiptoes. Second kiss?! 😳 as 😂?! as 😂?! 📷Mondfinsternis Edit by me

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I love this fanart and just for fun we tried to recreate it. XD Maybe I will redo it. Just made a fast edit. as @Majo_Freed as

I couldn't resist after all the Flashes today and had to edit one of our photos from last weekend 😍❤️ @Majo_Freed as as 📷black_neko Edit by me

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how desperately trusty for Mo’s affection our homeboy he tian is !

Like he literally hit Mo in the head with a math problem asking what’s 500+20 ( instead of saying it the Normal way of 520 which in Chinese sound like I love #themoreyouknow) just so Little Mo will be the one to say it !

But hey ! Me too I want to see him say some lovey dovey stuff once in a while!

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Ok so Guan Shan figures out He Tian is saying ‘I Love You’ and I’m sure he became a blushing mess as usual (awwww). He Tian being direct and bold af about his feelings is a surprise to no one lmao. They’re so precious :’D

That cute drawn heart next to “Little Mo” is also killing me 😭

anastasia4497  asked:

I've been rereading 19 days today and I've been thinking about something, wanted to ask your opinion. Do you think the interest he tian showed in jian yi in the beginning is the same one he has for mo now?


That’s a truly intriguing question, anastasia-san 🤔. It also crossed my mind at some point. I suppose it’s a somewhat unpopular opinion that I’m going to give, but I do believe that, to some extent, He Tian’s attention towards Jian Yi was of a similar nature – yet not exactly the same.

In the beginning, I believe he felt some sort of pull towards Jian Yi. Perhaps not quite of a distinct romantic sort, but he definitely singled Jian Yi out of the school crowd. If you think about it, Jian Yi’s vibe is somewhat similar to that of Momo: both Jian Yi and MGS are very lively compared to He Tian; Jian Yi’s effervescent whereas Momo (used to be) is extremely short-tempered – and both of them are remarkably expressive with their emotions, which is a stark contrast to how He Tian is (or used to be). He Tian clearly liked grating on Jian Yi’s nerves the same way he liked messing with Momo, so it’s not all that unlikely that he truly thought Jian Yi fascinating – precisely because he was getting a strong reaction. And well, let’s admit it, He Tian’s actions in the very beginning of the manhua had some trollish undertones to them.

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From what I heard, the Chinese read the date in the order of “YYYY/MM/DD”. 520 means May 20th.

“520″ is spelled as “wu-er-ling”, which has the similar spelling as “wo ai ni” (我爱你), or “I love you”.

So, yeah, basically, He Tian is trying to make Mo reply him with “520″ (I love you). If not, Mo would accept being called an idiot if he doesn’t reply the question XD

This is really in character for the mischievous He Tian, you know. I like it when he acts like that, a youth who has this little crush on another boy.

Btw, the shirts they wear are their “theme color”: He Tian - black and Guan Shan - yellow.