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Excited for coming video where i styled clothes from Sarojini nagar market . . .

We’re proud of our winching skills, and we’ll put them to work for you any time, day or night. Just call us when you need a heavy load moved with precision: 318-455-2737. ...

Join us for conversation and mimosas as we discuss Michelle Obama's memoir, Becoming! We are excited to show appreciation to our members and we know you're going to love this! . . .

This beautiful from @yarn_cafe_creations arrived a few days earlier. It’s definitely more a DK-Base. Will be some cozy 🧦 in the future. Or what would you with it?

Going LIVE at 10pm EST tonight!!! Meet me in the live chat❤️

NEW VIDEO!! HUGE MEDIEVAL HAUL! Clothing, Weapons, Bags, Cups, Plates, and anything else you could possibly need for a medieval experience! featuring brands like , , , &

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Oh helllss syeahh booyeeeee Got the black and white cover I wanted 😁😁 Feels good to own some 's stuff

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Thrift Store and Antique Shopping Haul
Today I went out and shopped at my local Value Village, a Used Bookstore and an Antique store. Here's what I bought! Check out my book blog on Tumblr: https:...

I did a thing! Last spring I started a YouTube channel as part of a class assignment for my editing and publishing class. I made 6 videos during the quarter, and haven’t done anything since until now! Check out the first video that I’ve posted in almost 9 months.


B O O K S !

Need some ideas for new books to read?

Here’s a video I made talking about all the books I bought recently!

Another older haul.

Sorry of these pics are rotated idk how to fix that.

Mýëř: bath bombs ×3 $24

Śpøřțš ğïřľ: green ring $25

Čöļľêť: velvet heart ear rings $10

Ļővïšã: dream capture ear rings $10

Total: $49

Thanks so much for everyones support in comforting me with the police incident! I went back into the mall and no one gave me a second thought so the officer probably wasn’t after me but hey if you are holding a jacket with potentially stolen goods and a police officer walks in who won’t freek out!

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Hi! Question here. Why do lifters censor store names? For example Kohl's to Køhls etc. I've only been here for ~a week and it really confuses me

If you search up “Kohl’s” -for example- tumblr brings up posts with the search term in it, even if they didn’t put the search term in the tags tumblr still brings it up. They’re trying to avoid getting caught (and failing)

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CHICsters Stay Tuned to @boutiquesaleschic Where we have New Arrivals coming soon! 💞✨💞

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Comfy Goth: A Ragstock Haul
I haven't done a style video in a long time, and you guys used to love them, so I'm gonna try to do more! I hope you like my casual, comfy picks! My Social M...

Sharing some of my comfy clothes!