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Thank you I would have missed out on this hat series if u didn’t

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Putting on my Actor Hat for an audition this afternoon. One does what one can to earn one's various sources of income. This weekend I wear my Pianist Hat. Come Monday the Writer Hat returns.

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Day #6

Have you ever designed your own patterns?

I have. For a long time I didn’t understand how to read a pattern, so I improvised everything I made. Even before I was reading patterns, I was trying to write them. I do have a few published patterns on my Ravelry (most are free) And I would love to write more, but it is a long and complicated process. It also requires a lot of time and brain


Pop goes the trash hat!~*

My mouth dropped open when this happened. Originally, I didn’t get a screenshot. I went excitedly to put the hat on… and accidentally trashed it. I trashed the trash can hat. (-‸ლ)

So I redid the whole day after looking it up to see that it only has a 0.00002 chance of happening? And hoped it was static & not completely random. Luckily, it was static! \( ゚ヮ゚)/


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