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"I'm a dreamer." Happy Birthday, BRAND: Jolie Su ITEM: Maryla Hat Check it at

All children in Class 5 enjoying our 'Shelton Designs' project as they design and make hats. Some fantastic hats made!

Class 5 working hard to design and make hats - all part of 'Shelton Designs' project!

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Model in a fitted suit by Jean Patou.

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Anyone else super bad at spending money on themselves? I just had to have two of my friends talk me into buying a really cute and affordable hat when I have more than enough extra money for it. I wouldn’t have bought it if they weren’t with me, but god I love the hat.

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any ideas on a good type of hat to use as the base for a diego cosplay?

Diego is wearing a pimped out Polo helmet, as it happens.  

They generally look like this:

They are also VERY expensive, so unless you luck out hard on thrifting one, I say you can pretty much get away with covering a bike helmet like this one:

If you really want to use a snap-back style cap, that would work too, it just won’t have the same effect.