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I miss Alan Rickman…

Sketch of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series.

We're still wondering why wasn't filmed here... add a few wands, He Who Must Not Be Named, a few talking portraits, and you've got yourself a set!

Celebrating Harry Potter ND strengths. Over 520 schools are now taking part. It takes all kinds of different minds.

Finally made it to the Harry Potter room at Amazon HQ. I’m calling it the room of requirements and I plan to write all my docs in this room from now on.

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Provavelmente todo fã de deve ter feito teorias diferentes para o final da história, ou algo que poderia ter sido alterado. A teoria da profecia é uma das mais populares e muitos acreditam ser verdade! Gostou? Marca aquele @ que você sabe que é fã da franquia! 😌⚡

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Ну и последним будет грустный гельбус))00

Wildest Dreams (Chapter 7: Ours)

“So don’t you worry your pretty little mind,  
 People throw rocks at things that shine,  
 And life makes love look hard,  
 The stakes are high,  
 The water’s rough,  
 But this love is ours”

  -Taylor Swift “Ours”  

After the exciting turn of events at Hogwarts, Draco was exhausted and decided to settle into bed. His thoughts were of Severus and Harry. He never thought he would ever see his godfather again. He felt awful because of how he treated Dumbledore before he died. It was incredibly thoughtful of Dumbledore to find a way to bring Severus back. He was beyond grateful. His thoughts started to drift as sleep took over.

Suddenly, he was being nudged and someone was calling his name. He did not understand what was happening. As he slowly woke up, he realised his mother and Severus were hovering over him with a look of worry upon their faces.

He tried to gather his thoughts. “Why did you wake me up? What is happening?” He said groggily.

Severus spoke. “Draco, you were having nightmares. Your screams broke through your wards. Do you remember what you were dreaming about?”

Draco shook his head. “Vaguely but nothing clearly. I think it was during the war and when Voldemort was living here at the manor.”

Narcissa hugged her son. “Draco darling I think it is best if you stay elsewhere. Perhaps with Harry? After going to to Hogwarts and Severus returning, it seems to me that it brought back bad memories and I think it would do you some good to get away for a bit.” She smiled softly at her son.

Draco protested. “Mother I do not want to leave you here alone. That would not feel right.” He frowned.

Narcissa stroked Draco’s hair. “Darling, I am not alone. Severus is here and you can always visit. I just think you need a break. You need to heal from what you have experienced and I think being away would do you a world of good.” She kissed the top of his head.

Severus nodded in agreement. “Draco your mother is right. I will send for Mister Potter.” He produced his doe patronus. “Retrieve Potter from Grimmauld Place immediately. Tell him to apparate here.” His doe scampered out of the manor.

Minutes later, Harry suddenly appeared in his pajamas. “What has happened and how did apparate directly into the manor? Is Draco okay?” He looked worried but also very curious.

Severus smirked and stepped forward. “Ahh Mister Potter I see you have arrived. Thank you for coming. We had to wake Draco up due to the nightmares he was experiencing. And Narcissa altered the wards to enable you to come directly into the manor rather than outside the gates. We have a solution to Draco’s issue if you are willing to help.”

Narcissa came forward. “Hello Harry. It is lovely to see you again. I wish it were under different circumstances. Draco is resting at the moment. Before sending for him, I was hoping to talk with you first. I was wondering if we would be possible if Draco could stay with you for awhile. I think he desperately needs a break from the manor. I would understand if that would be too much but you are the only person aside from Severus I trust with the care of my son. I know how much he means to you and I feel you would take great care of him.” She smiled warmly at him.

Harry smiled back at her. “Of course, I am happy to help in whatever way you need as long as Draco agrees and feels comfortable with staying with me. I want what’s best for him just as you and Snape do.”

Narcissa nodded and smiled. “Thank you Harry. We appreciate your help. I will go fetch Draco. I will return shortly.” She walked up the stairs leaving Harry and Severus alone.

Harry smiled a bit awkwardly at Severus. “Umm, Professor, I was surprised to see your doe. Though I’m pleased you came to me. I really care about Draco. He means the world to me even if it’s so early to say that.” He blushed a bit.

Severus actually gave Harry a genuine smile. “Potter, there is no need to call me Professor any longer. Please call me Snape or Severus. Whatever you are more comfortable with. Honestly it was not my idea to bring you here but I am thankful you are. Narcissa insisted that I contact you. As for your feelings towards my godson, he deserves to be happy and he is when he is around you. That is all that matters. His happiness.” He smiled softly.

Harry was about to respond but Draco and Narcissa distracted him as they descended the stairs. Draco looked so exhausted. Harry smiled at him warmly. When they reached the bottom of the stairway, Draco walked over to Harry and wrapped his arms around him. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco as well.

Draco pulled back a bit. “Merlin, it is good to see you again. I assume Mother and Severus told you what happened. I really appreciate that you are willing to let me stay with you. Thank you, Harry.”

Harry kissed Draco’s forehead. “Anything for you, Draco.” He smiled softly and let go of Draco.

Narcissa smiled at their exchange. “Draco darling you best be off. Be sure to write and visit. Be safe and I love you, darling.” She stepped forward and hugged him. She also handed him a suitcase with his clothes and anything he needed to stay at Harry’s.

Draco hugged his mother back. “I love you too, Mother. I will be in touch. I am sure Harry would not allow me to forget to write or visit you.” He smirked at Harry.

Severus walked over to Draco. “Be sure to take care of each other. And Potter if I hear that you hurt my godson you will be very sorry. I will see you soon. Rest up, boys.” He sneered at Harry and smiled at Draco. Harry blushed.
Harry and Draco take ahold of each other’s hands, they said their goodbyes to Narcissa and Severus. They apparated out of the manor and immediately landed in Grimmauld Place’s kitchen.

Once they were steady on their feet, Harry let go of Draco’s hand and turned to him. “Are you okay, Dray? Would you like to have some tea before trying to sleep again?”

Draco’s eyes widened at the nickname. “Dray? Honestly I have been better. I really do appreciate your concern and hospitality. Tea sounds lovely.”

Harry blushed. “Yes, is that okay? Like I said anything for you, Draco. I’ll put the kettle on.” He walked over to the stove to prepare the tea.

Draco walked over and wrapped his arms around Harry and kissed his shoulder. “Dray is a sweet nickname and I like it. Harry, I would do anything for you too.”

After Harry put the kettle on the stove he turned around in Draco’s arms so he was facing him. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco’s neck and pulled him closer. Their lips were just inches apart. Both leaned forward until their lips were finally touching. At first it was a soft, tentative kiss. As the kiss continued it got more passionate as if they craved each other’s touch. They were in their own little world until the kettle whistling broke the trance and they pulled apart embarrassed a bit. Harry made up the tea and put on the kitchen table. Both sat in silence at the table. They sipped at their tea.

Draco looked at Harry. “What are we? I know it needs to be kind of secret but we keep having these encounters even though we are supposed to be just friends and I would like to know what I am to you, Harry.” He blushed a bit.

Harry looked a bit shocked at Draco’s admission. “Dray, umm, I want to be with you. I enjoy kissing you much more than I should considering we are supposed to be only friends for now but I don’t want to be your friend. Honestly, I want to be your boyfriend. I don’t want to wait! Screw everyone else! The people who matter most to us already know that we have feelings for each other and accept our relationship and just want us to be happy.” He reached out and took Draco’s hand.

Draco had tears in his eyes. “Harry, you really mean that? You want to be mine? And you would rather not wait? I enjoy kissing you too. Nothing would make me happier than to be yours. Severus said that I should not have to hide my feelings for you. He was right. We should not have to hide anymore. I want everyone to know that you are with me.” He squeezed Harry’s hand and brought it to his lips and kissed his hand. He blushed a little bit.

Harry looked at Draco with such tenderness. “Then the only thing left to say is, would you do me the honour of being my boyfriend Draco Malfoy?” He said with so much affection.

Draco had a single tear leave a trail down his cheek and Harry wiped it away. “Yes, Harry I would love to be your boyfriend. Every moment with you is a dream come true. I could not think of a better person to share my time with.”

He pushed the tea aside and leaned forward and kissed Harry lovingly. When he started to pull away, Harry placed his hand at the back of Draco’s head and pulled him back into a more passionate kiss. By the time they stopped kissing, their tea was stone cold.

Draco yawned. “Dray, I think it’s time for sleep. Let’s head upstairs. Kreacher will clean up the table.” He grabbed Draco’s hand and his suitcase and they headed upstairs.

Once they were on the floor that Harry’s bedroom is on, Harry turned to Draco. “I was wondering if you would like to have your own bedroom or you could stay in my bed with me. It’s up to you. No pressure.”

Draco took a few moments before answering. “I think I would rather sleep next to you, Harry. You make me feel safe and maybe you will keep the nightmares away.”

Harry smiled widely at him. “Brilliant! I was hoping you’d say that you’d like share my bed with me. And Dray I will always try to keep you safe.” He kissed Draco’s cheek and pulled them into Harry’s bedroom.

After they got ready for bed, Harry reached for Draco and held his hand. “Why don’t you get in first Dray? Get comfortable and then I’ll join you.” He smiled sweetly at his Draco.

Draco nodded and hopped into the bed and adjusted to get comfortable. “Harry, you come into the bed now.” He gave a reassuring smile.

Harry climbed into his bed. “Turn around, Dray.”

Draco turned so he was facing Harry. “Yes, Harry? Is there something you…?”

He trailed off when Harry kissed him gently. He leaned into the kiss and moaned very softly. He was pulled closer to Harry so he could deepen the kiss. They pulled away to catch their breath. Harry kissed Draco’s nose and they both chuckled.

Harry finally spoke. “I think we should go to sleep. Turn around and you can be the little spoon.” Draco gave him a nod and turned around. Harry wrapped his arm around him and pulled him closer. “Good night, Dray.” He kissed his shoulder affectionately.

Draco sighed contentedly. “Good night, Harry.” He grasped Harry’s hand and squeezed it.

Not long after settling into bed and cuddling each other, they both fell asleep.

When the morning light shone through the bedroom window, Draco started to stir. Once he was awake, he realised that there was something warm pressed up against his back. At first, he was startled but remembered what happened last night. He smiled because he was Harry’s boyfriend.

Harry cuddled even closer to Draco. “Are you awake, Dray?”

Draco turned around to face Harry. “Good morning, Harry.” He smiled.

Harry looked into Draco’s eyes. “Good morning, Dray. How did you sleep? Any nightmares?” He pulled him closer until they were practically nose to nose.

Draco stared into Harry’s eyes like he was hypnotised. “I slept quite peacefully. Laying next to you did the trick. I am so grateful to have you by my side. I am really lucky.” He smiled at Harry.

Harry blushed a bit. “Dray, I’m really happy to know that you didn’t have any more nightmares. And I feel just as lucky as you feel, having you by my side.” He moved even closer and softly kissed Draco.

Draco placed his hands on Harry’s cheeks as they continued to kiss. Harry put his arm around Draco and deepened the kiss. By the time they ended the kiss, both were out of breath and were pressed up against each other. They were blushing ferociously and stared at one another. Draco could not resist and pulled Harry into another breathlessly searing kiss. Each moaning into the other’s mouth. Neither could get enough of the other.

Harry and Draco heard someone clearing their throat. Immediately, they stopped kissing and looked embarrassed. They turned to see who was there. Hermione and Kreacher were there staring at them intently.

Hermione smirked. “Good morning you two. As much as I wished that I was not privy to this display of affection, I am happy for you both. Draco, why are you at Harry’s? Not that it is not nice to see you again. And Harry, I am sorry to interrupt your morning but I wanted to see how you were doing.”

Harry looked at Kreacher. “Please make us all breakfast, Kreacher. Hermione, good morning. We’ll explain everything once we’re dressed. Go downstairs and we’ll join you shortly.” He smiled at her.

Hermione and Kreacher left them to go to the kitchen.

Draco looked at Harry intently. “Harry, that was just abhorrently embarrassing. Do your friends even know manners? Hermione could have at least knocked before barging in.” He looked annoyed.

Harry again pulled Draco closer to him. “Yes that was a bit embarrassing. I’m sorry we were interrupted.”

Draco smirked. “Harry, we really should get dressed. I do not want to make Hermione waiting.”

Harry smiled at him. “Dray, we will. I just wanted to finish what was started before we were rudely interrupted.” He captured Draco’s lips in an another intense kiss.

They held onto each other tightly. As the kiss deepened, Harry and Draco were pressed up again each other once again. Both were moaning softly and continued to kiss incredibly passionately until each were desperate to breath. They slowly pulled away from each other panting heavily.

Draco rolled off the bed. “Harry, I am going to get dressed. I will see you in the kitchen.” He was smiling like a loon.

Harry nodded. “Yes, I’ll see you down there.” He was smiling like a loon as well.

When Harry was done getting dressed, he headed down to the kitchen. Hermione and Draco were waiting for him. They all sat at the table started to eat breakfast.

Hermione smiled at them both. “Will you two please tell me what is going on?”

Harry spoke up. “Last night I was summoned by Snape to go to the manor.”

Hermione gave him a worried look. “I think it is time to start calling our former professor by his first name, Harry. But that is besides the point, why did Severus summon you? What happened?” Giving him an expectant look.

Draco got Hermione’s attention. “Severus summoned Harry because I had nightmares last night and was screaming so loudly that I broke through my wards. Severus and Mother woke up and ran to my room. They woke me up and asked if I was okay. They suggested that I take a break from the manor and contacted Harry to see if he would be willing to let me stay with him. Obviously he was and here we are having breakfast with you.” He smiled softly at her.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “Do not think you are getting out of telling me what I witnessed upstairs you two.” Giving them a stern look.

Harry blushed a bit. “Hermione, after getting back here we had tea and talked. Dray and I decided not wait to be together. He told me that Severus said that he shouldn’t have to hide us from the world and what we mean to each other just to make others happy. I agreed with him and I asked him to be my boyfriend. And obviously he said yes. We decided to stay in the same bed because we both thought it would keep the nightmares aways and thankfully it worked and we slept very peacefully.” He reached for Draco’s hand and squeezed it.

Hermione squealed with delight. “Oh my Merlin! It is about time you two decided to just be happy and forget what others will think you together. I am incredibly happy for you both!” She was smiling ear to ear.

Draco blushed at what she said. “Thank you, Hermione. I really appreciate your support. It means the world to me.” He gave a bright smile.

Harry observed the exchange between his boyfriend and best friend. He smiled. “Hermione, you’re the best! Thank you for accepting us. I couldn’t have gotten a better best friend than you.” Hermione blushed and smiled at both Harry and Draco. They continued to talk some more as they finished breakfast.

Hermione stood up first. “Well, I best be getting back home. Thank you for breakfast. And I truly am happy for you both.”

Harry and Draco both stood up and walked Hermione to the floo.

Harry stood in front of Hermione. “Thank you for coming by and having breakfast with us. I am so lucky to have in my life. I don’t know what I would do without you.” He hugged her tightly.

Hermione gave him a watery smile. “Ohh Harry! I do not know what you would do without me as well. And I am just as lucky to have you in my life.” She chuckled.

Draco stepped forward and Hermione launched herself at him and hugged him. “Draco, welcome to the family!” She pulled away and smiled at him. “I will be seeing you both soon!” She disappeared into the floo.

Harry and Draco looked at each other and reached for each other’s hands as they went to the sitting room to relax.

After Harry spelled the love seat to grow in length and width, he settled down and gestured Draco to join him. Draco laid down and rested his head on his shoulder.

Draco sighed. “I suppose now that we are officially together, we should inform Mother, Severus and eventually Father.” He snuggled even closer to Harry.

Harry wrapped his arm around Draco. “I guess you’re right but we don’t have to do anything right this moment. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company, okay Dray?” He softly kissed Draco’s forehead.

Draco kissed Harry’s cheek. “I like that plan. I really love laying next to you and cuddling. It is so peaceful.” Eventually, they fall asleep on the love seat due to each other’s warmth.
Kreacher woke them telling them they were needed at the manor. And they straightened themselves out. Holding hands they apparated to the manor.

Once they arrived, both Narcissa and Severus greeted them warmly. Narcissa hugged them both and Severus just nodded at them.

Draco looked at his mother. “Is everything okay? Did something happen?” He looked a bit worried.

Narcissa spoke. “Darling, no. Sorry for alarming you. I told Kreacher to invite for lunch. I guess he never mentioned lunch. He really is dastardly at times.”

Harry chuckled in agreement. “Yes well I shouldn’t be surprised he’d forget that part.”

Draco smirked. “Actually there is something we would like to share with you both before lunch. Severus, I discussed what advice you had for me yesterday to Harry last night. And we both agreed with what you had said. So, Harry asked me to be his boyfriend and we are officially together now. I just thought you two should know. Also, Hermione knows because she barged into Harry’s bedroom and interrupted us. She had breakfast with us and was supremely supportive.” He smiled so widely.

Severus sneered at Harry. “Potter, may I ask why you and my godson were in the same bed? Though, I am pleased you took my advice but I do not support you two jumping into bed together so soon after getting together.”

Narcissa smiled at them. “Ohh Severus calm yourself! I am sure there is a reasonable explanation as to why they shared a bed. Let them explain, please.”

Harry nervously gulped looking at Snape and Narcissa. “I, umm, thought after Draco had some nightmares, it was best if he didn’t sleep alone. I was worried he may have more if he didn’t feel safe. And thankfully he didn’t have any more nightmares last night so my idea worked.”

Narcissa smirked. “See Severus, nothing to worry about despite what Hermione may have interrupted. A reasonable explanation. Thank you, Harry, for taking great care of my son. It warms my heart to know he is such capable hands.”

Severus look very perturbed. “Very well, Narcissa. I will let this go. Thank you for taking care of my godson, Potter. I appreciate it.” He nodded curtly at Harry.

Winky, the house elf, announced that lunch was ready. They all went to the dinner rooming and sat down. During the meal, they chatted to one another.

All throughout lunch, Draco and Harry were holding hands. Both were unbelievably happy they were officially together. They kept sneaking smiles at one another. Neither thought Narcissa and Severus were noticing this but they did. Nothing brought more happiness to them than seeing how delighted both Harry and Draco were after they finally made everything official.


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Unpopular opinion #harrypotteredition

Fred’s death was actually necessary for the series. You see a characters death is how writers can make great books because when a character dies it affects the readers a lot making their connection to the book much stronger. Now honestly speaking tho people like Arthur Weasely, his death wouldn’t have done much in these terms. But Fred’s death was a shock because nobody imagined the twins being separated. Plus she had already taken away George’s war so readers had assumed that they wouldn’t be harmed more than that. Now not a single person who has read the books has not fallen in love with the twins so when she killed Fred readers’ connection to the books increased a lot. I mean everyone started to sympathise with goerge and even thinking about it makes a person tear up. Their importance grew so much. So all I have to say is that as a writer Rowling made an amazing choice killing Fred!

Ps. This just might be my opinion cuz I really love it when my favourite characters die and every one else focuses their attention on mourning their loss. Idk don’t hate on me.


It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

- Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone


Madama Chips ha bisogno di noi! - Hogwarts Mystery ita anno 6 cap 14 #667


Vinciamo la coppa di Quidditch? O siamo dei perdenti? - Hogwarts Mystery ita Quidditch #666

Harry potter au

Okay so, hear me out, an au where Harry is dating Ginny, Ron and Hermione are dating, but Blaise, Draco, Pansy and Luna are all single. Harry’s soulmate isn’t Ginny in this au, it’s Draco. And Hermione’s soulmate isn’t Ron, Its Pansy. Whenever a person in a relationship that isn’t their soulmate thinks about their soulmate, what they’re thinking about will become a bubble above their head so everyone else can see.

Here are a few examples:

Hermione begins to think about Pansy Parkinson, the black haired Slytherin. Suddenly, Ron’s face begins to look shocked,

“Hermione, why are you thinking about Pansy?” Ron asks, confused. Hermione then realizes that he can see her thoughts, quickly she stops thinking about Pansy so Ron can’t see what she thinks of the Slytherin girl.

Example two:

Harry, Ginny and Draco are studying in the library together. All of them are silently doing their work, maybe occasionally Harry asks for help. Harry’s mind wonders off to the topic of Draco Malfoy, nobody notices the visible bubble above the boys head, until Draco is about to ask Harry something,

“Hey Harry can you help me on-” Draco stops speaking as he notices the bubble above Harry’s head, the blond boys face begins to go red, so does Harry’s.

Let me know what you think of this au!

Witch’s, Warlocks & Wizards alike, a Tattoo for those seeking to be a little more like Voldermort.

Anyway Like i said in my W.I.P post, i’ve tried downloading This as a tattoo a few times and each time i get a little fuzzy feeling that when i load up my game i can put The Dark Mark on my naughty little Evil Warlock But the fuzzyness soon goes poof, because it doesn’t work ….. Sad Face… So i decided that i’d get off my bum and Make it myself, Originally it was a pet project. But with time and a LOT of frustration lining up a Tattoo that simply didn’t want to line back up. i Finally succeed, It’s Not Perfect it never will be, in CAS it looks Crisp & Clear & Bold but in game with some APP Poses or movement the Tattoo may look a little Blurry. The Tattoo will work on both Male & Female Sims Teen - Elder. It’s Bold, Crisp & Clear on all Skin Colours Natural & Fantasy. Click Keep Reading to find the DL link.

Keep reading

Harmony - Chapter One

“Oy! Presents!” A shout came from across the room.

Harry sat up groggily and reached for his glasses. He blinked a few times until his vision was focused on Ronald Weasley hurriedly opening presents.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Hermione?” Harry asked him, not wanting his crush other best friend to feel left out.

Ron merely grumbled and folded his arms, glaring down at the floor.

Harry chose to just ignore the redhead’s grumbling, and went to the common room to get Hermione.

He ran up the stairs and began yelling her name, when all of a sudden, the stairs turned into a slide and he slid back down.

“’Mione!” He shouted from the bottom of the stairs/slide. 

A bushy haired witch wearing her nightgown and holding an angry, orange, fuzzball in her hands appeared at the top of the steps.

She pressed her palm against her mouth, stifling a laugh. When she saw Harry’s expression though, she couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

And Harry thought it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard.

“Oh Harry, you’re so silly!” She teasingly scolded him. “Don’t you know that boys can’t go into the girls’ dormitories? It’s in Hogwarts, A History. Honestly, am I the only one who bothers to read?!” She finished, chuckling under her breath.

As she descended down the stairs, Harry took her hand in his, and he could’ve sworn he saw a blush tinting her face.

Grinning, Harry jogged up the stairs to the boys’ dormitory, pulling Hermione behind him.

Slightly out of breath with her face flushed, the brightest witch of her age flopped down rather ungracefully onto Harry’s bed.

Crookshanks had jumped out of her arms when they were coming up the stairs, and was now prowling around the room, tail swishing back and forth.

“OY! WHAT’S THAT BLOODY CAT DOING HERE?!” Ron bellowed, holding Scabbers protectively against his chest.

Crookshanks’ yellow eyes just narrowed at the squirming rat in the young Weasley’s arms.

“DON’T YOU SEE HOW HE’S LOOKING AT SCABBERS?? GET HIM OUTTA HERE!” Ron aimed a misjudged kick at the half-kneazle, only to hit Harry’s trunk with his foot.

Ron howled in pain, and hopped up and down on one foot. To Hermione, it was rather amusing and she couldn’t help but feel that he deserved what he’d gotten.

Harry had to stifle a laugh as well, seeing as the whole thing was rather amusing. He just wished his two best friends could get along better though.

When the pain finally subsided for Ron, he glared darkly at Hermione, and she was almost concerned for the flash of hatred in his eyes.

Clearing his throat, Harry changed the subject and suggested they get back to opening presents. Reaching over, Harry grabbed an oddly shaped parcel at the foot of his bed.

He quickly unwrapped it, eager to see what it was. And boy was he shocked.

It was a new broomstick.

Not just any new broomstick, but the newest of new broomsticks.

It was the Firebolt. 

Harry admired the glossy wood and traced his fingers over the engraving of the model’s name on the handle. 

Ron just gaped. Hermione could’ve sworn she saw drool seep out of his mouth as well, and she scrunched up her nose in disgust.

“Harry, is that-” Ron lamely started.

“Yeah,” Harry breathed, admiring the beautiful broom. “It’s a Firebolt!”

“Do you know who sent it?” Hermione inquired, looking over his shoulder for a note.

“Erm… no.” Harry answered, somewhat disappointed. 

Instead of looking happy for him, Hermione almost looked… concerned.

“D’you reckon it was Lupin?” Ron asked, his mouth full with a chocolate frog someone had sent him.

Professor Lupin.” Hermione chided, earning a glare from the Weasley.

“I don’t think Lupin has the kind of money to afford something like this, Ron.” Harry stated, entirely sure it was someone else who’d sent it.

“Well who cares who gave it to you, let’s take her for a fly!” Ron happily sprung up and practically ripped the broom from Harry’s arms.

“I don’t think anyone should ride that broom just yet!” Hermione piped up, slightly unsure of herself.

Ron just rolled his eyes. “What d’you think Harry’s gonna do with it, sweep the floor?” Ron rudely finished.

Hermione just ducked her head, mumbling out apologies before exiting the room, Crookshanks not too far behind her. 

Harry frowned. He didn’t want her to be upset, especially not on Christmas. His thoughts were interrupted when Ron snorted.

“Right bitch that one is, isn’t she?” He narrowed his eyes at the door that she’d just walked through. 

Unknown to Ron, Hermione had heard everything he’d said and was now running out of the Griffindor common room, with tears streaming down her face.

Harry whirled around to face Ron, his emerald eyes filled with rage.

“HOW COULD YOU?! SHE’S OUR FRIEND!” He furiously yelled at his former best mate.

“No, she was yours. I never gave a flying shit about her,” Ron confessed to Harry.

The Boy-Who-Lived took a deep breath and calmly walked towards the door, not wanting the fight to escalate.

“Bloody know-it-all.” Ron muttered the last part to himself, but Harry heard him.

He stopped and without really thinking it through, he punched the redhead square in the nose and heard a satisfying crunch.

“BLOODY HELL, MATE!” Ron screeched as he fell to the ground, clutching his broken, bleeding nose.

Harry swiftly turned around, and stalked out of the room and into the common room. He felt slightly guilty, but Ron had been a right git, so he deserved it.

“’Mione?” He called up the stairs. When he heard no response, he tried to climb them again, only to remember it wouldn’t work.

“Shit.” He swore under his breath, pacing at the bottom of the stairs. He ran a hand through his messy, jet-black hair when he noticed something.

It was Crookshanks. 

There was no way Hermione would leave him down here while she went up to the girls’ dormitories. 

And with that, the young wizard left the Griffindor Common Room and began to search for the love of his life his best friend.