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Love my boxing “OldSkool”

No matter what you want, it won't be easy to make a change. It will make your choice to have a better version! Stress will be normal. Anxiety could slow down. Keep this in mind: You control your own life and you are great!!

Our debating team are up bright and early, practicing their speeches on the train to Kings Cross.

No matter how much “natural talent” you have, if you want to win, you still have to put in an obscene amount of work to be the best.

Congratulations to Mike Glisson’s son, Bryce, on his acceptance to play soccer at the University of Dayton. Go Flyers!

Lot's of done by our Team of Prime minister Jan Kalyankari Yojna Prachar prashar abhiyan ,Sonebhadra.Lead by Mr.Umesh Ojha for a massive Victory of .

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there 🇺🇸 y’all invited to the beach party 🏖🏝⛱🇺🇸🎼🎼🎼🇺🇸🇺🇸🎼 #RedWhiteandBlue out now 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Go get my Ep Exclusively from my website or on all musical outlets 🎼🇺🇸#americanwill #musicinc #hitmaker #popstar #entertainer #singer #dancer #Atlanta #hitmaker #drop #atlanta #westayworking #grindmode #howtodoitchallenge #edm #americanwill #hardwork #dedication #determination #explore #American

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a moment for reflection ~ what is a *biggie* that this past year has taught you? (plz comment) this is a stream of consciousness of my *biggies* from this past year: ~ separating the self from the fantastical self (in myself & others) ~ contracts as a tool of peacekeeping ~ recognizing that people often speak as their fantastical selves & do not differentiate the two to the degree i do (by being honest w/ myself about where i’m “at”) ~ the importance of a daily art devotion/daily creation ~ again: contracts, contracts, CONTRACTS ~ listen to vibes & flags no matter the stakes ~ make space for big picture habits instead of little picture indulgences ~ don’t collab w/ folks who refuse to be accountable ~ save more money than you think you need to ~ prioritize happiness ~ stand your ground in the face of those who don’t want to put in the work lastly i learned that i am willing to give up everything i have to do what i’m meant to do, this was the biggest “biggie” (and some of it, honestly, sucked). i gave up more than i can say this year, and because of that, am looking forward to the *eventual* larger scale fruits of my sacrifice. imma work my face off! . s/o to bmore graphic designer/artist @briconnn (pictured) #biggies #takeaway #lessonslearned #lessons #work #hustle #graphicdesign #pastel #stars #3dart #3dartist #chrysantilus #swirls #energy #hardwork #2019 #contracts #zen #mindfulness #wisdom #knowledge #creativepreneur #filmmaker #directedbywomen #value #knowyourworth #savemoney #inspiration (at Chrysantilus)

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GREATNESS: I have come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint -and that, the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you!
Greatness Withing you 👆

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(PL, ENG) Zacznijmy od początku/Let's start from the beginning


Długo zastanawiałam się, czy stworzyć tego bloga. Tylko kilka osób wie o moim odchudzaniu, po prostu bardzo się tego wstydzę. Mimo wszystko zamierzam traktować tego bloga jako  swój mały pamiętnik, aby powrócić do niego, kiedy osiągnę swoją wymarzoną wagę. Spojrzę na to, jak ciężko pracowałam, jak dałam radę i osiągnęłam to, co chciałam. 

Niestety, moja historia z nadwagą jest bardzo pospolita.
Zawsze byłam grubszym dzieckiem, nawet jeśli nie jadłam zbyt dużo jedzenia. Głównym problemem było to, że jadłam naprawdę dużo słodyczy. Każdego dnia musiałam zjeść coś słodkiego. Moja mama zawsze mi na to pozwalała, bo dlaczego miałaby odmówić swojemu dziecku? Nie winię jej za to, bo kiedy już myślałam bardziej samodzielnie mogłam to po prostu przerwać, ja jednak kontynuowałam jedzenie słodyczy w nadmiarze.
Teraz, kiedy jestem nastolatką zrozumiałam, że jest to dobry moment, aby w końcu coś ze sobą zrobić, później może być już za późno. Próbowałam wiele rzeczy - Głodówki, różnego rodzaju diety, które znalazłam w internecie… Nic nie działało, a nawet jeśli działało, to szybko powracałam do tej samej wagi, a nawet zwiększała się moja waga.
Pewnego dnia moja mama zaproponowała mi wizytę u dietetyczki. ,,To mój ostatni ratunek" - Pomyślałam, kiedy stałam na wadze, a przed moimi oczami, na wadze był numer “99.0kg”. Wiedziałam, że jest źle. Tak młoda osoba, jak ja nie powinna tyle ważyć.
Dietetyk to była najlepsza decyzja, jaką podjęłam. Już w ciągu miesiąca pozbyłam się prawie 8kg. Jestem dopiero na początku mojej przygody z odchudzaniem, ale wiem, że dam radę. Wiem, że będzie to świetna przygoda do celu!


I’ve been wondering for a long time whether to create this blog. Only a few people know about my weight loss, I’m just SO embarrassed about it. Despite everything, I intend to treat this blog as my little diary to return to it when I reach my dream weight. I will look at how hard I worked, how I managed and achieved what I wanted.
Unfortunately, my overweight story is very common.
I’ve always been a thicker child, even if I didn’t eat too much food. The main problem was that I ate a lot of sweets. Every day I had to eat something sweet. My mother always let me do it because why would she refuse her child? I don’t blame her because when I was thinking more on my own I could just stop it, but I continued eating sweets in excess.
Now that I’m a teenager, I understood that this is a good time to finally do something with myself, later it may be too late. I tried many things - fasting, various diets that I found on the Internet… Nothing worked and even if it worked, I quickly returned to the same weight, and even increased my weight.
One day, my mother offered me a visit to a dietitian. “This is my last rescue” - I thought when I stood on the weight, and in front of my eyes, the weight was “99.0kg.” I knew it was really bad. A young person like me shouldn’t weigh that much.
The dietitian was the best decision I made. Already within a month I‘ve lost almost 8kg. I am only at the beginning of my weight loss adventure but I know I can do it. I know it will be a great adventure to the goal!

Okay. Here we go. The start of a new life, I hope. My goal here isn’t becoming super thin, super attractive, or anything else of those means. My goal is to be healthier. To learn. To work towards being as active as possible, so that I can keep up with the kids. Here’s to the beginning.

At the start of this journey, I weighed 185.7. I’ve put on 50 lbs in the last two years. That’s not even the problem. The problem is the lack of muscle. Let’s turn that 50 lbs of fat into 50 lbs of muscle!!