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Getting your validated is an essential step, and and sometimes miss it. Here's how to do it right!

On port they are often inserted in computer slots and are also connected to USB or RS232 communication port. -

Comprovem neste link o quanto um notebook aumentou de Dezembro pra cá: Não recomendo a ninguém comprar notebook neste momento, até que haja um baixa nos preços atuais

We're not just at one awesome show this week, we're at two! We're happy to be in attendance at the Show this weekend and show off all of our cute toys dogs love!

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Equipamentos Canon reconhecidos pelos Prémios iF Design Awards 2019

Canon recebe prémios de design.


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etsyfindoftheday | 2.20.19

waxed canvas + leather bags by kovereduk

these rad travel bags are made in bath, UK (i’ve been there before, it is beautiful and awesome) and have unique details that make them super-special. i’d love to try out both of these styles.