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Another birthday celebration in Wonderland 🐛🍄 yesterday. This party were too busy partying that they forgot the Red Queen ♥️ was coming for them. Unfortunately they couldnt escape before they were caught. in

This group took a trip to Wonderland 🍄🐛 yesterday to celebrate a birthday and managed to escape before the Red Queen ♥️ could catch them!

माझे मित्र , कट्टर शिवसैनिक , युवासेना चेंबुर विधानसभा उपविभाग अधिकारी भावेश परमार यांस वाढदिवसाच्या मनःपूर्वक शुभेच्छा ..!!

✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 11月18日 Happy birthday ミッキー&ミニー スクリーンデビューの日 これからもたくさん二人に会いに行くね♪ いつも笑顔と感動をありがとう。 夢と魔法に満ちた世界は私の心に永遠に残り続ける… ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

हर बुराई से बचो एक काम करो थोङा ही सही मगर नेक काम करोl कल भाजयुमो प्रदेशाध्यक्ष श्री जी के जन्मदिवस पर आयोजित रक्तदान शिविर में युवा साथी ज्यादा से ज्यादा रक्त दान करेl स्थान-केशव नगर सामुदायिक भवन सिविल लाइंस जयपुर सुबह 9 बजे से दोपहर 3 बजे तक

Happybirthday!ヨナ! とってもとっても大好きです💕 これからもたくさん甘いもの食べて幸せでいてください💕💕

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so!…..It’s my Birthday!

Today is the day of my birth! owo! 

For my angel to my heart,

I never imagined “us” before, you were just a friend who I only talked to for a few times who I found cute and adorable. Then that day happened, somehow without knowing I started developing feelings for you. Tbh I did not think we could be more than friends, and I didn’t want to tell you that I had feelings for you because I was scared that you didn’t feel the same way ..i didn’t want it to be awkward between us..since we just met. But still I had this smallest tinest hope that maybe just maybe you might like me. I keep telling myself I shouldn’t keep my hopes up because at end I will only be sad.. I still remember the first day we talked, we talked for a long time.and when you first gave me the nickname doll..I know we might have rushed into things rather quickly but I don’t regret any of it, because I love you.. and as long as I have you by my side I would be fine. I starting to blabber now..but every little thing started to matter to me. Every sweet stuff you said, made my heart go wild..but at the same time I was trying to avoid that feeling..cuz I didn’t want to love you more than I have to as a friend..but the more I ran away from it..the more way I fell deeper into it, I couldn’t help loving you. Did I ever tell you that I dreamt of you hugging me and would random place soft yet sweet kisses on my forehead and that’s when I realised that I was screwed. I understood how important you are to me.. I can’t believe that you actually liked me at all, like won’t you be suspicious of who I am, like maybe an old man who was just trying to lurk you with nice and sweet words? But still you..took the risk of loving me and I can’t be any happier. Now that we took a risk of being together, I cannot imagine how it would be if I never met boring it would be without you. Like you’re this cute, funny, adorable dork and really understanding. I don’t know how I deserve you. I love you so much..I feel nothing but love for you cutie.

I still love you: yugyeom (GOT7)

*i really wanted to write a special scenario for him but I couldn’t (time is a bitch) but I did my best to come up with something.hope you enjoy it*


It’s been six months since he kidnapped you and kept to you with him .during these months he tried everything to make you love him but you kept your one point he got really angry that he was going to raise his hand on you making you way more scared than you already were.after that incident he decided to leave you alone he sent you your food everyday only for it to be returned half eaten or untouched.

“Did you eat?”you ignored him and kept your eyes on the book.he sighed and sat next to you. you cautiously moved further.“I get it,your angry at me for keeping you with me without your consent.”.still keeping your eyes on the book you scoffed at him and spoke “you know it and still not letting me go?”.he chuckled dryly “this is the first time you spoke ever since you came here ”.you ignored him and kept reading.he nodded his head knowingly and left muttering a little ‘I’ll give you time’.

The next morning came by real tossed and turned before finally waking up.with one hand supporting your body you rubbed your eyes to look at the time.‘10:07’ the wall clock slightly widened your eyes at how long you’ve looked over at the desk expecting a tray with food but you didn’t see any.slightly confused you got out the bed.and walked straight to the’ve been doing this everyday trying to open the door but failing miserably.and today was the same but the door……opened

Four months since you ran out of his really was a surprise that he left all doors explained everything to your parents and friends assuring that you were ok.your parents decided to move places for your agreed and now you were happy.after reporting him you thought everything was over and you could live peacefully.but you were proved wrong when you received a letter….from him.

I still love you’


[Greetings] November 17th at 1am a phenomenon was born, that took almost 10 months to come out but finally opened her eyes and the world welcomed her.

Today the baby on the picture is celebrating her 28 years, that’s why those who were by her side and watched her growing and succeeding have some words to say when we asked them about their feelings :

Mother: she’s a part of me, this year I see a huge amelioration and I’m so proud of her after everything she went through, I love her deeply and you can’t ask a mother how you love your daughter.

Eldest sister: she was loved even before her birth, she was for us something we were waiting for she was absolutely a human to discover.

Second sister: I don’t have the feeling that she’s celebrating her 28 years it’s her 1st anniversary she’s reborn and it’s her rebirth, I see in her eyes a fighter a survivor and courageous and someone who should be proud of her journey with her past that represents her power and her present that designs her future.

Brother in law: This 28th year which begins, is announced as the year when she will resurrect living with what composes her without denial and in the acceptance of oneself. she is strong, her efforts bear fruit and the coming year will allow her to accomplish what she pleases with loved ones who will always love her.

Management team: she is an incredible multitalented person, she’s an independent artist who loves to do everything by herself, she gives so much importance to the details that could recklessly hurt someone else, she loves to share everything she learns with everyone she knows to sensitize the new generation. She is an inspiration to us as well and working with her is so great.

Happy birthday our baby PYG’s Whisper we love you dearly.

We thank the fans for the hashtag too.

#QueenOfSurvivorPygDay #HappyPygsWhisperDay


[Management Team]


My sweet granddaughter !She get 5years old birthday’s gifts.#sweetchildren #happybirthday #cute #happy #love

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#HappyBirthday @his_talent____ live at @paperrainnyc

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‪Today is #TomEllis’ birthday 🎂 ‬
‪#HappyBirthday @officialtomellis 😘‬ (à France)

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happy birthday marg, may this day be as special as you are to me. please, never forget that I love you to the moon and back. 🎁🎂🎉🖤
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To the one that brings me joy, laughter and happiness… Happy birthday Kim yugyeom. The best maknae Got7 could ever ask for. Continue to spread seeds of happiness and positivity to the people around you. Have fun and continue to be the amazing person as you already are..

I first laid my eyes on you during hit the stage program. And because of that, I come to know about your group, Got7. As I get to more about you, I know I stan the correct man. Kind, thoughtful, full of aegyo, talented to the max, always smiling, bubbly and the list goes on. The hi touch we had during jus2 concert left such a lasting impression on me. How soft your hands are, how flawless your skin is and your eyes!! Mr Kim, your eyes.. 😍 Thank you for that! 🤗

I love you my giant! And I cant wait to see what’s in store for you for years to come.. 💚😊💃