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“In your universe, there's only one Spider-Man. But there's another universe. It looks and sounds like yours, but its not. My name’s Miles Morales.” -

Magical Carpet Printable Art - Instant PDF Download with 4 image sizes Bright floral design, great for scrapbooking & crafts! by Jan4insight Gallery on Zibbet

New plant from @sfplantsandflowers and new fabric pot cover made from scraps from other projects by meeeeeee!!

Ok so first time ever using resin... LOTS of mistakes made LOTS of lessons learned 😂 but a few more trials before I try real flowers any tips will be greatly appreciated 😁

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✨I am in an amazingggg mood today🤩 March 19th marks the 1 Year Anniversary of me leaving my old job to work for myself full time operating Fey Herba Organics👏🏽 I couldn’t have done it without your amazing support, so celebrate with meeee🥳 My entire #Etsy shoppe is 10% Off today until Saturday, and orders over $60 ship FREE + you know I’ll be adding in extra goodies cuz I’m just so happy🧚🏽‍♀️🥰

Also - super obsessed with my @fiercebymitu mug because 1. it’s true & 2. I love gentle reminders that I’m a badass🤣 now go and get your hustle on babes💕✨

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Wall Hoop - Pat’s Three Cats

14 inch wooden hoop

Materials: cotton blends, muslin, polyester batting

Completed: December 1982

This hoop was created as a Christmas gift for my friend Pat who had three cats at that time – an orangey calico named Callie, a patched calico cat named Meshugana, whose markings were split in half down the exact middle of her face, and a grey male cat named Buttons. So, I used an orange, a mixed print, and a solid grey to depict them. They are outline quilted; the background quilted in diamonds, and a lace edge and orange piping was added to hide the unfinished wooden hoop.

PS - This was many cats ago - she currently has 5 inside and several ferals she feeds outside. All of her cats have been cremated and she is taking their ashes with her.

This hoop has survived two moves – and a house fire!

Owner: Patricia P.

Location: Waterbury, CT

Condition: good despite smoke damage

This week has been stressful, but fulfilling. It’s taken me a while but I finally put the finishing touches on my seasonal altar. As I write this I can hear birds chirping. Spring Equinox is almost here!

I made everything except the mushrooms and dollar store fake florals on the top shelf. Candle holders, tiny shrooms, and succulent are made of sculpey. Pentagram garland is made from sticks, wire, and jute string. Eggs are sitting on Spanish moss, dyed with alcohol ink and illustrated with paint pens. Moon phases are cut out watercolors.

Definitely can’t leave the candles burning for long, but it sure looks nice all lit up.

Dieses Kleid aus reinem Leinen ist mit einem Ausschnitt in Blitzform versehen. Der nahtverdeckte Reißverschluss im Rückenteil und der Knopfverschluss am Kragen schließen das Kleid. Der Saum des Tellerrocks ist mit einem roten Baumwollschrägband eingefasst.

This dress is made of pure linen and has a lightning shaped cleavage. In the back it got a hidden zipper and a button closure. The skirt is hemed with a red cotton ribbon.


Just in! Giant Wool Pom Poms. You choose how to use them 〰️
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A bit of Mushroom 101 🤓🍄

Meet Frankies. I called their progenitor, the original Frankie, Frankenstein due to his unfortunate fragility and my subsequent and never-ending struggle to keep him glued together.

(But fear not! The Frankies 2.0 don’t break.)

The Frankie mushrooms are distinguished by the “space-sky” coloring (first the upper layers of clouds, then the lower ones). Sometimes the colors change and the atmosphere goes up, and space is paradoxically formed below, on the legs or the hat (the mushroom’s body), but the message the Frankie mushroom carries is always the same - the infinite sky, indifferent and at the same time enamored with everyone above and below it, and right next to it - the endless and foreign terrain of the outer space.

This is infinity. Just a bit of philosophy)