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Mini Notebooks , Mini journals , Handmade notebook , Jotter , Blank book , Scribble pad , Blank books , Mini diary , Pocket journal .

Looking for that unique Christmas gift then how about these handmade bottle stoppers made from elm and oak with a lil bit of purple heart thrown in. Each is £18 + p+p DM to purchase now but be quick.

Pork ragu, pecorino & herb oil drizzled gnocchi, complete only with an old school Campari soda. . . @campariofficial

Murano Glass Pink Silver Ball Earrings, Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings, Lampwork Glass Jewelry, Venetian Glass Jewelry, Stocking Stuffer

Made some holiday cards for my last day of printmaking to give to classmates.

こんばんは。 RTや♡をありがとうございます。 新作のブローチ2種類をminneで販売開始しました。 *ガラスビーズがキラキラ反射して綺麗なリースのブローチ *可憐なカモミールのブローチ 是非ご覧ください(*˘︶˘*).。*

Guild Member and ceramicist Rowena Kinsman created this set of blue mixer bowls, a recent addition to our shop in .

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This is STARLIGHT, the first of a number of planned candles in a collection called XXIV. The line of candles will all be inspired by the group VIXX and the planned number of candles in the collection is 24 (hence the name of the collection ;D). It’s a big project for me but I wanted to challenge myself here – each candle will have a related resin accessory with them (something I’ve started working with this year). You’ll be able to get the candle without the accessory as well, if you just want the scent!

STARLIGHT has a scent reminiscent of a storm over the ocean – ozone, salt and the crisp open sky and is a dark blue with a dusting of gold on the top. The optional resin piece that comes with it can either be a bronze-colored pendant with a golden starlight-filled dark blue sky (on a black cord) or a smaller gold pendant with the same (on a gold chain).

This candle is an 8oz. glass jelly jar with a pewter daisy cut lid and has a cotton/paper wick. All of our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax (the white patches in the wax are called frosting, happen due to temperature changes, don’t affect the scent or burn, and are a telling sign of soy wax! :D), are handmade and are poured in very small batches. You can find Starlight and others over at WAXINGSKY.COM (the site has a coupon code you’ll find at the top of the shop ;D)!

Friendly reminder as we come into the holiday gift-making season to

  • Take breaks
  • Stretch your hands
  • Straighten your shoulders
  • Stay hydrated and snacked
  • Not feel obligated to make gifts for just anyone, especially toxic people in your life! If someone is a butthead to you, you don’t actually owe them the love of your handmade goods. The things you make (and yourself!) are worth more than that

✨Happy making!💛