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How to Perform Manual Hamstring Curls (Video)

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Don't let skiing injury get you down. Conditioning & strengthening exercises of the quadricepts and hamstring can help. Give us a call, we can help you stay on the slopes.

issues? hamstring testing is great at reducing the reoccurance of injuries

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Love your account and 9/10 you are right but this time you rushed yourself

The ability to readily assess hamstring strength and local muscular endurance has now been made easier. Partnership between Aubren and Hamstring Solo resulted in the evolution of the Hamstring Solo Elite, a data-driven training system

Proximal injuries usually occur when the hip and joints pull in the opposite directions. A lot of people suffer from this type of injury. What are the symptoms? Find out here:

If you feel a sudden and severe pain at the back of your thigh and lower buttock region along with weakness and swelling, seek the help of a chiropractor.

With the second week of the Autumn Union internationals taking place this week and England's first match, we're looking at some injury stats for the sports and a simple application for strain. Check our FB page for info:

Hamstring Strain

🙌🏻🙌🏻CLINIC RESEARCH 🙌🏻🙌🏻 We are delighted to announce that David’s recent published research on hamstring injuries will be presented this weekend at The World Society of Sports Medicine conference is Dublin

NEW study hamstring curl for 6 weeks showed 1)eccentric strength, 10m and CoD time improved, 2)Performance improvement maintained after 3 weeks detraining. Great study! Replication on high level players would be of greatvalue

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#Impossible is nothing!!!! Quadruple leg press with calf press n raises with 250 kg on the hook. #legs #gym #calfs #hamstring #legpress #motivation #shearwill

Videography by @vic_vivek (at Curls N’ Crunches)

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Hamstring Mobility

Hamstring mobility requires a balance of hip or hamstring strength as well as a hip flexion greater than 90 degrees and hamstring flexibility.

The primary function of the hamstrings is hip extension when the trunk is flexed, so it’s important to strength them with functional movements such as Romanian deadlift and other exercises such as Swiss ball curls and hip bridges.

Focus on dynamics movements to warm up your hamstring before training your lower body.

That will prime your body for movement and improve your mobility.

Cool down with some added passive hamstring stretches (60-90 sec)