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Inspired by the harvest witch, I wanted to make this design extra spooky! So many pumpkins and so many details! 👻🎃💛❤

My goal is to make very couture witch inspired fashion for each of the witches I created in the last few days. I was very inspired to design for the green witch for today's post, and designed a sleek and sultry look for her.

A little bit of potion making for todays witch! My little brother calls her the blueberry witch 😆 Another piece made with only three markers, a micron pen, and a white gel pen. Cant wait for to show everyone tomorrows piece 🎃👻

A little mystic classic green witch for todays piece! Same as yesterday, three markers, one micron pen, and a white gel pen. 🎃🎃🎃

Feeling ill and scared what to do about it this ? 🎃 Please don't be spooked! 👻 You can call 111 or visit 📲 for advice on the most appropriate medical help near you 💙

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synopsis: one stolen kiss leads to another.

Once in a Blue Moon | Michael Myers x Reader

It is after midnight but not quite dawn, when the world exists in shades of muted grey and all is still and silent. You lie on your side with the covers pulled up to your chest and listen to an early-morning breeze whistling through the trees outside, watching it blow in through the window above your headboard to ripple like water through the curtains. 

Michael lies on his back and he doesn’t make a movement. Not a sound. But he’s not asleep; you can tell. He holds a subtle tension in his jaw and his breaths are far too controlled. You absently caress a lock of his dark hair, just behind his ear, rubbing it slowly between your thumb and fingers. 

Michael is aware of your touch. And yet he allows it.

You aren’t surprised. Michael is living proof that even the most vicious of predators will tolerate a gentle petting; so long as it’s in the right spot. 

You bite back a yawn as you wind the fleecy curl around your index finger. Sleep hangs heavy over your head and every blink is a battle and still you fight it off with tooth and claw. This moment is far too precious to let slip away. Sleep can wait. Mornings bring with them uncertainty, the possibility of pain, of worse; but in the here and now you are safe. In the here and now, he will not hurt you. 

And in the here and now, you want nothing more in the world than to touch Michael for just a little while longer.

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New video!! Opening your mail!!!! All the spookiest things!!!! 

anonymous asked:

first kisses with michael, dwight, and ash 🥺 please

omgomg yes of course angel 🥺🥺🥺

🔪 Michael/Dwight/Ash x S/O ( first kisses )

Michael Myers

  • if you count a kiss with his mask on to be your first kiss then…congrats! no doubt about it, stabby boi is a bit of a difficult one when it comes to…affection
  • but to be real honest here, kissing michael maskless would be a dream, so here i am to make them true!
  • possibly it could happen a couple of weeks after you peck the lips of his mask and while you probably were embarrassed af because…well…would you even count it as a kiss? the rubber was gross, there was nothing cute about it.
  • michael - on the other hand - would’ve had the slightest blush on his cheeks underneath that mask, and stubborn man would never admit it. let alone even TELL you.
  • he’s been thinking that peck on his mask for couple of weeks now, but he’s even more curious to know what an actual kiss would be like.
  • so that’s why you two end up together at a haddonfield trial, with all of your teammates brutally killed ( the excitement to actually kiss you stimulates michael’s bloodlust…oops? ) and the only thing that’s stopping you from jumping into the hatch is the rough masculine - yet quite warm - hand gripping your shoulder.
  • he’s trapped you, with the hatch spawning in the middle of the myers’ bottom house floor, michael was quick enough to have you pressed against the corner walls of the myers’ household.
  • and he’s just standing there, bloody knife in his hand and you think he’s going to kill you too, just like the rest.
  • he raises the knife
  • and you shit your eyes quickly
  • but…instead, michael stabs the wall right next to you and leans in close to your personal bubble, that one hand still on your shoulder, the other now rests beside your head.
  • you immediately catch onto what michael wants, i mean, who wouldn’t? with a man in a position like that, there’s only one thing that comes out of it.
  • you’re lucky you’re the only person michael is trustworthy of ( i wouldn’t even say trustworthy tbh. you just have access to things more than anyone else. ) because when your hands grip onto the bottom of his mask, he lets you pull it up.
  • and up
  • and up
  • and until the mask if completely off. you’re completely in awe with the man that’s been hiding beneath the halloween mask.
  • dark brown loose locks, a sharp jawline and blunt blue eyes; it’s a breathtaking sight and to be honest? take it all in boo, michael will barely ever do this for you.
  • but the first kiss is better than the mask one, you make the first move for the sake of clueless michael to be even more confused.
  • you’re cupping his face in your hands and he- lmao, he’s a bit shocked at first when you press your lips to his softly. but when you pull away after just a few seconds, michael’s immediately latching his lips onto you again.
  • god damn stalky boi is closing his eyes, absolutely savouring in the sweet taste of your mouth and his hand on your shoulder moves to your waist while you caress that sharp ass jawline because g o d d a m n -
  • his lips are rough but just like the rest of his heater-like body: warm, and you’re satiating yourself in it.
  • michael will definitely deepen the first kiss, and you better let him dominate or you’ll regret it-
  • your first kiss with michael is just
  • mwah!
  • so hot
  • but you’re smart to pull away from michael before it goes any further ( ayeeee ;) ) and he lets you.
  • though he quickly goes in to peck you again.
  • and he has this smug smirk on his face because he likes how you blush and you two know this won’t be the last of kisses.
  • you better not mention the slight blush in his cheeks, you bEtTER nOt-
  • michael lets you take the hatch
  • don’t worry boo, if you go meet him in the woods after the trial you’ll defs get some more kisses ;)

Dwight Fairfield

  • i can imagine e x a c t l y how this would go down omg-
  • your first kiss with dwight is in a locker! it all began when you two had been peacefully working together on a generator like the usual. you two work great together anyway so it’s rare that the killer finds you two on a gen
  • except, you accidentally mess up.
  • maybe it was because dwight’s a cutie or your head is in the clouds or you just mess up, still, it’s loud and sparks explode.
  • immediately you scan over to look at dwight with large apologetic eyes, and he’s looking back at you with a reassuring expression to keep going, keep working.
  • but it doesn’t work like that, with a large noise like a messed up generator the killer always goes to check it out. so when you two both hear the terror radius beating faster than your heart in your chest and literally standing there is good ol’ trapper, you know the both of you are screwed af
  • so you’re running
  • you were following dwight considering your plan was to always stick to one another no matter what
  • oops
  • lmao
  • the trapper is on you, which is always fun isn’t it? at least he’s not on dwight, that’s all you can think about
  • luckily you’re a fast one and so you’re pretty sure you’ve lost him when you turn a corner and into the killer shack and you try to look for the prefect place to just h i d e
  • when passing a locker, suddenly the doors open up and ofc ofc oF COURSE baby dwight is in there
  • he’s got wide eyes and nudging his head in a way to tell you to come inside the locker as well
  • and i mean- sharing a locker with dwight? how exciting!!!!
  • the terror radius is still strong so you have no choice but to sneakily move yourself into the locker, making sure you aren’t making a single noise
  • the first thing you notice is how fucking tIGHT THE SPACE IS
  • you’ve got your arms wrapped around his back, having you basically pressed into him. your face is buried in his chest to muffle your breathing and dwight just- he has no idea what he’s doing
  • cute lil cuddle session skdkwodmwk
  • dwight is a wreck, pretty sure he isn’t so sure on what he’s more nervous about; you or the killer passing the corner of the killer shack
  • soon enough, when the terror radius calms down and is gone, you slowly pull your head away from his chest, a long exhale escaping from your mouth as dwight does the same.
  • but oh no, you’re not done in the locker yet!
  • you’re not given anytime to even open your damnmouth to speak before dwight straight up takes hold of your chin and leans down to kiss you
  • it’s soft, maybe a lil too hot because it’s getting a bit stuffy in the locker but his lips are sweet and gentle. and you two just melt into it, which helps the kiss move smoother and delicate.
  • you’re shocked, i mean this is dwight we’re talking about, who knew he had the balls to do that? the nervous leader definitely was letting his subconscious and adrenaline to do this.
  • i would say the kiss lasts for some cute time, not short enough for it to be counted as a peck but also not long enough for anyone to depend it.
  • when you guys pull away, dwight is flushed completely in red, it’s dark in the locker but you can still see it, still feel it.
  • you’re breathless, “what was that for?” you whisper, still concerned for if the trapper may come back and open up the locker. oh…what an awkward situation that would be.
  • dwight’s stuttering and stumbling over his words lmaoo
  • “i- uh, y-you…i t-thought i lost you” he’s able to blurt out, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.
  • and you tilt your head to the side because you’re just a tad confused, so he stutters when he continues, “you-you- we didn’t stick together, a-and we always do. so i thought he’d…gotten you and i just hate it be-because, i like you so much that i really don’t want to lose you. ever. i h-hate the feeling-”
  • dwight sighs
  • “yeah now this just sounds dumb.”
  • “oh dwight,” you whisper, nerves causing your hands to be a little shaky when you flatten his shirt and tie, “it’s not dumb at all, i really like you too,”
  • and oh my god
  • dwight is so giddy
  • you two are smiling so hard
  • but it isn’t until you hear crows chirping that, oh no, you two have been in the locker for wayyyy too long
  • “we’ll talk about this after trial?”
  • “s-sure!”
  • you two just happen to escape that match together, what great teamwork you guys are nawww

Ash Williams

  • definitely happens after you do something entirely badass in a trial
  • like- literally
  • you see, you’re playing up against that bitch ass clown and no one likes the clown, he’s big and s m e l l s. the clown is a clown and to be honest with you? what a clown. the clownery-
  • okay im so sorry it’s 3am fjwefhwehfwe
  • the thing was, you and ash - just like you and dwight - are great partners and you guys work well in trials. confident and strong, ash really likes how you can pull off a fight
  • so basically what happens is that the clown isn’t too happy this trial, he’s more brutal than ever and he’s mean, really really mean. you and ash have been distracting him while claudette and kate worked on generators, and it was getting too frustrating.
  • the two of you have already gone on the hook once, and by the looks of the clown chasing you down once again, you may as well count it as twice.
  • this chase went for five minutes, five fucking minutes and you’ve wasted most of the pallets by stunning the clown everytime and yet, here the killer still is, trying to get you down. ash tried more than enough to get the clown to chase him but it seems that big fat ugly ass 🤡 only wants you
  • the clown has already hit you, so you’re not surprised that when the clown smacks you down again, you hit face first into the dirt with a sharp shout that follows afterwards. ash is hiding behind a tree trying to look for a way that he could catch the clown’s attention in the hopes that you won’t be hooked again.
  • and he thinks that it’s too late when the killer begins to pick you up, and you’re wiggling hard and aggressively all while groaning and cursing beneath your breath
  • U N T I LLL
  • you’re efficent in your movements when you grab the shard of glass laurie had given to you, teaching you how to use it
  • and you do
  • you grip the glass tight enough as you pierce the weapon right in the clown’s back, making damn well sure that it was to make a bloody home there. and oh it really did
  • by doing so, the clown roars out in pain and drops you on the ground.
  • ash is just standing there like
  • h o l y  s h i t
  • what a fucking turn on fnewjfewf
  • just when the clown had dropped you ash was quick to run to you for your safety, helping you up as you shakily stand up.
  • though the clown seems to have caught claudette as a target and despite being literally right there, lmao the clown is so fucking done with you two and your tricks.
  • just as you stand up, ash is so fast to gently hold the back of your neck and smash his lips onto yours. and his lips are rough and passionately and really really h o t. i mean, ash is a snacc, not my type of snacc but everyone has their favourites-
  • the kiss is hot and heavy, and the pull away isn’t even that much of a far distance
  • “that…that was so fucking hot
  • and immediately you guys are kissing again because lmfao why not?
  • it’s your first kiss, better make it good and memorable!
  • you have flushed cheeks, whether it’s because you’ve been running for the whole time or because of ash kissing you
  • but-
  • it’s still amazing
  • but what’s even better is that the only thing that stopped you two from kissing was the sound of the gate opening. and you two are just wearing these grins because the clown deserved it.
  • ash can’t wait to have the next trial with you
  • badass you - according to ash - is the hottest thing ever, and he loves that so much about you. you best believe he’ll let you know about it in AND out of trials.
  • period.

dead by daylight requests are always welcome!

     - missy

jellyfishpornografiaa  asked:

Slashers' reaction to their s/o with an iron deficiency

Michael Myers-

Let’s you lean against him when you get dizzy

If you pass out in an uncomfy position he’ll pick you up and carry you to a couch to make you more comfortable

Takes off his mask so you’re not scared if you’re confused when you come to

Jason Voorhees-

Loves to pick you up and carry you so you don’t get dizzy trying to stand

Lots of Piggy back rides

Does anything and everything he can to keep you healthy

Bubba Sawyer-

The big baby himself

When you’re asleep he presses his ear real close to your chest to hear your heartbeat

When you pass out he picks you up and holds you on his lap like a baby until you wake up

Helps you stand up a lot and likes using it as an excuse to hug you or have his arms around you

Brahms Heelshire-

Writes the time you passed out on your arm so you know how long you’ve been out

Brings you into the wall in his room Takes off his mask while you’re sleeping to get a better look at you

Checks you for bruises

Tries his best to catch you if you’re dizzy so you don’t get bruised