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The origin of lies in the popular dish known as  (also written as Jareesh). According to , writing in  , the first written recipe of Harees dates back to the 10th century. @CulturedMuslim

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 is a stew popular in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Although the dish varies from region to region, it always includes wheat or barley, and sometimes meat and/or lentils. Also called "Khichra" in .

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Begumpet has traffic all through the year. With 365 Haleem at The Golkonda Hotel, you can indulge in this delicacy all through the year. For reservations, call us at +91 040 6611 0101.

افسوس صد افسوس سندھ کے حکمرانوں پے۔۔ ڈوب مرنے کا مقام ھے سندھ کے وہ وزرا جو کھاتے سندھ کی ھین۔ووٹ سندہ سے اور ھمایت ظالم کا۔۔ sindh adil

حلیم کھانے کے شوقین حضرات زرا ادھر ملاحظہ فرماۂیں۔۔۔ کتوں کے گوشت کا حلیم۔ واہ جی واہ 🤦‍♂️😭😭👇

Murder of Humanity, No one was helping Irshad Ranjhani he was shot 9 times. Adal shaikh Shah. Take Swift Achion against thod

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Life sucks but today we have Haleem for breakfast, which is awesome…Haleem is sexy, add some sugar & cinnamon & you`ll be in heaven!



I went to a party last night and apparently left with a food baby. Didn’t realize until I came home and tried on some dresses. A lot of biryani and haleem were being passed around…s all I’m saying.

I had to let my sister know. (The last pic is the fake news version of the before and after pics of sucking in my stomach that I sent her)

meri nani jaan (Allah unhe jannat naseeb karay), 10 muharram ko haleem zaroor banati theen. humara apna khaandaan hi itna barra tha k 2 degain tou zaroor pakti theen. phir uss main se mauhalay main bhi bat’ta tha. aaj phir unki yaad aa gayi aur saath main woh bachpan k din jab saare cousins line laga k dastar khwaan pe baith jaate thay. subha se hi intezaar hota tha k raat ko haleem mile ga. kaash woh din wapis aa sakte.