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Appointments with the fabulous Hair Stylist Kurtis Thomas, are now available in the salon Beauty by Laura Jayne in Tutbury on Mondays. Great value and superb quality call Kurtis direct on 07760668044 to book in.

First session of highlights on natural hair. Loving this sunkissed and natural look! Balayage, cut, and style by Adrian Sieminski.

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So, I’m a hermit, my hobbies revolve around me being a hermit. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But every once in awhile I realize that people are concerned about me. A lot of the time I hear things like “loosen up, have a bit of fun sometimes” or “why don’t you get out of the house more often?” Because I AM having fun and I don’t want to put on pants. I also realize how many people invite me to things that they probably wouldn’t, maybe because they think I have no friends. But believe me, when I look back in time, I know that I had the time of my life this far, and that going out to another bar, or having to put on another pair of heels- just doesn’t sound fun with me. The most fun I do have, is spending some time peacefully alone after working all day talking to people. Everyone’s definition of fun doesn’t have to be the same.


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Cover story for @tmrwmag with stunning @delilahbelle.
Shot: @alexgharper
Hair: #grahamnation @illumemgmt
MUA: @kendellcotta
Styling: @jessedellstylist
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TBT: Have a FANTABULOUS DAY…!!!! @mr_hotspot
Hair: Hullema Reddick @hstylze “The Covered Colorist”
Short Hair Love Just Like That.!!!
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- age: forty 
- occupation: actor, hairstylist
- tv show: tales of terror, weather the storm
- species: shifter
- faceclaim: jon bernthal


Isaiah Novak was the lone child of Aaron and Judith, a pair of proud shifters of Jewish descent. Born in upstate New York, the Novaks were quasi-nomads. Growing up, life was definitely interesting for Isaiah. With a father that specialized in nature and wildlife freelance photography and mother that was a mobile hairstylist, the only constant Isaiah knew was change. Even physically. Aaron and Judith were quite proud of their backgrounds. Both ethnically and biologically. A trait that Isaiah inherited. Nature and wildlife reserves were the norm for Isaiah. Often times, weren’t many children around, so he learned to make due. And aside from a few kids, here and there in Isaiah’s scattered childhood, animals became his closest friends by default. But as a shifter, Isaiah was never troubled by that fact. It made him feel even closer, more in tuned to nature.

Change occurred again when he was fourteen. Aaron and Judith decided to fully settle and brought their son in tow. But instead of returning to upstate New York among their own, the Novaks relocated down south. It was the first change that Isaiah did not welcome. Especially the summer before a new school year. The accents of his family and the locals sometimes clashed and there were hardly any synagogues in the state. At least, not one close enough that wasn’t hours away. The only perk of his new home were the expanse of land they owned. Humid, nights became Isaiah’s refuge in his primary shifter form, an American Black Bear. However, Isaiah learned quickly how dangerous being a bear in the south was. He began shifting into a striped skunk for a safer disguise. The discomfort of Isaiah’s relocation aided in his sophomore year when he tried out for his school’s varsity football team. To his surprise, Isaiah made the team as a tight end. It was there that met and became best friends with Connor Kent, his team’s starting quarterback.

In his senior year of high school, despite the wisdom of his best friend, Isaiah didn’t apply to colleges. Several schools tried to recruit him, looking to add him to their upcoming roster. In the end, Isaiah decided to stay home and help his mom at her beauty salon while hoping to figure out his own shit. Since relocating, Judith finally opened her own salon and only worked mobile for a few clients. Nearly two years later, at his parents’ not so subtle urging, Isaiah left home and worked as a mobile hairstylist. It was perfect. It reminded Isaiah of his childhood and gave him a sense of freedom he’d long since forgotten. For years, it was Isaiah’s career and beloved lifestyle. It was at a client’s inquiry, about his post retirement plans, that Isaiah joked about acting. A crack about how it wasn’t like Hollywood didn’t have enough older white men trying to work past a certain age turned into an odd truth. And in between his career as a mobile hairstylist, Isaiah tried his hand at acting.

For Isaiah, the global reveal of supernaturals was a relief. It was the final truth about his life that he could share. Unlike his parents, and other older shifters and supernaturals, he wasn’t afraid. Why hide in the dark when one could finally exist proudly in the light? Being proud of his identity was the only way Isaiah knew how to exist. At least, that was his take on things. None of his clients were frightened. Nor was he turned down for side acting gigs because of who he was. An open call brought Isaiah to Vancouver, by way of a childhood friend and fellow nomad Luna Sinclaire, for an upcoming series Weather The Storm. With a history of couple roles here and there, Isaiah doubted that he’d land any role. Except he did. It surprised him, landing the role of Channing, the defunct leader of the show’s superhero bunch. But it caused him to consider pushing his hairstylist retirement up in his time frame. Or to the sidelines for the time being. Acting full-time hadn’t been a part of Isaiah’s life plan but with everything else going on with supernaturals, he figured why not wing it a little. If it failed, he could always land on his feet, going back to his trade as a hairstylist and back to living a mobile lifestyle, in his RV beneath the open stars.


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Appointments Only ~ Link in Bio.
Location @gauddeszsalon .

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Throwback to Lunar New Year @coutureweaveboutique

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