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Got my hair cut ready for the weekend! #me #myface #selfie #haircut (at A2 Barbers)

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Give me that two dollar stained glass look

Found here

In my nightmare my hair had grown to below my shoulders and it meant I didn’t get hormones or anything…. In reality my hair was cut yesterday so is good and short


Oh yay they revealed kairi’s outfit how-

Wait a second

Nomura you sly dog

❥ 4U // Shop the Look

❥ 4U // Shop the Look

A BMW test driver.
📸 Bernd Erlhof

the new tracer skin is cute u guys are just mean


New avi and some classic bathroom pics

Summer is near, thus it is time for me to cut all the mats out of my cat’s long silky coat. She looks like she has been attacked by a mad barber or a pack of 4yr olds with scissors. 


Chopped off my hair and I’m loving it so much!!!! Do I gain queer points?

❥ 4U // Shop the Look


My baby Mimzy!