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Artistic Hairstyles

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Als je kapper je nog een keer kritisch bekijkt en zegt: ‘gelukkig gróeit jouw haar best hard’.

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Artistic Hairstyles @znevaehsalon


DMT Barber Shop New Style 2019 Fade Tape up Cuts Dreads Braids Waves …


My bro @julianriosofficial hooked me up with this insane haircut! 🤘🏽 This is 🔥🔥
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Devacut !!

Soooo I just went and got my very first devacut, & wanted to share my thoughts on it. But first things first, the results

Here’s a little background

I had curly hair when I was very young, but was never brave enough to actually wear it natural. For one, my mom didn’t like it and would straighten it all the time, so I assumed straight hair was just better and picked up the habit for years on end. 

I’m now 24 and about a month ago started using the ‘curly girl method’. I’m in that awkward stage where your hair looks weird because of all the damage and doesn’t quite curl right, if that makes sense ? We’ve all got to start somewhere though and I’ve made the decision to start a journey towards healthier curls and rock my natural curls once I get there ! Curly hair is a blessing, it’s so versatile and fun and it’s about time I embraced my natural hair ! 

So when I got to the salon the first thing I did after meeting the hairstylist Sherrie was explain what I wanted. Essentially I just wanted more volume, more curl definition and hair that felt less weighed down. This is an important step and I loved the fact that it took time, because it allows you to really explain in detail what you want (showing pictures helps loads!) and your stylist has a precise idea of the goals you want to achieve. 

After that the cut itself took a little while but it was so fun to watch it take shape ! 

Once she was done with the cut, she washed & styled my hair using curly girl approved products ! She diffused for a while, which was actually a super interesting experience. I’d never diffused my hair before, and it makes a huge difference in terms of volume ; she explained that’s because when you let it air dry the water weighs your hair down and causes the strands to be dragged down and lie flat on your head, vs the diffuser helps you counteract that effect. 

All in all, it was an amazing experience, I came out of there liking my hair more than I ever have while wearing it natural. I was shocked and surprised because I didn’t even know it still had the potential to curl that much after being so damaged, but it goes to show that treating it right makes all the difference in the world ! 

To all you curlies out there who have never gotten a devacut : try it, you won’t regret it ! 


Selamat hari Jumat! 😁💈✂️
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One of my friends back at primary school appeared one day with a scarf on her head. Everybody was confused because it was pretty unusual behaviour for her so ofc. we asked her what is the meaning behind the scarf. Because we were wondering if she is suddenly going muslim or full on turning to babushka fashion or if she has cancer or if she is morally supporting someone with cancer…… NO

The day before she came to a conclusion, that she no longer wants her long hair, she decided to get herself stylish boyish haircut…. So she took her dads electric razor and…. well… she fully shaved a stripe of her hair. I am talking reversed mohawk BUT SIDEWAYS. She panicked and went to local barber…To get it somehow fixed? (i dunno whats the logic behind this.. there is no way to get this fixed without fully shaving the head)…. And the barber… She shortened her hair not completely to buzzcut (which would fix the situation) but.. she also shaved another stripe this time from brow to back.. making a cross on that poor gals scalp… i still cant believe how badly hilarious that whole thing was


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