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Finally got a much needed haircut ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

What's my mood? read my hair. These red and brown highlights are adding color and youth to her hair. Hair colored by our very own Top Stylist Renuka Giri To book an appointment call on 7208999911 or 8976228999

. ママと同じくらいにする。 と言って、切った後笑顔を見せてくれました。 髪を切る幸せ。 .

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Went to get my today told the guy what I wanted, he told me that I was wrong...I have been using the same description for every previous / for the exact same haircut for 3 years... Don't be a douche about it.. I don't work in the hair industry. .

Your dog's haircut costs more than your's because you don't go for 8 weeks and NEVER wash or brush your hair. In addition, your hairdresser doesn't wash and clean your rear end and give you a sanitary trim! .

una genial tarde pasé en la nueva barber shop de Sebastián Ferrer Hairevolution 👳🏻‍♂️ cut & style + beard trim 🤘🏻✂️ ya les contaré más. gracias!

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Dаtе Prеtty H0ttiеs T0night! Frее rеgistrаti0n! 0nlу t0dау! Cliск 0n tехt!

On a real.. apologies to anyone looking at my tumblr if anyone is, I appreciate all of you for even just reblogging or replying to me but for the very few who notice my blog and what I reblog 😅 sorry.. I go from loving sceneray to.. whoops quite rapidly.. so enjoy or be scarred from an apologetic looking me with a new haircut 😅

Haircuts and Such

Greetings Tumblr Readers,

It has been an exhausting day. Got up early, had some vegemite on toast then had class today. Two quizzes. Got 100s on both though. That is always a great feeling. Then Inhad a haircut appointment which was long overdue. I was ten minutes late to the appointment though because traffic was a freaking nightmare. It’s like every nutcase in town decided to head out before more inclement weather comes our way, and well, they all seem to have forgotten how to drive. It was ridiculous. Anyway I got my haircut done. I’m pretty happy with it. Then had some of the leftover kangaroo for dinner. Finished it tonight, we got three meals out of it.


Mais uma transformação a caminho!!!
💺🎨 color by: @conceittua @rutyalves38
❤❤❤ Muito obrigado Livia sua linda!!! @livia_patti
💺💇 cut by: @mjjpersonalbarber
Inspire-se! Transforme-se !
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