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Hey guys Im just starting to post on Twitter with my art, this is my most recent portrait that I made, check out the process on my Instagram _artallens . . . .

Brooke Forbes' latest projects, the film "Hank & Holly Meow," is in post production. The short/comedy also Trent Walker, Gaye Coffman, and FrancesNichols. &HollyMeow #

We decided to put this post out to make it easy to visualise the hairstyle you want and show it to your stylist! So take a screenshot of the one you like to make it easier for you next time your in the salon!

Vedi la storia di โžก๏ธ nei nostri post precedenti Nuovo innesto di capelli: โ˜Ž๏ธ 900 800 852 MAN Medical Institute, n. 1 nella medicina maschile. โš•๏ธ innesto trapianto

After the party nail season, a slightly more subdued effect for January perhaps? Call Charmein and Mischelle on 321-773-1909 to arrange your post-holiday nail appointments.

Clients always ask me how they can appear stylish and I have a number of tips to help them, but one of the critical ingredients is grooming - the topic of this post. Grooming is the first thing that goes when we are sick or tired. #

I was told recently all I post is pics of my cat, my apartment view, people I know, or food I eat. So, instead, here is a pic of the hair gel I use: Fiber Gel. Amazing stuff.

The demand for human hair is ever increasing. Business in the human trade is booming! However, the origin stories of the human hair we use can sometimes tell a very sad story! Check out our latest post on this issue.

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