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What Does Hair Have To Do With Spirituality?

Had to get my dead ends taken off, feeling so good after removing that stagnant energy!

Did you know your hair collects energy? This is one reason why many cultures and religions encourage one to braid or cover their hair. Cutting it is a removal of that collected energy, which is part of the subconscious reasoning for so many people cutting their hair after breaking up from a long term relationship. Your body wants to remove their energy that you’ve absorbed over the time with them.

Don’t I look tired in this pic? My dead ends are weighing me down. The energy from my husband’s cancer, and then his wreck and recovery did some emotional and spiritual damage, and my hair absorbed all the pain and suffering around me.

If you are empathic and going through a hard time of feeling everyone else’s energy, I suggest braiding or covering your hair. Your hair is like thousands of antennae and when they are loose and open, they absorb so much energy from your surrounding environment. Sometimes it’s good, like with your loved ones or in pure unaltered nature, but in crowds and around toxic people or polluted air, it can poorly effect you and how you feel.

Hair oil is another good energy protectant. Lightly use any hair oil that is best for your hair type, and apply to the ends of your hair strands. If you want, charge your hair oil and hair ties in moonlight or with a crystal sitting up against the bottle, for some more energy protection.