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: Poema número cinco (abstenerse rimas en este caso) de esta serie conceptual, que se acerca a su fin. (Continuará próximo ) Una nueva pieza del puzle en este poético retrato de . Un saludo introvisores.

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It’s now 1 a.m. I get up in four hours. It may be Thursday.

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Dana time traveled. Now, the days are all mixed up. We get three Fridays.

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It’s Second Sunday. We all get Second Breakfast and become Hobbits.

Today’s writing prompt: Monday no longer exists. How does that change things?

I have to confess cannot lie to you again iv’e always loved you (confess)

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The gate to your heart Open, but the lock long lost My key now worthless

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there are days where i feel like i'm just starting then there's days i feel done

His wall was a fraud but Trump HAS added to our vocabularies.

my fervent desire wrapped around and bound throughout my absolute love

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It learns from people, who get dumber all the time, from using Google.

These are awesome shoes. Right now, they’re the hottest thing to walk the runway.

8月26日(月) 今日はゴミ収集日。庭に出るとつい草木が気になり、隣に伸びてゆく薔薇の蔓などを切ったりして。通る人に声を掛けられた。この草花火とても元気。ちっちゃくてほんと! 可愛い。  草の花 車椅子に眺めゐる人草の花

The Matrix Minute 84 Haiku (3 of 3) Switch provides cover As cadre escape through grate Morpheus meets Smith

The Matrix Minute 84 Haiku (2 of 3) Neo hesitates Trinity grabs his ankles They all tumble down

Tangerine skies heavy with clouds Leafy limbs a dreamy silhouette cast Poetry takes nature's form

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