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7 Money Habits That Leave You Broke

Some of us live our lives numbed by sameness or routine and miss or decide to skip a chance to transfer at the next station that could take us to a better place.

Act with peace in the present moment. Accomplish your goals and build great habits, with a greater sense of freedom and purpose than ever before.

Make intentionality foundational. Prepare your mind, heart and schedule each day so that you can focus on the truly most important things and prioritize your life.

Do you bite your fingernails? Here are the reasons behind your nail biting habit.

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Change your thinking.

Your thoughts shape your action which shapes your life. I get into habits of thinking to myself “fuck you,” (in reference to myself) when I screw up, or “I hate myself bye” everytime I do something wrong. There’s also a few “I want to die,” and “Screw this,”’s in there.

The thing is, this is what shapes my mood. It all starts with those habitual phrases, the neurological pathways our brains are used to taking. A simple switch from “I hate myself” to “I am a human, I forgive myself, I’ll do better next time,” makes a huge difference. It makes me feel better, more confident, and more ready to get ahead of the next challenge in front of me.

It all begins with thinking. Change those little thoughts! Forgive yourself for your mistakes and learn from them, however small. Negativity comes from within, but so does positivity. As RWE said: “When you take what is within and bring it in to the world, miracles happen.”

Morning routine done!

Today is my first day of my very long summer holiday! After I wrote my last exam yesterday I got that empty feeling, kinda wondering what I’m going to do with my time for the next few months, besides working a few shifts. I want to spend a lot of my time on self development. I hope to read more books, practise more guitar, and level up my drawing skills. Cannot wait!

One Apple A Day #409

What makes something important?
This is the question that summarises yesterday.

Importance is very subjective.
What’s important for me, or for my team, can be entirely irrelevant for someone else.
Though, do you know what makes something more important than something else?

When you don’t have clarity about your metrics, you end up using other’s scale of importance, or urgency, or the emotions of the moment.
In any case, you won’t be effective in your action because you won’t feel it as essential for yourself.

My measure of importance is informed by my destination. I start by where I’m going. My goals or, even better, my aspirations.
I found that the most useful metrics is the one that helps me understand if I am moving, not just forward, but closer to my destination.

When I have to decide if something is important, I asked myself two questions:

  • Does it help me advance towards my destination?
  • Is it aligned with my values?


Ți-aș face în păr și te-aș înveli cu păturica pufoasă,

În timp ce capul tău ar sta lipit de pieptul meu..

Te-aș întreba dacă ai avut o zi grea sau ușoară , dacă te-au călcat prea mult cei din autobuz sau dacă ai apucat să bei cafeaua de dimineață.

Și te-aș ține de vorbă până adormi ..

Do you ever think about all the quirks and habits you’ve picked up from someone else? Like a phrase, a certain way to cook your food or the love for a specific artist?

It’s funny how those things keep following you through your life, even after you’ve stopped talking to that person, to the point where you’ve forgotten where the habit originated from. Now, it’s just part of who you are.

Do you ever think about which quirks and habits you might’ve passed on to others in your life? 

Do you ever wonder if you were even significant enough for that to happen?


We’ve heard about air pollution and noise pollution, but what about thoughts pollution?

Enjoying a fire in my backyard once im a while is fun. Having a fire every day for 10 years…. probably putting myself at higher risk of lung cancer from the smoke.

Diversifying my information intake with a little politics, sports, texting friends, some instagram, some music… all good. Focusing on any one of those things 24/7 … probably not good for my mental health. Obsession 🙅‍♂️

just gotta start miniscule, if you need to. put some shoes on & walk two steps outside for all I care but then so it again tomorrow and the next & the next. at some point, you’ll want to level up & push yourself further. try the x effect or an app to track yourself *everyday*. miss a day? FUCK IT. start again. start over & over & over until you get it fucking *right*. you’ve got this!

Okay, so 2019 is approaching us soon & all these complaints, how 2018 was shit and how 2k19 is gonna be our year, are going to appear. And I know, we’ve all been tired of this world since at least 2016, but please please please, you must promise me that you will do at least one thing to make YOURSELF better this next year. 

As shitty as 2018 was, you can’t deny that we made some progress, even if it was only posting more positive & self-care memes than wanting to kill yourself posts. Or giving less shit about critics’ opinions & unapologetically enjoying whatever movie/music/art makes you happy. Or caring a bit more about politics and going to vote or just discussing it with your friends….

So yeah, I’m not asking to you fulfill your list of 50 new year’s resolutions. No. Just do one little thing to make yourself better. One thing. It can be:

  • signing up for a therapy & attending just one session
  • starting a journal & reviewing your past entries every so often, so you can notice how your state of mind/thinking changes
  • stop reblogging self-depreciating, depressing, suicide/self-harm promoting memes & posts
  • every day writing down at least one thing that you’re grateful for & reading that list when you’re sad
  • trying out meditation and getting into habit of meditating
  • reading one book about a mental disorder that you’re dealing with (or just learning more about it in general by reading some articles, watching youtube videos, etc.)
  • spending one week without internet/social media/phone/etc.
  • etc

Pick just one thing, which will help you to improve yourself. Nothing big. It won’t save the world. It won’t solve all of your problems. But it’s a step in the right direction. Life has been tough and there’s no hint that 2019 will be any better. The only thing that’s in your power - is to make yourself better. Little by little. Even if that is accomplishing one thing in a year. 

Take care of yourself. Be kind. 

A huge part of learning is recalling. At some points in the day take a moment to think “what did I learn in class?”. Take one minute to remember. I swear it is such a huge help to make this into a habit.
At dinner? “Oh right, we learned about Taylor Series yesterday”
In the shower? “We talked about the Civil war this morning”
About to do homework? “What was the lecture on… oh right! We’re learning the Bohr’s model”

Vocabular Habits

What I notice in myself from time to time is that I fall into the habit of certain vocabular/mental habits and I can’t imagine I’m the only experiencing this. Then again it’s one thing to have obtained certain habits but it’s another to be aware of them.  Needlessly to say meditation has helped me a great deal in spotting these habits and correcting them or leaving them be. To elucidate let me explain how these habits can manifest and give some examples of what these habits are.

Habits are similar and repeated actions which give rise to a certain feeling, mostly of satisfaction or pleasure. When we are not aware of these habits they can take over our lives, but for now, I do not mean to aim myself towards these extremities. I want to discuss the smaller habits, mostly those that occur in language, with certain words and thought patterns. Habits form because they give a certain effect practically every time. When you use a certain word or phrase you get a reaction, if this reaction is positive enough times then you will start using the word more and more and before you know it it has become a fixed part of your vocabulary. 

For me, it is now the phrase, ‘’Oh man..’’. Every time something is said in a social setting which can be interpreted as upsetting I’ll say this humoristically. I do this because every time I say this phrase in this humoristic way I get a positive reaction in laughs or smiles. The problem here is that in the beginning, I thought of the phrase and had control over it, now I notice myself flapping out these two words without even thinking about it and the phrase is starting to control me. A friend of mine had this with the phrase, ‘’fair enough’’. Almost every time a point was made he would reply with ‘fair enough’. 

What makes this problematic is that we are no longer in control over our vocabulary, the opposite is starting to happy. We become complacent and comfortable with our word use which disallows us to think of new and fresh ways to express ourselves. This is also why the word habit is so similar to habitat, repetition gives rise to familiarity and familiarity gives rise to feelings of safety. In the beginning, these habituated words/phrases came out of a place of inventiveness and inspiration, after repeated use they come from a dusty box in the mind that you are all too familiar with. So what must we do? Scrutinize everything we say laying in constant, persistent observation like a lion on the prowl, and as soon as we’ve said a word twice discard it from memory?

This is one approach, but I think it will lead to other even more undesirable effects opposed to those of a habituated vocabulary. The example above is a little extreme, the substrate should suffice. A touch of increased awareness of the vocabulary we use should be enough. The moment we notice that we are falling into the habit of using certain words/phrases we should stop for a moment and decide if we want to keep using them or not. If we do not, then it will probably take a couple of times of becoming aware of these expressions before we really know we’re going to say something before we say it. But, it can of course also be the case that we want to continue forms of habituated language because we’re still enjoying the desired effects, if this is so it is only helpful to know that we repeat ourselves and why we repeat ourselves.

Let it be said that I think it’s impossible to completely escape from habitual thinking and speaking, that it is natural to find yourself using some words over others. What we can do is carve up our linguistic artillery and shape it in the way we want, but the first step is being aware of this and knowing that repeated language covers the possibility of learning new forms of expression. 

Though what we say starts in the mind, altering mental habituation requires some more effort, especially because these habits arise in the subconscious domain of our minds, but there is a lot of information on that topic out there, don’t hesitate to check it out! What it all boils down to is that awareness is your main aid in carving the type of vocabulary and mental state you desire, and awareness is trained during meditation. 

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Have a Great Day!

Day 20???

I don’t know what to say here. It’s been over 2 weeks since things were on track. I haven’t even had a chance to login. When I did login, I noticed a few of my written posts had disappeared and the hash tags were missing below several pictures. Either way, I’m back. Sometimes we makes plans and life has a different plan for us. I had a family emergency and my experimentation with recipes was put to the side. I didn’t have near as much concern to put effort into my health. It was a pretty difficult time. I along with my family leaned on the simple pleasures of food and drink to get by. Adds up to several steps back. So here I am back at Day 1… or do I include what I had a accomplished already. Kind of doesn’t seem right. On the plus side, when a family member falls ill and we all have to lean on each other,  it’s a HUGE reminder of how important it is for us to take care of ourselves. We can’t be there for anyone else if we let our own health go. Here goes again. Back to consistent healthy delicious foods and regular exercise. We had veggie scrambled eggs with chives for brunch and paleo chicken nuggets with paleo ranch and ketchup for dinner. Quite delicious and satisfying. 



🗑 So recently, my new habit has been tidying my desk, because when it gets messy and there’s stuff everywhere it stresses me out. The first photo was from earlier today, in the morning, and the second photo was taken just after lunch. It’s a lot easier to keep it tidy on the weekends though, because I have a lot of time, but on weekdays, I don’t have as much. 🗑