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Today my spirit animal is the beautiful Queen Bavmorda from Willow, one of my all time fave movies (1988)! 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️ What character/movie inspires you?

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We should sue 🤬. They are trully mean and played with our feelings!!! WE DESERVE CLOSURE!!! Give a proper ending!!! 🗣️🔉Is that so hard ?

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Some suggestions if you’re looking for new musicals to get into

  • The Witches Of Eastwick (three women begin a polyamorous relationship with the devil)
  • Babes In Arms (teens in 1930s New York falling in love with each other as they write, direct and perform their own show)
  • Baby (three very different couples become friends as they worry about having children)
  • Sweet Charity (a dancer who can’t stop falling in love with the wrong men)
  • Me And My Girl (a cockney couple in the 30s have to learn to be posh when the boy finds out he’s an Earl)
  • Parade (based on the heartbreaking true story of Leo Frank)
  • Gypsy (the life of Gypsy Rose Lee and how she became one of the world’s most famous burlesque artists)

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先週末はRomafest 2019!



最初はちょうど娘がお腹に居た時に、師匠&ritamメンバーと共にターキッシュロマ、それからAYUMI&JUNKOのDuoで2回、今年はAYUMI ethniqueメンバーとJUNKO率いる“X‘com” メンバー合同で12名の群舞出演させていただきました。




Tarot of the day : QUEEN OF SWORDS

Intelligent, Truthful, Clear communicator, Self-aware, Independent, Teacher, Writer.

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Today is a day to really think about what you want, and set yourself up to achieve it. Start elimimating the behaviours and distractions that keep interfering with your dreams. Be honest to yourself about how you spend your time, and take action to start using it better.