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The stylish skirt shows off your legs and yet trails behind wantonly longing for the never ending expanses of sandy beaches which merge into the dazzling blue waters. +

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Government says they have evacuated Romanies

From two villages where riots were.

Romanies (and the local government) say that was deportation .

Cows left in yards are dying of pain and hunger.

Upd now the government says 650 Romanies left their homes and property in one Day by their own will

A Desert Spell

🌵While standing in a field of blond grasses as a rest stop, between Prescott and Phoenix, with a ceaselessly blue sky pouring unobstructed oceans of bleached, June light, I twirled in ecstasy, laughing while imbibing the wildflower perfumed air, weary of rattle snakes, scorpions and tarantulas, yet unable to refrain myself of venturing briefly into the foreign, spare and hypnotic dimension of the seemingly endless, low mountain, ravine and valley embroidered Sonoran terrain. Before I departed, I foraged seven stalks of the smoky white grasses with tiny flags of dried seed heads, to remind me of that eviscerating, intoxicating and bewildering beautiful, encounter with the unaltered, invincible and impenetrable desert.

During our trip to the charming and historic southwestern town of Prescott, we enjoyed an americano and a orange cardamom muffin in the vivid, alluding and elegant Wild Iris coffee shop, ensconed by the gilded mirror, with lavender leather sofas, piles of houseplants, botanical signage and antique windows showering lush northern Arizona tree light into the space while we savored the calm, quiet and carefree energy of the townspeople and visitors. We proceeded past the courthouse and wished the a bride “good luck” as she hastened up the stairs as one person only to return down the court house steps bewilderingly altered. In the storied Whiskey Row, we ventured in and out of crystal shops, Native American jewelry, ceramics, antiques, aromatherapy, yoga and other local venders, selling cowboy boots, hats and snake tooth pendants. The bars were dark and held a dangerous edge, but we decided to dine at the “The Palace”, a historic tavern with live piano, red velvet carpets and wooden bannisters leading up to rooms with a replica of a bar wench in a corset and long skirt, alluring past minors, prospectors, Shariffs, and other adventurous who drank whisky to quench their thirst, as water, at the time, was scarce and rare. We visited a candy and popcorn shop and sweetened our visit further with fudge, walnut brittle and peppermint bark samples, before choosing a framed Japanese peony print, a wooden gavel and a copy of “Half A Life” by V.S Naipaul, at a second hand store. We also visited the historical center, where my husband began to talk to the Theodore Roosevelt impersonator, about the Rough Riders and their connection to the area, a particular interest to my husband as he is a great great grandson of the 26th US President, as his maternal grandmother was a granddaughter of TR.

Satisfied with our day trip we returned to Scottsdale, to share a bottle of rosé wine, after putting away our foraged grasses and vintage finds and before concocting a rich and pleasing bacon carbonara. This pasta dish was the ultimate indulgence to punctuate a happy day, for it is an undeniably comforting, satisfying, elegant, simple and easily presented meal, reminding me of the Italian mindset and dedication to the finer sensual experiences. It is a romantic, considered and tasteful dish, that requires a few ingredients but creates a sense of luxury, richness and hedonism. It also requires provisions that are usually at home, at any time between grocery runs. I gather the garlic, bacon, egg, cream, Romano or Parmesan, salt, pepper, red chili flakes, spaghetti and dried parsley, before admiring the collection that alchemizes into an offering of love and nourishment, We slurped the last strands coated with the creamy, bacon and herb infused sauce with unbidden pleasure. Later, I worked on a few legal matters before swimming a few delicious laps under the June desert full moon enchantment. 🌕

Desert Spell Bacon Carbonara

7 strips of bacon

3 cloves of garlic

1 egg

A few splashes of crème

A few splashes of rosé wine.

Half cup of grated Romano

Salt, pepper and red chili flakes.

Dried green herbs

Half a carton of linguini

Method: Cut bacon into pieces and sauté until fairly crispy with finely chopped garlic, salt, pepper, dried herbs and chili flakes. On the second stove, set a pot with cold water and linguini and bring to a roiling simmer. Gently scramble an egg with crème, wine and grated Romano cheese in a separate bowl. Drain pasta and pour it into the pan, containing the bacon and garlic, on a low heat, add the egg and Romano mixture and toss gently until every strand is coated with the carbonara sauce.

Bon Apetito!! 🌵🌵🌴