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ALEX LUTZ MEILLEUR ACTEUR 🎬 Nous tenions ce matin à féliciter notre Orléanais d'adoption qui a remporté le césar du meilleur acteur (pour sa performance dans ) lors de la 44ème cérémonie des !

I'm known as a kind of , , almost actor and the fact is, I'm a , and I spend most of my trying to find a lighter side of things, and on was given plenty of to do that.

➡️ : 4 César (Film, Actrice, Scénario, Montage) ➡️ : 4 César (Réalisateur, Photo, Décors, Son) ➡️ : 3 César (1er film, Espoir F, Espoir M) ➡️ : 2 César (Acteur, Musique) ➡️ : 2 César (2nd rôle, Adaptation)

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Le palmarès des est jusqu’á présent très juste : Alex Lutz meilleur acteur est très bien dans .

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Vlog practice 😐

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First Inventory at Work

Had inventory counting at work today, new year, new count. One of these people was honestly really cute, right? There will always be at least one person, and I told him I liked his hair as I was running to the bathroom, because bladders are sucky and managers don’t like to give bathroom breaks quick enough. So, when I’m walking back, he asked me, “So, working hard, or hardly working?” Now, inventory counting is great for a cashier, boring, but great because we don’t have to do anything but stand in front of the register and ring people out. I answered, “A little bit of both since I don’t get to leave the register.” So, later, he comes over to talk to me a little bit more and mentions how he does tattoos, well that got a co-worker interested. So, then he’s like okay cool, I’ll make sure to give y’all my number. Now, I didn’t think I’d actually get it, I thought he just meant them. So, I’m minding my business, taking a few sneaky glances at him….we locked eyes a few times and both smiled a lot…but that’s okay right? Well, then I get my jacket caught in the register…a nightmare….and I’m like, ‘Okay as long as no one needs cigarettes and pays in cash no one will know. Guess how well that worked? Next person needs cigars….so I look around and I’m like crap and have to yell for a manager…they yell what do you need…not come up and see what’s up so this guy doesn’t see what happened but yells at me like what you need. So as I yell back what’s up he hears it and laughs a little….and I’m like well there goes my chances. Before he leaves, he gives me his number! I was like victory dance!! Now, we’ve been texting since…downside…he lives far away, but that’s okay I guess I made a new friend at least…

Also I used to be lonely-married-life, hope you guys like the new name! Figured it fit well even though the divorce is still being worked on. If you have a better suggestion let me know! I love getting messages from people and making new friends!!

GUY | ★ ★ ★
#052 | Alex Lutz, 2018

“Gauthier, um jovem jornalista, descobre que é filho ilegítimo de Guy Jamet, um cantor francês famoso durante as décadas de 1960 até 1990. Com o lançamento de um álbum de coletâneas e uma nova turnê, Gauthier decide seguir Guy em seus shows.”

Com pinta de falso documentário, acompanhamos um jovem cineasta (filho do retratado) documentando a turnê do cantor Guy Jamet, que fez muito sucesso no passado, e agora encontra-se em turnê lançando uma coletânea de sucessos. A língua feria de Guy rende risadas esparsas.

Visto no Notebook por Vimeo em 14 de fevereiro. // Seen on Notebook by Vimeo on Feb 14, 2019.


Happy pump day!!!! #pump #legsworkout #legsday #gluteos🍑 #boys #training #gym #guy #guys

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A CLASSIC FROM: #GUY: #LETSCHILL FROM: (1991)!!!🎤🎤🎵🎵🎵🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶🎶 (at Fayetteville, North Carolina)

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