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made by Karin Kebe


Tales From The District - Guy and Lysa

Lysa: You busy?

Guy was sat doing Arthur Moriarty’s homework. 

Guy:Yeah, I’m doing Ar… homework.

Lysa: Arthur’s homework.

Guy: Yeah…

Lysa sighed 

Lysa: Why do you do his homework? Unless he’s paying you or something?

Guy scoffed and laughed.

Guy: No he definitely isn’t paying me. Unless of course you count not kicking my ass as payment.

Lysa: Its exploitation! You shouldn’t stand for it Guy, don’t be a pussy!

Guy: Funny, I seem to recall doing your homework and Judith’s. 

Lysa: That… that was different. We’re your sisters. Arthur Moriarty is a douchebag. Look, if you need help just say yeah? You don’t have to shoulder this burden alone. 


After he did Arthur’s homework, Guy then set to work in the downstairs bathroom, their dryer had broken luckily it was just a simple fix and they saved a few hundred dollars replacing it. After working on the circuit board he put it back and the dryer was good as new. Guy enjoyed “tinkering” with things. It just came natural to him. He enjoyed it and he was confident to do it, that seemed to be his only skill; learning. Life was hard and he didn’t want to worry his mother any more than he had to with stupid school crap.


After he sorted out the dryer, Guy turned his attention to the toilet. The toilet had been annoying him since they moved into this new house and now he just wanted it perfect. He took the toilet nearly apart and made some changes to some of the components within the cistern and he noted already it was showing a much more powerful flush. Guy was very happy with that. But he still had an awful lot on his mind…