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Selon Nos deux frère son libéré Gallas et Sarr mai le président de France dégage reste en prison 8 personnes arrêté 7 libéré sauf le président de France dégage Marius sagna 🤫 opération protège France est ses intérêts 🇸🇳

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Gardé Marius sagna en prison c'est d'un côté protège leur pays qui se sent ménage avec le seul l'homme qui dénonce leurs magouille Guy Marius sagna président mouvement France dégage Auchan ' orange ' Eiffage ' Free total et 250 entreprises France tue l'économie 🇸🇳

🚨 les de Macky Sall reste en prison Marius sagna ' Gallas et Sarr reste en prison😔😔😔le combat continue

Yes there is a Bear Happy Hour at Rock & Roll Hotel this Friday because it’s the 4th Friday of the month! Oh how time flies when DC hosts MAL. I hope all of you had a great

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Maurizio Prollo (Ragazzi fuori, 1990)


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Guy cradled his ribs as he lay on the floor in a foetal position. His head was throbbing he tasted blood. It is said we never truly know when angels are watching over us. Guy never knew Grace Robinson, his paternal grandmother, but she knew him and she was there with him right now, unseen and unheard.


Grace’s spirit ached as she saw the young man roll onto his front and push up from there onto his knee. It reminded her of Bob when he was young, the beatings that Bob took… Her Bobby always got back up, and so did his son. Grace had come to learn that the true measure of a tough guy, wasn’t in fact how good he could fight, or hard he could punch. No, the true measure of a tough guy was no matter what you did to him, he would never stay down. 

Guy: Come on legs… nearly there.

Before he made the last push to stand up, Guy tried to figure out where he was going to go. He had no idea. One thing was for sure he wasn’t going to stay in school, he decided that he may take the rest of the day off.


Guy finally pushed up to his feet and walked off. Despite Arthur’s efforts, Guy Thomas Robinson, was like his father, and he wouldn’t stay down….