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Hey! I struggle with drawing Papyrus (mostly his skull, rip) and I was wondering, how did you find your style?

heres a quick and messy guide on the different ways i draw his greatness’ pretty skull and face.

in terms of finding my own style, i honestly change my style a lot?? i tend to find consistency hard, but i tend to go with the “adopting what you like” method? where if there are certain things you like that someone doing,  you can try to replicate it? like… DONT copy peoples stuff, but you may have noticed my earlier stuff had pap with no fangs, and now hes got fangs. This is because i saw a lot of artists that i liked giving him fangs and loved it, so i tried to find my own way to give him fangs that i liked with the way that i draw, if that makes sense??

also method 1 is good for placing things but makes his skull look wonky, i prefer him a lil more ovular and long looking, so i go for 2 and 3 for him. method 2 is literally free handing but i am ALWAYS thinking of his head in 2 parts. for refs i mostly go with the source material and actual skulls for him. and remember to practice!!! i draw for like minimum 3 hours a day and i’ve drawn pap so much i can literally free hand head now

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