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So if too much sitting is the problem, then the solution is obvious: Stand Up more! But most of us can’t quit our jobs to become a Forest Ranger. Since most of our is done at , we need to ditch our chair.

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I just had an idea to write a mini guide about my City (&whole 3city)with places worth to visit but not these overpopular. . Should I?


Strawberry Moon Magic Ritual 🍓🌙✨

Beginners Guide to Sleepovers!

  • First of all, remember what to pack: Two changes of clothes, a brush and toothepaste (and any other nightly sanitary needs), extra socks, a flashlight, and a Swiss Army knife. You’ll never know (until you do) when it will come in handy!
  • Second, the address: Sometimes, numbers can be tricky, so be sure to make sure the address is the right one. Even if you think it’s in the approximately correct spot, you don’t want to guess. Better safe than sorry!
  • Third, the house. Remeber what to check: Are the lights on? If so, feel free to go inside. Knocking is always polite though! If the lights are off, try and squint through the windows; some houses may have their blinds drawn, and if that’s the case it’s best to turn back. But if you can see inside, check for movement. Even if you can hear your friends in the yard, it’s always best to make sure. You don’t want any nasty surprises :)
  • Fourth, pets: Make sure you aren’t allergic to them. A nasty rash from a dog or cat would really put a damper on a sleepover. Even if the pets are long gone, remnants can still linger.
  • Fifth, the activities: How well do you know your friends? Do you feel safe going into the woods with them? Do you know they would have your back if things went wrong? These are all questions to ask yourself before you get too invested in any late-night excursions your friends plan. Remember, your safety comes first :)
  • Finally, have fun! If you’re not careful, this might be your last sleepover :)

Dolce Flirt vita all'università ep 13 route di Rayan

Tory leadership candidates; a summary

Most likely to win

Boris Johnson - the big one, almost definitely going through to the membership. Wanted to be PM since he was at school with David Cameron. Liberalish, especially now he’s dating a younger more environmentalist person. Campaigned for Vote Leave in 2016, though probably more for ambition than belief but might go for a hard brexit. 

Dominic Raab - next most likely. Pro a hard brexit would go for no deal and has ruled out extension, has called some feminists obnoxious bigots and defended it. He’s the only reason there hasn’t been more made of a ‘stop Boris’ campaign as it’s now more of a ‘Stop Raab’ type. Has two ovens. 

Michael Gove - Super polite adopted son of an Aberdeen Fishmonger. Hated by almost all teachers for his time as education secretary in the coalition government. The most effective Environment secretary for many years. Seen as intellectually capable it’s clear he wants to be seen as a sort of Rab Butler who  wins leadership. Backed leave and ran for leader in 2016 and got into the final three but widely seen as having backstabbed Boris who was expected to run. Has some of the most entertaining MPs like Michael Fabricant backing him as well as his old flatmate.

Jeremy Hunt - The Foreign secretary who once just refused to be sacked as health secretary and then wasn’t. Can’t remember the nationality of his wife, would back no deal brexit ‘with a heavy heart’. 

Sajid Javid - Bristol lad who would be the first POC PM and the first from a Muslim family if he won. Currently home secretary. Backed remain in 2016 but a born again leaver. 

Matt Hancock - Overenthusiastic lad who has an app. Current health sec. I also think he has an instagram and recently did a interview while walking his dog.

And the rest

Esther McVey - Only MP who is a declared backer is her fiancee. Champion of Blue Collar Conservatism, previously known for being the person the shadow chancellor wanted to ‘lynch’ and the minister for work and pensions. 

Mark Harper - Apparently he used to be chief whip. I know nothing about him. Campaigned for remain. 

Rory Stewart - The favourite amongst non-tories. Please read his wikipedia page. Really looks like a chimpanzee. Totally not a former spy… Says we need to tackle the climate crisis and is being backed by Sir Nicholas Soames and Ken Clarke. I genuinely adore him but his chances of getting in the final two are negligible. 

Andrea Leadsom - The comments about being a better leader because she was a mother were a low point for the former energy minister and since then has proved quite a lot of competence as leader of the house of commons. Very much a brexiteer. 

Steve Baker - Is he still even running? Former Brexit minister. Very brexity. 

Sam Gyimah - the most remain of the candidates. Has promised a second referendum. Apparently also had really bad breath. Former universities minister. Has no chance. 

Withdrew from the race

Kit Malthouse - was once known for the Malthouse compromise and then became the Malthouse compromise. 

James Cleverly - His mum was from Devizes so in my mind that makes him part moonraker. Most people make a slightly bigger deal of his father’s African Heritage which would also have made him the first POC PM if he won. Big on changing the reputation of the party. Quite Brexity but I’ve had a nice chat with him and genuinely a really nice guy. Would be my third choice after Stewart and Gove if he was still running. 

A Mini Guide

Title of section

Description of a scene or action.

Dialogue Options:

  • General: Neutral or branching dialogue option
    Character: Dialogue that has no specific follow up.

  • General: (Sound or other vocal implication.)

Description of place. Character is doing a thing here. [Now the transcriber, which is me, is making a dumb comment]

PC: The player character is talking.

Character (conditional modifier): Dialogue goes here! This person is talking now!

n - Dialogue Options:

  • Investigate: Line of questioning, usually loops back to dialogue branch [n1]
    + Character approval
  • Emotion: Emotion driven option [n3]
    - Character disapproval
  • General: Neutral or branching option [n4]
    +x for Divine, -x for Divine
  • Class/Race/Perk/Special: Situational dialogue
    Character: Dialogue that has no specific follow up. [n5]

n1 - Investigate
In depth description.

n2 - Dialogue Options:

  • Secondary dialogue branch
    Character: Dialogue that has no specific follow up.
    [Back to n2]

  • Dialogue that returns you to the main tree.
    Character: Dialogue that has no specific follow up.
    [Back to n]

  • Dialogue that ends conversation
    Character: Dialogue that has no specific follow up. [n5]
    - Character disapproval

n3 - Emotion
In depth description. [n5]

n4 - General
In depth description [n5]

n5 - Scene continues
More of the good stuff