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Learn how to define and identify vital records in your collection, how to create backups and how to line up your recovery services in case of an emergency.

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Pour une accessibilité de l’information en continu, Arval met son du conducteur en ligne, sur tablette, ordinateur ou téléphone mobile. Dès la livraison, les conducteurs auront la possibilité de consulter les informations liées à la vie du contrat à n’importe quel moment.

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How to see when a post was originally made, even on the mobile app

It came to my attention that not all people know about this…

Want to know when a post was made? Go to the source / original post, click the little arrow (share button) and there you can see this:

It’s that simple. This is relevant when you want to know if a post is still current to your interests or if it might have outdated information!

to save a fellow tumblr user.


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BreadTube Getting Started Guide [LEFTISTS ONLY]

Upcycling a vintage coffee table/ ocassional table

Hi thanks for taking the time to check out our latest blog post this time we wanted to let you see behind the scenes of the work we did on the fantastic looking vintage but modern coffee table this was a simple process of mainly painting but it made a big difference to the piece.

The previous owner of this table had it for a long time and unfortunately fell out of love with it but we couldn’t see it go to waste and vowed to give it a lift. first thing that struck us about the table was also what would remain the main feature which is of course the striking, glossy, real wood veneer top.

Luckily there was no damage to this and after a polish and clean it was fine to protect and leave in it’s original state.

Unfortunately the same could not be said for some of the other parts. We decided to fix some cracks on the underside, fill some holes and sand the top edge and legs.

As you can see from the pictures we found some sections of the edge had been too badly damaged.

Once these area’s had been prepped by sanding them, filling in the damage with wood filler, removing all varnish and loose dirt and dust we decided to incorporate them into the design.

After a degree of thinking we decided to settle on our favourite colours Grey and Gold we used a grey furniture chalk paint as a primer and base colour because we got such great coverage with it.

We find chalk paint is really ideal in most cases beacuse it has great texture and coverage which means we never really need a second coat or primer.

We gave the entire bottom of the table a coat as well as the legs and the top edge making sure not to get any on the top of the table or the trim on the underside we achieved this by applying masking tape to the areas where we didn’t want the paint to get to this whole process alone made a difference to the table but after the paint had dried we wanted to go a step further and apply some metallic gold details again using masking tape and careful freehand we were able to acheive amazing results.

Then once we reattched the legs and put on new floor protectors the simple and effective transformation was complete.

Our goal of creating a vintage table with a modern twist were complete.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us and please leave comments, likes and follows if you would like to show us support or ask questions you can also connect with tamed furniture ltd on facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest where can also see other pictures and details and products we have to offer thanks again see you next time.

In case anyone is curious, I finally found a more efficient and easy way to look at Alpha Protocol’s various emails than the horrendous workaround I was doing earlier. I know for a fact that some emails are missing data that is available elsewhere, like email addresses (for a prime example, using this method you’d have no way of knowing which email Uli Booli sent) but the messages themselves seem all intact.

This is Windows oriented, for reference. Anyhow:

Step One: Download Alpha Protocol, if you haven’t already.

Step Two: Go to where Steam downloads your games, and find Alpha Protocol. This may or may not looks something like this C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Alpha Protocol\

Step Three: Go to the APGame folder, then to Localization, then to INT. Localization contains most of the words you will see in game in many different languages. INT is the folder that contains English language data. If you speak other languages, this method words for those folders as well.

You will see a lot of files that look like this! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE FILE TYPE YET.

(Fun fact, I’m pretty sure at the moment that TP, TS, and TC missions are cut Taiwan missions but I’m still working on that. These files are not, however, present in the English folder, so.)

The file type will depend on what language folder you are in. INT Folder ends with .INT, Russian folder ends with .RUS, and so on.

Step Four: Find Arch_Email. In the English folder, this will be It’s at the top.

Step Four and a Half (Optional): If you want to make sure your base game is extra safe, you can copy this file to another location. You can always reverify your game though steam if you mess something up, though. And I’m not actually sure you can do anything to these files. I’m not sure you can’t either, I just haven’t checked yet.

Step Five: Open the file! Double-click it. When you do, Windows will say ‘hey buddy, how the heck am I supposed to open this’. Fair enough, windows. You will want to use Notepad to open this.

Step Six: Enjoy!

You can look at all the files in Localization this way, though some are more interesting than others.
Here's Where to Get Funko's ECCC 2019 Exclusive Pop Figures
Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) 2019 kicks off today, March 14th, and it's one of the best [...]

Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) 2019 kicks off today, March 14th, and it’s one of the best opportunities of the year for Funko fans to pick up convention-exclusive Pop figures.

If you won’t be attending the show in Seattle, you can still pick up most of the shared exclusive Pop figures at Funko’s partner retailers. For your convenience, we’ve listed the ECCC 2019 exclusive Pop figures below, complete with links where they should be available for pre-order, as well as the day and time that they are expected to arrive (updating).

Color Review is a tool to test color contrast

To help make sure that your work can be used and read by as many people as possible, always keep an eye on our blog… and the relative contrast between your colors. This makes sure that everyone has a chance to view your content, including those with color blindness. For digital work, there …