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Day By Day [FINAL]

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social media/text au where hwang minhyun is your ex-best friend & neighbour

i couldn’t let ong suffer so he got over y/n!!! & minhyun and oc are so cute??? 💓💓💓💓💓 

and thats a wrap! hope u enjoyed it :)))

MINHYUN // [Elf]

  • Is part of the Human/Creature Council
  • And makes sure the boys don’t expose themselves
  • Would come by your house every now and then
  • Because he works with your Dad
  • Who is part of the Council as well
  • And knows about the supernatural because of Guanlin
  • Has to cover up for Guanlin most of the time
  • Which he is pretty annoyed by
  • Is glad to help though
  • And everyone looks up to him because of that
  • Basically the only one who can make Seongwoo shut up
  • Acts like a Mom who wants her kids to help with chores
  • So the other boys reluctantly come to help out
  • However, ends up throwing the whole household by himself most of the time

Jisung / Woojin / Jihoon / Guanlin / Minhyun / Sungwoon / Jaehwan / Daehwi / Jinyoung / Daniel / Seongwoo


˖◛⁺⑅♡ eyes on you, a guanlin sns!au.
in which guanlin develops a crush on the senior transfer and has a month to woo her before she graduates, so he recruits the help of his friends.


a/n: other characters that i was too lazy to make profiles for will include yoo seonho, park jihoon, hwang minhyun as y/n’s brother, ong seongwoo as minhyun’s bf, and plenty more characters along the way! do look forward to this au as my comeback from my long hiatus, mwah.


Day By Day 

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social media/text au where hwang minhyun is your ex-best friend & neighbour

this part might be a bit confusing?? so to summarize, y/n apologized to minhyun and minhyun confessed that he actually had feelings too 😩😩and woojin messaged the group chat with everyone including y/n and basically the whole thing gets reveal because all of them came to y/n’s house/apartment to listen to the story (seongwu was there too 😮) and then minhyun asks y/n out ❣️


The Star | Guanlin


Day By Day

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social media/text au where hwang minhyun is your ex-best friend & neighbour

oh SHIT, ONG LIKES OC????????????? & oc finally regretting what she did especially after thinking for a long time after spending quality time with minhyun in the storm and the fact that minhyun said that the contact name is the same since 2nd year (refer to last post if confused) & the contact name will be revealed next post! (it isn’t as cute as u think but its cute lmaooo)