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Denim blue slouchy knit beanie, handmade with soft acrylic wool, can be worn as a trawler hat or slouchy beanie hat, one size fits all

Bien, pues acabo de ver el capítulo 7 de la serie documental Metal Evolution, que habla del . Que duro es ver que de la primera oleada de apenas quedan grupos en activo y la realidad de los grupos que vinieron después...😞

We cried as the exploded and danced as the came down. We lost many friends to . We witnessed music shift from to to to and #1984 was something that could never happen. . silent but

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my comfort hoodie bit the dust. My friend I’ve had you longer than my first born, nearly as long as I’ve been married. My wife insisted I chuck it, it’s still good the look suits me

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film//019011 - Bryson Tiller


Lever - “Fall” (Douse 2019)
(Recorded by Rick Fritz at Audiotree in Chicago, IL)
#Lever #LeverBand #Fall #Douse #Rock #Grunge #GrungePop #Nirvana #AliceInChains #Silverchair #TheVines #WhiteStripes #Oasis #SexPistols #Chicago #Audiotree #Distortion

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Sooo… update: I’m in the hospital again. A mental hospital. Had a mental breakdown and after that my mom decided I needed to stay in this place for some time. Honestly, it’s way better than the last one I’ve been in.

I realise I still haven’t made a post about my suicide attempt, the reason I was in the hospital last time, but don’t worry, it’s coming.

As for now, diagnosis keeps piling on. Just found out I had bipolar II. It makes sense, but it’s weird.

As for my eating disorder, well… I’m losing weight again. I know I’m eating less than I should, but I didn’t expect to lose 3kg (6-7lbs) in just two weeks that I’ve been here. My doctor knows about my ED and she’s worried. She suggested I go to an inpatient, but i declined, I just don’t feel like my situation is bad enough…