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The true meaning of Open Banking v/

A that plays together, bonds & Aims for together!! Thoroughly njoyed off-site Business Plan meet brainstorming with my Commandos

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Reposting @toc_tableofcontents: - via The tree wasn't like this yesterday. Amazing how things can bloom from one moment to another.

I’m so proud of myself for coming home and eating the healthy food I have home and not grabbing some damn fast food!!!! (I would kill for some fries though)

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on honesty & letting go:

I read this today and my heart cracked a little more. Things like this shouldn’t sting like a slap in the face. I shouldn’t feel air rushing out of my lungs as if I was just sucker punched by reality. Why is the universe screaming LET HIM GO doesn’t she see I am not done loving him? Doesn’t she understand that drowning in his sea is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced?


I’m beginning to spiral again, I know that. I am a habitual creature and I have learned this pattern as well as I have learned the ridges in his spine. I am slipping again. Stumbling. Falling for memories dripping of honey kisses on warm Saturday mornings. Forgetting the unfulfilled empiness that ate away at my stomach and soul. Choosing to ignore the selfish beast my fairy tale lover really was. I am refusing to let him go.


Facts I must force feed myself because someone said you are what you eat and I desperately need to internalize this:

  1. Bijon and I were incompatible in many ways — important ways. We wanted different things and are living different lives right now. Being with him was a strain on my mental health.
  2. I love him.
  3. Familiarity is not worth the pain. Just because he is comfortable and feels more like home than any home I have ever lived in, it does not mean he is the one.
  4. He is the only person on this planet I enjoy kissing.
  5. Bijon doesn’t know what he wants. He is noncommittal and flakey. I cannot hitch my wagon to someone who is just drifting through life. He used me as an anchor, as a form of stability but I need someone who can stand on their own two feet.
  6. We planned to name our children after celestial beings. Io and Callisto after the moons. If we had a third, Castor like the set of stars.
  7. Every time I have broken up with him, it was because he put me in an impossible situation. First he said he didn’t know if he loved me. Then he admitted our relationship felt like a chore. Most recently, he tried to possess my body and suppress my sexuality and put me in real danger. He is volatile and needs to grow because this version of Bijon will only ever cause me pain.
  8. I have tried and failed countless times to replace him but no one’s hair curls just as perfectly as his. No one’s crooked sleep fits comfortably with mine.
  9. Bijon is still growing. I am too. If we are meant for something more, we will find it eventually. If not, I have to let this go. Maybe my soulmate is someone from Rancho Cucamonga. And maybe they are not.
  10. I love him.


Truth and honesty are curious things. Two things, no matter how conflicting, can be true at the same time. I love him and I am learning to let him go. That is my truth.

I’ve been feeling selfish lately. Especially with the dreamy, emotional piscean energy this month. I’m glad we ended it with the libra super moon. Libra shows us balance and justice for people on the other side of the scale even when we feel like we deserve it the most out of everyone in the situation. It’s in fact humbling. It just goes to show, through the emotional losses I’ve had, no matter how much I want this person to reach out to me, or how much I want to start over, that I’ve been so much in my own imbalance that I have yet to see that this person is hurting so badly inside that I couldn’t see what they were going through, what they need for themselves before anything else. I kept asking myself why? I didn’t get it. But the answers will always be in front of us, and The universe has its ways of having us see. It’s humbling, every time. It’s beautiful and sad, because it’s like I’m watching him through a glass window pane. As much as I feel like this person should apologize, because that mattered above everything else in my life, that there are some things I have to unlearn.


And everynight

I ask the most high

What have I done to deserve my sun

Hes made my passage into womanhood

Such a blessing

Such a delight

Filled with peace

He shows me patience and love

And he sleeps through the night

How did I get so lucky

I prayed you’d be gentle

So calm like you’ve been here

And you’re along for the ride

Cause you know it all so well

No words and I know

Your wants and your needs

Laid back with a smirk

My perfect lil man

Something in the field is
working away. Root-noise.
Twig-noise. Plant
of weak chlorophyll, no
name for it. Something
in the field has mastered
distance by living too close
to fences. Yellow fruit, has it
pit or seeds? Stalk of wither. Grass-
noise fighting weed-noise. Dirt
and chant. Something in the
field. Coreopsis. I did not mean
to say that. Yellow petal, has it
wither-gift? Has it gorgeous
rash? Leaf-loss and worried
sprout, its bursting art. Some-
thing in the. Field fallowed and
cicada. I did not mean to
say. Has it roar and bloom?
Has it road to follow? A thistle
prick, fraught burrs, such
easy attachment. Stem-
and stamen-noise. Can I lime-
flower? Can I chamomile?
Something in the field cannot.



Jennifer Chang


Graphic - Fumiko Takahashi

Australian grass trees ~ Xanthorrhoea. “Grass trees are extremely slow growing. They take up to 10 years to start forming a trunk, and a tree with a 1 metrer long trunk could be over 100 years old!”

Credit: A NOT so secret garden


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There is always something more to learn and there are valuable lessons to be put into practice. Successful, progressive people know that this is true - do you? 

I took a few succulent leaves from the plants we have at work. What are the best conditions to get these babies to regrow? I’ve read that I’m supposed to let the ripped bits dry and callous over. Is that best done in sunlight? In the dark? Left in a bowl like this? Spread out so everyone has their own space???? Help! I’m new to this world and just want them to succccccseeeeeed (sorry for the pun) (but also not sorry)

Letter to self pt 3

You only have one life to live, treat yourself like a work of art. You are the best project you can ever work on. The mind is powerful, we are powerful. Once you learn to love every single inch of you and forgive yourself and others from any “bad” doing,  you can move forward with peace and love. 

Always listen to energy, it does not lie. Listen to that random gut feeling - sit in silence, you will find all of your answers. If it does not sit right within, it most likely isn’t.

Pray, believe, allow yourself to receive.

Put yourself first, growth is a gift, if you’re not growing - you are not truly living. Life is filled with ups and downs, you have to learn to ride the wave without drowning. You have a choice, adjust your perspective.

In life you go through experiences, they become memories and lessons.
IMF: Greece among Europe's best performers

Greece has entered a period of economic growth that puts it “among the best performers in the eurozone”.

That rather striking judgement comes from the International Monetary Fund in a new report on the Greek economy.

A senior IMF official said there were a lot of positive developments to point to.

That said, the IMF said the economy remains vulnerable, further reforms are needed and unemployment remains unacceptably high.

Greece was where the eurozone financial crisis started back in 2009, and it was the economy hardest hit.

It is also the economy that has received most by way of bailout loans, some from the IMF.

But most of the money came from the eurozone to total more than a quarter of a trillion euros.