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Life experience is the best teacher. Dont be ashamed of the bad times and dont be afraid of change.

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I heard about this from the developer a few months ago. A Ferris wheel & a Crystal lagoon that can convert to ice rink planned for North Side are set to be part of the 15-acre site along the Ohio River. ?

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โ€œDonโ€™t let unnecessary and avoidable baggage come between you and your personal success. โ€

Research estimates the number of people with physical disabilities in the could climb by 15%, which could add $16.8 billion to โ€™s GDP by 2030.

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i’m always so hard on myself. subconsciously though. i fail to realize how far i’ve come and how much i’ve achieved. i never really give myself any credit. i’m just always thinking about how i could be doing this and that & how i have to do this & that. so, 2019 i want to beable to take a step back sometimes & give myself a mental break. i want appreciate myself way more that i have this year. i’m a strong, growing 19 year old & this is only the beginning of my adulthood. it’s okay for me to be placed in these certain situations, it’s okay for me not to know what i want to do in life, it’s okay that i don’t have everything i want and that i’m not doing everything i want right now. it’s about growth and patients. i will get to my goals overtime. & as a reminder for you all, give yourself credit, appreciate your strength, and have patients, as we are all in our own time, growing at the pace that we need to be in. i love you all ❤️💫

Workout 12/16

So basically, sorry for no post yesterday, my leg workout just was all over the place and I don’t feel like anybody needs to know just how bad it went. Guess all those 4 hours of sleep nights during finals week, plus high-stress environments finally got to me. Luckily, I think I bounced back tonight doing shoulders.


——10 minutes cybex machine; 5 minutes level 12 stairmaster


——3 sets (16,14,12 reps) seated supermans (for rear delts) superset with seated lateral raise (12,10,8 reps)

——5x5 smith machine shoulder press - 225lbs! Superset laying rear delt flies (15 reps)

——2x20 reps military press @ 135lbs

——3 sets (16,14,12 reps) vertical row superset with 3 sets 12 reps single arm tricep extensions

——3 sets (16,14,12 reps) rear delt pec-deck flies superset seated shoulder press machine (12,14,16 reps)

——3 sets (16,14,12 reps) behind-the-back lateral raise on pulley machine

——3 sets (16,14,12 reps) rear delts on pulley machine - pulling out wide towards face

——3 sets (10,12,14 reps) seated dumbbell shoulder press (80,75,70lbs)

——2 sets (12,14 reps) standing lateral raise

——2 sets (20,16 reps) seated rear delt pulls

——2 sets (16,14 reps) pulley machine standing shoulder press


——16 reps ab rollouts with wheel

——16 reps hyperextensions

——16-12-12 decline leg raise (front-side-side)

——25 reps medicine ball twists (standing)

Overall felt very strong today despite being sore. I guess my body was still recovering from earlier workouts this week, plus yesterday’s all over the place power cleans. I’m just glad finals are over with and I’ll be headed to my final semester of undergrad!! My new years’ resolution is to get so much stronger both in the classroom and the gym.

Pretty soon everyone will be making goals and resolutions for next year and while that’s all well and good, don’t forget to recognize your growth and accomplishments from this year. We will always be a work in progress so it’s important to recognize that progress.


Every time someone or something tried to brake me I’ve overcome. However, without the help of good friends and loved ones I could’ve never been the man that I am today. If you have a loved one call them up and let them know how much you love them and how IMPORTANT it is to YOU to see them succeeding. 🙌🏿


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