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Tenth anniversary for Soul Guidance!! There are always good things with anniversaries, right? Make sure to check this out!

As the drops β˜”οΈfall , as hopes sprinkle, as the dreams spread amongst us, let it grow, let it spread, let it be real

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The aim of our event is to help local businesses in Portsmouth to , and ! Be part of Portsmouth's BIGGEST business event and get to know businesses in the community:

The road you take to realize your dreams can be full of twists, turns, and bumps. These challenges help you grow and take you to the next level. Do your best to embrace every moment on your journey, they will make you stronger!

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Whats the best way to get your in front of your potential customers? We write, and all leaflets and flyers to help your business ...

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Coral Spiral
An early exploration made with the great @silentpartnersstudio
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Yesterday , me and momma went out to look for cars and stumbled across an ad in Arlington . We made our drive out there and she mentioned to visit my uncle ( who works out there , but haven’t seen in years ) since we were gonna be all the way fuck out there . After the dealership , we went to the restuarant and to be honest , I was kinda nervous . He’s the uncle that shows tough love through yelling and if we say one wrong thing , we would never hear the end of it ( that’s where I get my character trait from . The Su brothers lmao ) . So basically I was nervous bc I didn’t wanna get bitched at lmaoooo !Through the roasted pork and bbq duck , ( my fatass was so excited to eat the mf duck boiiiiiiiii helllll the fucccc yaaaa ) I see my uncle . He’s getting older and I’m feeling guilty bc it has taken me years to go see him . He’s the type to work hard to make sure his family can live a comfortable life. (Which I respect so much …. but also don’t forget to live your life too ! )We ordered our food and of course the cashier didn’t want to take our money bc we are family . My mom left cash anyway bc we weren’t there for free food . We wanted to see him , and see how he was doing . Uncle goes to make the rest of our food and me and momma took a seat . Shortly after we sat down , uncle comes back out and I pat on the seat next to me ,and told him to take a breather . We updated each other about the life and of course he asks if I have a boyfriend LMAOOOO my smart ass responded :” I AINT need a boyfriend uncle ..I need a mofuckin husband.” Then, he tells me that it’s been years that we’ve seen each other and he asks me why it’s taken me this long to visit . So much guilt built up when he asked me that I almost wanted to cry ( Don’t mind me tho I’m on my period LOL ). When I went to hug him bye, I took a good look at him and he reminded me so much of my father . From looks to character , it almost felt like I was hugging my father . I could tell he was happy to see me and I’m glad we got to pay him a visit . I’m gonna make more of an effort to check on him , because we often get so caught up in life to remember that they’re getting older.

It ain’t much of a story here, but my point is to cherish the ones you have above ground. Once they’re gone , you won’t have anything left but memories of you not making time for them while they were here . I’d kill to have one last convo , last hug , last meal with my dad knowing that it was gonna be our last . See but the thing is , you won’t ever know if it’s going to be the last convo you’re ever gonna have with that person . So don’t take a single moment for granted and just live it to the fuckin fullest .

Man , I miss my father . Hope y’all had a good Father’s Day . Minus the tornado sirens and warnings of course lol

Thank you for taking the time out your life to tune in with mine . Let’s grow . Let’s thrive . Let’s prosper.


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