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Reposting : πŸ“― "If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." – Jim Rohn (RIP) - -

Thank you to Jennifer Ahenakew for taking part in our "Grow Your Career" Alumni Speaker Series. Our career fair ends today at 3:00pm at the Delta by Radisson in downtown Saskatoon.

Super proud of our hockey teams today! The children were fabulously behaved and were great hosts!

RCW had another lovely visit to The Chestnuts this afternoon. Spring was in the air as the children and residents made flowers, caught bubbles and read stories

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The flower DOESN'T dream of the bee. It BLOSSOMS and the bee comes. Wow! Great thought!

The flower DOESN'T dream of the bee. It BLOSSOMS and the bee comes. Wow! Great thought!

It's Fun Biz Fact Friday! I like to share fun tidbits I've learned. Way to go Pinterest!! πŸ’² 1.75 million people are active on Pinterest - each MONTH! πŸ’² Over 75 Billion pins have been uploaded to Pinterest (Sept 2016) Time to reslice that pie again

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Exploring spirituality

“This is the issue with some people exploring spirituality and allowing the ego to express itself and attach itself to accomplishment within the spirituality.

The ego becomes so enamored and infatuated with itself and so proud of what it has accomplished or thinks that it has accomplished that a blockage forms if there is a suggestion that it is not on the right track or the right path within a specific form of energetic and spiritual expression.

That blockage will be supported by anger and resentment and disagreement at anyone who suggests that the ego is not productive within its current fantasy of productivity. Ego is what controls how we feel. How we feel about ourselves. So it acts as the final arbiter of whether or not a certain action or series of actions feels good or not.

We must learn to distance ourself from our ego and its attachments to pleasure and from the feelings and sensations that it supports. In doing so we free ourself from the assumptions of irrefutable knowledge and the fear of changing to open into another kind of knowledge.

You might see that I correct a lot of people on this group with regards to their practices within the Kundalini. I am in constant contact with Grace, the grace that flows through me, the grace that compelled me to start this group so many years ago. It is this grace that is giving the advice. It is this grace that is making the correction. Not to tell anyone they are wrong or to assume some sort of an authoritarian position over another person but to give clear and concise helpful instruction with regards to Kundalini.

You will do as you wish. You will be open to new knowledge or you won’t be. I will urge you to do your best to not be held hostage by the egotistical expressions of seeming spiritual accomplishment.”


me talking about cavetown: he’s so sweet❤️❤️i love him so much

me talking about mxmtoon: she’s a literal angel💘💘i hope she’s having a great day



So glad I never was indoctrinated into such a horrible diet. Meat is a shortcut to essential vitamins, people! Eat it!