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I've been so lucky, blogging has made me realise a lot about myself over the last 3 years,has it made you realise these things about yourself too!

Looking for a fun evening read? 👀 Parties, grim stuff and sex stories, this is 'Confessions of a party hostel' - all first hand experiences as documented by me 😂

Amongst the craziness on Koh San Road

Those Insta-Glam Smoothie Bowls aren't as big a faff to make as you might think! I've written a whole post on how to prep them for the week ahead 🍓🍓🍓

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To all my american people how can get pregnant…

- We are all here to support you again the “Alabama law” that is again abortion


In case you weren’t following my completely excessive Instagram story today, we visited Harry Potter Studio Tour for the first time!
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8-ми МАРТ!

Днес Кай рисува за пръв път с водни бои, а аз пресътворявам произведенията му в лалета.

Честит празник, момичета! Бъдете силни, вдъхновени и упорити! Не спирайте да проявявате същността си ❤️

creemos, o nos hacen creer desde que somos pequeñes que las mujeres solo tenemos pelo en partes como las axilas, las ingles o las piernas.

No. Un alto porcentaje de la sociedad las mujeres tenemos pelos en sitios donde el cine o la televisión (entre otros) nos hace creer que ese vello es inexistente.

Las mujeres también tenemos pelos en la espalda, en el culo, en el mentón… en muchos sitios que aún teniéndolo allí y viéndose de una manera no normativa, se tienen que nornalizar y son igual de válidos que los sitios donde estamos acostumbrades a verlos. -PROYECTO SEPTIEMBRE 2018-