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I really really really want a handwriting necklace from like every single one of my loved ones... It would be like carrying messages around with them all the time

Mother's Day is just around the corner, but have got you covered with personalised cards and colourful flower bouquets …day-with-moonpig.html

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we are brave, strong, daring, smart, bold. we are women.

Happy international women’s day!! Here’s a picture of me worshiping our God which is a woman (btw I don’t believe in god) 😘

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Today is the international women’s day, thanks for the flowers but…

Toxic masculinity slill a problem

Gender pay gap still a problem

White privileges still a problem

Rape culture still a problem

Patriarchy still a problem

Slut shaming still a problem

Body shaming still a problem

Trans phobia still a problem

Muslim phobia still a problem

So thanks for the flowers but we are trying to deal whit some s**ts

8-ми МАРТ!

Днес Кай рисува за пръв път с водни бои, а аз пресътворявам произведенията му в лалета.

Честит празник, момичета! Бъдете силни, вдъхновени и упорити! Не спирайте да проявявате същността си ❤️


Happy Valentines Day!! 💝💋💘
Wow, I can’t actually believe that I’m uploading this video 😂 but here it is!
In celebration of Valentines I’m starting a new series on my YouTube channel called The Cringe Sessions, where I’ll be sharing some of my most embarrassing stories, especially dating stories. The first one is up now and link is in my bio!
All laughs and jokes aside, I thought it was important to remind each other that we all get flustered and do silly things sometimes, and that everyone goes through embarrassment. Especially for the young girls out there, I wanted to share some stories to let you know that you aren’t weird, everyone makes mistakes and you WILL get past it. And one day you’ll be able to laugh about it with friends!
Or share it on the internet instead of going to therapy. Either way!
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Ada Lovelace is great🌹

compresas y tampones que lo único que hacen es hacer daño al medio ambiente.

Nos falta mucha educación en cuanto a la menstruación.

La copa menstrual en contacto contigo misme y parte de tu cuerpo. -PROYECTO SEPTIEMBRE 2018-


creemos, o nos hacen creer desde que somos pequeñes que las mujeres solo tenemos pelo en partes como las axilas, las ingles o las piernas.

No. Un alto porcentaje de la sociedad las mujeres tenemos pelos en sitios donde el cine o la televisión (entre otros) nos hace creer que ese vello es inexistente.

Las mujeres también tenemos pelos en la espalda, en el culo, en el mentón… en muchos sitios que aún teniéndolo allí y viéndose de una manera no normativa, se tienen que nornalizar y son igual de válidos que los sitios donde estamos acostumbrades a verlos. -PROYECTO SEPTIEMBRE 2018-