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Come visit us at Solar Canada on May 8-9 in the BMO Centre. We have Guest Tickets available for May 9th free of charge. Contact us for more details. Look forward to seeing you there.

Visit our ClipperCreek booth (1707) at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, April 24-25! The ACT Expo is the largest clean fleet event with all weight classes, held at the Long Beach Convention Center. . .

"" Do you want to become part of network and make an impact on the sector in Oxfordshire? Hurry up!! The 25% discount offered with the launch of OG ends the 5th of May!! For more …

Do you want to become part of network and make an impact on the sector in Oxfordshire? Hurry up!! The 25% discount offered with the launch of OG ends the 5th of May!! For more information and to sign up, click here:

We are welcoming Jonathan Preist to Airseas ! Currently studying for an Executive Masters' degree in and at he will join us for 7 months to help us develop our sustainability strategy further

Chauffer des logements grâce aux 0px; " tag="uls informatique (au lieu de consommer de l’énergie pour refroidir les datas centers) : l’entreprise française a déployé 1 millier de ses « radiateurs-ordinateurs »

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AMAZING VEG SAVE this Easter Weekend by one of our fantastic volunteers. Check the app now before it all goes! 💚

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Biodegradable Travel Cutlery Set Spoon&Fork&Knife


We bring you the Hauz Khas Urban Wetlands!
Now operational!
Filtering dirty water from a sewage treatment plant to keep Hauz Khas Lake full and clean.
No chemicals, no electricity, all natural and looking pretty good too 😎
Thank you everyone who has volunteered, donated, @pernodricard for saving the day and the Delhi Development Authority for giving us this opportunity.

#lakerevival #thefuture #hkurbanwetlands #contructedwetland #constructedwetlands #environmentalengineering #spring #sustainable #greentech #nature #beauty #river #stream #sewagetreament #waterpollution #sdg #pernodricardindia #pernodricard #delhi #india #innovation #infrastructure #engineering #cleanwater #water #plants #ecofriendly #cleanair #lovewhatyoudo (at Lake and Monuments Hauz Khas Village)

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Missouri court rules against Tesla selling at its own dealerships in the state

Tesla continues to try to up-end the dealership system in the U.S., which generally requires that franchise-onwned dealers sell cars, vs. automakers selling directly via their own wholly owned dealerships. The latest beat in he ongoing battle comes in Missouri, where Cole County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Green decided in favor of the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association (via Autoblog)… Read More

More details on Audi’s Tesla Model S competitor emerge

Audi’s upcoming four-door luxury electric car will have a 311-mile range, along with Level 4 self-driving features (essentially full autonomy for those keeping track) and three separate electric motors, according to a new report from Autocar. The car is set to go head-to-head with the Model S, based on these new stats, and will likely be called the “A9 e-tron” when it goes… Read More

Karma Revero hybrid electric sports car revealed, complete with solar roof

The Fisker Karma is back, reborn as the Karma Revero, with a familiar look, along with a new name and some design tweaks and feature additions that mark a departure from its origins. Today marks the first time we’ve seen the Revero, revealed via images shared by Karma detailing the car’s exterior, as well as its unique solar roof and redesigned infotainment system. Karma is a… Read More

NASA funds long shots aiming to make electric and eco-friendly aircraft

One of these days we’re going to see aircraft go electric, just as cars are — but not for a while. In the meantime, we can’t slack off when it comes to the research that will make it possible. NASA has announced five research projects that may help make planes more efficient and green. Read More

Musk’s Master Plan has solar for everyone, but investors aren’t buying the dream — yet

The Tesla “Master Plan Part Deux” published tonight by founder Elon Musk proposes quite a lot of major projects, but perhaps the most far-reaching of them all is the plan to put solar on every roof and a battery in every garage. And to do that, he not-so-subtly hints, Tesla and SolarCity will need to be more than friends. Read More

Google unleashes DeepMind on energy-hungry datacenter, cutting cooling bill by 40 percent

DeepMind may be a master at one of the most complex games on Earth, but can it handle the day-to-day energy concerns of a Google datacenter? Yes, as it turns out, and with a vengeance. Read More

New Turbine Innovation Lifts Green Energy to New Heights!

via Next Great Designs:

The Altaeros Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) leverages proven aerospace technology to lift a wind turbine into the strong, consistent winds beyond the reach of traditional towers.

The completely automated, rapidly deployable system can safely and effectively bring wind power to remote sites that use expensive fossil fuel electricity today. By harnessing stronger winds, and eliminating the logistical challenges of installing traditional renewables in remote areas, the Altaeros BAT drastically reduces the cost of energy in remote communities and at remote industrial sites.

Hyperloop One proposes half-hour travel time between Helsinki and Stockholm

 Shervin Pishavar’s Hyperloop One recorded another first today, though not one as exciting as making a hunk of metal go really fast in the desert – it created a business case. The business case (via Gizmodo), created in partnership with engineering firm partners and consulting firm KPMG, is meant to walk potential investors through the value proposition inherent in a proposed… Read More

This is an explanation of my miniature biomass gasifier.


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