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Nope 🤣 it’s been said a million times before but this team is simply spectacular. and BOTH woth triple doubles

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¡ se quedó con su quinta Conferencia del Oeste al hilo! Barrió a 119-117 en OT con sus dos estandartes haciendo historia. Primera vez que dos jugadores conquistan un triple doble en . (37pts, 12reb, 11ast) y (18pts, 14reb, 11ast).

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Wishes in the onion patch and last seasons berries hanging on under this springs blossom - Terranova Monday 20 May 2019

Livin’ that smoothie bowl life 🙌 . . Ingredients: ☀️kiwi ☀️spinach ☀️mango ☀️banana ☀️soy milk ☀️blueberries ☀️chia seeds ☀️GF granola . .

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i had so much fun making this, and it took me a super long time too (roughly 3 hours). So anyone that sees this, please please PLEASE reblog it and share it with your friends, it really gives me joy when people like my art, especially if i put my heart and soul into it. thank you whoever reads this <33