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"Die große Lüge":I'm sometimes called ”political". I've alwayssupportedthe party, politiciansand ideology. Icommunicatethe and actonit.And thefactthat andthe supportandfinance me all thewaymakesit alot easier.The is whatitsallabout

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Hey Portsmouth South, I'm heading out with Hove and the Brightons for a few drinks if you fancy joining us? It could get messy 😁 🍺🍻🍸🍹💃🕺💃🥳🥴

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Huevember 2019 Day 23 - Syll Is Chill

Yes, Robe Fox’s name is Syll, Yes this is the last huevember piece I just did one more because a friend asked nicely.

sorry Japanese people if I offended you with this piece in any way, it isn’t my intention.

This piece took a lot of disposition to complete for me because IT WAS SO BORING TO COLOR IT 

I want to draw something easy and simple now