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Someone please take my card from me πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ || ||

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Anyone else who already has decorated for Christmas? I haven’t:((( and also, when do you celebrate Christmas? 24th or 25th? I live in Sweden so I celebrate the 24th:)

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When your mom agrees to you going to a friends house, but then canceling at the last second


Loving these three together ahaha

are you jealous? | g.d

Requested by 2 anons, prompts 5 and 12.

A/N: this is short, hope you enjoy! I know i’ve been so mia but I’m extremely busy studying, I’m sorry y'all. Hope you enjoy this trash anyway.

“Wow I see… I can’t but she can” you referred to the game and whispered the last part, but everyone seemed to catch it.

I think we need to talk” Grayson said, looking straight into your eyes with an almost angry expression. He had all the right to be mad at you and that made you sick to your stomach, you were being jealous of his and Emma’s friendship and that wasn’t right, principally because you were kind of mean towards her lately.

“Yeah…” Emma and Ethan looked at you two when Grayson stopped the game you all were playing together. You took your best friend’s hand, which he had offered you, and got up from the floor. He lead you to his room and closed the door behind him.

“What’s going on, Y/N/N?” he asked with a much more relaxed face now.

“I… I don’t know Gray. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it” you sighed, sucking your tears up. He grabbed both of your hands and lifted your head, which was hanging low.

“You’re being mean to Emma babygirl, and that’s not who you are” your heart fluttered at the nickname but it atill hurt knowing he was right.

“She’s just always with you and I feel like our… like that might tear apart our friendship, and I can’t stand it” you were furious with yourself for being jealous, that wasn’t who you were.

“She could never tear us apart Y/N, you’re like… so important to me”

“You know what? That’s just my sad ass excuse because I just don’t have one, I was being a jealous stupid little girl and I should just… apologize to her, and you. I’m really sorry” his eyes softened and he tucked your hair behind your ear, resting his hand on your cheek.

Wait a minute. Are you jealous? Of Emma? Of us?” he asked almost confirming it.

“I’m so fucking stupid” his thumb wiped a tear that you didn’t want to let out. “I… love you, Gray”

“I love you too, silly” he said and you smiled softly but sighed, walking out of the room hand in hand, but you stopped before entering the living room again.

“No you don’t get it, I love you like… love you” you were making emphasis to make yourself clear and by his face expression, it seemed like it worked.

“I love you love you too, Y/N/N” he kissed you passionately and you were shocked at first but then kissed back, it was perfect.

He pulled away, contacting both of your foreheads.

“What did I miss?” Ethan asked and you jumped back, but kept your hand interwined with Gray’s.

“I grew some ovaries and said it” I said to Ethan and he smiled, extending his fist for you to bump.

“You knew?” Gray asked and he nodded, but then Emma got there.

“They finally said it” Ethan said to her and she grinned.

“Really?! Oh my god, I’m so happy for you two” she said and you hugged her.

“Sorry for being a bitch” she laughed and hugged you back.

“No problem”

is anyone ready for ‘no shave november’?? let me know ya opinions on that:)))

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if im being honest it’s hot, but when it gets like that^ for me personally issa no-no, but when they got a scruff tho? yep👀

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