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Wow! I cant wait to see you guys back this Tuesday..even though I get the vid on Wednesday but good things take time๐Ÿคช You are both so strong and we are all so proud,love you so muchโค๐Ÿ’šโค๐Ÿ’™

I need more friends in the Dolan Twins fandom so if you want you can add me on Snapchat since Iโ€™m on there most of the time โค๏ธ

Hey I really hope you and E are doing well, I love you guys so much and I can't wait for the new videoโคI hope you'll see this drawing I made for you... you probably won't but a girl can dream๐Ÿ˜… Please retweet this if you want:)

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reply with your most favourite quote by the twins and I will send you a picture/gif of them happy (or just your fave if you add whose lane youโ€™re in)

I was drawing and than it turned into but Iโ€™m still soo happy that i can draw one of them but my next sketch will be of and now i canโ€™t wait to drawโค๏ธ love them soo much

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I go the person that I wanted graysons now my valentin me jk he wonโ€™t go out with a slut like me ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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Hi, beautiful๐ŸŒน I know these are really annoying and you don't wanna read this but please do. I wanna ask for some nice, caring, followers that stan the twins(obviously).and some friends too!

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Pretty Boys and Espresso, E.D.


WARNINGS: Cute baristas and good coffee.

A/N: Finally this is done! I’m surprised it isn’t longer, but I think I managed to include everything I wanted in this short but sweet fic. (Also, Barista!Ethan is such a concept. Too bad he can only make vanilla lattes.)

You took a deep breath in, the aroma of fresh coffee awakening your senses. The café was busy as usual, with some people stumbling in and out the door, and others hiding away in a corner to type away at their laptops. Hurried side conversations could be heard, the baristas calling out an order every few minutes. There was a buzzing energy about the place that you just thrived off of.

It was no wonder you came here so often. Every morning, you’d walk in, (attempt to) make conversation with some stranger in line with you, and then order one thing:


No creamer, no syrup, no questionable amount of sugar — just espresso.

Then you’d take yourself to a booth at the back of the store, one next to a window with a fine view of the palm trees, away from all the loud discussion at the front, and enjoy your coffee. You’d sit there for a while, enough time for the sweet undertones to come out from the bitter coffee, and then be on your way.

This was your everyday routine, and it had been for as long as you could remember. Every day was indifferent from the last, down to the second you entered and left the shop.

Until this morning.

You had entered the café as usual, stood in line, immersed yourself into a conversation between a mother and daughter, checked the time on your phone a few times, and when it was finally your turn, stood at the front of the line to give your order.

Without a glance at the menu, you stated, “Three shots of espresso, one cup, please.”

“I’m sorry, Miss, our espresso machine isn’t working at the moment. Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Taking a look at the barista, you froze. All memory stored in your brain was just wiped clean, because this boy’s face demanded all of your attention. His hair was chocolate brown, parted at the side and like a wave atop his head, with little wings peeking out from behind his pierced ears. He had a jawline so sharp, you swore you would cut your finger if you even brushed against it. A mole was placed right in the middle of his right cheek, quite the attractive feature, and you swooned at his plump, pink lips forming a disgruntled frown —

You suddenly snapped out of your trance, blinking cluelessly before blurting out, “What?”

He let out a long sigh, probably for the hundredth time that day, before repeating himself, “I said, our espresso machine is down. Would you like anything else?”

Your cheeks flushed with embarrassment, and to save yourself from further humiliation, you gave a quick, “No, thank you.”

And with that, you left.

The next day, you were still so red-faced from your encounter yesterday that you almost skipped your daily trip to the café. The only thing that pulled you out of bed that morning was your thirst for good coffee. You just hoped he wouldn’t be working today.

So, pushing your dignity aside, you beelined out the door and into your favorite coffee shop once more. As the familiar aroma of coffee hit you, the weights were lifted from your shoulders, and you were once again the ray of sunshine everyone knew and loved (or avoided, you were a bit too lively for some).

But life has a way of smacking you in the face, and when you reached the front of the line, you were met with the same golden-boy from yesterday.

Flustered, you attempted to give him your order, but nothing came out, your mouth opening and closing like a fish’s.

What is wrong with you, Y/N, you’ve had the same order since freshman year. Spit it out, you trout.

“Express?” What?

You looked down at your feet, your shoes all of a sudden more worthy of your attention than Mr. Pretty-Brown-Eyes. That’s a lie, you’d be happy to give him all 24 hours of the day.

A deep chuckle brought your head back up.

“You mean espresso, sweetheart?”

Your lips parted, before nodding your head rhythmically.

“Sorry, Miss. Still broken.”

It had been a week since your last encounter with pretty boy. In an attempt to salvage the last scraps of your dignity, you had avoided him and the café all-together.

All of a sudden, your routine had gone from enjoying a few shots of espresso every morning at the coffee shop to staying home an extra hour and settling for a cup of bland coffee. And you were sick of it.

As a college student and overall coffee fanatic, caffeine was a priority, and keurig just wasn’t cutting it.

Soon enough, you were doomed to do your walk of shame to the café.

Only this time, he wasn’t there.

The barista taking your order had on a confused expression, probably at your face of utter disappointment.

Didn’t you just get done avoiding him, for like, a week?

“Can I get you anything?”

You chewed on your bottom lip nervously, before deciding you might as well ask while you were here, “Yeah, um… I was wondering… that boy, the pretty one, with the mole on his cheek? Is he here?”

A smirk grew on the employees face, “Pretty, huh? You must be talking about Ethan. I just saw him head out, not sure if he’s done for the day, though.”


You felt a harsh shove, before the disgruntled man behind you yelled out, “You’re holding up the line!” A series of huffs and complaints followed.

“I’ll have three shots of espresso in a cup, please.”

As if your day couldn’t get any worse, your usual booth was being occupied by an elderly couple, and the only seat available had a stubborn view of the back parking lot.

At least the espresso machine is finally working.

You let out a sigh, resting your cheek on your open palm as you stirred your hot coffee. The steam came up out of the paper cup, nearly blocking your line of sight.

You just happened to make out a mop of hair that caught your attention.

Waving away the steam from your face, your assumption was correct. There he was, pretty boy (or Ethan, you supposed, though your nickname was much more suitable) leaning against a wall, hand combing through his full head of hair as he spoke into the phone at his ear.

Without a second thought, you rushed out the back door (which was an emergency exit, but you were too immersed in the moment to care) and into his field of view. He took one look at you, before mumbling a rushed, “I’ll talk later, Gray,” into the phone and hanging up. You walked closer, hips swaying and confidence booming.

“Hey, Pretty Boy. What do you say you make me some coffee?”

He chuckled, that deep, raspy sound, and tooks a few steps towards you, until you were only a breath away from each other. The height difference was comical, and he had to crane his neck down to give you his signature smirk.

“Let me guess, espresso?”

A grin made its way across your face, “You remembered.”

“You don’t just forget a face like yours,” you felt the blood rush to your cheeks, “I’ve never seen one the same shade of red.”

You gasped, slapping his bicep, “Hey!”

He gave you a soft smile, before gently placing a hand on your elbow, guiding you to the door, “I’m only kidding, sweetheart. How much creamer was that, again?”


“Of course.”

After that day, it was safe to say that Ethan had earned himself a place in your heart, right next to your love for good espresso.

some details x grayson dolan

there’s many more ik but i couldn’t really add 30+ pics-

hey, this is my first post and i wanted to just let everyone know this page is not intended to hurt anyone it’s all just for fun. i’m going to try my very best to keep it a positive place.

also for any imagine requests pls make sure to tell me what scenario you would want and any specific details and more importantly with who. i’ll try my best to finish them as soon as i can!

anyways lots of love to you all & have a great day

Is it true?

This is short and its fluff. (idk how to categorize this and I thought I was fluff so……. yeah)

I just started writing so maybe if you could say something about how it was or constructive criticism I would really appreciate that.


Y/n had been Grayson’s best friend for about 8 years. That knew everything about each other, Grayson even knew about Y/n’s not-so-little crush on Ethan.

That leads you to now- when Grayson slipped up while on the phone with Y/n. He kept taunting her about her crush on Ethan, without checking if he was anywhere near. SUPRISE! He was at the door.

“What the fuck Grayson?! Seriously?! No. Haha funny joke but it’s over now! Tell me the truth!”

Grayson kept his eyes glued to his feet while being yelled at by his best friend.

“Is it true?”

Ethan popped his head in.

“Please leave”, y/n said to Grayson.

“Y/n, is it true?”

“Is what true?”, she decided to go the dumb route.

“Is it true you like me?”

“No, that’s not true. I don’t like you. I love you. I have for the past 6 and a half years. Now can we just forget about this? It’s obvious you don’t-“

Y/n got cut off by a pair of warm lips on hers. They fit together like puzzle pieces.

Ethan pulled away and said “I love you so much. I just thought that you didn’t feel the same way so I hid it for so long. The past 8 years actually.”

“The whole time?”

“Yeah…” Ethan said while turning red as a tomato.

Y/n pulled him back in by his shirt and kissed him so passionately it was like fireworks. (A/n: I know fireworks is cheesy but just roll w it)

“Aren’t you glad he was listening?”, Grayson shouted from the other room.

“Still mad at you!”

Please don’t use the twins Dad as a prompt.

I feel sick to even have to say this. I just saw a story using the twin’s fathers situation for a story. You guys please don’t do this. It’s disrespectful. You don’t know the twins mental state. I can safely say they probably don’t want to hear about their father’s tragic fate in a fictional story piece. It’s beyond disrespectful and potentially harmful. If you have already done this please take it down. We don’t need to send that vibe out there. Please don’t be that person. I know the twins seem okay and they’re slowly coming back but it infuriates me that they might come across a story like that. So please no matter if you didn’t mean harm please don’t. In the unfortunate case that you did please delete it. It’s never okay to take something tragic and twist it in for a “better” or more “real” story. Please don’t try to benefit off a heartbreaking situation.

wet dreams ethan dolan (part one)

i was listening to wet dreamz by j cole so like recommend listening to that🥴 also idk how i long i wanna make this so we’ll see might be more than one smut scene, aLso it’s my first time doing it from the twin’s pov so bear with me lmao, tELL ME IF YOU WANT A PART TWO!

(lil dt to my mother @lilac-dolans since she’s in ethan’s lane🥵 and a dt to my actual daddy @grungegrant)

summary: ethan is incredibly attracted to the new girl in his math class and what started out as innocent flirting soon progressed in something much more

warnings: cursing, suggestive language, mentions of smut, and yeah


i was currently in the hall talking with my friends talking about random shit like we usually did. the school bell rang signaling it was time for class so we quickly finished up,

“alright,” i walked backwards and pointed at them, “I’ll see you guys after class”

With a chuckle i turned back around smoothly draping my bookbag over my shoulder and chewing the gum in my mouth. Walking into my first class of the day, mathematics, i went to the very back to my main seat hanging my bookbag on the back of the chair. Not caring to pay attention to my surroundings as nothing ever changed. i reached into the side of my bookbag, grabbing a pencil and faced the front of the class still obnoxiously chewing my gum whilst tapping my foot.

“Can you please stop chewing so loud” i heard a voice speak beside me,

I quickly turned my head furrowing my eyebrows at the person my mouth gently falling open and the gum nearly falling out from the sight in front of me. she was gorgeous, long hair, beautiful soft caramel skin and the prettiest doe eyes i’ve ever seen. i just stared at her for a few minutes before i realized how weird i probably looked,

“Oh yeah my bad” i smirked beginning to chew my gum once again, this time quieter not daring to break eye contact

She sent me a quick nod and looked back to the front of the classroom where the teacher was sorting through papers. I carefully ran my eyes over her body licking my lips in the process before i snapped back into reality,

“Hey you gotta pencil i could borrow, forgot mine” i whispered with a slight grin

I tucked my own pencil into the sleeve of my sweater my eyes locking on her as she nodded. She gave me a look before she bent down to reach into her bag. My eyes quickly ran down her body once more, instantly landing on her ass, her perky fat ass. i bite my lower lip those leggings of hers giving little to no imagination. I cleared my throat as she leaned back up and turned to me, a soft smile placed on her lips,

“Here you go” Her angelic voice spoke

As she outstretched her arm i took the pencil from her my fingers grazing upon her skin as i did so, soft.

“Thanks. i’m Ethan by the way” i slowly licked my lips

“y/n” She smiled before turning back to the front of the class as the teacher began speaking

Math class just for a whole lot more fun.

* * * *

Math class ended and I closed my notebook and stuffed it into my bag along with my pencil. Quickly I stood up going to exit wanting to catch up with the girl to try and catch her number. I left the room and glanced around at all the kids and groaned as she was no where to be seen. I rolled my eyes and turned on my heels heading to my next class of the day, bummed out.

Still chewing that gum obnoxiously in my mouth as i pushed the door open to my next class. Walking in i plopped down in the front sitting next to my brother, Grayson. I kept my eyes locked on the board in front of me the only thing in my mind being her. More importantly the things i could do to he-

“Yo E”

My head snapped over to the voice knowing it belonged to my brother, obviously. Clearing my throat, i shifted a bit in my seat and sat up straighter my attention diverting to him,

“What’s up man?” i whispered with a raised eyebrow

Grayson leaned over but not before glancing around making sure no eyes were on us. A cocky smirk grew on his lips as patted my shoulder,

“I don’t know,” he glanced down, “You tell me bro”

My eyes quickly widened as i shot him a glare, my hand reaching down to pull my sweater down as best as i could. Using my other hand i shoved him away from me as a scoff fell from my lips as he laughed as quietly as possible,

“Shut up you fucking idiot” clenching my jaw i divert my attention back to the front of the class

I glance down at the notebook in front of me that currently has nothing written down, fuck. Licking my lips i sat up a bit straighter and began copying everything off the board word for word, trying my best to catch up before the bell rang.

* * * a week later * * *

I was currently on my way to school, my brother driving cause my mind was far too distracted. y/n and i had gotten a lot closer recently. Well we haven’t talked much out of class but during we can barely shut up to the point where we’ve started passing notes. There’s also been a lot of flirting going on. Quickly i got knocked out of my trance as my brother shut the car off and hopped on out. Licking my lips i stuffed my phone into the pocket of my hoodie i quickly got out as well. I was incredibly anxious to see her again even though it was only a day. I entered the school building giving my brother a quick nod before i quickly made way for math class. As i made it to the door i walked in and to my seat, she wasnt here yet. With a soft sigh i dropped my bag down and sat down with my pencil in hand tapping it along the desk.

My eyes quickly looked up as i heard that beautiful laugh that i’ve luckily been able to grow used to. Sitting up i bit my lip as i took in her appearance. She was talking to a student leaning against the door and i just watched the way her incredibly plump lips glided against one another, the lip gloss spread across them highlighting them ever more. Biting my lip a bit harder as she started walking to her seat, my eyes scanned down her body more she was wearing skinny jeans that perfectly sculpted her ass and them thighs, god them thick ass thighs that i wish could just be wrapped around my hea-

“Hey Ethan” she smiled at me

Quickly i locked eyes with her my lip popping out from between my teeth as i flashed her the most innocent smile i could manage. Completely trying to hide the fact that i was just having those thoughts.

“Hey y/n, looking beautiful today as always” i shot her a playful wink as she sat down

She giggled softly causing my heart to flutter in the slightest before she looked away but not before i caught onto the slight blush that had rose to her cheeks.

“Oh shut up” she looked back over to me tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear

Her hair was currently in its natural curly straight and it suited her so beautifully, she was beautiful. Leaning my elbows on the desk a bit i proceeded to ask her how her morning was. Which quickly led to some small talk before we rudely got interrupted by the teacher shushing is. Rolling my eyes at them i shot her another smile before we both diverted our attention back to the teacher and their pointless words. About halfway through the lesson i had grown bored and glanced over at y/n, only to catch her writing down on a small piece of paper. My eyes glanced to her face seeing her shoot me a playful look as she crumbled up the piece of paper and casually dropped it on the floor with a soft smirk. Glancing back up at the teacher i stretched my arms casually and shifted to lean down and ‘tie my shoe’ grabbing the paper. I sat back leaning back a bit and carefully began to open it, not wanting to rip the thin paper. Once i successfully opened it, my eyes widened at the words written upon it,

“you over have sex before?”

Clearing my throat slyly i felt my palms start to get sweaty. Where did this come from so suddenly? I bit my lower lip deciding to play it cool, looking over at her i shot her smirk and licked my lips, ripping off a piece of paper from my notebook myself. Quickly i picked my pencil back up, i began writing,

“Of course i had sex before”

knowing i was fronting..

“i’m like pro baby”

knowing i was stunting..

Quickly folding the piece of paper, i stretched my arms out once more casually dropping the paper successfully into her lap. Feeling my heartbeat continue to pick up pace. But i couldn’t tell her the truth, i haven’t been in pussy since the day i came out one, but she didn’t need to know that. Biting my lip i watched her closely as she read the note, picking up on the noticeable blush that arose onto her cheeks. The anticipation killing me as she began writing on the back of the same piece of paper, slyly handing it over to me this time, hoping she didn’t notice how clammy my hands were. I anxiously opened the piece of paper feeling myself more alert then i have ever been before,

“Oh you a pro baby? well i want you to show me, my mom’s gone for the weekend.”

Feeling my heart rate pick up even more as i clenched my jaw slightly. I bit my lip for the hundredth time today as i got another small piece of paper and began writing my response. My mind wandering all over the place as i did so just beginning to imagine everything. I began thinking about how her body looked naked while she laid on the bed. I mentally groaned as i shifted a bit in my seat, fixing my shirt over my bulge that became more prominent as my thoughts progressed. I glanced up at the teacher seeing he was calling on students now to come to the board, oh god please don’t make me stand up. I gripped my pencil in my hand and quickly wrote my response,

“yeah baby sounds like a plan”

Tried to play it cool, sound like the man. I slyly gave the note back to her watching closely once again as she read it. she went to respond i saw but the bell ringing beat us to it. I shot her a quick wink as i stood up and grabbed my bookbag walking out as calmly as i could. As I made it to my locker i calmed down a bit and slouched against it, wondering how this was going to work.

Knowing damn well i was a virgin..

there was this other guy…


hi i got in my feels and this was the outcome

i love that boy so much oh my god holy moly