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hey so I’ve decided that my new piece of writing is going to be a camp counselor!grayson that I’m already 1k words in deep so!!! yeah got that going for me no idea when it’ll be up but :’))))

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somebody else (p.1) - G.D

summary: y/n relationship is going down the hill and she decides to call her old friend. 

words: 2.8k


“You know what? I’m done. Call me when you will be in the mood to talk.” Y/N hang up her phone and signed. It was the third time this week when she tried to talk with her boyfriend Mike but he just made excuses that he was busy.

YN and Mike was always known as the perfect couple. They always were together. You could always spot them in the local café drinking their favorite drinks and being cute, or they always walked hand in hand on campus giggling at something and you could always see how both of their eyes sparked joy just looking at each other. But something has changed.

For the past couple of weeks their relationship was going down the hill. Y/N was seen walking alone on the campus with a tired look on her face. You could easily tell she was losing sleep. Also, the baristas at that local café noticed that Y/N got her drink only by herself which was very strange for them. Lots of people noticed that but nobody asked what happened. And if somebody would have asked what happened – she wouldn’t know what to answer because she didn’t know either.

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of gods and monsters: i. something wicca this way comes

Y/N walked down a hall in the St. Terese’s  University of Wicca and Wizardry. It was 11:00 at night and  she had class tomorrow morning, do you think that’s going to stop her from doing what she was about to do? The answer was no. She walked across campus to the boy’s campus and entered it. For a magical establishment, it was very easy to sneak into parts that you weren’t supposed to be in.

She stopped when she got to the floor she needed to be on. “Well there’s no going back now,” she muttered. She walked down the dark hallway and turned the corner. When she got the room she was looking for she knocked. “Just a second!” She heard from behind the door.

When the door opened, she and the person she’d been looking for locked eyes. “I’ve been waiting all day for you,” he said, “I was starting to think you’d gotten scared.”

Y/N scoffed. “I’m never scared. I just have a test tomorrow. I was studying all day.” There was a beat of silence before the boy moved aside to let her in. She took in the room, she’d never been in here before. Their previous…excursions had all occurred either in her room or in random places around the school. “You know Michael, if I didn’t know any better I wouldn’t even think you had a roommate,” Y/N said, “We should fuck here more often.” If there was one thing she wasn’t, it was subtle.

Michael came up behind her and started to kiss her shoulder. “Lucky for us, he charmed his side of the room,” he came around to her front and took her lips. “He can’t hear or see us,” he took off her robe, “Now are you going to fuck me or are you going to keep talking?”

Y/N and Michael had an…agreement. No strings attached. Just raw, emotionless sex. Y/N has managed to keep it that way for over 6 months, however she is so sad to say that this is the last time this will ever happen. Michael is a cute guy, and a sweet one really, but the sneaking around and hiding it from everyone was more stress than it was worth. “We can’t do this anymore,” moaned out as he thrust inside her.

“Do you really- fuck — think thi-this is a good time to be having this conversation?”

Y/N flipped them over so that she was on top. She didn’t really want to have this conversation. She really like Michael. He was cute, funny, and very well endowed. Unfortunately despite good dick and conversation, you knew this needed to end, and end quickly before one of you caught feelings. When they finished, you rolled off of him and flopped onto his bed.

“So…you really wanna end this?” Michael asked after he caught his breath.

She sighed. This might be a little hard. “Can we still be friends?” She asked, hopefully, “I really like you, Michael. But I really don’t want to get caught up in the sex thing. Not to mention we’ve been hiding this from our friends for ages.”

“I guess, I mean you have a point. I’m really gonna miss this particular part of our friendship,” he laughed. Y/N laughed and hit him on the chest.

“I guess I better get going.” She got up and started to put her clothes back on. “I’ll see you in class, friend…without benefits.” With that she was on her way back to her coven house. They’d kill her if they realized she snuck out.


Ethan was a man of many talents. Being in the wrong place at the right time was one of them. When he saw Y/N  Y/L/N, STU2W’s resident good girl sneaking out of the room of Michael Crenshaw’s room, he knew something was up. He really couldn’t risk blowing his cover, and he really needed to be at that meeting right now, but his interest was peaked. He thought about shape shifting and following her. He had a good feeling that whatever it was that was going on wasn’t worth missing his meeting with the Council over. He’d be seeing her around. He took one last look at her retreating body and shifted, going off to meet his brother.

When Ethan and Grayson got to their destination, they shifted back into their true forms. They were all bronzed muscle and godly muscles. What was to be expected when they were, in fact, gods. “Father’s expecting us to have something to bring to him tonight. Do you have anything?” Grayson asked him. He looked nervous, a pout gracing his plump lips.

Ethan wrung his hands nervously. “Nope,” he said, popping the ‘p’, “You?”


They walked up the stairs to Mount Olympus, the journey seemed longer than normal. They were nervous. That much was evident. Their father expected news of them about the going ons at the school of magic. There was nothing they were able to get without blowing their covers. All they knew was there was without a doubt, something happening at St. Terese’s School for Wicca and Wizardry. When they got up the steps finally, they came up to the guard.

“Names please, m’lords,” he bellowed out. He was an old man of short stature. Don’t be fooled, however he was Olympus’ strongest guardian.



The guard let the two brothers in and then began the journey to the throne room.

They walked in and there sat the rest of the Twelve. In the center, eagle on the arm of his throne and cloud hanging overhead, sat Zeus. He didn’t look like he needed to be pissed off today. That just made the two of them more nervous to report their bad news.They took their respective seats among the other 12.

“Let’s get down to business,” Zeus started, “The news on the other gods?” He looked at Aphrodite. The original beauty queen herself, Aphrodite was the epitome of confidence. She presented her news just as gracefully. “All is well father. They are all staying in their lanes. The Nordic gods rely on the old hags. The egyptians peacefully rest where they belong. The other African deities rely on the vodun. The wiccans and sorcerers still rely on us. We’re in power right now and it doesn’t seem to be wavering.” She had good news. Maybe it’ll chase the bad news.

“And the news at the magic school?”

“Nothing father,” Ares said.

“We can’t even get a word in on them. Whatever it is they’re doing, they know that we are watching them,” Hermes said.

Zeus sighed. He can’t catch a break around here with these kids. He pinched the bridge of his nose to redirect his anger. “Have you guys tried disguising yourselves? Eavesdropping?”

The two brothers nodded their heads. “They  speak in some sort of code. It makes no sense. We’ve only been able to distinguish when meetings are taking place, and where they do,” Hermes said.

“Have you been to any?”

“Yes, father,” said Ares, “The meetings are in code as well. We’ve only dissected that there was a major plan in the alchemy department. We have nothing else.”

Zeus sighed. “Well, keep looking. I’m expecting news next time, you two. Moving on.”

The two brothers sighed. They sighed in relief, but they knew they weren’t going to be so lucky next time. They needed to get some evidence, and they needed to get it quick.

A/N: Okay I literally just finished this so sorry for any grammatical errors. Pls leave feedback and let me know what you think. The next chapter is gonna be mostly world building with a little plot. As for which twin is Ares and Hermes, y’all can guess. I have in my head who is who, and I’ll eventually reveal it. See ya next tuesday, creeps.

ethan saying he likes to eat ice in emma’s video really got me messed up. imagine him crunching away on his ice while you’re just typing on your laptop. Out of nowhere he just starts relentlessly attacking your cheeks and neck with little cold kisses and making you giggle until you’re gasping for air. he eventually kisses your lips and slowly works his ice cold tongue against your warm tongue, and the sensation is just so different and things get heated and well…let’s just say ethan had one hell of a time seeing you squirm and grind your hot pussy against his cold tongue


hello my darlings, zo (@obsidiandolans) here

okay so i’ve been thinking a lot lately about my blog and lack of activity, realizing I haven’t uploaded a single thing about the twins in a long time. i’ve found myself less passionate about writing fics about them, I don’t know why; the thing is, i just don’t enjoy it as much anymore.

please, don’t panic! I won’t be leaving this platform anytime soon, but I think I want to make some changes around here. my blog has always been multi fandom, just a bunch of random shit floating around somehow, but the @ always represented the main content i posted about an that was the twins.

so i think i’ll be changing my @ to something that suits me better, because I don’t find it quite related to what im posting anymore. i’ll have to change a lot of stuff and re-do my masterlist but that’s okay, there will be a lot of stuff to remember the past and the way I got to where i am rn with a lot of support of my amazing if’s.

this doesn’t mean i’ll stop posting about ethan and grayson or maybe writing some little things here and there, but i’ll eventually put all of my DT writing inside a book that already exists on my wattpad, and delete them from here (or not). It’s just for a change, not to erase it because it brings me a lot of joy.

I’ll still be writing a lot, so keep an eye out for that!! hope you support my decision and are excited for what’s to come here!!

but to keep the tradition, welcome to @obsidianspidey !!!

One Night (g.d)

s o n g : paradise - khalid

a / n : once again, i got way too excited. also what better thing to post after a break than an on-brand song based imagine? constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged :)

disclaimer! : im not in college, therefore if it’s not up to par, I apologize

w o r d. c o u n t : 3.7k


Originally posted by erosdolan

You walked nervously as your heels annoyingly slapped the concrete. Fear crawled over your skin as you thought about what people would think of you. As you were approaching the lively house, you could practically feel the deep bass of the music thumping through your veins. To say the very least, this is not how you expected to spend the night before exams.

No, this was more of an impulsive decision, which was one of the many mistakes on your part. You were in the library just a mere 2 days ago, trying to find a book that seemed to include anything remotely close to the things you “learned” in Physics. You sat at the very end of the last table, impatiently bouncing your knee when all you seemed to focus on was intense migraine that was inevitably going to make its arrival in the morning due to an unreasonable amount of caffeine you’d consumed.

On top of that, there was a group of obnoxiously loud girls just a few tables over that stumbled in wearing neon clothing. They were rambling about some Cody and some Nick at a party they were at earlier. You really couldn’t care less about whoever they were talking about and wherever they had come from, but a small comment sent you off the hinges, again, most likely thanks to the caffeine.

As they were walking out, they one with vibrant green coat looked glanced at you before whispering, quite loudly, “Imagine being so boring that you spend a Friday night at the library.”

It shouldn’t have offended you as much as it did because, after all, it was a few days before finals that were extremely crucial to your grade and you hadn’t recalled a single thing you learned in any class. But the way she spat “boring” with a weird venom laced in her sentence bit quite hard at your ego. You weren’t boring! Were you? No, you weren’t. And you had the sudden urge to prove that to yourself, if not those girls. Just one night to prove that you could ditch all worries.

So, you got intel from a class acquaintance that there would be a party near the rival university Sunday night. At this point, you hadn’t even considered the fact that one of your hardest exams would take place bright and early; you just wanted to let loose and have fun because you were a fun person. But now, you’re seriously about to rip the heels off your feet and walk back to your dorm.

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Her Brother | G

fluffyyyyyyyyfamily meeting stuff

“My dad is an art curator at museums in New York and Miami. I think it’s where I get my creative part of me, even though he can barely paint a stick figure.” She lightly laughed, keeping her eyes on Grayson’s hand that was in between hers, tracing her fingers on each vein she could see.

“My mom is just a.. stay-at-home mom. She runs errands and tries to keep our house perfect and takes care of my brother all day. She’s one of the people who volunteers for everything and can bake cookies without even looking at a recipe.”

“I thought you said your brother was like seventeen, doesn’t he go to school and stuff? Sports?”

Her finger froze in one spot on the tip of his thumb, “Yeah, he’s seventeen.” She paused, pulling her hand back to her chest, “He’s autistic .. and kind of non-verbal. So my mom is with him all of the time.”

They both sat in silence. She didn’t grab his hand back so he dropped it to her leg, squeezing it in consolation.

“He’s amazing. I can’t imagine a better brother.” He noticed her smile a little, “I miss him a lot. That was one hundred percent the hardest thing about moving here. Being away from him.”

“Why have you never told me?”

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So like I know no one asked for this but I wanted to write something angsty. Idk man, I just wanted to start posting regularly. Hope you enjoy though 😂💜

This is a Gray fic (again) 😂 I don’t know why but he’s sorta easier to write for. I do plan on writing an Ethan fic though...


A/N: this is based on the song In my head by Ariana Grande. Highly recommend you guys listen to it before reading 😂. This probably sucks so bad omg


You were pretty sure you looked maniacal at this point, tears streaming down your face as a bitter laugh escaped your lips. You looked up at Grayson who looked down in shame. His torso was exposed, the lights above revealed his tanned abs and his thick shoulders, now littered with scratch marks and lipstick marks placed there by someone else. Someone that wasn’t you. His hair was tousled as though someone ran and scrunched their fingers through them. You didn’t want to believe it, this was all some sick twisted joke. But when you saw the love bites on his neck and his embarrassed face, your heart dropped and you were hit with the cold hard truth of reality.

When you entered your home tonight, you just wanted to watch a movie, indulge in ice cream and have the arms of the person you thought was faithful around your waist, like he’d done so previously. Little did you know your entire world would come crashing down. All those cheesy love lines he recited to you at the early hours of the morning cuddled in bed, made you believe that to him you mattered. His arms would be around your hips bringing you close against his body, his warmth travelling to you making you feel protected and happy in his embrace. Back when he used to shower you in endless affection and love.

You didn’t know what happened but he had changed. He wasn’t the cute, soft and cuddly Grayson you met. He seemed more annoyed, more aggraved and it wasn’t possible to talk to him without feeling like you were wasting his time.

Everyone has flaws including yourself, but because you were so drunk in love with him, you chose to not concentrate on them. Your flaw was trusting people so easily, allowing them in your life because you thought they genuinely cared. Your family and friends always received certain vibes from him that weren’t good. They too noticed how much he’d changed in a span of a couple months. They tried to get to you, trying to tell you that maybe this relationship wasn’t any good. You couldn’t help but blame yourself for the behaviour he directed at you. Yet even then, you still disregarded their opinions and pretended everything was going to out good. But the signs came in quick and subtle. One night he was out late and you stayed down in the living room, pacing the floor worrying about him. Was he okay? What happened to him? Is he safe? You looked back to your phone to see no call from him. You were at the brink of tears, having already gone to his voicemail 10 times already. Your phone rang and you jumped happiness and relief flooding your body in hopes it was Grayson but that left when it was your sister calling you.

“What?” You barked angrily. You were already on edge, needing to make sure that Grayson was okay. “Y/N….he’s not home is he?” She replied softly and you paused, sadness and anger swirling in your stomach as tears began to make their way down your cheeks. “No he isn’t and….fuck man, what do I do?? What do I do if he’s in trouble? He’s not answering-” “babe, calm down. You’re gonna get a panic attack if you continue” you sister cut off your rambling, making sure you took deep breaths. “He’s gonna be okay. He’s probably stuck in traffic or something….did you hear sephora is having a sale!” She squealed and reluctantly, you let out a small laugh. She was doing this to distract you and…it was working. Both of you laughed and talked over the phone for hours, your heart becoming a little lighter than before. “And then-” you heard a door slam and shot up, a wide grin on your face.

“Grayson! I was…-” you took in the sight of him, dread swirling in the pit of your stomach. He couldn’t….no he wouldn’t cheat on you….right? His normally gelled and neat hair was now messy as though someone had played with it. He barely acknowledged you and walked straight past, his gaze firmly planted on the ground. But as he walked past, you smelled woman’s perfume. It smelt like a cheap knock off of Calvin Klein into you. “Um Gray where were you tonight?” You asked as he stood on the worst step of the stairs. He froze and paused before turning round, his eyes narrowed at you. “It doesn’t matter. I was put with some friends” he replied quickly, making you doubt the words spilling from his mouth. But because it was Gray, you took the excuse and smiled half heartedly at your boyfriend. Boyfriend, a funny word to describe the relationship. At this point, you didn’t know if he even loved you. But you pushed those thoughts aside, not able to think about it right now. “Okay…well goodnight” you gave a sweet smile. “Night” he muttered. He gave you a small smile which warmed your heart before his face turned to his regular annoyed expression. He turned around and ran up the stairs. You sighed sadly, looking down at the floor. Your heart dropped when you realised you left the phone on, quickly rushing over to it. You weren’t in the mood to hear her talking anymore and you cut it off. ‘Why me?’

“Don’t give me that bullshit” you hissed, hands clenching into fists as you tried to reel in the anger, unsuccessfully. “I’m so sorry peach-” “don’t call me that! Just….don’t” your heart broke and more tears fell your eyes. The nickname he promised it was only yours. That it only reminded him of you. But that’s what he probably said to the other girl he was fucking in your shared bed. “I-I gave you chances on chances and what did you do? You broke me Gray. Fucking broke” your voice went high by a few octaves, the pain too much to deal with. He cheated on you before but you took him back because you thought he truly loved you. People around you gave you disapproving looks, your family and friends told you to not take him back. But you can’t control who your heart loves.

It wasn’t easy to leave Grayson altogether, how could you leave the man where most of your happy memories were with? You thought he would change, you wanted him to change. Your imagination created someone who was perfect on your mind, someone who loved your every flaw and maybe that’s why you stayed with Grayson. Because he didn’t judge you for who you were. Or maybe because you were in need of someone who you could call your own. Who knows? You knew that partly of the situation you were in was on you. Because you painted him in a good light, completely disregarding the pain he caused you. He was your knight in shining armour when you were going through those stressful times. He came to you when you were breaking down. And you took him to be a permanent person in your life. God only knows you’d rather take those stressful times back in a heartbeat if it meant not dealing with this situation, which was considerably alot more worse than anything you’ve gone through.

“Just listen to me Y/N! I just-” “You listen to me Grayson! I’ve had it with you” you yelled, firmly and angrily. Grayson eyes widened, you never used this tone of voice on him, hell he hadn’t even heard you use this tone of voice on other people.

He stepped closer but you took a step back, throwing your arms in front of you for space. “I-I thought you were the one Grayson! I thought that maybe..” You teared your gaze away from him and to the floor, not able to look him in the eyes without hugging him tightly. The pain and regret in his eyes were enough for you to hug and kiss him again. But you knew in your heart, this was enough. It was time to think about you.

“I thought….I thought you could be fixed. I wanted you to be the Grayson I fell in love before. And then….” your bottom lip trembled as you met his gaze. Grayson wanted to say something, anything to make you stay. But he knew you were serious. He looked back up at you, tears prickling his eyes. “Everyone has faults, Grayson but because I was under the false impression that you loved me for me, I chose to ignore them. The first fault of this relationship. I should’ve just left the first time but I couldn’t because….You were my first relationship Gray! I thought this was what everyone went through” all those bottled up feelings collected over the months began to pour out.

“All you do is run away from your issues. Well guess what Grayson Dolan? This world doesn’t revolve around you! You don’t understand how much I wanted you to be happy with me. I gave you everything! My heart, the love, I put up with your bullshit constantly all because of love. Some fucking love it was, huh?” You laughed bitterly, head beginning to hurt. You were pretty sure you were going to get a migraine soon.

“’M so sorry-” “No. Not this. Sorry doesn’t cut it this time. Sorry doesn’t erase the pain and loneliness I felt. Sorry doesn’t make the fact that you fucked that bitch….in OUR bed. Sorry doesn’t mean anything to you Grayson because you’re still going to do it again! And I learnt that the hard way” your voice was hoarse from crying and yelling at him.

“I can’t blame you…I hate myself for taking you back that day. Because had I known you were going to repeat it, I would’ve walked away that night. I always had my door open for you Gray, I always made sure that you remembered I was there for you. But now I’m asking you to leave my house” you finished, standing back. A small gasp left his lips as he stared at you astounded. You were truly done. And he didn’t realise how much he fucked up until one of the most important person of his life was now telling him to go.

“Y/N please don’t do this-” “its time to think about me. My life revolved around you too much that I don’t even know who I am. You need to go. And I’m not going to fight on you on this” you stared dead at his eyes, clenching your jaw. And when he saw your eyes, it made him want to cry. He could see the pain he caused you.

When he exited your house, you watched him leave. Every step he took away, your heart shattered further. He looked back when he was a good distance away. The rain was pouring down heavily, the grey sky matching your mood perfectly.

“I’ll always love you peach…” His voice cracked making more tears spill from your eyes. That goddamn nickname. You closed your door, watching him drive away in his car. You rested your head against your living room door, no tears were running down your face anymore. Would you ever find love again? Did you still want to be in love after going through it all? Was love worth the heartbreak?

You just felt numb and emotionless. The feeling of pain, betrayal and hurt still remained and you didn’t know if they would ever go away but along with those emotions, you felt a sense of relief and happiness. Though it was small it was still there making you hopeful that with time, this horrible feeling would go. You didn’t know if you could even sleep tonight, especially not in that bed. A small part of you wondered whether he thought of you when he was doing the things he did to her. The things he promised were for you only.

Your voicemail box beeped, an indication that someone had left you a message. Did you have the heart to listen to someone say I told you so? Or maybe it was Grayson? You prayed it wasn’t, not able to hear his voice without breaking down.

Against your better judgement, you pressed answer and you weren’t prepared for the message of your best friend. Her message left you emotional as the memories began to flood your mind once more. Although it hurt like hell now, you knew that slowly but surely you were going to get over it. This wasn’t the end but rather the beginning. Now was the time to be lenient to yourself.

“Listen to me babe, you’re in love with someone you created, not the actual reality of who he was. You tried to fix him but it didn’t work. You gotta think about yourself now. This has dragged on way too much. I love you, I’m coming over’.

love so much that my heart get broke, i dont really know how that normal shit go

We Are Somebody | g.d

Originally posted by pinkcollapse

Grayson really just doesn’t care when he’s with his baby. 

Going to parties was apart of the job, or at least that is what Grayson told himself as he looked in the mirror before leaving for a, you guessed it, party.

Grayson Dolan absolutely despised parties, but “integrating into the social influencer scene opens many opportunities with other influencers” according to his manager. Although it made sense to him, he didn’t hate parties any less. Being a down to earth boy who would much rather be outside, he just didn’t fit in. 

Everyone always had so much to say, everyone was always talking other people’s business, and in all honesty, that just wasn’t Grayson. But every time he thought about skipping, he heard his manger in his ear. So, for the fifth time this month, a party it was.

Walking in, blue and purple party lights shined against Grayson’s eyes as he scanned the crowd, looking for a familiar faces. Or maybe it was just one face.

“Looking for Y/N again?” Ethan asked, smirking at his younger brother, knowing  the real reason Grayson would never skip a party. 

With the mention of her name, Grayson whipped his head around, eyes widening, “What? No, E. I’m not.”

Ethan rolled his eyes, “Why don’t you go get a drink, I think she just walked into the kitchen.” Ethan patted Grayson on the back before walking away, probably finding a pong partner somewhere in the crowd of people.

Okay, so maybe Grayson wasn’t so honest earlier. If his manager was the angel on his shoulder telling him to go to parties for networking purposes, Y/N was the devil that had ulterior motives. With a smile that could light up a whole room and eyes that could could make a saint sin, Y/N was extraordinary.

He met her at an event probably two years ago, and the they just clicked. Y/n, being so much like Ethan, freed Grayson of any uptightness, and allowed him to just be Grayson, not a Dolan twin, or a YouTuber. What Y/N gave him was the only thing he wanted, which is probably why he follows her around like a love sick puppy. Every party Grayson would find Y/N, and every party they would end up dancing until the sun came up, so extremely infatuated with each others bodies. They just didn’t care when they were with each other. 

Realizing that he should really actually go find her, despite Ethan’s joking, he walks into the kitchen of a house he’s been in once or twice to find Y/N filling up her cup. She was like art at a museum, Grayson wanted to touch her just to make sure she was even real. “Y/N.” Grayson spoke quietly.

Y/n knew that voice anywhere. Turing around she is met with he prettiest, shining eyes she had ever seen. Grinning, she gabbed another cup and filled it up, handing it too Grayson. “Grayson Dolan.”

As soon as she got close enough to touch, he pulled her into him, taking the drink from her hand. Taking a sip, “Where have you been, it’s been a while.”

“I’ve been around, you know, doing influencer things.”

“You don’t do influencer things, you’re different than that.”

“Well, Gray, you haven’t been around recently. Who was supposed to keep me grounded?” Grayson just grinned and pulled her in for a hug, holding her tight. 

“I missed you.”

She squeezed him tighter, whispering in his ear, “finish your drink, I wanna dance.” So he did. Grayson had never chugged a drink faster. Then he grabbed her hand and dragged her out to the dance floor, where she sang her heart out to every song. 

Grayson always felt so incredibly happy when he was around her. Y/N made all the bad things disappear. She made him feel like he was somebody. She made him fearless. So, fearless Grayson took her hand and turned her toward him. She looked at him with those eyes and gave a meek smile. “You know, I really want to kiss you right now.”

“Really? Because I’ve been waiting all night.”

Grayson took her face in his hands and smashed his lips to hers. He didn’t care who saw, and neither did Y/N. Her lips made all the bad things in his life disappear. They spent the rest of the night dancing, kissing, and making memories.

When Grayson and Y/N were together, they were somebody. 

.•*summer’s in the air; heaven’s in your eyes*•.

happy tuesday to all my lil angels ❤️

I was sitting on the floor yesterday to watch Easier, and I was sweating out of every pore in my body, and I turned to my sister who was on the couch, and said, “I’m sweating ma buhbs off” like I was Grayson Dolan or some shit


part 1 - this is the second and final part of the blurb i wrote yesterday, now titled rage

Warnings: angst 
Word Count:
for an extended author’s note, click here


When Grayson walked out into the living room, he sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair and pulling lightly at the roots out of frustration. He started to make a bed for himself on the couch, tossing two of the decorative pillows against the arm of the couch and grabbing a spare blanket. He was about to lay down and try to sleep when Ethan walked out of his room, shoulders slumped and eyes still empty.

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(y/n) has been so stressed out the passed week. with work and school and ethan filming all the time it’s just been too much for her. all she wants is to go home and spend some time with Ethan. When she arrives home, Ethan is sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone. Without saying a word, (y/n) walks over to Ethan and sits on his lap. Ethan can instantly tell something is up. “what’s wrong baby?” Ethan asks while tucking s strand of hair behind her ear. “i’ve just been really overwhelmed recently. and i’ve missed you. a lot.” she says shyly while playing with his fingers. “i’ve missed you too baby. so much.” Ethan replied still stroking her hair. “i just need- nevermind it’s dumb.” (y/n) says blushing and trying to get off of Ethan. “No c’mon baby tell me what you need. tell me how i can help you.” “okay but you have to promise not to laugh at me.” (y/n) said still unsure about telling Ethan what she wanted. Ethan nodded in silent agreement. “so ever since i was little i would suck my thumb and it would always help calm me down and i was just wondering if…if i could suck on your fingers? i know it’s stupid and you dont have to if you don-“ Ethan cut her off. “baby slow down. you dont ever have to be embarrassed talking to me about things that help calm you down or things you like okay? im always gonna support you.” he says lifting her chin and making her look at him. “and of course you can suck on my fingers baby. if that’s what’s gonna help you feel better, go for it.” (y/n) looks up into Ethan’s eyes and slowly takes his finger into her mouth. She sucks on that for a little bit before taking a second finger into her mouth. Her eyes slowly flutter closed and she leans her head against Ethan’s chest, still sitting on his lap. Ethan is trying his hardest not to let this turn him on, but he is failing. He feels himself getting harder underneath her. “E.” (y/n) whimpers under her breath. “what’s up love.” Ethan says looking down at her. “your fingers arent enough. i need something more.” (y/n) says sheepishly. “yeah? you want more my love?” Ethan asked her. (y/n) looked up at him with sleepy eyes and nodded shyly. “okay love let’s go to our bedroom alright?” (y/n) nodded and Ethan picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bedroom. When the got to the room Ethan took off (y/n)’s jeans and put her in a pair of sweatpants. Ethan knew that was about to happen was not for his pleasure or her’s. It was about helping (y/n) destress. Ethan lays next to (y/n) on the bed and pulls down his athletic shorts just enough to pull his cock out. (y/n) lowered herself on the bed so that her head was resting on Ethan’s lower stomach but so that her mouth could still reach his cock. She slowly put Ethan’s hardening cock in her mouth and started to gently suck on him. Ethan tries his hardest not to make any noise or move around too much. It takes everything in him not to cum but he’s gonna try his hardest. He reaches his hand down to gently run his fingers through her hair while she’s just softly sucking him. She’s not even bobbing her head, his cock is just resting in her mouth and she’s suckling around him. In a weird way, Ethan feels comfort in this too, and he hopes this wont be the last time.


I love this concept and would write but i always start shit and never finish BUT:

(character name LMAO) is a new upcoming youtuber, literally famous over summer, emma chamberlain 2.0 rise to fame type shit. and she becomes friends with the twins after meeting and collabing with emma.

And of course, they become the next ‘squad’. 

lo and behold she has been huge and continues to have a celeb crush on the twins, and her and emma are always being teased about being fangirls

but it’s not long before it turns to real feelings- esp. for gray and fans are starting to ship- thus making tension grow because gray is starting to develop feelings for his new best friend as well.

shall i attempt to write this? si o no?

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If no one else has said it I will😏 Listen, we all love Gray’s floppy hair right? Well imagine him eating you out and his floppy hair is kinda tickling your tummy so you can’t help but giggle from both the ticklish feeling and because Grayson has already made you kinda delusional with the four orgasms he’s already given you just by his mouth

(this is literally me because I’m ticklish as fuck & I have a tummy because I’m thicc sister, and a bitch likes to eat😂)

Grayson literally has you glued to the bed by his big, beefy hands & arms, curled under your thighs to the point to where you literally can’t squirm away, which is why you’re on your 4th orgasm anyway.

You can’t help but to giggle when his floppy & fluffy hair starts to tickle the lower part of your tummy, as he starts to quickly shake his head from left to right, up and down while still having your whole pussy in his mouth. He’s looking up at you the whole time because we all know he likes to watch you unfold under his touch. “G-Graysonnn that tickles”, you said, regarding his hair as you giggled and moaned. He smirks & chuckles against you, sending vibrations to your core that completely makes you squirt all over his face. He doesn’t miss a single drop of what you give out.

You literally have to grab his hair from tickling you even more because you’re on the verge of blacking out from all the times he made you cum, including now. “You like pulling my hair.. don’t you baby?” Grayson says in a deeper voice than usual. “Y-yesssss fuck- I’m so glad you didn’t cut it.”, you said as you came for the 5th time.

He doesn’t stop after that though. He’s the king of overstimulation, especially with his mouth. He switches from sucking your clit, to now flicking your clit which drives you to moan out his name so loud, you know Ethan is gonna complain in the morning. What can you say? The man was blessed with a skillful tongue.