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The Cove Part 7

“Where is everybody?” You questioned when you and Grayson had made your way onto the deserted beach.

“Eth said they’ll be here soon. Laura needed to sober up a little, I guess.” Grayson shrugged and shoved his hands in his pocket. The lake was quiet, ripples in the water reflecting the moonlight. The wind was blowing slightly but it wasn’t cold. You looked to the cove, wanting to check if D had written back, “You okay?” Grayson touched your shoulder lightly. You turned to him and nodded with a smile, “Do you want to swim?” He nodded his head to the water. You didn’t have a suit but you were wearing shorts and your bra would dry if it got wet.

“Yeah, let’s go.” You pulled your top off and walked to the water. It had cooled significantly from the day but wasn’t cold enough to stop you from swimming. As you were about to dive in Grayson ran past you and jumped up, completely submerging himself. You laughed as he resurfaced, his previously styled hair now dripping onto his face and covering his eyes. You brought your hand up to your mouth to stifle the laugh coming out of your mouth. Joining Grayson in the water you submerged yourself until you couldn’t reach the bottom and were treading water. Grayson swam closer to you until he was about an arm’s length away, “Y/N there’s something I want to show you.” He came a bit closer and you nodded, you’d follow Grayson anywhere if he asked. He started to swim towards the shore and you followed. As soon as you got out of the water, however, the rest of the party came onto the beach. Grayson stopped so suddenly that you ran into his strong back for the second time that night. You rubbed your nose again as you stepped away from him. He turned and gave you an apologetic smile, “Maybe later?” You were disappointed but nodded nonetheless. His friends came up to him and they started rough-housing and you looked for Laura or Jack. You found Jack but Laura wasn’t with him.

“Hey, where’s Laura?” You gave Jack a quick hug and he squeezed you quickly. 

“She was really tired. I took her home and set her up with some Advil for tomorrow and a few bottles of water.” Jack shrugged and laughed a little, “She gets rowdy when she’s had a few.” You knew all too well what he meant. Laura was a collected person by nature but when she had a few drinks she was like a whole new person.

“Alright, that’s probably for the best that she didn’t come then.” Jack bobbed his head in agreement, “Ethan and Grayson are over there,” you gestured to where they were surrounded by a few people, “I’m gonna go for a walk.” Jack nodded and made his way to his friends and you walked the opposite way towards your cove.

When you reached the cove you opened the notebook excitedly to see that D had written back, “That sounds like a shitty situation, I’m sorry. I think you should tell Brad…” You laughed when you read the name, you had forgotten that you named Grayson “Brad” to hide his– and your– true identity, “… about your crush. I know how you feel though, I’m in the same situation. There’s this girl that I’ve had a crush on for years but she and I barely talk. I think she likes my brother which sucks. He knows that I like her and I know that he wouldn’t make a move on her because I like her but it still sucks seeing her with him you know? Anyway, I think honesty is the best policy for you right now. I guess that makes me a hypocrite, huh? I’m telling you to tell Brad about your crush but I’m not going to tell my crush. I’ve never been in love but the feeling I have when I’m with her makes me think I might be falling for her. We should get together for dinner and discuss our hardships. I’m just kidding… kinda. It’d be nice to talk to somebody who knows what I’m going through. Anyway, I’m already late for something so I’d better go. I hope she’s there. I’ll let you know if she is. -D

P.S. What should I call you? I feel weird calling you “wave”… -D”

You smiled at the note. D was right, it felt nice to have somebody that could relate to what you were going thorough. You picked up the pen and started to write back, “I completely agree. It’s nice that somebody knows sorta what I’m going through. I found out that Brad and that girl I thought he was with aren’t actually together and that she has a boyfriend. It makes me feel better but I still can’t carry a very good conversation with him. We had a nice night together and that was the most that I had talked to him since I’ve known him, I think. Maybe I’m getting better at this? Maybe there’s a chance.

P.S. you can call me Kai.”

Kai was the Hawaiian word for sea and you felt like it represented you well. It also hid your identity from D or whoever else might know about your cove. You looked down to the lake and saw a sizeable crowd on the beach and you sighed, knowing that you should probably join or else people might wonder where you were. There were few enough people to where your absence was noticeable but that you could sneak away like you had for a short amount of time. You made your way down the trail and back to where people were mingling. They had brought the alcohol from the party and people were getting a little rowdy. You giggled at some of your friends acting silly with the aid of alcohol in their systems.

“Fancy seeing you here.” You shivered when somebody’s hand snaked around your waist and started travelling to your butt. Whoever it was smelled heavily of alcohol and their breath was fanning over your neck uncomfortably. Turning, you turned saw Dean standing there with a smirk on his face and you grimaced.

“Yeah well, my brother and his best friends put this little party on so I couldn’t really say no.” You started to walk away and kept an eye out for Jack, Ethan, or Grayson. You didn’t want any conflict but being closer to one of them would make you feel much better.

“Yeah? Maybe you should text them, tell them that you’re leaving this party early.” Dean was even more drunk than when you had first come in contact with him at Meg’s sister’s house and he was stumbling after you.

“That’s fine, thanks for the offer, though. I should find my friends.” Dean reached for you and your pulled your hand away.

“Aw, sweetheart, are you saying we aren’t friends? I’m hurt.” You saw him pout out of the corner of your eye and you rolled your eyes at him. You still hadn’t spotted any of the guys and you were running out of options. You thought about going into the water to get away from him but you realized even the colder water wouldn’t dissuade him from following you. Turning to the water you finally caught Ethan’s eye. He was in the middle of the lake surrounded by a few people. When Dean caught your wrist you were forced to break eye contact with Ethan and you tried to tug your arm out of his grasp, “I’m getting you one way or another, fucking prude. You might as well make it easier for yourself.”

“And what are you gonna do? Where you gonna take me? There’s too many people here for you to do anything to me in the open, and judging by your breath there’s no way you drove here yourself. Let me go, asshole.” You tried to look over to Ethan again but Dean grabbed your chin and made you look at him. His breath washed over you and you coughed at the strong smell of tequila.

“You don’t want to test me, bitch.”

“Hey! Let her the fuck go, Dean!” You sagged in relief when you heard Ethan’s voice coming behind you. Dean squeezed your arm and chin tighter when he saw Ethan and you yelped at the pain racing through your body. You struggled with him, wanting to be near Ethan or anybody that wasn’t Dean. “I said,” your body was jostled a little as Ethan shoved Dean, “stay the fuck away from her.” Dean let you go and you stumbled. Somebody grabbed your arm gently and pulled you towards them. Looking up you saw Meg with a kind but sad smile on her face.

“Are you okay?” She touched your jaw lightly and you flinched at the sensitivity, “I’m sorry, come with me.” She guided you towards the coolers and pulled out a can of beer.

“Meg, I don’t really want a drink right now…”

She giggled, “It’s for your face. You need something cold on it.” You nodded and took the can from her.

“What’s happening? Why is Ethan furious?” Jack came up behind you and raised an eyebrow at the can of beer on your cheek.

“Dean was being an asshole. Grabbed Y/N. Ethan got him off her.” Meg explained.

Jack dropped to his knees beside you, “Are you okay? Let me see. Y/N I’m so sorry.”

You removed the can and let him see your face. He surveyed it with furrowed brows. You raised your left arm where Dean had gripped you and he gasped, water gathering in his eyes as he looked at you, “Jack it’s fine, I swear. Meg is helping me and Ethan took care of it. He was bothering me at the party and must have heard that there was a party here too, just bad luck.”

“We’re pressing charges.” Jack stated firmly, “That jackass is going to–”

“Y/N! Are you okay? Let me see. I don’t think he’ll be bothering you again.” Ethan walked over to the table you were sitting at and you noticed his knuckles were a little red. A crowd had gathered around you and Ethan pushed his way through to see you. He crowded in next to Jack, looking at your face and arm.

“I’m okay, thank you for helping me.” You smiled gingerly at him, “You got there just in time.” You picked up Ethan’s hand and frowned at how swollen the knuckles looked. Lowering the beer can from your face you tried to put it on Ethan’s hand but he shook his head and placed in back on your face gently.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there sooner.” Ethan looked away, “He could have-” Ethan cut himself off and held your uninjured hand, squeezing it a bit when he thought of what could have happened.

“It’s not your fault, I’m just glad you were there at all.” You didn’t really want to think what could have happened if Ethan hadn’t seen you when he did.

“What the fuck is happening? Did somebody get hurt?” You heard Grayson’s voice cut through the crowd. Ethan and Jack looked at each other and then over to Grayson who was making his way through the crowd. “Y/N?” you waved weakly, the can of beer still on your face. “What-?”

“Dean.” Ethan gritted through his teeth. Grayson tensed and looked around, “He’s gone, bro. I took care of it. Grayson stop.” Ethan got up to grab Grayson’s arm.

When Grayson turned around to look at Ethan his face was hard and determined, “E…” Grayson trailed off and gestured to you, his eyes softening when he met yours.

“I know, but he’s gone and all we can do now is make sure Y/N is safe and okay.” You felt your cheeks heat up as Ethan and Grayson talked about you as if you weren’t there; in front of the crowd, nonetheless.

Jack squeezed your hand and stood up, “Why don’t we talk about this somewhere else?”

Ethan and Grayson looked at him, “Nah, we’re good. The conversation is over anyway.” Ethan said, sending Grayson a steely glare showing that there was no room for argument, “I think it’s time to go home.” The crowd started to disperse and people started packing up the drinks and pack things away in their cars.

Grayson stayed where he was, watching as you and Meg conversed about what happened. You didn’t really want to relive it but a whole slew of people had seen it and you knew that even if you didn’t talk about it, others would, “You have my number, right?” you nodded at Meg, “Great. Text me tomorrow when you wake up, we’ll go shopping and do a movie. Sound good?” You nodded at her again. The look she gave you didn’t leave much room for objection, but you were glad that she was making these plans. You needed to keep your mind busy and off of what had happened today.

When you looked over to Jack to ask him to take you home he was talking rapidly with Grayson and Ethan, all three of them were gesturing wilding and you grew frustrated. You were right there for crying out loud! “Hey assholes. I’m right here. Don’t talk about me like I’m invisible, or a child. If you have something to fucking say, say it.” You balled your fists but the look of intimidation you were trying to go for was ruined when you flinched when pain shot through your left arm from Dean’s tight grip and made you drop your glare and unclench your fists.

“Grayson is going to take you home, now. I’ll see you in a bit.” Jack said, placing a kiss on the top of your head.

You panicked, thinking that Jack and Ethan were going to go after Dean again, “Jack! Please don’t. It’s fine I’m fine.”

“Shhh, relax. We’re not going to go after Dean. Grayson—“ he cut himself off before continuing, “Gray feels bad that he wasn’t there to help. He wants to apologize.” You glanced over at Grayson who was looking at something on his phone.

“Okay. Promise you won’t do anything stupid?”

“Promise, twin.” Jack gave you a tight hug and another kiss on your head.

You walked over to Grayson and touched his arm gently, “I’m going with you.” He looked up and smiled tightly at you before putting his phone in his back pocket. He rested his hand on your lower back and guided you to the car. He opened the passenger side door and helped you in, “No drinks?” Now that you knew that Grayson and Ethan didn’t drink you tried to make a joke about it ease the tense situation. Grayson gave you a weak smile, shaking his head, “Are you okay? I can go home with Jack if you have something to do. It’d make more sense, actually.”

“No!” The volume of his voice startled you and you jumped, “No. Please let me take you home. I just— I feel so bad that I wasn’t there.” He clenched the wheel tightly. You didn’t know why he was so torn up about what happened and asked him as much. “Y/N. You didn’t deserve that.”

“Nobody does. But I’m fine. Ethan was there. Meg helped me afterwards. Jack will keep him from me if I see him again. It’ll be okay.” You tried to speak softly, reassuring him.

“That’s not it. I know we’ll keep you safe.” Your heart fluttered.

“Then what, Gray?” His eyes snapped towards yours as he rolled to a stop at a stop sign.

“You don’t know? Jack didn’t tell you?” You shook your head, having no idea what he could be talking about, “Y/N I like you. A lot. I have for years.” He broke eye contact and drove forward. 

You froze, “Fuck you, Grayson. Let me out. How dare you?” You jiggled the door handle, disregarding the fact that Grayson was currently flying down the road.

“Y/N what— stop! You’re gonna hurt yourself.” Grayson pulled over and parked the car, “What just happened?”

“Who told you? How do you know?”

“Know what, Y/N? I’m lost!”

“I’ve liked you since we were in kindergarten together. And you think just because of what happened tonight you can make fun of me? I may be weak but I’m not pathetic. I know I couldn’t get Dean off of me but I’m not gonna sit around while you try to take advantage of the shitty situation.” Tears were falling on your cheeks.

“I had no idea you liked me, I swear. And I would never take advantage of you. I’m not De—“ he took a deep breath, “I’m not Dean. I would never–.” You looked at Grayson, his eyes were full of sincerity and you were taken aback.

“You didn’t just say that? You meant it?”

“That I like you? Yes. I have for as long as I can remember.”

You huffed, “I’m sorry.”

Grayson started to laugh, “You’re a spitfire, Y/N.” You shrugged, looking away from him, embarrassed. He tilted your chin up with his pointer finger. The gentle contact on your face was a stark contrast to the force that had been used on you just an hour ago. He wiped the tear off your cheek, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there. And I don’t know if you want to take things slow, or if you even want a relationship, let alone with me, but if you’ll have me I’ll keep you safe, always.” Your breath was caught in your throat but you nodded, “Yes to what, Y/N?”

“I want this. With you. I’ve wanted it since I was 5 and you offered me the Blood Orange crayon because the Red crayon wasn’t ‘pretty enough’ for the sunset.” Grayson giggled at you. When him and Ethan had come in to class on the first day of kindergarten Grayson had immediately come over and told you that the colors you had weren’t good enough for the picture you were drawing. You were hurt initially but when he opened his small palm he had a whole array of colors and offered them to you to use. “But, Gray…” he looked at you expectantly, “can… can we take it slow? I don’t…” you didn’t know what you were trying to say but Grayson understood.

“We can take it as slow as you want.” You smiled gratefully. “Let’s get some ice for you. Wanna go back to mine?” You looked out of the windshield and smiled then nodded at him. He smiled back at you before starting the car and pulling back onto the road. “We can watch a movie if you want. I think Jack is staying over tonight too.” A few minutes passed before Grayson spoke up again, “Can I hold your hand?” The request startled you but you smiled and offered your hand to him. He gripped it tightly and laced his fingers through yours. The size difference was almost comical and you laughed, “What’s up, Giggles?” He squeezed your hand quickly.

“My hand is really little in yours.” Your heart was beating erratically at being so close to Grayson and you were working on keeping your breathing neutral. Grayson looked down and nodded in agreement, a big smile on his face. The rest of the drive was spent in comfortable silence, Grayson’s playlist filling the silence. When Grayson pulled into the driveway you saw Jack’s car on the road. Some of the tension in your body was released when you saw it. Grayson opened the door for you and started to lead you inside but he stopped when the two of you reached the porch, “And for the record, Y/N, you’re not weak. Not in the slightest.” He placed a small kiss on the top of your head and you blushed. When the two of you made your way inside you saw Lisa and Sean waiting on the couch with Ethan and Jack sitting across from them.

“Y/N! Sweetie! Are you okay? Sean can you go get some ice? Ethan and Jack told me everything. I’m so sorry honey. Oh look at you.” Lisa ran a hand down your face gently, “You poor thing. Come here.” She guided you to the couch and Sean handed you some ice in a ziplock bag and you thanked him. “Are you okay? Do you need anything?” You shook your head at Lisa. She nodded and patted your leg, “You all should get some sleep. It’s late.” You thanked her as she walked up the stairs with Sean.

“You guys wanna watch a movie?” Grayson spoke up from beside you. Ethan and Jack nodded and Ethan went into the kitchen to make some popcorn.

“Are you guys…?” Jack looked between the two of you. Grayson nodded and you smiled at your brother, “Finally! I’ve been waiting for you two to figure your shit out for ages!” He punched the air a couple times and whooped.

Ethan came running in, “What happened?”

“Y/N and your brother are together!” Jack and Ethan jumped around dramatically, waving their hands around.

“We’re taking things slow right now, asshats.” Grayson rolled his eyes.

“Still! It’s about time!” Ethan called out, walking back to the kitchen, grabbing the popcorn and putting it into some bowls. Even though you had honestly been looking forward to a movie your eyes closed of their own accord as the title sequence started. You were asleep before the first line of the movie was spoken.

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The Cove Part 6

‘I’m coming over in 10.’ You unlocked your phone, reading the text from Laura and sent back a smiley face. You looked in the mirror and surveyed your outfit. You paired a nice tank top with some jean shorts. Even though the party was at night it was still the middle of summer and you knew you’d be needing the shorts and tank top.

“Sis, you ready?” Jack called.

Grabbing your phone you slid it into your shorts and walked towards the stairs, “Yeah, Laura’s almost here. Is E on his way?” Jack nodded, looking at his phone. You went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. The doorbell rang and you walked over to get it.

“Y/N! You ready?” Ethan smiled down at you.

You smiled back, “Yeah, Laura should be here soon.”

“She’s in the car.” Ethan stepped to the side and you saw Laura in the front seat. When she caught your eye she started to wave but then flipped you off at the last second. You rolled your eyes good-naturedly.

“Where’s Grayson?”

“He had to run an errand. He’s meeting us at the party, though.” You nodded as you walked out to the car, Jack following and Ethan leading the way.

When you arrived at the party music was blasting and people were mingling outside on the grass, “Who’s house is this?” You asked to no one in particular.

“Megan’s older sister. She’s out of town for the week and she told Megan she could have friends over.” Ethan explained. You nodded in understanding as you got out of the backseat. Laura linked arms with you and marched you up to the steps.

As soon as you walked in you were greeted by Megan’s smile, “Laura! Y/N! I’m so glad you guys are here! Want something to drink? There’s alcohol and other drinks in the kitchen.” She hugged you before walking off to greet other guests.

“Let’s get this party started!” Ethan yelled, coming up behind you. You smiled as he went to greet his friends with a handshake and a side-hug.  Laura pulled you to the kitchen and got a beer and handed you a can of lemonade. You smiled appreciatively and surveyed the people hanging around the kitchen and the connected living room. Some people were already drunk, some were getting there, you could tell. Laura had mentioned to you earlier that she wanted to get drunk at the party and you agreed to keep her from doing anything embarrassing.

It’d had been a few hours since you had arrived and Laura was sufficiently drunk. You had stopped her from dancing on a table without a top as well as stopping her from jumping in the pool. You were getting tired of watching her when Ethan came up to you and told you that he’d watch her for a while. You gave him a hug as thanks and wandered off to find some food and water.

“Having fun?” A voice behind you asked. You turned and saw Megan smiling at you.

“Yeah. It’s nice. Great music choice, by the way!” Megan laughed and gave you a warm hug.

“Hey where’s Grayson?” Megan turned to grab a drink from the bar in the kitchen. You had seen her with a drink in her hand all night but she didn’t seem drunk, or even tipsy.

“Um, I’m not sure. E said he had some errands to run. Shouldn’t you know?” You hoped that you weren’t coming off as rude.

Megan raised an eyebrow, “Why would I know?” She took a sip from her cup.

“Well…” you trailed off uncomfortably, “you two are together, aren’t you?” You scratched your arm, avoiding her eyes.

Megan coughed. When you looked at her she was smiling and holding her hand up to her mouth, “Oh my gosh, no! I have a boyfriend. Grayson is so not interested in me!”

“You… a boyfriend?” You stuttered out.

“Yeah! Harrison! He’s great! We’ve been together for three years!” She pulled out her phone and showed you her lock screen that showed a picture of a handsome boy kissing her cheek.

You let go of a breath that you didn’t know you were holding, “Oh.”

“Anyway, I think I heard a door close upstairs and there aren’t any bathrooms up there so that can only mean one thing. Talk later!” With that, Megan walked out and towards the stairs. You watched her until she disappeared upstairs, mind still reeling with what she had said. Grayson was single. It upped your chances with him, if only minutely.

“Hey, how’s the party treating you, babe?” You jumped when a hand snaked its way around your waist. The guy who had sidled up next to you was unfamiliar. You moved to your right, away from him. He followed, “Want something to drink? I made it myself.” You rolled your eyes, knowing that he probably did something to the drink.

“No I’m alright, I have some lemonade, thanks though.”

“Aw come on, cutie, that’s no fun, loosen up a little. I’m Dean, by the way.” He winked at you and you felt an uncomfortable shiver down your spine.

“I’m DD tonight.” You lied. Ethan was actually the DD but you wanted this guy to leave.

“I’m sure your friends will understand.” He kept trying to put his hand on your waist.

“It’s fine, please leave.” You asked, walking towards the living room where there were more people. You breathed a sigh of relief when you didn’t hear Dean, and looked behind to see if he was following you, he was. When you went to turn back you ran into something. You stumbled back into Dean and rubbed your nose. It was stinging from whatever you ran into.

“You falling for me, princess?” Dean smiled down at you. You tried to wiggle out of his grasp but he held on tight.

“Hey! Let go!” You looked up and saw Grayson standing there, a cup in his hand, glaring at Dean. Dean’s grasp slackened and you scrambled away from him and stood next to Grayson. You didn’t necessarily need Grayson’s protection but he made you feel safer.

“Whatever man, maybe you’ll have better luck with the prude.” Dean waved dismissively. You flinched at the insult but you were glad that he was finally leaving. Grayson stepped forward to say something but you grabbed his arm to tug him back. You couldn’t say anything when he looked back at you but he stopped and turned back to you.

“You okay? Did he do anything to you?” He put his hands on your upper arms and rubbed them.

“I- yeah,” you avoided his eyes, “he didn’t do anything, tried to slip me a drugged drink, I think, but I’m fine.” Grayson’s hands tightened when you told him about the drink.

“You didn’t drink it, did you?” He touched your cheek, looking into your eyes to make sure they weren’t glassy or dilated from whatever drug might have been in the drink. You shook your head at him, “Okay, okay. Do you want to leave? We could go get ice cream.” He suggested.

You nodded, “I’ll go get E and Laura.”

“I drove, we can just go right now.” You looked up at him, he was smiling softly at you. You nodded and he grabbed your hand, pulling you to the front door. “I parked down the street.” He pointed and you followed his finger, seeing the teal on his Bronco. He led you to the truck and opened the door for you.

“Grayson,” You said when he got in. He looked at you expectantly, “Haven’t you been drinking?”

“No, E and I don’t drink, it was water in the cup. It’s easier to have something in my hand so that people don’t push drinks on me.” You nodded, it was smart, you had to admit.

Grayson parked his truck in a space outside your favorite ice cream shop. You didn’t know how he knew, or if it was just a coincidence that he chose that particular one. Grayson ran around to your side and opened the door for you.

Once the two of you had ordered you sat at a small table outside and started eating. You so badly wanted to say something but you were frozen. You had talked to Grayson more in the past twenty-four hours than you had in the past four years combined. Quicker than you had anticipated you had become more comfortable around him.

“Did you finish your errands?” You asked into your ice cream.

Grayson looked you “My what?”

You swallowed the bite you had taken, “Eth said you had errands to run and that was why you were late to the party.”

“Oh. Oh yeah! Yeah errands. I finished them.” Grayson smiled at you and you looked away quickly. Grayson’s phone buzzed and you looked down to see a text from Ethan. He picked it up and unlocked it, reading the message, “Some people are going down to the beach right now, wanna go?”

You contemplated going. You didn’t really want to go to another party but you and Grayson were having a really nice time and wanted to continue to spend time with him. You were unsure if you’d still be able to talk to him after the night ended, “Who’s goin’?” Grayson was looking down at his phone, typing something, immersed in his conversation, “Gray?” You asked quietly.

Grayson’s eyes snapped to yours, “You’ve never called me that before.”

You blushed and looked down, “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s probably just a family nickname, isn’t it? I won’t-”

“No! No, I liked it.” he smiled gently at you, “What did you ask? Sorry, Ethan was bugging me about something…”

“Um, I asked who else was going to the beach.”

“Oh!” he looked down at his phone, “Jack, E, Laura, Nate, Alex, and Meg might meet up with us later, whenever the party ends. Do you want to go? If not I can just take you home.”

“Let’s go.” You finished your ice cream and stood up, he stood up with you and started walking to the car. As you reached his car he was standing on the passenger side, holding the door open, waiting for you to get in. You whispered a quiet thank you as he closed the door behind you before walking around to his side and climbing in. He started his car and made his way to the beach.

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um hi so grayson has been wearing this bracelet for the last few days and for some reason it makes him 10000x more attractive and also I may or may not have stopped breathing once I saw this pic so help would be appreciated okay thanks

The Cove part 5

When you woke up you packed a notebook and a few pens in your bag along with a towel and a change of clothes. When you got to the lake the sun was barely peeking over the horizon and it made the sky a pretty orange color. You took in the beauty of the lake before stripping off your shoes and starting your jog along the beach. The water rippled along the shore and you matched your breathing to the pull of the water. There was a slight breeze that cooled your rapidly warming body. When you made your way around the large lake you climbed up the large rock formation that Grayson and Ethan often jumped off of that had been dubbed the Jumping Rock. When you reached the top you sat down to survey the scene in front of you. The sky had mostly cleared of the early morning clouds and the sun was almost fully up. As you let your breathing even out you let the serenity surround you. You laid back and closed your eyes, smiling contentedly.

You woke when a bird chirped particularly loudly. You hadn’t meant to fall asleep but the peacefulness had lulled you into a comfortable slumber. Based on how the sun had risen you guessed you had been asleep for less than an hour. Standing up you took backed up a few steps then took a running leap and flipped off of the rock into the water below. As you resurfaced you took off into your laps, pushing yourself extra hard. When you were tired out you made your way to your cove, making sure you had your notebook with you to carry on the conversation. It reminded you of school when somebody would write something on the desk in the class before you and you would have a mini conversation until somebody cleaned the desks and the conversation would disappear.

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Like Candy (g.d)

a / n : spooky szn is over and im a little depressed :( but i wrote this in hopes to lift my spirits :) it’s kinda bad. kind late. kinda rushed. don’t attack me pls

w o r d. c o u n t : 1050

You woke up from a deep sleep and lifted your head up to observe the mess that lay on the living room floor from yesterday’s festivities. Candy wrappers lay strewn on the rug with an empty pizza box, 3 plastic cups, and half eaten bag of chips. You sighed and rested your arm on your forehead, feeling the left over glitter and stickers you forgot to take off your face. You felt a shift from under your legs and looked to see a sleepy Grayson with your feet upon his lap.

His hair was sticking out every which way and his mouth lay agape. His costume lay behind him on the back of the couch (you assume he fell asleep with it on a got uncomfortable) and his joggers hung low on his hips while the sun that seeped through the curtains highlighted his toned skin. He looked so peaceful, so breathtaking. You grinned to yourself as you recollected yesterday’s events.


“We’re going to walk up to some poor ladies house and tell her that we’re ten years old? That sounds like a pretty idiotic plan to me.” You muttered as you hid behind your superhero mask and hesitantly followed behind the two 6 foot boys. Ethan paused in his tracks and turned around before grabbing your shoulders. His grin up to his ears as he told you, “Idiotic and fun! You have to learn to live on the wild side of life, y/n.” You sighed before dragging your feet and slouching in surrender as you began walking up the steps to a cutely decorated house.

Grayson let Ethan walk in front of him to stay behind and walk alongside you, an electric spark went off every time you accidentally bumped hands. “Why so serious? You could definitely pass off as a ten year-old.”He laughed and you nudged his arm. You turn to him and pause to point at the stickers they put on your face to make your appearance more ‘believable’, “Are these stickers really necessary? I feel like a little kid.” You went to scratch off the peppa pig sticker from your cheek, but he grabbed your hand and held it in his. “Mission accomplished, then.”

He walked forward as he pulled you along, swinging your arms. You guys have had a thing for a couple of weeks now, but you were both too scared to make it official, afraid it would cause a rift in your friendship. You wanted so badly for him to be yours and for you to be his, but you weren’t exactly sure if he wanted the same.

You reached the door and Ethan shook the little amount of candy he had in his orange bucket. He rang the bell and a small voice from the other side of the door called, “Be right there!” He chuckled in adorable delight before turning and saying, “Time to fill this baby up.”


After a long night of trick-or-treating (really it was only about an hour and a half), the three of you went to the twins’ house to watch scary movies. Somehow though, Coraline ended up being first pick.

You and Grayson sat on the floor, eagerly eating through the heaps of candy you collected, while Ethan sat up on the couch with a blanket draped over his legs and a pillow in his lap. He tsked and shook his head, “Don’t go through the door again. Don’t go through the door again. Don’t– God damn it, Coraline.” He slapped his forehead with his palm and you giggled before putting a blue lollipop in your mouth.

“I may have underestimated your power, Grayson Dolan.” You pulled the candy out with a pop to point at him and he shrugged cockily. “What can I say?” he started, “I’ve got mad skills.” You both heard Ethan groan from above you guys and he stood up with his arms crossed. He stared down at you guys with furrowed eyebrows before he turned off the tv and sntched his blanket. “If you’re gonna flirt the whole time, I’ll just watch this evil movie in my room.” He huffed before stomping away exaggeratedly.

“Drama queen!” Grayson chimed before shoving his hand back into the bucket to grab a packet of starbursts. Both of you sat in silence before you put the lollipop in an empty plastic cup and reaching to hold Grayson’s hand. He paused his chewing before wrapping his fingers around your hand and turning to face you.

You cocked your head to the side before looking up to his eyes and asking, “What are we?” His thumb grazed the back of your hand before leaning closer to you, gulping down the remainder of the candy he had in his mouth. He pushed a strand of hair behind your ear before whispering, “What do you want us to be?”

Your hand progressively moved up to hold his jaw gently in your palms, your thumb slowly running across his cheeks. His eyes glistened in anticipation as you leaned forward just an inch before moving back. “What if you don’t want what I want?” He sighed before looking out of the corner of his eye to grab a candy. He held it up as you read the bright red wrapper labeled, “ring pop”.

“If I ask you to be my girlfriend, will you reject me?” He smiled seeing your purple tinted lips curve upwards. You closed the gap between you two, bringing his face to yours. Your lips danced together and he pulled away for a moment to rest his forehead against yours. He chuckled before sitting up on his knees and grabbing your hips to lift you up on the couch. You smiled down at him and rested your hands on his shoulders before he gave you another peck with an even wider smile.

“What is it, Gray?” You laugh and he runs his thumb across your bottom lip. “Nothing,” he muttered before sitting next to you a kissing your peppa pig sticker, “you taste like candy.” You scoffed before lying down and setting your legs on his lap, “You’re something else, Bailey.” He shrugged and watched as you surprisingly drifted off to sleep. He sighed before throwing his head back and sighing in content. “Yours.”

I literally only write at 2am and later. It’s like my mind is on a timer and it only becomes active at a certain time. I swear the best ideas form for me in bed at night. And I can’t wait until the morning.

Sober Thoughts (e.d)

a / n : I wrote this in like thirty minutes inspired by this niche meme :)

w o r d. c o u n t : 1471

Originally posted by fxckdolanz

You shoved your spoon in the miniature tub and scooped a big wad of ice cream into your mouth. Your head lazily rested against the cabinets beneath your sink as your legs were stretched out in front of you.

You weren’t exactly sure as to how you ended up eating ice cream on your kitchen floor at 2 in the morning, but you had a pretty good idea.

It was Thursday. Just a few hours ago you had gotten home from an interview for a mediocre job opportunity that had taken place earlier. Of course, it took place miles away from your house and you took the same route as all the road-rage drivers that seemingly bought their licenses on eBay. So it wasn’t a surprise that right when you got home, you changed and turned on the tv.

Too lazy to change the channel, you had started watching the oh-so-popular film, Up. Considering you were drained of emotion, you figured you were going to sleep through pretty much the entire movie, so it didn’t matter. Until you brought out the wine that hid in your cabinet.

Glass after glass of the red liquid caused your emotions to sort of…overflow. Tears continuously streamed down your cheeks, you were sobbing loudly even at the most joyful moments of the movie. You were glad you didn’t remember how bad you got when it reached a sad part. Eventually, the movie ended, leaving your face red and tear stained with an empty wine bottle on the table and tissues surrounding your couch.To say you were so horribly drunk was an understatement.

You sniffled continuously as you crawled over to your kitchen and pulled on the handle of your freezer. You grabbed the small tub of Ben & Jerry’s that sat smack dab in the middle before opening your fridge to grab leftover pizza from Tuesday night. Not being bothered to conserve energy or save your food from rotting, you left it open and stumbled over to sit on the cold tiled floor which leads to your current state. Wine had always made you an emotional wreck, but to make matters worse, you were dealing with your own set of romantic problems.

Ethan Dolan was the root.

You two had met a while back at a small toy store. You were shopping for your little cousin and he claimed to be shopping for his little brother. You will always remember how shocked you were when you saw a 6 foot something muscular guy walk behind him asking, “Did you find those cool lightsabers for us, yet?”

You hadn’t been entirely sure, but you seemed to develop feelings for Ethan with each passing day. Was it the way he laughed? His sense of humor? The way his smile would brighten up your day? You didn’t know why. You just kinda…did. Grayson would always tease you two - seeing as he knew about your feelings towards his brother - and it would always make you blush and feel swarms of butterflies in your stomach.

You smiled to yourself, but the thought of him not feeling the same way made you slouch deeper and shovel another spoonful of ice cream in your mouth. Your eyebrows were stitched together and your mouth hung low in a frown. Your eyes landed on your cold half-eaten pizza before moving over to your phone. Call him. Tell him.

You set your spoon aside on the floor, allowing the remaining ice cream to melt into a tiny puddle. You laid on your stomach before inching towards your phone and unlocking it with your fingerprint.

You went over to messages before pressing on his contact and clumsily typing out, “hwyu egathn sre your awke”

You chewed on your bottom lip out of nervousness as you rested your chin on the cold floor. “C’mon Ethaaaaan.” You said to yourself as you stared at the screen, waiting impatiently for his response. A couple seconds passed before the gray speech bubbles appeared at the bottom. Your eyes lit up and grew wide as you jumped up to rest your back on the cabinets once again.

“Y/n, it’s 2am. Are you drunk?”

You grimaced at his assumption before responding quickly with “nooooooo.” You tapped your foot restlessly watching as the bubbles jumped up and down once more.

“Go to sleep, kid. Why are you up”

You sighed and typed out as autocorrect fixed your words, “Can i call u. I want to shear ur voice” you brought your hand to your mouth as you chewed on your thumbnail.

“Call me.”

You immediately exited out of messages in excitement as you jumped onto your feet this time, holding onto the counter for support. You looked for his contact before pressing ‘call’ and you shifted your weight from left to right eagerly.

It rang twice before he answered, “Everything alright, y/n? I swear if you’re doing something stupid…” his voice was groggy, raspy. It was a nice sound that sent shivers down your spine. You giggled to yourself and put it on speaker before setting the phone down.

“Am fine. Just needed to talk.” He sighed into the phone before chuckling sending a blush to your cheeks. You cupped them as an attempt to cool yourself down. “How much did you drink? And without me? How rude.” He joked and you laughed in response.

You couldn’t seem to focus what with the alcohol in your system causing your thoughts to race faster than usual. You rubbed at your eyes before saying what you needed to say. “I love you, E.” You blurted out and slapped your hands in front of your mouth. You sighed into your palms and he laughed while responding, “I love you, t—”

“Nooooo! Not like that!” You groaned while resting your head next your phone. You whined out, “I love love you. That thing where you like somebody a lot, a lot.” Tears stung the corners of your eyes and you didn’t really know why. You imagined he didn’t understand you, or maybe he just didn’t want to. His silence told you to continue.

“It’s just you’re so…ya know…you’re you. You’re nice and cute and funny all the time and I try to give you hints, but you don’t see themmm! You’re like out of this world! I’m just!—I’m just trying to say that you’re a rad dude, E.” You ended with a sigh and traced random shapes onto your counter with your finger.

“You’re…you’re drunk, y/n. You don’t mean that.” He mumbled, but it sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than you. There was a slight pause as you went to pick up the sad slice of pizza before taking a small bite and abruptly saying, “Drunk words are sober thoughts.”

Not wanting to say anymore and feeling a sharp pain on your temple, you hung up and left him hanging. Instead of making the ideal choice of going to your bed, you brought a pillow from the couch and set it on the floor before crashing there for the morning.


You woke up wrapped in your comforter as the smell of pancakes filled your nose. But before you could get up to inspect what was going on in your kitchen, you shot back down as an immense pain hit your head. “God what the heck did I do?” You scolded yourself before Ethan walked in with a small polka dotted apron wrapped around his torso. “Good morning, sunshine.” He said enthusiastically with a giant smile on his face.

You shut your eyes and turned your back towards him before asking, “What on earth did I do yesterday, E?” You brought your hand to your head to rub circles with the bottom of your palm. He hummed while messing with the pillows on the side of your head. “Well, as far as I know, you got home, drank a little too much of the sacred liquor stuff, and kinda passed out on your kitchen floor.” You groaned before getting a pillow over your head to drown out the loud noises.

“Oh yeah, and you kind of confessed your undying love for me, no biggie.” Your eyes shot open and your heart to began to race even faster than it did yesterday. You gulped hard before sitting up, forgetting about the pain. “N-No way!” You stuttered before getting up to go lock yourself in the bathroom, “I was drunk! I didn’t mean it! I probably told Grayson the same thing!”

Ethan shrugged and adjusted your apron, making his signature meme face. “Probably.” You smiles back nervously before making a beeline to the bathroom and shutting it behind you.

Ethan smiled to himself as a blush crept over his cheeks. “Y/n is a rad dude.”

I’m taking blurb requests for the Dolan twins ☺️

bestfriend!Grayson #1

i wanna make this into like small series but i need you guys to send in some suggestions or requests! you guys can send in a situation it doesn’t have to be about bestfriend!Grayson it could be like teacher!Grayson or anything… i have a few stuff that i saved in my drafts already ;))

something related to me being a book nerd :D

BUT it would be really really helpful,, if you guys could send me some ideas :)) xx


grayson teaching you how to kiss.



Grayson was looking at her with his heart squeezing at her sight. Her head was hung low and her cheeks burning red. Her heart was thumping loudly with her fingers digging through her palm.

It was a sign of her being anxious and Grayson knew it all too well. He sighed and took a hold of his best friend’s hand, unfolding them gently and kissing her hand lightly.

Y/n looked down to their connected hands and wanted to pull away but Grayson held her hands tight.

Grayson dragged Y/n towards the couch and placed a hand on her shoulder for her to sit. After making sure she was comfortable, Grayson took the space beside her. Y/n was still unable to look up to him so Grayson grabbed her chin softly.

Y/n pried away but Grayson kept a firm hold on her. She reluctantly looked up and stared at Grayson’s beautiful color of an eye. Y/n saw Grayson’s lips twitch as he said, “What was that again, Pumpkin?”

Y/n pushed her best friend’s face away from her jokingly and loudly “Forget about it!”

Grayson playfully poked her cheeks and said, “No can do, Pumpkin.” Grayson grinned widely and Y/n covered her eyes with her hands.

“No! It’s fine! It was stupid and it’s fine!” Y/n tugging Grayson’s arm, whining.

Y/n was regretting more after each moment has passed by. She could remember clearly how Grayson’s eyes widened after hearing what she said. How she wonders she could take it back?

Grayson shook his head slightly because he could see the wheels turning inside her head. “Pumpkin, relax. Breathe.” Grayson said while moving his hand up and down, seeing Y/n so distraughted.

When they calmed down, Grayson decided to leave the topic and watch back the movie they were watching.

Grayson looked down at her lips and realized she was mouthing the lines from the movie, he smiled. Her lips looked so sweet and soft and he caught himself wanting to feel them around him.

Grayson got an idea and smirked, he cleared his throat “I could be your first kiss, you know?” He said while trying to be nonchalant about it.

Y/n tensed for a second, she realised that they were going back to the topic before. Y/n shook her head, “No, Gray. It was just a joke.”

“I prefer you doing it with me than some assholes, you know?” He stated looking at Y/n in a serious manner the whole time.

“Won’t it be weird for the two of us?” Y/n asked with her heart beating wildly.

“Pumpkin, it’s Y/n and Grayson. Grayson and Y/n. We could never be weird with one another.” Grayson calming Y/n’s nerve. While squeezing on to her shoulders lightly.

Y/n looked really unsure and she was biting inside of her cheeks while fidgeting her fingers. She took a deep breath and stared up to Grayson. “You sure?”

Grayson closed his eyes and nodded his head with a ghosted smile lingering on his face. “Trust me, Y/n.”

He brought your hands closer to his lips that she could feel his hot breath. He was smiling softly until he pressed warm kissed on to each and every single one of her knuckles.

Y/n could feel her blood rushing to her cheecks and Grayson looked up through his thick eyelashes and smirked, for making Y/n this flushed although he’s not doing much.

Grayson leaned back lightly and wrapped his arms around her waist. His fingers digging softly on her hips and motioned her to straddle his thighs.

Both of Y/n’s leg was bouncing lightly because she was really nervous. He placed both of his hands on her each sides of her thigh. “Relax, Pumpkin.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” She breathed out and Grayson caressed her cheeks lightly.

“You okay with me continuing?” He whispered as he held her cheeks. She nodded her head lightly. He tutted and said, “You have to use your words, Pumpkin.”

“Gray, p-please kiss me.” She stuttered softly as she nudged his nose with hers. Grayson shuddered slightly but grip her hips strong enough. He hummed and said, “It’s fine, we’ll go slow.” She nodded her head messily.

He groaned and pressed soft feathery kisses on her exposed shoulders. He went up slowly by kissing the base of her neck then up to her throat. She emitted a noise that she, herself never heard.

Grayson pulled away and Y/n’s eyes went wide opened, feeling embarrassed. She tried hiding her face on his neck but Grayson just chuckled.

“Don’t make fun of me.” She whined and she could feel him shaking his head. “Pumpkin, it’s a stroke to my ego. So please make any noise you please.” He said while pinching her waist slightly and she moaned again.

He continued pressing his lips on to the skin that connects the neck and her shoulder. When she could feel herself relaxing slowly, she felt his mouth opened against her skin. His hot tongue pressed lightly on her skin that send her senses frenzy.

Y/n subconsciously moaned while grabbing a hold on his hair. Grayson grunted and pressed himself closer to her and kissed her even harder.

When Grayson pulled his lips away, he could see purple bruises forming on her neck. It was like her body was a beautiful canvas filled with his paint. Her lips were red and swollen and it looked so kissable.

The both of them were breathless and Grayson was just admiring his work with his fingers tracing on to her bruise. In between her breath, she whimpered, “Just kiss me now.”

Grayson’s lips twitch and it was turning into his signature cocky smirk. “Gray,” she whined while crumpling his clothes on his chest.

He chuckled lightly and pressed a finger to silence her. She pouted and Grayson softly peck the corner of her lips. “I’m going to kiss you now, Y/n.” He whispered softly against her skin and Y/n was too far out of her mind to even nod her head.

He looked at Y/n for a second and pressed his lips against hers. His lips felt warm and soft against her.

His hold moved to the back of her neck to guide her. He pecked her lightly once and again, over and over again. Until he could feel her pliant against his touch. He suckled lightly on her lips, covering the whole lips of hers.

He then opened his mouth lightly, his tongue softly licked her sweet lips. He soflty nudged her lips with his tongue. Y/n was confused at first but when she felt Grayson pinching her. Her lips parted to whine but it was silenced when he covered her mouth with his.

His tongue touches hers and moaned loudly against her. “Ugh. Pumpkin, you taste so sweet.” She could the vibration of his words and she groaned.

She tasted as sweet as a candy and it beats Grayson’s favorite snacks. When Grayson breathe her in, she clouded all his senses. Grayson put a hand under her chin and guided her through the whole thing.

Moving her head as he wished to get more access. When Y/n whimpered against his mouth, Y/n could feel him smirking.

It was after a few pecks and deep kissed. The both of them reluctantly pulled themselves apart.

Grayson took a deep breath and Y/n did the same thing. Their foreheads touched with one another. Y/n looked down and saw Grayson’s eyes with a different shades of color, a darker ones. A shades she sees everytime Grayson went out after a date. It was filled with lust and Y/n is not sure what to feel about that. But it’s a good feelings.

Grayson smirked and lightly peck the corner of her lips and Y/n’s face was red. She untangled herself and gave more space between the both of them.

After few moments of silence, “Was it bad?” Grayson scrunched up his nose.

“N-no, it’s not! It’s r-really good actually. I-it’s kinda hot.” Y/n’s cheeks burned and she covered her eyes.

Grayson’s eyes glinted with mischief and smirked. “Hot?”

“Shut up!” She dragged her words while throwing a cushion on to his head.

“I’m definitely the best you ever had.” Grayson said while crossing his arms and challenging you.

“Grayson Bailey Dolan, you’re my first and so obviously I have no other competitor/ to compare you to them.” She answered while rolling her eyes playfully.

“Can’t deny that I’m the best though.” He said while nudging you with his elbow with his eyebrows raised.

She rolled her eyes again one more time and muttered, “Sure, Gray, whatever floats your boat.”


okay this was really bad, i’m horrible at describing a kissing scene. but i really hope you guys liked this!

feedbacks are always very much appreciated! peace! x

I’m currently working on my first ever imagine on Tumblr. It’s a Grayson Dolan Soulmate AU, and I am beYoND excited. I don’t exactly know when it’s coming out. I was kinda waiting to make it because I wasn’t sure if I was capable of writing something people would like. But I’ve gathered enough confidence to write one. So, yeah, I guess, I’m writing now?

Dream State (g.d)

anonymous: see you again by tyler, the creator? song meaning: him and his lover live in his fantasy and dream state whenever he wakes up this person disappears, he doesn’t wish to wake up. while he’s in love w them, he hates constantly waiting & chasing. - 🌻

a / n : idk that it follows the song exactly, and I’m afraid that it sounds really messy but it doesn’t have the main themes in there so hopefully that’s alright🤧. I really hope you like it! :)

w o r d. c o u n t : 1699

Originally posted by iloveboylove

He stands right across from me. His head is slightly tilted to the left, causing his brown eyes to catch the orange light of the rising sun. Although it seemed as if he just woke up, it worked for him; the scruff covered his prominent chin and his messy hair flopped down over his raised eyebrow. He had his hands stuffed in the pocket of his joggers and he wore a comfy looking teal sweater. His earring sparkled.

We were standing in a field of sunflowers and, despite my dislike for them, bees buzzed lightly around us as they calmly swiveled through the large space between us. The wind was fresh and pleasant as it blew through the strands of my hair in contrast to the warmth the sun provided. The only audible sounds: the bees, the wind, and our breath. He took a step forward and at the same time, any clouds that were in the sky had vanished and the sky was a mixture of oranges and blues. He smiled and took a hand out of his pocket to reach out toward me. I couldn’t hear his voice, but he mouthed, “Let’s get away.”

I inhaled deeply out of nervousness before slowly striding towards him. His brown eyes became more hazel with every step I took. I smiled to myself before reaching out to grab his hand which looked incredibly inviting. However, before my fingers could even graze his palm the slightest, he disappeared out of thin air, like he wasn’t there to begin with. My hand slowly fell to my thigh as I stared at the now empty area.

“What are you waiting for?” a booming voice echoed within the hills and trees. I turned behind me to see him jump and pick a bright red apple from a nearby tree. He tossed it in the air before catching it and taking a bite. He grinned while eating and haphazardly threw the apple behind him before walking forward. He crossed his arms over his chest causing his muscles to stand out more so than they already have been. The angle he was at allowed the sun to define his imperfections; everybody had them. But his didn’t seem like imperfections at all. He was a very beautiful human being.

The bees began to buzz a little louder and grew slightly frantic. I walked a little faster to reach him and he quite literally welcomed me with open arms. I stopped just in front of him and he smiled, revealing his straight white teeth. He gestured for me to hug him, so I closed my eyes and reached out to hug him. Suddenly, a gust of wind quickly blew past my face before my arms came right back to me. I opened my eyes and he was gone again. I looked around in frustration.

The bees began to buzz angrily. The wind picked up speed and carried the loose petals. The clouds came back faster than they left and darker. “You aren’t just gonna keep me waiting, are you? I want to be with you.” He frowned. Tears stung the corners of my eyes as I sprinted towards him now. The buzzing grew louder and higher in pitch. I squinted in pain and jumped the remaining space to get to him.


My heart fell as I shot up out of bed. A cold sweat took over my body as I stared at the blank wall ahead of me. It’s always only just a dream.

It was 4am, the sun had yet to rise and claim the new day. I sat up and slid on my grey, worn out slippers and walked out of my room. The remaining light from the moon and the few stars shone onto the white exterior of my “cozy” apartment. I shuffled across to the kitchen to make a cup of honey tea. Coffee was always too bitter for me.

I turned on the light and it buzzed quietly, flickering every now and then. I need to pay my electric bill. My alarm still annoyingly rang in my room, but I was so used to it that I didn’t even bother turning it off. I sat down on the foldable chair in the living room and stared out the window to the brick wall of the building across. I haven’t had time to buy proper furniture what with all the work I’m having to do and bring back home. I rested my elbow on my knee and held my chin in my hands before slowly drifting off to sleep again.


“Psst,” someone whispered before gently cupping my face, “it’s Gray. You left me hanging just now.” My eyes fluttered open and I saw him again. This time, the sun came out of its hiding place behind the clouds, the bees were buzzing happily, and the wind felt calm. I was lying in the field and he was crouched down. His eyebrows were furrowed, emphasizing the mark or scar of some sort between them. I sat up slowly and he smiled before holding my hand lightly in his own.

His hand was soft and warm. It was comforting. More than I would’ve imagined. “I made you something.” He reached behind him and a strong honey aroma captured my attention. He pulled out a white mug with a tea bag inside, “It’s ready.”


A high pitch noise from the kettle woke me up again. The sun had risen a little. I shuffled back to the kitchen to grab the mug before pouring in the water and the teabag. Time to get ready for work.

I work at an office, so it’s paperwork the first half and emailing and talking to angry customers the other half. You see, my day is very exciting if you couldn’t tell. Sometimes they get so heated, they hang up first. It keeps me at the edge of my seat.

After sitting in an hour of traffic, witnessing people’s road rage, and hearing the multiple shrill honks of said people, I finally arrived at my beloved job where my boss might just hate me, but we don’t really talk about that.

Right when I walk in, a lengthy stack of papers is waiting for me. A white post-it sits at the top and reads, “Here’s some shit I need you to go through. Love, Marge.” I sighed and sat down on the swivel chair and turned to stare out the window. Despite my utter hate for this job, the view was always perfect.

Tons of skyscrapers were scattered across the city which attracted multiple tourists and locals. They stood tall in all their pride. They were all sophisticated buildings; they were made almost completely out of glass which caught the sunlight and would reflect the beams into my office every once in a while. It was peaceful to stare down below. But today, there was no sun, despite its earlier appearance. It was gloomy, dull, boring. I got up to close my door and shut the blinds. The only peace I seem to have is when my eyes are closed.

When my eyes are closed, nothing bothers me. It’s just me and him.


We sat across from each other. He had another red apple in his hand as he munched on it. I stared at him in adoration, feeling the warmth of a specific “L” word taking over my heart. It began to race as he looked up at me and smiled once more.

For the first time, I finally muttered, “I think I’m falling in love with you.” He shook his head and chuckled lightly, the sound becoming my favorite song. “You’re in love with the idea of me.”


The door of my office swung open and i shot up out of the chair causing a few papers to fall. “I was just um—the papers were kinda—I didn’t know if you wanted me to—” Marge, my annoying coworker, stumbled in and a disgusted face played over her features.

“You look horrible.” She crossed her arms. Her red hair flew out of her bun as she did so. “Gee thanks, Marge. I can always count on you to be blunt.” I smiled and she rolled her eyes before exhaling loudly. “Anyway, today was supposed to be your day off. I was looking forward to you not being here but you showed up and I got a major migraine.”

I smiled widely and shot up out of my seat before rushing past her. The papers that previously sat atop my desk flew all over the room and Marge grunted, “Nobody is cleaning this up for you!”

I couldn’t care less about whatever she had to say. I ran to elevator in a rush to get back home.

I sat through an hour of traffic again. More honking. More yelling. But I couldn’t care less.

Once I got home, I was welcomed by the alarm I had initially forgot to turn off, but it became extremely dull. I threw my keys wherever they could land. I quickly took my shoes off and kicked them wherever they could land. My unfinished cup of tea still sat on the counter in the kitchen.

I pushed open the door to my room and jumped onto my half made bed. It was perhaps one of the most comforting things ever. I wrapped myself in the warm blanket and cuddled against the body pillow that was lying beside me. My heart was still as ecstatic as when I first found out i could go back home.

My eyes grew tired after a while. My legs began to feel numb and my uneven breaths calmed down. I drifted off to sleep.


Birds chirped happily and flew over my head. The sun rose and shone even brighter than before. The sunflowers grew taller and the petals looked healthier. I walked through them and observed all the beautiful sounds and vivid colors.

A tap on my shoulder distracted me, however. I turned and there he was. The same beautiful smile revealed his deep dimples. “You were gone a while. Did you miss me?”