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I Know - Grayson Dolan Imagine

Requested?-  Erm, no… Sorry!

Word Count- 1.3k

Warnings- None.

Author’s Note- Hi, so I know I have a bunch of requests and I am a little shit for posting something you guys didn’t request but I promise you I am working on them. It’s just that the one I’m currently writing is taking ages and this was half written in my notes so I thought why not finish it?? Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is trash but here you go anyway.


You’d first met Grayson at a house party. It’d been right at the beginning of the last year of high school. You’d just moved to the town and even though house parties weren’t really your thing, you’d accepted the girl in your science class’ invitation, convincing yourself it’d be a good opportunity to make friends.

It had been going ok until you’d almost been pushed to the ground by a ridiculously tall person. Letting out a highly unattractive squeal, you’d just about regained your balance when you noticed the red stain across the front of your white top. And yes, it probably wasn’t the best idea to wear a white top to a house party where you’d known there would be drunk kids stumbling about but hey, neither was balancing three bowls of salsa as you made your way through a crowded room. And the guy who’d done it had just stared at you, not even looking down to notice the fact that one of the salsa bowls was now held at a ridiculously awkward angle that was causing it to drip all over the floor.

It was only after you’d cried out and straightened his hand that he’d seemed to realise what had happened.

“Sorry!” He’d exclaimed, looking at your shirt in horror and you weren’t a rude person normally but this top hadn’t exactly been cheap and he wasn’t being useful at all so you’d just glared at him, shaking your head in annoyance before looking back down at the ruined garment in dismay.

“I need tissues,” you’d murmured and he’d filled with guilt at the clear despair on your face.

“I’ll get them,” he’d insisted, running off into the crowd before you’d been able to tell him ‘no, thanks, you were fully capable of getting your own tissues.’

Ethan had been shaking his head in disbelief at Grayson as he’d walked up to his friends.

“Do any of you have any tissues?” He’d asked, placing the ketchups down on a nearby table.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” Ethan’d said, looking at Grayson in dumbfounded awe.

“Tissues. Yes or no?” He’d asked again, wiggling his ketchup covered fingers in front of his friends’ faces, not bothering to point out that it was Ethan who’d nominated Grayson to bring over the salsa bowls from the kitchen so that they had something to dip the tortilla chips they’d found into.

Liam had been the one to dig them out and hand them over.

“She’s hot,” Ethan had piped up as Grayson wiped his fingers.

Nodding, Grayson had chucked a dirty tissue onto the table as he glanced back at you. “I’m gonna get her number.”

There’d been a collective snort of disbelief at that as everyone watched Grayson make his way back towards you, tissues outstretched in his hand like a peace offering.

He’d returned hours later with a dumbstruck smile and your number in his phone.

And he’d messaged you the day after. And the day after that. And the day after that. Until it became as much of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. The two of you meeting up for lazy afternoons together or late night adventures, both of you too shy to put a label on the time you spent together.

“You want some blanket?” Grayson had offered on one winter afternoon as you’d watched the fourth Harry Potter film.

You’d nodded shyly and he’d gestured for you to join him under his and you’d shuffled closer, feeling actual butterflies spinning clumsily around in your stomach as he’d tucked you into his side.

“You guys make me sick,” Ethan had commented before stuffing his face with popcorn, chuckling at how embarrassed the both of you looked. Grayson had tensed, worried that the comment would be enough to scare you back to your side of the sofa but you’d stayed pressed against him, lip drawn between your teeth.

He’d tried to watch the movie but he couldn’t help stealing glances at you, his heart swelling with affection at you mouthing the words along with the characters and god, he’d never been more glad that he was a clumsy giant who went around spilling salsa on pretty girls.

“I’m gonna ask her to be my girlfriend,” Grayson had announced to Ethan once you’d left as they’d headed to bed.

Ethan had laughed. “You can ask but she’s saying no, buddy. Waaay out of your league.”

Grayson had let out a huff. “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

He hadn’t needed it. Two weeks later, when he’d finally worked up the courage to ask you, you’d turned to him with your beautiful smile and murmured yes before pressing your lips to his.

“I love you!” You cried out, placing a sloppy kiss to Grayson’s jaw, wrinkling your nose at the prickly feeling of his stubble. “Did you know that?”

He chuckled, arm tightening on your waist as he tried to steady you with one hand, opening the door to his car with the other. “I love you too.”

“A lot?”

Another chuckle. “Yes, a lot.”

“Good,” you stated before darting forward to kitten lick his collar bone.

He laughed at your drunken actions, pushing you away and into the back seat of the car.

“I’ve said this 1000 times but you guys genuinely make me sick,” Ethan said, walking up to the passenger side as he wrinkled his nose at you in disgust.

“Thanks- your face genuinely makes me sick.” you grinned widely, far too pleased with your childish comeback before taking Grayson’s hand in yours as you moved further into the car. “Come on.”

“Y/N, no, I’m driving.”

You stopped, turning to face him with a pout on your face. “Why?”

Grayson glanced from you to his twin brother who was waiting expectantly near the hood of the car.

“Ethan can drive,” you insisted, tugging Grayson towards where you were half sat in the back seat. All you wanted was to kiss your boyfriend senseless. Even after all these years, he still had the butterflies in your stomach going crazy with just one look and, God, how you craved that look.

Grayson glanced up towards his brother, eyebrows raised in silent question.

Ethan rolled his eyes, groaning. “Yeah, whatever. As long as you promise not to make out.”

“Promise!” You called out quickly, pulling Grayson’s hand again as you shuffled further into the seats. He threw the keys to Ethan, barely having time to see if they were caught before he was tugged into the car.

You pressed yourself close to him as Ethan started the car, glancing at you warily in the mirror as Grayson tried to secure both of your seatbelts. Reclining back when he was satisfied, Grayson wrapped his arm around your waist, gently guiding you to relax into him.

“I lied,” you whispered conspiratorially, holding up your hand so that Grayson could see your crossed fingers.

“Hey! I can hear you!” Ethan called as Grayson laughed, pulling you in for a chaste kiss. You leaned in again, pressing your lips to his more firmly until Ethan yelled, throwing a wad full of tissues at the two of you. “I will pull over and make Grayson drive.”

You stole a final kiss before flashing Ethan your middle finger. “You suck.”

Huffing, you scooted your bottom away from Grayson until you could comfortably place your head in his lap. Your hand reached blindly for his and you let out a satisfied hum when your fingers wrapped around his. His free hand found its way into your hair, his finger pads gently massaging your scalp.

Grayson glanced down as you shifted, tugging both of yours’ intertwined hands closer to your chest. He watched you, eyes filled with pure adoration as a soft snore left your mouth.

Smiling softly, his thumb stroked the empty space on the back of your left ring finger gently.

“I’m gonna marry her.”

Ethan’s eyes flickered to meet Grayson’s in the rear view mirror but he didn’t bother doubting his brother this time.

“I know.”


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Till Dawn [E.D]

Summary: A little drabble about a sleepover with Ethan.

Warnings: None besides swearing

A/N: It’s been awhile,, again!!! just a lil drabble cause (1) I really wanted a little best friend!ethan and cuddly!ethan (2) people have asked for something similar to Shared Covers !!! hopefully it makes someone happy cause it’s just what i needed lately but it’s actual trash and super lazy so I’M SORRY also i haven’t really edited this i’ll fix stuff later i really do suck i’m sorry  

Word Count: 4.5K+ || masterlist 

Ethan popped another fistful of popcorn into his wide-open mouth, jaw working away at the kernels. “You ever wonder what it’d be like to be a fish? I don’t even know if they realize how useless they are. Like, I think they forget everything in like, eight seconds or something. Imagine only accomplishing things that take eight seconds,” he philosophized from his spot on his bed, long legs stretched comfortably.

He looked good. No, he looked perfect, mouth-watering in his lazy state with his stupid disheveled hair and his stupid sweat shorts and his stupid bare chest and his stupid tattoos and his stupid jawline. It was all stupid, and it was getting stupider every day. Stupid kissable lips.

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dialogue prompts :

  1. “on a scale of one to australia, how dangerous are we talking?”
  2. “if we get arrested it’s your fault.”
  3. “if we get caught, i’m deaf and you don’t know [preferred language].”
  4. “i remember kissing you. why do i remember kissing you?”
  5. “so.. um. i king of noticed you’re naked. is that intentional, or…?”
  6. “ i love you from the bottom of my heart but i don’t trust your cooking. stay out of my kitchen.”
  7. “ your existence gives me a headache. go stand over there.”
  8. “ y’know. this isn’t what an apology sounds like.” “bite me.”
  9. “ you look…” “beautiful, i know. can we move on?”
  10. “ listen. i absolutely fucking hate her, but i can try to work something out for you.”
  11. “ fuck you, fuck you, and, oh. fuck you.”
  12. “ i hate all of you.”
  13. “ god, please kill me. or give me something to choke myself with. i can’t stand this anymore.”
  14. “shut the fuck up for once. damn.”
  15. “ abso- fucking -lutely. if your head wasn’t in [his/her/it/their] ass, you would notice!”

i got most of these from the internet by the way so credit to who made them. please tell me who they are from so i can credit the correct source.


It scares me how different his sight might be from mine. It terrifies me. Maybe he doesn’t see the stars for what they are.

Although, who’s to say my perception of the heavenly bodies is the right one?

Maybe none of us can see beauty for what it is. Maybe that alone is what creates beauty…

My mind wanders on as I desperately try to run away from the thought that haunts me the most. ;He, who lays beside me, may not see his beauty the way I see it.

I internally scold myself for wanting to tell him again - desperate to make him realize, but afraid to scare him off with my obsessiveness.

I hold back another screed on how his eyes look so kind when they meet mine and how his lips won’t ever leave my mind, wondering if they might taste even sweeter the next time we kiss.

I pray there will always be a next kiss.

If there shall ever be a last one, make it the very last event of mine. Make it as tender as it could ever be, and make it as exciting as it always has been.

Oh, please make it as everlasting as it could possibly be.


I’m a Man Now - Grayson

LISTEN I have been working on this since LITERALLY JANUARY because I am a procrastinator and I don’t really know how to write smut so if the end feels a little rushed that’s because it is ok I was sick of writing it and I just wanted it to be done lmao SO YEAH this is kinda my first attempt at writing full on smut so it’s bad (I know I always say that but I mean it)

Summary: You return home for the holidays after not seeing your old friends since leaving for college four years ago, and you can’t help but notice how much they’d changed since you left.

Word Count: 6,895

Warnings: smut lmao; age gap; swearing I think

Enjoy I guess

You stepped off the small airplane and on to the blustery tarmac. You hadn’t been back to New Jersey since the summer after you graduated high school, and you had forgotten how cold it got in the winter. You had been spoiled with the warm desert air in Arizona where you’d attended college. You were lucky to have been hired at an advertising agency in Burbank right after you graduated, but you could no longer use the excuse of being a “broke college student” to avoid coming home for breaks and holidays. It’s not that you didn’t love Jersey or your family, you just hated having to update everyone you saw on every aspect of your life.

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That’s What They All Say

I don’t even know what this is other than not good ok read at your own risk

Summary: When you get bored at your friends’ house and start looking for ways to occupy yourself on your phone, your innocent texting gives Grayson an idea.

Word Count: 2,566

Warnings: it’s not like full on smut but its kinda saucy; not good

“I’m so bored,” Grayson said as you sat with him on their living room couch, watching Ethan play Fortnite.

“Same,” you sighed. When the twins had asked you to hang out, you didn’t envision lazing around all day watching them play video games.

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Glitter (g.d)

anonymous: i’m not sure if ur taking requests but if so could you do gray with glitter by tyler, the creator? the song meaning: confession of love to his crush over phone, making him feel bright and colorful inside, like that of glitter -🌻

a / n : a lot of it kinda reminds me of peach scone because of the blabbering I made him do. also im sorry if it’s cringe at some parts or really all parts but hope you like it :) constructive criticism is appreciated!

w o r d. c o u n t : 1281

Originally posted by dolansgifsmaking

He sat on the edge of his messy bed and he stared at the time on his phone. 2:38 AM taunted him at the top of his screen as his thumb hovered over your contact.

He’d been trying to fall asleep for 2 hours, but every time he began to drift off, his mind would overflow with countless images of you. Images of you smiling, laughing, talking, literally doing anything and his heart would race. After a while, he sprung up from his bed and paced around the room, rubbing at his tired eyes.

It wasn’t necessarily a burden, but his immense feelings for you overwhelmed him every now and then and he didn’t know how much longer he could take it. He had to let you know how you made him feel.

Like a thousand fireworks going off at once right in his chest, exploding with various intricate designs and bright colors. Like those colors were the answers to every mystery in the world. Like those colors made his life equally as bright.

He anxiously tapped his foot rhythmically against the hardwood floor and bit down on his bottom lip. Were you awake? You had to be. You always were. The only thing stopping him, was wondering if you would answer.

If you did, he wouldn’t be able to get his words out correctly. No, regardless of whether you answered or not, he would be too nervous to correctly get his point across. Plus, he only had one bar.

But this seemed like a “now or never” type of situation.

He took a few deep breaths before finally pressing on your contact and putting it on speaker before throwing it on his bed. Those were the slowest 15 seconds of his life. The phone seemed to ring endlessly and became more intense with each chime. The shrill noise ripping through the tense silent air while he rubbed his clammy hands on his gym shorts.

He hopped from foot to foot and fingered the stray stitches sticking out from the end of the sweater sleeve. He became more and more anxious with each ring, wondering if you had really been awake.

He started to doubt himself, not knowing if this was well thought out. He felt as if he were headed for heartbreak no matter what he did; he would hide his feelings and remain quiet while others pursued you or he would call you to be flat out rejected if you answered.

Because if you had reciprocated feelings, they would’ve been obvious since he knew you weren’t the best secret keeper.

The ringing stopped momentarily and his breath hitched. He sped towards his bed and heard your mellifluous voice through the speaker.

“Hi! This is y/n—”

Then his voice made appearance.

“I mean, no shit, y/n.”


“Shut up, Gray! Sorry I couldn’t come to the phone, I’m probably watching tv or sleeping—OR HAVING FUN WITH ME!—Gray! Anyway I’ll be sure to call y—”

The tone sounded and the smile he had was wiped away. His face went blank and he held he grabbed the phone.

“Uhh…hi. It’s me, Grayson. I…I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to tell you now since you didn’t actually—uh—answer. But i figure this might be the only chance I don’t screw up, so—I guess—here goes nothing.”

He sighed and began to pace around his room once more, juggling the phone between his hands. “You are great. No. You’re more than great, you’re…so amazing. And…and you’re there for me whenever I get mad or anxious and you calm me down. You’re so amazing. I uh- already said that, didn’t I?”

He laughed nervously to himself and paused to sit down on the chair in front of his desk. He licked his lips and clicked on the photo booth app on the desktop of his computer. Images of you with the weirdest filters flooded the row of pictures and he smiled to himself. “Before I say more, I just wanted to say, I know we’ve been friends for a really long time and you only see me in that light. But just put yourself in my shoes just for a while.”

He pressed on a picture of you with him and Ethan. You were seated in his chair with a gushy smile and squished cheeks. The twins’ faces were smushed against both sides of your face: Grayson on your left and Ethan on your right. Your hands were on their cheeks, squishing them closer to you. The oh so famous photo booth hearts above your head.

“You are one of the funniest people I know. Your sarcastic comments and jokes about our chins are so hilarious to me. But I’m not sure if it’s your joke or the fact that you’re telling it that makes me laugh. Don’t take this the wrong way, but if anybody else were to shout out any of your jokes, I wouldn’t even smile. There’s just something about you.”

He then clicked on a picture where he sneezed, you were undoubtedly laughing the hardest you possibly could, and Ethan was merely a blur due to having run out of the frame.

“But I love make you smile more than anything. Because every time you smile it feels like there’s a firecracker going off in my chest, but when I’m the cause of it, they become fireworks. It’s cliché and I know you don’t like that very much, but it’s true. It glitters my insides.” He laughs before standing up again and walking over to sit on his bed.

“When I have it worst though, is when you walk up to me. No doubt do I have it bad any other time, but this is where my heart first feels it and it’s just too intense. My heart starts beating faster, my tongue goes dry, and my eyes get so wide because i just can’t believe someone like you even exists, let alone talks to me. And oh god when you talk—”

He sighed and fell completely onto his messy sheets. He scoffed and lay his phone on his chest before running a hand through his hair. “Don’t even get me started. But as long as I’m already talking about it, I love when you talk about something you love. Your eyes light up and your smile progressively gets bigger and your voice progressively gets louder. It’s adorable, it really is. And then you ask me what I think and all I can think about is how scary it is to be this in love with someone.”

He bit his lower lip in frustration, but smiled shortly after, “But it’s so beautiful at the same time. Once again like glitter. Not just any glitter though, the cool metallic kind with all those weird and fancy colors. The glitter that has shaped like hearts and stars with little sparkles. And maybe the one with the letters too. They spell out ‘I’m so in love’ with a little exclamation point at the end. Sorry.” He laughed and moved his phone over to sit next to his head on his pillow.

“I know I’m getting carried away, and I most definitely know that you don’t feel the same way…and that’s fine, it really is. I just needed to let you know how I felt before I went insane. So I’ll say it again to give me some closure,” he cleared his throat, “I am so in l—”

The phone beeped and his head jerked to the side.

“We didn’t get your message, either because you were not speaking or because of a bad connection.”


But she’s not lying though

Concept: Grayson as Peter Kavinsky