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do i matter?

summary: every couple has a fight right? it’s normal, isn’t it? grayson knew that he fucked up, he just didn’t know how he screwed up. 

[word count: 1923] 

[warnings: a couple of swear words] 

requested:  yeah | nah 

“So I heard you and Grayson had a fight,” Ethan commented as he saw her eating a cup of ice cream.

She squinted her eyes against the Los Angeles sun and stuck her little spoon in the mound of ice cream. “You could say that.”

“Hey sister,” James greeted cheerily as he walked into the twins home and then stopped abruptly. “What the fuck happened in here?”

Emma who was behind James walked into his back, “Dude.” She walked around him and her eyes bugged out of her head, “What the fuck?”

Grayson who was sitting on the couch, his hair in disarray, who was obviously tired ran a hand down his face. “Uh, a raccoon got in?”

“And that explains the tornado that went around your living room?” James snarked as he picked up the cushion on the ground. “Did you and E have a fight?”

Grayson shook his head, “No.”

Emma sipped on her drink and began picking up the other items on the floor as well. “Did you and (Y/N) have a fight then?”

This time he leaned back on the couch and groaned, “I don’t know what the fuck happened.”

James and Emma shared a look and sat down on either side of Grayson. “Go back to the start maybe we can try and figure out what happened.”

Grayson let himself in, Ethan was out for the night spending his time with Bryant playing a Fortnite challenge. He tightened his hand on the bag of groceries in his hand and opened the door. “Honey, I’m home.”

“Kitchen!” She called out, Grayson walked over to the kitchen. “Hi babe,” she greeted, she leaned her cheek out and he pressed a quick kiss on it. “How was your day?”

“Good, how about you?” He listened to her day while placing away the groceries and passing her the ones that she needed.

“Babe,” she stopped her story when he passed her a bag of frozen corn.

“Ah shit,” he groaned. “You wanted corn on the cob.”

“It’s okay,” she mumbled.

He smiled sheepishly at her and began talking about his day. “Oh, and we had this group lunch today for business, and Taylor suggested this bubble tea drink and it was so fucking great.”

Before he even knew it the bag of corn she had in her hand was everywhere in the kitchen. “Are you fucking kidding me, Gray?”

In a state of confusion, the only thing that Gray could say was, “What is going on? What did I do?”

“Are you serious right now?” She narrowed her eyes at him and stormed off to the living room. “We’ve had this conversation a million times!”

“What?” Grayson followed her and tried as best as he could to try and think of what he did.

“You don’t even know what you did, do you?” She asked but he could tell that it was a rhetorical question. Her hands flailed around and she glared at him, “No, you tell me what you did this time.” She picked up one of the cushions on the couch and threw it at him.

He stood there in shock and opened his mouth a couple of times, “Was it?”

“Was it?” She mocked.


“Uh,” (Y/N) repeated mockingly. “No, Gray, it wasn’t. And it’s fucking pissing me off that this has completely gone over your head like fucking everything!”

“Was it about the corn?” Emma asked as she sipped on her drink listening intently to Grayson’s story.

Grayson shook his head, “I don’t know.”

He had never seen her this angry, well scratch that, he’s seen her angry before but never directed at him.

“You know what? I need some air,” she grunted and began walking out of the door.


She turned around quickly at him and pointed a finger, “No, Grayson, don’t follow me.”

“In all of your relationship, I have never seen the two of you fight,” Ethan commented as he listened to (Y/N)’s story.

She aggressively spooned the ice cream in her mouth, “Yeah, well there’s a first time for everything,” she bitterly spoke.

“Where did you go?”

(Y/N) made a face and placed another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth, “Turns out not very far. I was going to go for a drive and I realised that I left my keys in the fucking house.”

She groaned as she reached her car, realising that the keys were in the house. She turned back around and tried to open the door, she jiggled it a couple of times and realised that it was locked. “Are you serious?” She knocked a couple of times and when she realised that Grayson wasn’t going to come and open it for her, she complained under her breath and went around the back.

She jimmied the door a little bit, knowing the secret places of the door that would make it unlock. When she finally did it she wasn’t prepared for the weird greeting she was met.

“Jesus Christ, Grayson, stop it! It’s me, you idiot!” (Y/N) screamed, and repeated a couple of times.

“Oh God,” realisation dawned on him and he dropped the fire extinguisher on the floor. “Oh fuck, sorry, I thought you were a raccoon.” When he saw the look on her face, he knew that he said the wrong thing.

“Yes, Grayson Dolan because people look like fucking raccoons,” she spat. She picked up the extinguisher and began spraying him, the spray was so strong that he fell back on the couch, knocking over the lamp on the floor.

When James heard Grayson tell that part of the story he couldn’t help but stop laughing. “I’m sorry,” he said when he noticed Grayson’s glare. “It’s just, you gotta admit, that’s pretty funny.”

“I still don’t understand what happened between the two of you,” Emma commented, placing her drink on the table. “I do know that she doesn’t go crazy for no stupid reason.”

“So that’s why you’re mad at him?” Ethan asked as they both finished their ice cream.

“Yes! And it sounds so stupid but I’ve asked Gray to try a bubble tea every single fucking time we go out and he’s never tried it because he said it looked weird!” She explained exasperated. “And this Taylor who he doesn’t even like says that he should try it and he does!”

Ethan didn’t respond but just watched his brothers girl have a meltdown in the middle of the shop.

“And he does this with everything, E!” She pushed the cup away from her. “It’s not just the drink, it’s movies, places and clothes! It seems like he values everyone’s opinions over mine because he actually listens to them.”

“Have you spoken to him about it?”

“We tried to this morning but to be honest, I don’t think that he actually understood what he’s done wrong,” she ran a hand through her hair and sighed heavily. “It’s so tiring at this point.”

some time later

“Hey,” they greeted each other with the awkwardness of a first date. They looked at each other not really knowing what to say.

“This is stupid,” she finally spoke, laughing. That conversation with E this morning did really help.

“I’m sorry,” Grayson apologised.

This whole fucking fight was so tiring for them.

“Me too, I overreacted,” (Y/N) confessed sheepishly. “I missed you last night.”

Grayson nodded eagerly, in all their time they’ve never spent a night away together if they were in the same area. Last night was probably the worst sleep he’s ever had. “I missed you too.”

“Sometimes I just feel like that I have to express myself by shouting to let you know just how upset I am.” She looked at him with sadness in her eyes. “But everything is okay now, right? You get why I was upset?”

Grayson nodded once again, “I do,”  but inside he knew that he really didn’t. Even after with James’ and Emma’s ‘help’ this morning, he still didn’t know what had happened but all he knew was that he was happy they were okay again.

“Look, let’s just put this past us, okay?” She arched a brow and gave him a kiss, “You know what you did, so now at least you can not do it again.”

He kissed her again, this time relishing in their moment. “I love you so much.”

“Maybe we can go to this place later that does these great bubble tea, ever since yesterday I can’t seem to stop drinking them,” Grayson spoke as he wrapped his arms around her, not knowing the couple of seconds after that they would be right back to where they were this morning.

She instantly removed herself from his hold and looked at him, “Are you serious right now? Have you learnt nothing from last night, Grayson?”

He looked confusedly at her, “It was about the bubble tea?” What the actual fuck?  

“I have been trying to turn you to bubble tea ever since I’ve met you, Gray, and then some Instagram girl suggests it and you can’t stop craving it?” Each word she said she could feel her anger grow more and more. She honestly thought that everything was fine and everything was sorted, and he understood what was going on. Apparently not.

She placed her drink down rather aggressively, “it makes me feel like I don’t matter to you!”

Grayson watched as his girl storm away from the party and walk outside the balcony. The other three friends watched from the couch at the situation that just happened.

It took about five minutes until Grayson got his shit together and ran towards the balcony. She thought that she didn’t matter to him? That her opinions didn’t matter? She was literally the only person apart from Ethan that he needed validation from.

(Y/N) heard the door open and she let out a sigh, “I don’t really want to talk about this right now, Gray.”

“I can’t believe you don’t think that your opinion doesn’t matter to me, babe,” Grayson started, closing the door and walking closer to her.

“Do you remember that time that I was going to dye my hair that awful colour?” Grayson asked, knowing that she knew exactly what he was talking about. “And then you literally threw the box away because I was so sure that I would look good.”

“You would have looked like a giant booger,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Apart from that, do you remember when I said that I was going to take those classes to better my reading?” He asked and watched as she nodded. “And those times where I’ve had a fight with E and I come to you, asking you for help?”

He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her around so she could look at him, “I can’t believe that you would ever think that your opinion doesn’t matter to me, when in fact it’s one of the most important,” Grayson explained. “I literally look up to you because you make me so much better. You’ve changed me for the better. I might miss a drink or a movie here and there but I have you all over me. It might not be on the materialistic side of things but the things that really matter, I have you all over me.”

She gave him a smile, “Mm, you’re about to.” She kissed him, pulling him into her arms. “Love you so much Gray.”

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Stressed Out (G.D)

It was a typical school night. You were doing your homework in the Dolans’ house. You were busy staring at your laptop screen reading notes and researching some terms on your boyfriend’s bed. Meanwhile, Grayson was heavily engaged in a Fortnite match with his twin brother.

After an hour and a half, your mind felt wreck and your eyes were watery. You looked over to Grayson who was still absorbed in his game, rapidly pressing buttons on his controller.

You went over to him and draped your arms around his shoulders, kissing his neck.

“Hey baby, you done with homework?” he asked without peeling his eyes from his game. You shook your head. “It’s kicking your ass isn’t it?” he asked again still focused in his game.

“And winning, if I may add.”

“Just watch my game. Me and Ethan are about to win this thing.” He was so proud of that, it made you smile.

“I think I’ll pass, I’ll just closed my eyes for a bit.” you sighed in exhaustion.

He then looks up from his game” Give me one moment baby, i’ll be with you… Yo I’m leaving the match” you heard Grayson say to his mic.

Moments later, you feel a hand resting on your stomach followed by a kiss on the back of your head.

“Sleep well, my love.” was the last thing you hear before drifting to sleep in the arms of your whole entire world.

Laser Tag- for Ali

hey, anyone looking at this you can just ignore it. it’s for my friend. It’s a grayson dolan x her fic and I doubt anyone else would want to read it. (unless your name is alison and you have a weird obsession with grayson dolan) But if you do (or you don’t mind being called the wrong name), go ahead.

But if you’re looking for a slightly better than shitty fic, go read something like my “Just a Dream” or “Dance With Me” Stucky fics.  :)

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Mistake (g.d)

a / n : this is more of my own interpretation of the song than following the message, I guess you could say. also I really suck at writing “sad” stuff bc it hurts my heart and i didn’t know how to end it but I hope you enjoy :) oh and Grayson is kind of a bitch for a sec so be careful

s o n g : Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji (98/10 it’s so good)

w o r d. c o u n t : 1800

@softiethan @grungegrant 🤧

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The most magical night that your high school self would ever experience was approaching quickly, prom season was at its prime.

You went to so many different shops - some in your neighborhood and others downtown - to find the perfect dress for the occasion, which you did. It was a charming royal blue with white lace decorating the bodice. You made sure it stayed in a special place in your closet, wrinkle-free, in order for it to have the same charming effect at the dance.

Little did you know, it’d soon get ruined by some punch and the rain accompanied by a few tears.

The music thumped loudly through the speakers and sent vibrations through the gym floor. Your school had cut down their expenses for prom due to some financial issues, so instead of it being at some marvelous banquet hall, it was hosted on school grounds; however, it was prettily decorated for it being on a budget.

You had dismissed yourself from your group of friends to scope out the dessert table when your eyes had caught sight of Grayson Dolan adorned in a navy blue tux with a white rose in his pocket and his hair gorgeously styled. Your breath caught in your throat for a split second before seeing nod and walk toward you.

You took a quick breath before grabbing two small plastic cups and turning back around to him. He was still as breathtaking as you remember.

“Hi, Grayson.” You smiled up at him and held out one of the cups and he grabbed it before returning the gesture with the sweet smile of his.

It’s been a while since you two last talked by yourselves, the conversations usually including both brothers. Of course it might’ve been the fact that you two had an awkward dating period in middle school filled with clammy hand holding and hugs in place of kisses while growing apart during freshman year.

“Hey, Y/n. You’re looking mighty beautiful this fine evening.” You stared up at him and he laughed boisterously. “Sorry, I’m never saying that again.”

You laughed along and refocused your attention in the snack table in front of you. “And you’re looking handsome. Did you—uh come with anybody?”

You looked up at him and his gorgeous grin wavered ever so slightly for a split second before he cleared his throat and simply said, “Delilah.” He gestured over to the girl in the vibrant red silk dress with perfectly sleek black hair that cascaded down her shoulders.

You would’ve hated to admit to yourself in that moment, but you were green with envy. Of course he’d be with Delilah, she was always so pretty and smart. You guessed it was only a matter of time before they’d hit it off. The past was in the past, you could only be happy for him now.

“Oh, cool.” You cleared your throat before reaching over and grabbing the ladle from the punch bowl and shakily pouring some into your cup. He pursed his lips and nodded before looking awkwardly around the table of goods. “What about you?”

“Me? Umm ya know, just with my friends. Figured it’d be more funner with them— I mean funner—well, that really isn’t a word.” You chuckled to yourself and stared down at the liquid in your cup with a blazing heat rushing to your cheeks. He chuckled along and your hearts raced in synch. You were the same quirky person he used to adore.

Before he could say something in response to your slip up, Delilah hooked onto Graysons arm and squeezed his bicep to grab his attention. “What’s taking so long, babe? I’ve been waiting forever for my punch.” He sighed and tucked his tongue into his cheek while Delilah’s eyes stayed pinned on you.

You shrunk in your spot and realized that her unrelenting stare was your cue to leave before it could get anymore uncomfortable. You bid your goodbye with a small “talk to you later” before walking back to the table that your group occupied.


“Y/n, c’mon you can’t just stand there all night! What’s the point of that?! Don’t be boring!” You just couldn’t find yourself to care about their comments in that moment as you mindlessly swirled the contents of your - now, most likely watered down - punch in the cup as you watched Grayson and Delilah slow dancing right in your line of sight.

You hadn’t felt this way for him in years, but seeing him in love with someone else sparked the fire that was put out a long time ago. He looked up from her to where you stood and a gentle smile grew on his face. You immediately stood up straighter and pushed strands of your hair behind your ear. Just seconds later, you were bumped into by eager dancers and the swirling liquid managed to jump out of the confines of the cup and onto the lace.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” You sighed before mumbling an emotionless “it’s fine” and rushed to the dessert table once more to grab an excessive amount of napkins and vigorously rubbing the fruity juice. It was no use as there was now a big red stain right on your chest.

You sighed agitatedly before lazily dabbing at the lace until it was at least dry. “Hey, you can wear my jacket if you want?” You turned to see Grayson already shrugging off his coat with a sympathetic tilt on his lips. You shook your head moved away slightly before he chuckled. “Sadly, I’m not gonna take no for an answer.” He draped it around your shoulders and gently pulled it at the front to cover a bit of the stain.

“Thanks.” You whispered and looked up at him. There was so little space between the both of you. His chocolate orbs glistened with all the twinkling lights that hung on the walls and a smile graced his lips.

But his smile dropped within an instant when he looked past you. You turned in confusion to find Delilah latching her red lips onto someone else’s. She giggled obnoxiously before grabbing his arm and pulling him into the direction of the bathrooms.

Not being able to endure anymore, Grayson bolted out the doors, creating a large sound to echo quietly through the music that blared out from the speakers and the cheers of the teenagers that sang along. You raced after him, stopping at your table to throw the coat somewhere. “What the hell, Y/n?!”

You balled the material of your dress into your fists and pulled it upwards allowing you to jog as best as you can, already feeling blisters from the ache inducing heels. You caught sight of him hunched over with his elbows resting over the railing and his head was hung low.

“Grayson!” You shouted through the heavy drops of rain and he turned with his hair drooped over his eyes. His eyes were glossy and his nose red due to the cold and the rain that dropped mercilessly.

Your face fell when he turned back around and softly said, “You should go inside. It’s cold.” You took a deep breath to brace yourself for the freezing sting of the rain and walked to stand beside him.

You rubbed his shoulder and helplessly looked down at his face. “You okay?” You whispered softly and got a scoff in return. He dug his palms into his eyes and you rested your head on his shoulder while giving him a tight squeeze in an effort to comfort him.

“She isn’t worth it and she’s making a big mistake. You are one of the best guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and if she doesn’t appreciate that, then she wasn’t the right one.”

He turned to look at you before wiping his eyes as dry as he could. He sighed heavily before crashing his lips onto yours and kept his hands to his sides. Your eyes widened and you pushed him away lightly, leaving your hands to rest on his shoulders. “Gray, what are you doing? You shouldn’t—”

“I know, Y/n! I know and I’m sorry, okay? I just…I really need to distract myself right now.” You furrowed your eyebrows in frustration and stepped back, letting the first tear of the night fall and mix with the rain on your cheeks. You knew he was heartbroken, you knew he wouldn’t do it intentionally.

“So you kiss me? Grayson, it’s not a good idea.” He grabbed at your hands and desperately tried to pull you closer to him. He needed the love you were willing to give him.

“Please. I just need to clear my head. It’ll just be once, I promise. I need this, Y/n, I—I need you.” Your breath caught in your throat for the second time that night. You knew it wasn’t right, but you just couldn’t help yourself.

You gripped onto his dress shirt and pulled him closer to you. Your lips crashed heavily into his and he responded with as much passion. Both of you were longing for attention, each craving a different love. His lips sloppily left open mouthed kisses on your lips and jaw as he held you as close to himself as he possibly could.

The fire was aflame and wildly grew in your heart with each shared breath between you and him. He kissed your lips hungrily while grasping desperately onto your waist as if his life depended on it. Your hands roamed from his shoulders, to his jaw, to his wet hair.

He pulled away for a second to mutter, “I love you.” He gripped your face to attack your sore lips with more passionate kisses and a single tear raced down your cheek. He broke your heart with the three words that were supposed to make it heal. But frankly, you were too drunk off the attention to care enough.

He moved to leave an array of kisses and quick marks on your neck before whispering, “Let’s get out of here.” You nodded and sighed out from the feeling before grabbing his hands and running in the pouring rain to his car.

You were his distraction, and you were fully aware of that. He felt alone, as did you and all you wanted was to feel loved. It was all either of you wanted. But it proved to be insufficient.

“This was a mistake. I shouldn’t have come here, I shouldn’t have kissed you, I shouldn’t have even—god, it wasn’t worth it. I have to leave. This was a mistake.”

With that, he stumbled out of your life once more, leaving you as empty as ever. But was it him or was it the fact that you’d do it again if you had the chance?

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Grayson Dolan dating a personal trainer and being absolutely amazed by her. One day she’s boxing with Ethan and she knows he’s holding back so she teaches him a lesson. Grayson is filming on Snapchat absolutely wheezing at what he’s seeing. After that he’s all lovey with her and is praising her it’s just all cute It would make my day is you could extend or elaborate on this concept. ❤️❤️❤️ love you

Thank you so much for this request I love the idea!! I hope I did it justice!!!

“Grayson,” you moaned, “harder. Come on I can take it. Give it to me.” Grayson smirked at you and you knew what he was thinking. Instead of saying anything you threw a quick jab and his head snapped back as your glove made contact with his nose.

“What the fuck y/n!” His glove immediately went to his nose and you let out a laugh.

“We’re training, Gray. Now is not the time for you to be thinking about us fucking.”

“But it’s so much better thinking about that than this.”  

You shrugged, “Get in the corner we’re sparring. We still have another thirty minutes in the session.” You had met Grayson and Ethan when they had come into the gym you worked at one day. They hadn’t wanted a personal trainer at the time but a few weeks after they joined the gym they had a sudden change of heart. You had been a personal trainer for a few years and when your boss came to you and told you that two boys specifically requested you you were eager to train somebody. You later found out that they didn’t need a trainer at all. They had obviously been training and working out for the majority of their life and they knew what they were doing. After Grayson had asked you on a date and you guys had been together for a while he admitted that he forces Ethan into using you as a personal trainer. You had caught his eye immediately and he wanted to be around you as much as possible.

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Send in more requests lovelies!!!!!!

Love is an Open Door-E.D Imagine Part 2

(Continuing request prompt #5)

Authors note: Hey guys, I must be an idiot because I couldn’t figure out how to post all of this into one post. I feel like an idiot. Ugh.

We both walked over to our bed, Ethan moving his duffel bag in front of the closet, and then joining me back in bed.

We were scrolling through our movie collection sitting in bed when we both went to grab the same movie..Frozen. I put it on and we were both laying in our bed where I felt the safest. His arm was wrapped around my waist, our legs tangled under the blanket and my head resting on his chest. His hands were running through my hair.

After awhile he was still playing with my hair. I looked up at him seeing that he was already looking at me. He moved his head down and kissed the bridge of my nose. Scrunching my nose, and sneezed. Ethan laughed. Ugh, that mans laugh could cure anything.

As ‘Love is an Open Door’ started to play, we heard footsteps in the hall. Grayson knocked, then opened our door.

“Hey, goodnight you two. Love you both.”

“Love you Gray.” I said back. Ethan’s grip on my waist tightened.

“Love you bro.” He said without looking at him.

Grayson then closed the door and returned to his room.

I started to hum along with the song and Ethan then followed singing it with me. He pulled me up off the bed and started dancing all around the room with me while singing.

‘I mean it’s crazy-“


‘We finish each other’s-‘



‘That’s what I was gonna say’

We continued to sing the whole way through until the end of the song. We stopped our dancing. Ethan picked me up which caused me to gasp and running to the bed throwing me on it causing both of us to laugh. We laid cuddling until the end of the movie. I got up off the bed and turned the movie off along with the lights.

I crawled back into bed and Ethan sat up and started to speak, “Hey, so uhm I love that movie. You know why?”

I sat up to match him and hummed in response.

“Almost their entire relationship is all based on impulse.”

“Oh yes it is.” I said laughing not knowing were he was going with this.

“We should try and be that way. Do what we want when we want. You in?” He asked getting more and more excited as the conversation went on.

“Uhm okay. I guess we can try it?” I said confused.

“Okay! Stay here!” He leapt off the bed, running to our dresser grabbing something, putting it in his shorts pocket, running over to the door, opening it, leaving and closing it again.

“Ethan what the hell are you doing?” I asked laughing but behind dead serious.

“You know how I have very little impulse control?”

“Uh yes I’m well aware..”

“Yeah, so don’t be mad when you open up the door”

I walked over to the door utterly confused to what this boy was talking about.

I opened the door, looked down, and there was Ethan. On one knee. With a light blue box with a ring inside.

“I’m gonna quote Frozen cause I’m cheesy. Here we go… Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?”

I started to laugh when I felt a tear stream down my face. Happy tears of course. I’ve been waiting for this moment for awhile.

He was starring at me anxiously waiting for my reply.

“Can I say something even crazier?” I paused and watched his face, his worry turning into a huge smile realizing that I was now quoting Ana.

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

He grabbed me by my waist and the back of my neck and pulled me into a kiss. This felt very different from our other kisses we shared. This was the first that we were actually a couple. It felt needy, like he wanted me all to himself. We were interrupted when Grayson walked out of his room

“Oh, uh sorry. Didn’t know you guys were still up…” saying awkwardly.

“It’s okay, just an engagement going on.” I said calmly, looking at Ethan and smiling.

Maybe Ana was right, ‘life can be so much more with you.’

Up In Smoke PT.2

A/N: I feel comfortable posting this bc the twins have been a lot more active on social media lately. Also dont do drugs kids.

Over the next few weeks smoking the house out became somewhat of a regular thing for you and the boys. Sometimes Ethan would come barging in your room with a blunt in hand and he would spend the afternoon trying to convince you to believe in his most ridiculous conspiracies. Most nights, you would hear Grayson’s soft knocking on your door in the middle of the night with a mumbled “can’t sleep” and you two would share a bowl or two before passing out cuddled up in your bed. On these nights it would be so hard for you not to admit your feelings for him. You gradually grew to accept the fact that Grayson had an impact on your heart you never expected. Tonight, you were staring at your ceiling wide awake trying to rid your mind of all thoughts Grayson. After tossing and turning for more than two hours you let out a sigh of defeat and threw the covers to the side of your bed and padded down the hall to his room. You knocked lightly on the door and almost instantly heard a gruff “c'min.” You slid inside and shut the door softly and sank into the bed next to his sprawled out body. 

“Can’t sleep” you mumbled allowing yourself to slide under the blanket and lay on your side facing him. “Me either, doll. Think I might have gained a little bit of a habit here” he admitted, fishing his pipe and stash from his bedside table. He slid his arm around your waist and pulled you flush against his side and held the pipe to your lips. You grinned and inhaled as soon as the flame hit the top of his neatly packed bowl. After a few minutes the two of you lay there in hazy bliss. “Wanna try something?” Grayson asked. You shrugged and nodded. He grabbed your jaw and moved your head so you were eyelevel with him. “Stay still” he commanded as he took a long inhale from his pipe. You obeyed waiting for further instructions and were completely shocked when his plush lips pressed against your slightly parted ones and he began to blow smoke in your mouth. goosebumps rose all over your flesh from the feeling of his lips. You inhaled the smoke and gave him a curious look. “It’s called a shotgun. Wanted to try it out” he said so nonchalantly it made your head spin more than any other drug could. ‘Does he really not know how much he affects me? Is he just fucking with me? Did Ethan tell him something?’ Your mind reeled with the possibilities of the reasoning behind his actions. Before you could drive yourself too crazy you slid from under the covers. “G'night Gray. See you in the morning” you said to a dumbfounded grayson before practically sprinting back to your room and flinging yourself back in your bed. You couldn’t help the grin that took over your face as you ran your thumb over your bottom lip, wishing his lips were still pressed against yours. You buried your face in your pillow and squeezed your eyes shut hoping sleep would take over your hazy mind and relieve you from the thoughts you were currently having about your best friend. Again.
Meanwhile, in grayson’s room his mind was reeling. He couldn’t understand why you had run away like that. You were never one to shy away from his affections before. 'Maybe I went too far?’ He thought to himself as he curled his pillow to his chest. He let out a huff at how stupid he was for potentially scaring you off. He had gotten accustomed to falling asleep with your small frame wrapped securely in his arms and the fact that he was the reason for you not being there again tonight was fucking with his thoughts. Ethan had been spending a lot more time alone with you and if Grayson was being honest with himself he was jealous that something more might be brewing between the two of you. He understood though because sometimes it seemed like the two of you got along way more than you and he did. There were times when you would be talking and you would drift off to another world and he always thought he was just boring you with whatever story he was telling you. The fact that you seemed more comfortable spending alone time with Ethan lately had a different kind of anger bubbling in his stomach. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He could have confronted you or even Ethan about it. You two were his best friends in the world, what reason could you possibly have to lie to him? He shook his head and smashed his face against his plush pillow, trying to rid himself of all the negative thoughts in his head before drifting to a dreamless and restless sleep.
The next morning grayson made the decision to confront Ethan about the situation weighing heavily on his heart. He sat up and rubbed the sleep out if his eyes trying to come up with the best possible way to bring it up. He pulled on a pair of black joggers and grabbed his baggie of weed and pipe before knocking on Ethan’s door. As soon as ethan granted him entrance he started packing a bowl and offered it to his slightly grumpy brother.
“Would normally get pissed that you woke me up” ethan said snatching the pipe and inhaling the drug deeply “but it seems like something’s going on in that big jughead of yours. What’s up bro?” He asked handing the pipe back to grayson and letting out a cloud of thick smoke as he stretched his arms above his head. Grayson took a hit that was twice as long and made sure he was feeling good and high before he answered. “Just noticed you’ve been spending a lot of time with Y/N lately. Kinda wondering what’s up with that” he admitted softly running his fingers through his hair. Ethan’s mouth formed a perfect “O” shape for half a second before he recovered. “She’s my best friend Gray are we not allowed to hang out now?” He demanded sitting up and folding his arms across his chest. He was not about to spill all the secrets you had felt comfortable telling him just because grayson was jealous of the friendship the two of you shared. He personally thought you should just come out and speak your mind but if you weren’t ready who was he to push it? You had only admitted your feelings for grayson aloud two weeks ago and he knew that even that was difficult for you to accept. Shaking his head, Ethan looked Grayson up and down slowly taking in his expression. “Are you…… jealous? Do you like her?” “What?! ME? NO!!!” grayson shouted jumping to his feet in a defensive stance. Ethan simply shrugged “cool maybe I’ll go for it with her then if you’re not going there.” Grayson’s face turned beet red and he grabbed the back of his neck in frustration and walked out of ethans room slamming the door so hard you were jolted awake from your peaceful slumber. You rubbed your eyes with the heels of your palms and padded to the bathroom to brush your teeth and took a few hits of your being before going to figure out what the hell was going on. You tapped softly on Ethan’s door and jumped into his bed, wrapping his comforter around you. “What’s going? Whose slamming doors this early?” You mumbled grumpily. He simply snorted and showed you his phone screen with the time on it “Y/N its literally noon. Little stoner needed to hibernate?” You shoved his shoulder “shut up E you would sleep until 4 if we let you. But seriously what’s going on? Who did you piss off this time?” Ethan ran his fingers through his hair, gripping the roots and exhaling slowly. “Gray. I kind of told him I would shoot my shot with you.” You immediately slapped him on the back of the head and rushed out of his room to find Grayson. You knocked on his door rapidly and when he let you in you shoved past him with your arms crossed. “Look I dont know what E told you but I’m not into him at all. I love him like a brother. If I’m being honest I’m in love with-” you slapped your hand over your mouth and stared with wide eyes at your feet realizing it maybe wasn’t the best idea to get so high before you dealt with this situation. But to be fair you didnt know what you were dealing with at the time. “Who are you in love with?” Grayson asked lightly removing your hand from your mouth and pulling your face up by your chin so he could look you in the eyes. “No one. I’m not in love with anyone. I just wanted to tell you that there isnt anything going on with me and E he’s just being an idiot.” The tension was thick in the air as he searched your eyes before sighing and letting his hand drop back to his side. “Well whoever it is, they’re one lucky mother fucker.” He began to turn away from you but shook his head and grabbed your face with both of his hands, rubbing circles on your cheeks with his thumbs. You held your breath and waited for him to do something. Anything. You decided to completely throw caution to the wind and press your lips against his pillowy lips for a split second before breaking the kiss and stepping backwards out of Grayson’s grasp. Before you could take even one full step you felt his large hands on the back of your neck pulling you towards him to crush your lips together in a deep fiery kiss. Your hands flew to his chest and you scratched at it lightly as his hands snaked themselves around your hips. After a few moments he pressed his forehead against yours and attempted to catch his breath. “I’m in love with you, Gray. It’s been you for a long time.” He simply grinned and smashed his lips against yours and lifted you off your feet, making you wrap your legs around his hips so you didnt fall on your butt. He broke the kiss once again to squeeze you even closer to him in a vice grip hug. “I love you too Y/N” he chuckled deep in his throat putting you down on the floor. You smiled broadly and bounded over to his smoke stash and began rolling a blunt “this calls for celebration wouldnt you say?” He smirked and laid back on his bed “I was thinking we could celebrate in another way. But this works for me too, peach.” You blushed and offered him the freshly rolled blunt and a lighter. He held it between his lips and sparked the tip inhaling deeply and pressed his lips against yours once again to blow smoke in your mouth. “I thought I freaked you out last night. I was so worried. Why didnt you ever tell me?” He asked you with a concerned furrow of his brows. You shrugged sheepishly “I’ve never been good at things like this before. I didn’t know how to accept it myself much less throw it on you with no warning.” You filled your lungs with the intoxicating drug and avoided making eye contact with him. He however had other ideas. He snorted out a loud laugh that took you by surprise. “Dude I was so scared that Ethan had dug his hooks in you. Next time let me know what’s going through that beautiful mind at all times okay baby?” He hooked an arm around your waist again and buried his face in your stomach. You immediately reached down to run your fingers through his hair and he lifted his head and took a few more hits of the blunt before hiding his face back in the soft material of your shirt. You pulled out your phone and began to play music from your phone. He started lazily running his hand up and down the exposed flesh of your thigh sometimes placing soft kisses all over your skin. The drug had made you so sensitive to his touch you began to squirm as you felt a knot begin to form in the pit of your stomach. As you finished off the blunt you snuggled closer to Gryason and wrapped one leg lazily over his stomach. You felt him smile against the skin of your thigh as he tucked your leg safely under his arm, wrapping both arms around your hips. He looked up at you through lazy bloodshot eyes and rested his chin against your navel. “Wanna try something?” He asked mimicking his words from last night. You smiled and nodded. “Just stop me if I’m going too far too fast okay peach?” You raised your eyebrows in question and in response he simply smiled and pulled you down for a kiss before rolling you both over so you were fully on your back. He pulled up your shirt a little and kissed the soft are around your belly button and trailed kisses down your thighs. The combination of his sweet touch and the drugs coursing through your system had your skin burning and heat pooling between your legs. He ran his tongue smoothly up one of your thighs and nipped at the flesh of your hip bone right above your panty line. He looked up and you stared deep in his warm hazel orbs nodding slowly, granting him permission to do whatever his heart desired. He gave you a cocky smile before dipping his head back down and attaching his lips to the inner part of your thigh so close to your core you could feel his prickly beard poking at you through your shorts and began harshly sucking hickey after hickey like an artist consumed in his work. As soon as he was satisfied he ran his tongue along your bruising flesh and pressed soft kisses over his design to sooth the area and pulled back to examine his work. Your mouth dropped open when you saw a perfect “G” now marked on your skin. “Should I spell my whole name or do you think that’s good enough?” You shook your head and giggled “I think I’m going to have to stay away from shorts for a while.” A grin stretched across his beautiful face and he went back to pressing chaste kisses up and down your hips and across your pubic bone. “Roll another one” he mumbled against your skin vaguely gesturing to the stash on his night stand. You nodded and tried to focus on rolling as he watched you through hooded eyes pausing every once in a while to place a kiss lower and lower on you to the point that his chin was pressing against your clit. You halted your actions and let out a deep breath trying to focus ok the task at hand. It took twice as long as it normally would have but eventually you produced a semi sloppy blunt. “Light” Grayson ordered as he wiggled your shorts down your legs and you aided him by kicking a leg out and watching them fall to a far off corner of his room and immediately lit it. “Such a good girl for me” he noted and pressed his plump lips against your sensitive bundle of nerves. You inhaled so sharply you began coughing your lungs up due to the fact that you had just taken a huge hit. Once you caught your breath he continued kissing down your heat until he reached your dripping core. “So wet for me already?” He asked pressing his tongue flat against the soaked fabric of your panties causing a soft whimper to escape your throat. He licked his lips and pushed your panties to the side lightly blowing on your clit. Your hips jolted at the sensation and you spread your legs tangling one hand in his hair while the other still held the blunt to your lips. He continued pressing teasing kisses to your velvety folds until you let out an inpatient borderline whiney “Graaaayy!” He immediately licked a stripe from your core to your clit and began assaulting it with his tongue. Gripping his hair in a vice grip you almost dropped the still lit blunt as you tried to grind your hips against him. Grayson had other ideas. He pressed a palm flat on your stomach pinning you in place and began to lick slow deliberate strokes against your clit. Getting lost in the feeling it took your jumbled high mind a few moments to realize he was really truly spelling out his name with his tongue. You could make out the repetitive G R A Y after a few times of him doing so. “What I dont get the rest of your name?” You sassed deciding it would probably benefit you to finally put the blunt in his ash tray. Instead of responding he decided to plunge as much of his tongue as he could in your center relishing in your sweet taste. “Mmmmm” he mumbled causing you to arch your back from the vibrations “so sweet for me.” He continued to flick his tongue inside of you and pressed your clit between his thumb and forefinger rolling the bud between his fingers until he felt your legs begin to lightly shake and your walls close down on his tongue. He growled in pleasure and replaced his tongue with two of his thick fingers, pumping in and out of you, while sucking greedily at your clit. A load moan slipped past your lips and your head fell back to the pillow beneath you as Grayson coaxed your first orgasm of the night out of you and made sure to catch as much as he could while you rode out your added high before he released you and started leaving sloppy kisses up the center of your stomach. He practically ripped your shirt off your body “not done with you yet. Not even close” he mumbled against the skin of your neck as he shoved your panties down your thighs and you wiggled out of them. His eyes raked hungrily down your body and he rid himself of his shirt and pressed your bare chests together loving the way your smooth skin felt against his. You took him off guard by shoving him so he was laid flat on his back. “My turn” you growled as you slid down the bed until you were eye level with his belly button. His hand raked through his hair as he stared you down. You copied his teasing motions and kissed along the tops of his hips and ran your tongue down the deep cut of his prominent v line before pressing your lips to his swollen pink tip. His eyes drooped even more than they already were from the drug at your feather light touch. You gauged his reactions as you slowly started to bob your head up and down his shaft, swirling your tongue and hollowing your cheeks as you went. Grayson squeezed his eyes shut tightly and fisted a hand in your hair letting out a deep guttural moan. You went as low down on him as your throat would allow you and only let up when your gag reflex kicked in and you needed air. As you stroked his cock, catching your breath he stared at you with blown out pupils. He pulled you up for a heated kiss and shoved you back down into the mattress, pushing his hips against yours so that you felt his cock twitch against your inner thigh. He ran his hands down your sides as he pressed his lips against yours. He hooked his muscular arms under your thighs and cocked an eyebrow at you as he pushed your legs up until they were wrapped around his broad shoulders. You giggled and reached around to stroke his rock hard member and he groaned, burying his face in your collar bone. His warm breath fanned across your neck making you whimper a small “please gray.” He pushed himself slowly inside of you until he bottomed out and you both let out a sigh of relief. Once you fully adjusted to his size he began to grind his hips against yours wasting no time in trying to find your sweet spot. Your mouth fell open and a loud moan escaped your lips when his tip brushed against it. Grayson smiled and slowly pulled out until only his tip was left in your dripping entrance and started thrusting slow and deep. Your nails left small crescent patterns in the skin of his shoulder blades as each thrust became harder and more purposeful. Gray’s thick fingers wrapped around your throat constricting your airway as he leaned back and stared into your eyes. “Love watching your face as I fuck you, pretty girl. So good for me.” He praised, leaving kisses all across the flushed skin of your temples and cheeks. “You’re taking my cock so well. Cant believe I didnt make you mine sooner” he finally pressed a tender kiss to your lips, a stark contrast to the way he was completely destroying you. His hips snapped against yours roughly and sweat appeared across his face and chest from the force he was exerting on your body. Letting go of your throat, he tapped your lips with his thumb. “Lick” he instructed. You let your tongue swirl over the rough pad of his thumb and sucked lightly, letting go with a slight pop. He pressed his now wet thumb against your clit and rubbed slow deliberate circles trying to bring you to your next climax. Your nails scraped from the top of his shoulders to the little dimples in his back in pure ecstacy as your legs began to shake again and a knot began to form in the depths of your stomach again. “Cum for me again baby. Be good for me, hmmm?” He mumbled in your hair, his thrusts began to speed up to the point that he was almost jackhammering his hips against yours, telling you he was growing close to his high as well. He rolled your sensitive nub between his fingers and you cried out his name as explosions went off in your body as your second orgasm of the day hit you harder than you expected. From the sounds your body and mouth were making and the way your walls gripped grayson in a vice grip his hips stuttered and he began thrusting sloppily. Bottoming out inside of you he latched his teeth to the soft spot on your pulse point as hot spurts of his seed coated your insides and he moaned loudly, vibrating the skin of your neck. Breathing heavily, he let his weight drop to your smaller frame but didn’t pull out of your core. “Don’t wanna move. M'gonna stay here forever” he said softly, raking his fingers through the ends of your hair. You smiled and threw a blanket over your connected bodies.
Out of nowhere you guys heard a loud shout of “FUCKING FINALLY NOW I CAN GET SOME PEACE” from the doorway and looked up in shock to see Ethan standing there with crossed arms and a cocky smirk. “You can thank me later” he sassed before slamming the door shut again and going back to his room. Grayson’s loud obnoxious laughter filled the air and your heart warmed at the sound. “Guess we do owe him a thank you, huh doll?” You rolled your eyes and let out a groan “yes but I will never let him know he was right or I’ll have to hear about it for the rest of my life.” He simply nodded and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, tracing mindless patterns across the bare skin of your stomach. You couldn’t help but smile at the stoned boy clinging to you like a koala. Maybe Ethan being right wasn’t the worst thing in the world

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I find it sad as hell that Ethan and Grayson Dolan had to tweet something telling fans to respect them and not go to their father’s funeral.

Like I literally only became a fan of them this year, but I’ve been a fangirl a long time to know whats acceptable and what’s not, and this is one of them. Who the hell are you to be so greedy as to go to a funeral to see people you love in a time when they just want to be with their loved ones and family. Like obviously they need some space. That’s actually disgusting.

Another thing that bothers me about fanpeople is calling someone’s fiancé crusty or grandma, because “age doesn’t matter and we should learn to forgive and accept everyone for who they are”, except her. That’s also disgusting.

I just… kinda hate fandom

i am so indescribably distraught right now, and i cannot even fathom how much pain the Dolan family is going through. I think i speak for everyone in the Dolan Twins fandom when i say that i am so incredibly grateful for Sean and am so unbelievably proud of him for winning his battle. He raised 3 amazing kids and if it weren’t for him (and Lisa of course), the twins wouldn’t have been able to impact MILLIONS of people all over the globe. He truly is and will forever be an inspiration. with ever nerve in my body i truly mean it when I say, a big FUCK YOU to cancer and Rest In Forever Peace, Sean Dolan. 💓

send me one line prompts!!!! pls, ?

Priorities •G.D•

Scene: Ethan, Grayson, Y/n decide to meet the a local cafe to catch up after a long week

Hi! Sorry in advance for what I wrote further- it’s pretty rough and bad and yeah but I kinda wanted to start writing out little things like this. Hope you enjoy!!


Ethan sat in the booth, bouncing his foot as he waited for Grayson and Y/n to arrive.. “ugh I told them to come soon. We’re going to be late. What’s holding them up-” when suddenly his phone pings with a notification.. ’Snapchat from Y/n

Ethan opened your snap, hair wild with a sheepish smile on your face.. “Sorry E, I’m just getting there. I just- just did something stupid don’t be alarmed” written in on it. He shook his head, rolling his eyes, just as the bell on the cafe door rung out

He looked up, a light glare on his face as Grayson and you walked in, beckoning them over.

You guys quickly came and sat down, and Ethan turned to Grayson, “Finally! I was starving! What took you so long?”

Grayson smirked lightly, running his hands in his hair and shit a look towards you before quickly blurting out, “hi, I’m Stupid.”

“Yeah no shit-” “GRAYSON-” Ethan rolled his eyes while you glared at Grayson, smacking him “you weren’t supposed to-”

“Supposed to wh-” Ethan stopped mid-sentence as his brain recalled your words and put two and two together, making his gasp, “you to- did you- oh my god-”

You smiled sheepishly as Ethan groaned, face-palmed himself, while Grayson laughed “Sorry bro, but I was hungry”


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Girls Like You (cameron dolan)

A/N: I havent seen any Cam fics but i made this for a friend and i hope she liked it! ♥

2 years ago…

“There must be some kinda rule that doesn’t allow the same sex to kiss playing ‘spin the bottle’ right?” Nick, the guy you were seeing, asked everyone.

“What the fuck man, have you never played this game? And what kinda guy doesn’t get turned on by seeing girls kiss?” One of the other guys teased.

“And of course, you’re THAT kinda guy you pervert” Cam jokingly said, she then turned to you “You ready to get this over with?”

“Yeah, it’s not like we haven’t kissed each on the cheek before, yeah?”

“We’re supposed to make out, dummy” she laughed

You tried to play it cool and hide your nervousness, it was your first time to ever make out with a girl. Somehow you’re thankful that you’re kissing your best friend and not some random girl.

“Ready when you are” you huffed out a breath.

“Relax bitch, it’s only for 10 seconds” And with that Cam crashed her lips to yours. There wasn’t any hint of shyness in the way she kissed you, so you kissed her back. Hard.

Little did you both know that 10 seconds had passed and neither one of you were stopping the kiss, so Nick did. 

“Hey, your 10 seconds is up.” He tapped you on the shoulder. To which he received a lot of boo’s and jeers from the others you were with.

“Show’s over, perverts” Cam went back to her spot and you sat beside her.

This was the moment you exactly knew you had a romantic attraction for girls too and there was only one girl you clearly wanted: Cameron Dolan.

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