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Happy tuesday!!!! WHAT TIME IS IT?! ITS DOLAN TWINS TUESDAY! (Imagine this with high school musical music k?) - - - -

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supermodel | grayson dolan

summary: youre fwb with grayson and as always, it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to. this was requested. also based on “supermodel” by sza

warnings: angsty(thats just how it rolls here), cursing, mentions of sex, it’s really short and i hate the ending. this is so bad i’m so sorry dedicated to @cosmodolans bc why not

Originally posted by iloveboylove

It started off simple. You craved love, attention; you needed to be needed, even if it was only temporary. He wanted sex, release, no strings attached, just a quick fuck.

It was the perfect combination for chaos.


What had started out as simple had turned complicated very quickly.

You were in love with him, how could you not fall? Messing with people like Grayson was like walking a tightrope blindfolded, it was impossible not to fall.

He knew how you really felt, you were never one that could hide your emotions well. You wore your heart on your sleeve, ready for someone to rip it off and tear it to shreds.

And he did.

He really couldn’t care less about how you felt. You guys made a deal at the start of your “relationship”. If one got uncomfortable with how things were, then they could tell the other and end it.

But no, you wouldn’t do that. You couldn’t do that.

You craved his love too much, even if it was only temporary.

You couldn’t be by yourself, you were too insecure for that.

So you put up with it, stuck in a constant cycle of love, sex, and insecurity.


It all fell apart at Vegas.

You and the rest of the group went zip lining, while Grayson went somewhere else.

You knew where he was, you weren’t stupid. You saw the notifications on his phone, the texts from “Baby💗”. You knew it was wrong to look, to invade his privacy.

But you were right.

The hushed whispers between James and Emma didn’t help either, neither did the looks of pity.

They warned you from the start. They told you this was going to happen, they knew you too well, knew how hard and how quickly you fell.

Always for the wrong people, too.


“Why do you keep dragging her along like this, Grayson?” You heard Ethan whisper to Grayson later that night.

You were all “asleep” in the singular bed that occupied the air bnb, the group getting home and crashing long before Grayson arrived, a small smile still adorning his soft lips, still giddy from his date.

“I’m not dragging anyone along, Ethan.” Graysons tone was bitter, annoyed, tired of getting the same damn talk from everyone around him. “We made a deal, she could leave anytime she wants too.”

“It’s obvious she can’t, Gray!” Ethan hissed. “That girl is head over heels for you and you know it, and you’re taking advantage of it. You said you never wanted to be that guy, but look at you! That’s exactly what you are!”

All you heard was a hushed “fuck off” and then the slam of the sliding glass door.

You waited until Ethan was asleep in the bed before you snuck off onto the patio.


You just needed one more night, one more night of feeling loved, one more night of attention, one more night of feeling needed.

You knew this was it, you knew this was the end, but you refused to accept it.

You were holding on for dear life.

You needed him to need you back.


“That was our last time.” Grayson spoke, leaning against the edge of the hot tub.

“I know.” You murmured, looking down at the water, foam forming from the jets.

You both couldn’t have it all.

You couldn’t get your love and attention, and Grayson couldn’t get his quick fuck.

Every time he looked at your face, he just felt guilty.

Ethan was right, he became that guy, he dragged you along, he tore your heart off your sleeve, and he ripped it to shreds.

He ruined you. He took the happiest, most loving girl he had ever met, and he ruined her.

“Dont feel guilty.” You chuckled, stepping out of the hot tub and getting dressed back into your pajamas.

“I did this to myself.”

Your relationship ended with the soft click of the sliding glass door, leaving Grayson dazed and confused

15 Days~Christmas Mail~Both

A/N: I’ll probably make a part 2 for day 14! Sorry if his sucks, it’s unedited and I JUST wrote it.

Summary: Y/N sends in mail for one of their videos, what will Y/N get in return?

Warning: none

Word Count: 517

Originally posted by punishmedolans

“PO address will be linked in the description of the video! Send us some fan mail!!!”

“And Merry early Christmas!!” Grayson says.

Ethan and Grayson say there goodbyes and peace to the camera and Ethan is off to go editing.

“We are gonna get so much mail,” Grayson chuckles to Ethan.

“Dude! We should make it into a giant Christmas tree this year! Like you know how last year we made it into a castle since we’ll be posting on Christmas, let’s make it a giant Christmas tree!” Ethan offers his brilliant idea.

“Yes! Perfect!” Grayson claps.

3 days later:

You continue to watch the laptop screen in shock,

This will be the first time you send in mail to them.

You get to packing up the drawing you made of them, waiting forever to send it to them. Along with a little letter,

Dear Twins,

Merry Christmas! I’ve been waiting forever to send this drawing to you, I’d say it took me about 3 weeks to just sketch! Then watercolor took about 8 hours! I was trying to get it perfect! I really hope you enjoy!

Oh, by the way, I’m Y/N, I’m (age) and you guys are my biggest idols!

Also, my biggest wish for Christmas is to meet you guys! I really hope one day I get to meet you, and idk, maybe be friends… doubt that. Lol. Anyway, Merry Christmas and I love you!


You place the letter on top of the perfectly placed framed drawing and begin to shut the box with tape.

I hope they like it.

Christmas Day(Video):

“What’s up, guys! We’re back!” They both shout.

“Merry Christmas by the way!” Ethan adds on.

“We got a lotttttt of mail this year! Thank you all so much! We’ll open as much as we can on camera!” Grayson says.

“And, enjoy a little ‘tour’ of our GIANT Christmas tree!” Ethan says excitedly.

*The camera switches to aesthetic clips of the giant fan mail Christmas tree.*

“This one looks pretty cool!” Ethan says, grabbing your box.

“Omg! That’s my box!” You squeal to yourself.

You sit up and nervously play with your fingers while scanning the screen with your eyes to watch their reactions.

“This is incredible! Thank you….Y/N!” Ethan says, searching for your name.

“Your welcome!” You say to yourself, quickly rolling your eyes at the fact you just spoke through a screen, thinking they could hear you.

“My biggest wish is to meet you guys….” Ethan says, continuing to read your letter tot he camera.

“Well, Y/N, you’re in luck! I’m gonna send down some plane tickets for you here!” He says to the camera, Grayson looking at him shocked like he never expected that.

“Get ready!” He says!

“Alright! We tried to open as much as we could on camera! Thank you guys so much for everything, Merry Christmas, we love you, and we’ll see you next Tuesday!” Ethan shouts to the camera.

“Omg! I can’t believe he’s sending me down some tickets!!” You screech to yourself.

This is going to be the best time of my life!!!

4 Goals {G.D.}

okay so i wrote this mainly for grayson but then uncle!e had to make an appearance, so then it became kind of both of them?? anyways, enjoy!

p.s.: i didn’t really look it over or anything so sorry for any spelling and grammatical errors. also, this was supposed to be a mini blurb but that’s okay.

p.p.s: i swear this is the last daddy e or g for a bit! i just like writing soft stuffΒ with them as dad’’s :’)

Word count: 2.2k

β€œE, where the fuck are you?” Grayson said exasperatedly into his phone.Β β€œPenny’s team is about to come on the ice and you know she expecting to see her Uncle in the stands sitting right next to me.”

Ethan was currently speeding to the ice rink in his Jeep, dodging in and out of lanes and around slow movers.Β β€œGray, I’m like 1 minute aw-”

β€œ1 minute away my ass,” Grayson laughed out as he looked out at the zamboni prepping the ice for his daughter’s last game before the holiday break.Β β€œJust… get here soon please?”

β€œBro, I swear I’ll be there in 1 minute i’m parking,” Ethan said just as he pulled into the parking lot of the rink.Β β€œSee you in a sec,” he said, ending the call on his steering wheel.

As soon as he was parked, he jumped right out of his car and gunned it in inside, praying that he didn’t miss his little hockey superstar get on the ice.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one with Gray with a quiet and shy Gf? Like a bookworm? ☺️

kinda loved this concept

She was a shy girl, who loved to read books and stay inside her white colored bedroom.

However, one day she went to the local coffe shop in her town to enjoy some tea and read peacefully. After spending hours in the comfort of the cafe, she gathered all of her things and walked towards the exit. Her head, though, was still buried in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book as she walked; making her bump into someone, causing them to spill their hot drink on her.

And that someone soon became her boyfriend.

Ever since [Y/N] and Grayson met, 6 months ago, they went out on several dates, hung out and had several movie nights.

Grayson loved every single trait of her shy personality.

He loved how her cheeks flushed every time he’d compliment her, how she hid her smile behind a few, soft strands of her hair. He loved how she’d timidity whisper i love you in his ear, afraid of letting the world know her feelings.

But what he loved the most was how she’d easily get lost in her thoughts, with a book in her small hands and the corners of her mouth slightly turned upwards.

The sun was rising and shining through the window on her; it felt like fresh makeup on her bare face as she sat in the old, brown couch in her apartment, with a fluffy blanket covering her body and a cup of tea in her hands. Her favorite book laid closed on the armrest, her eyes looked at it briefly before fluttering closed, transporting herself to a sweet memory. The sound of the coffe machine and the smell of different drinks filled her mind, completely engulfing her and leaving her unaware of her real-life surroundings.

After a few minutes, Grayson entered the small apartment, with a small packet hidden behind his back and an innocent smile plastered on his face, which grew bigger at the sight of his distracted girl. A soft chuckle left his plump lips as he approached her, trying not to make a sound; before he lightly tapped on her shoulders, bringing her back to reality.

A loud scream left the girl’s mouth, afraid of the unknown presence; until she realized it was only her boyfriend. Grayson gazed into her sparkling eyes as one of his hands cupped her jaw while brushing his thumb over her cheek, leaning in to kiss her lips softly.

“I got you something” He spoke, giving her the nicely packed object; his voice laced with happiness and satisfaction.

She crooked her head lightly, taking the gift from his hands and looking down at the red ribbon adorning it.

She felt like every fiber of her being was vibrating with anticipation and her hands trembling as they moved quickly to unwrap the package; her eyes going wide immediately.

She felt giddy and excitement poured out of her like sunshine in a warm, summery day; she glowed from inside out.

Her mind was flying around like a butterfly, and no matter how hard she tried, it always fluttered back to the book in her hand.

She couldn’t believe it.

A tingly feeling spread through her whole body as she opened the book. There, in her hands, was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, signed by the one and only J. K. Rowling.

Without a second thought, she threw herself in between Grayson’s strong arms.

“This is how it all started, though you might like it” Grayson whispered in her ear as he cuddled her closed to his chest.

Little sobs and words of appreciation left her mouth, “I love you, Grayson”

“I love you way more, angel” Grayson smiled as nothing but love filling his whole body.

They were opposites, but that never stopped them from loving each other deeply.

mistletoe [e.d]

“i know i’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please”

mistletoeeee” ethan cooed while holding the plant above his head with puckered lips.

“you’re never gonna give this mistletoe a break, huh?” you asked with arms crossed over your chest and shaking your head, but still leaned in to kiss him.

and every few minutes he’d come back with the mistletoe over his head asking for another kiss and you knew he was doing it on purpose now.

“i know i’ve kissed you like, ten times, but like just another ten, please” he begged as he leaned down to place a kiss on your lips.

after pulling away, he got a dirty thought as he held the mistletoe against his crotch area and tapped your shoulder. putting the dish you were washing down, you turned around humming softly. he kept look at you with this smug look on his face, but you weren’t catching on till his eyes moved downward.

your eyes widened as you turned back around slowly and picking the dish back up.

y/nnn, mistletoooee

Love Sick

Summary: Y/N reminisces on memories that have led to the confessions of her best friend, [college!]Grayson, admitting his feelings.
Word Count: ~ 5,600
Warnings: Cursing, mentions of smoking and drinking, but mostly fluff.
A/N: Yikes, this is my first time posting for this fandom and NOT on my side blog, this is also the first time I write with a concept that I really like and needed for myself.  I grew to love it and I might make a part 2, so PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE FEEDBACK AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD WANT A SECOND PART!!! <3

tags: @cutesydolan @joeyskinnyleg @hmmmethan @ohmydolantwins

My days at university have been exceptionally beautiful during many moments. I was getting to date my best friend, whom I met here. It was an occurrence that I never really expected. It all started my freshman year. It was move-in day, to be exact.

“Mom, it’s to the left,” I instruct her on the other end of the large, blue plastic moving cart that we had unloaded my stuff into from our car. It was move in day for my first year of college, and I was ecstatic to be settled in and meeting new people to make friends immediately. I was also super excited to finally be away from home where I had never been allowed out of the house.

“Okay, number 205, right?” she asks as she slows down in front of the room. I nod in confirmation and move around to unlock the door. I guess I beat my roommate, since it was empty.

“Sweet, I want the bottom bunk!” I smiled at my mom as I started to walk in and she followed with the cart.

“Yay! If you fall off when you’re sleeping, you’re only a couple of feet off the ground!” She teased. She likes to think I’m a huge clutz in avoiding the reality that she’s oblivious to, which is that she’s the huge clutz. But whatever. I rolled my eyes in response and asked her to start putting the sheets on my bed while I go get the second cart with my dad.

The second I stepped out my door, I bumped in to a taller, larger man holding a huge box that hit my face. “Oh shit- I’m so, so sorry!” I heard as I clenched my eyes shut and held my hands to my temple. I open my eyes to find a pair of beautiful, deep green orbs decorated with some thick and sharp eyebrows currently furrowed with concern.

“Uh… it’s ‘kay,” I giggled. I felt like I forgot the entire English language in that moment. I continued my hold on my temple before he gently removed my hands by the wrists, making me shiver a bit.

“Oh no, did the corner of the box hit you? It looks like you have a little cut.. oh my god, I’m so-“

“Hey, it’s fine! Nothing a little Neosporin can’t fix,” I reassure, “just be a little more careful, please. I’m asking for everyone.” He sports a small smirk and I caught his cute little dimple. The little dimple I didn’t know I would ever come to love so much.

“Okay, you got it. But still, I’m so sorry. Can I do anything?” He asks, without realizing someone was behind him trying to push another cart. It was my dad, bringing in the second cart I was supposed to help him with.

“Y/N, who’s this?” My dad blatantly asks. Grayson drops his hold on my hands and looks up. Dad has never been fond of any boys in my life, saying they were clearly only after one thing. It was no different with any stranger who looked between 17 and 20 years old. He’s a little overprotective, I guess.

“Good question, what’s your name, boy-who-hit-me-with-his-box?” I cross my arms and cock an eyebrow. He shifts his eyes between my dad and I, growing a little red in the face.

“I promise it was an accident- I’m Grayson…” he smiles a bit awkwardly. I couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction to my dad’s glare after I mentioned the incident that brought our meet, to begin with.

My dad completely dismissed Grayson’s existence and asked me to move out of the doorway to bring the first cart in and replace it with the second one. I did as I was told and moved over to let my parents handle the moving for a second.

“Do you need any help with that box, by the way?” I asked, pointing down at the box he had dropped when he grabbed my wrists. He quickly bent down to pick it up and let out a small chuckle.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind a spotter to make sure I don’t hit anyone else,” he smiled in my direction. How am I supposed to resist that smile? I moved to be in front of him and led him down to the boy’s hall of the residence.

“What number?” I asked, slowing down my pace as we made our way down.

“220, right there,” he pointed me to the door just a few feet away. I helped him steer clear of a couple of parents he couldn’t see, and probably would have hit with his obscenely large moving box. I noticed the door was prompted open, so I let myself in. I let curiosity get the best of me and decided to watch him for a bit.

“Bottom or top bunk?” I asked. He set the box down behind me and dropped to his knees to start unpacking it.

“I want the bottom bunk, but I know my brother is going to use the ‘I was born first’ card to claim it once he gets here,” he sighs. I take the liberty to sit down on the bottom bunk to test it out.

“Hmm. Unless you want to hit your head constantly on the top bunk, I think you dodged a bullet there,” I stated while holding the metal bars above me.

“Same difference, I’ll hit my head up on the ceiling, too. I just don’t wanna climb,” he smiles. He shifts his focus from the box over to me, and I notice he caught a glance of my exposed thighs in my shorts. I immediately felt a bit insecure and I covered them with my hands before standing up.

“True. Well, good luck to you, Grayson. I have to go help my parents before they complain and say I’m avoiding them,” I say while peeping into his box. It looked like a bunch of tech stuff and lost interest for the moment, making a mental note to ask about it later. “I’ll see you around,” I sport my biggest smile as I leave the room.

“Bye, Y/N!”

I saw Grayson very frequently that year. We bumped into each other nearly every day first semester; I saw him after sociology as I was making my way into the building and he was making his way to class. During midterms season in early October, I would get annoyed of my roommate talking to her boyfriend from back home every single night while I was trying to study. I decided to go in the common room of the residence hall one night and found Grayson taking up an entire table with his laptop, books, and notes spread out as he was studying. That night, he was wearing a white hoodie and gray sweats, looking real cute and cozy. He had his hood up and fidgeted with the strings, which I later found out he did often. He was alone in the common room, which indicated that it was pretty late at night considering that was a popular study space. Even though there was plenty of space, I still sat at the table he occupied because I didn’t want him to feel lonely, even if we were both going to be silently working on our own things. That quickly turned out to be the opposite of what we intended. Every time we started studying, he would ask me random questions about myself and got me rambling for hours. Eventually, this became a problem because we would never really get work done. I found out his twin brother, Ethan, was always playing video games late at night while he tried to study. I didn’t mind that I would hardly get my work done with him. I enjoyed getting to know him every few nights at 3 in the morning until the sun rose and we called it a night and went on with our lives.

Second semester, I found him in my statistics class. Our late-night study sessions, therefore, started to become intentional as well as more frequent. The fact that we both actually needed to study and had each other for support didn’t stop us from getting distracted and talking about literally anything else. I also started hanging out with him in our rooms which eventually led to hanging out outside of the residence hall. We started going to the dining halls together along with his brother, Ethan, and my new friend Alena. Alena quickly made a move on Ethan one night while we were all taking a walk around the lake nearby to stargaze. I was very happy for them when they shared their first kiss together, but it made me a bit sad when I had no one to share an experience like that with. Grayson suggested I should get on tinder, but I didn’t cave then. I was always hoping something would spark between us and bring us together and I don’t think I would have wanted there to be a chance for it to happen with someone else. Not at that time.

Over summer, Grayson and Ethan went back to New Jersey, while Alena went back to her hometown of San Angelo, Texas. I made my way back to my small town in California, which was only a few hours away from our university. I was happy to be back home, but I missed Grayson more than anyone. We started sending one another consistent snapchats of random things that happened throughout our day. Or random selfies with “bored” somewhere on the caption. It always depended on the day, really. But there was never a day I didn’t see his gorgeous face on my screen. At some point in the summer, we started to facetime at night, continuing our late-night chats from the study room. Most times, he would be sending me things to watch on youtube and watch my reaction. It was something we liked to do at our distracted study nights as well. Other times, we would just keep each other company while we played video games or one of us was trying to sleep. It became habitual to fall asleep to the sound of Grayson Dolan’s soft snores even though he had never physically slept next to me. I almost couldn’t sleep the night I moved back up for the second year of college.

“This apartment is sick, [Y/N]! You could throw parties here!” Grayson exclaimed, sitting on my new bed. I let out a small giggle as I sat next to him.
“I’m not really a party girl, Gray,” I tilted my head at him. He averted his gaze and stared at his lap.

“You’re right, but I’ll be coming over a lot. This is way better than the small studio Ethan got us stuck with,” he said shifting his eyes back to mine. I felt a slight rush of heat and decided to lay down and stare at the ceiling to shake off the effect Grayson’s eyes had on me. I hadn’t looked into them since the last day before summer, and I forgot how intimidating they were. I always felt like Grayson could see into my soul and take it to keep whenever he laid eyes on me.

“You’re welcome to stay whenever Ethan won’t stop geeking out,” I offered. “But you’re also welcome whenever, and you know that”. I was trying so hard to suppress the smile that threatened to stretch out my cheeks. I felt him lay back next to me, and I shifted my attention to his face.

“Thanks, beautiful,” he almost whispered. I swear if it had been any lower, I wouldn’t have heard him. I almost pretended not to hear it, but my smile and blushing cheeks made it evident. I quickly sat up again, shaking off this feeling.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want Grayson to know how I felt, nor was it that I was afraid of rejection. I genuinely just wanted to keep Grayson around as platonic as I could for as long as I could. I also did not think he was anywhere in my league, but I wouldn’t let that flood my mind. I enjoyed Grayson and his company. His actions and words never crossed any boundaries of mine and I couldn’t tell if that was intentional or not. Regardless, he was my best friend and Alena would kill me if she heard me say it. I tried to tell myself I was just lusting over my best friend because I was horny, and he was the closest guy I had around. Besides him and Ethan, I didn’t have many guy friends who were straight in my life at the moment. And I definitely did not want to pursue Ethan after him and Alena had hooked up one night and she caught feelings for him- BAD. And I can’t blame her. Ethan was amazing, sweet, hilarious, and the tinge bit of annoying was actually endearing on him. However, he was no Grayson to me. Sure, Ethan checked up on me and sent me random memes every now and then. But my second year showed me just how close Grayson and I were going to get.

It was a cold night during finals week of first semester when I was studying at the library and I got my period out of nowhere. No, it wasn’t just that I was far from my apartment and couldn’t get a pad that made me lose it. It was also that I was so close to failing the class I was studying for, and it was that I had spent 14 hours studying the material that day alone, and that I hadn’t had a proper sleep for 4 days also studying for this exam.

While I was sitting in the bathroom stall, crying my eyes out at 1 am, I tried to call Alena to see if she could bring me a pad or tampon from home. To my dismay, her phone was off and I kept getting sent to voicemail. Just a few minutes later, I got a text from Grayson, who had also been studying with me at the library:

gray<3: hey u good?

I knew he was no stranger to periods and wasn’t one of those boys to get freaked out by it, so I decided to call him.

“Hey, what’s up? You’ve been in the bathroom for a while. I got worried,” he said. I tried to muffle my sobs and get myself together.

“I got my period and I don’t have anything with me, Alena won’t pick u-“

“HEY does anyone have a pad or tampon?” I heard Grayson say away from the speaker. “My friend is in the bathroom, she doesn’t have anyth- oh thanks! Yeah I think she’s in the bathroom on this floor,” he said to someone else. I started laughing at his shameless behavior. He was never hesitant to make sure I was taken care of but this was just amusing to me. “Okay a blonde girl is gonna come in there any minute now, she had something useful,” he giggles. I reciprocate the laughter as my heart jumps a little bit.

“Thanks, Grayson,” I say before hanging up.

While small, the gesture stuck with me that night. He also went to the campus convince store located across from the library and bought me some snacks to cheer me up while we studied a bit longer. When we were done, he walked me back to my apartment and stayed the night. When I asked him why he wanted to spend the night during the most stressful time of our semester when he could be bundled up and cozy in his own bed, he said he would rather make sure I’m extra warm and getting cuddled when I was on my period and stressing over exams. This was new territory in our friendship and we had yet to test the waters. We had cuddled before, but it was always for a short period of time and while others were present. Most times, it was when we were watching movies or playing games with a group of people and we were stuck sitting on the floor. I would lean my back against his chest as he leaned against a couch or cabinet. That night, he held me in the same position but laying down, with one arm gently around my waist and the other tucked around my head as he stroked my hair every now and then. It was the first time since summer that I had fallen asleep to the sound of his soft snores. I found myself drifting off easily to the gentle, warm feeling of them against my hair. To say I caught myself falling in love with him that night is an understatement. I finally admitted it but didn’t know where to go from there. It was different from how I had seen him before.

Winter break separated us again, and the facetime calls became more frequent than they had been over summer. It got to a point where I started introducing him to my family over facetime, and he did the same. Nonetheless, I was surprised on Christmas Eve when he facetimed me asking to open the package that he sent me through the mail as a Christmas gift for a reaction. I was in the living room where my family had been gathered to watch a Christmas movie when he texted me to check the mail. I didn’t expect to see a small box and a separate envelope from him in there. Immediately, I ran up the stairs to my room with my family asking what I was doing. I didn’t pay attention to them and bolted straight to my bed as he called. I answered and sat down before opening the envelope first, as he requested.

The first thing I found in there was a hand-written note reading:


First of all, you don’t understand how much I miss you. Seeing you through a screen literally does you no justice. I’d rather be giving you this in person. Second, you’re so special to me. You’re my best friend. And my best friend deserves the best. I really hope you like it. I chose it myself and Ethan said it was nice… I kinda trust him. I just thought of you instantly when I saw it. Lastly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


I think he knew exactly how to pull at my heartstrings by this time, and he knew handwritten notes were one of my favorite things. I kept all the random sticky notes with jokes and doodles he put in my notebooks when I wasn’t looking while we studied at the library all those nights. He didn’t know I kept them all in the back of my planner, sticking them an inch apart to create a collection.

I pulled the next thing out of the envelope, which was three Polaroid pictures we had taken at three different times. The first picture was an attempted selfie that was mostly Grayson’s smile and my eye featuring one of the ears of my cat ear headband. On the bottom, written in sharpie was: “10/31/17 – one of my favorite nights”.

“So we’re dressing up just to hang out and eat candy?” I asked Grayson from my bed, as he sat against it with his laptop open searching for last minute DIY Halloween costumes.

“No, we’re dressing up because it’s Halloween. It’s tradition,” he states sternly.

I didn’t dare question Grayson and his love for holidays. He ended up asking me to do some skull makeup on him, which I did… poorly. And I just stuck on my cat ears that I had laying around for when I wanted to push my hair back while doing my makeup. I went full out with him and drew some whiskers on with eyeliner and drew a pink heart on my nose with lipstick. He insisted we should take a polaroid and the one that came out was the one he sent in the mail. We burst out into laughter after we saw the developed photo because Grayson swore that he had the perfect angle for us to be in frame, and he was totally wrong. But at the time, it was the last of the film he had, and we decided the photo would suffice for memories and we took a few selfies on his phone for better measure. That night ended in us watching Rick and Morty until I passed out in the bed where we were sitting against the wall, and Grayson went home. I didn’t know why it was one of his favorite nights, so I asked him while we were on facetime.

“It was the first night I saw you fall asleep in front of me,” he said with a bit of hesitation in his voice, “all the other times were over facetime.” My lips betrayed me when I tried to hide my smile. I didn’t think Grayson had such fond memories of small things like this as I did. I thought I was the only one.

The second photo was one of Grayson holding a joint in his mouth and I held a lighter against the joint and smiled at the camera. Again, written in sharpie: “11/11/17- baby’s first weed”. I laughed hysterically at this one. This was from the first time Grayson and I smoked weed together, and his first time ever smoking.

“Okay, remember to hold it in your mouth and then when you pull it away, inhale it,” I instructed Grayson. My housemate Kiara had brought home several joints and left them out on the living room coffee table for anyone who wanted them. I was curious to see what Grayson would be like while he was high. Alena was with us, and she had never smoked before either.

“Wait, let me take a picture with Grayson’s polaroid!” Alena exclaimed. We posed somewhat silly, and then I lit the joint for Grayson.

Grayson took a puff of the joint and breathed as I had taught him. His eyes were getting a little bloodshot as he kept taking hits, and they were also a bit hooded and seemed sleepy. I knew he was high when the three of us were sitting in comfortable silence while lightly playing The 1975 from my phone. I heard a slight snort escape him. It took me a little bit to react, looking over to him and giggling inexplicably.

“What?” I asked through a smile.

“I don’t know,” he replied, still giggling. “I just wanna laugh!!”

“It’s the weed, Gray!” Alena cackled out. I couldn’t believe the lightweights that sat on each side of me on the couch. I was also high, but I obviously forgot what it was like when you smoked for the first time.

After a while, Alena felt the sleepiness hit her and she knocked out in her bed, leaving me alone with high Grayson. We sat in the same silence with the light sounds of the music for a while before Grayson admitted he was feeling the munchies hit him. We made our way to the kitchen when I remembered I had some left-over, pre-made cookie dough from baking cookies for Alena’s birthday last month. Right as I put the cookies in the oven, Grayson wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and lifted me up.

“Gray!! STOP!” I squealed and laughed. I would have normally begged him to stop for a bit longer, but he turned me around and sat me up on the counter next to the stove. I choked on my breath a little bit as he spread my legs apart slightly to allow himself in between. I didn’t know what was going on because he had never done this before, but I wasn’t going to complain. His face was close to mine, and I noticed his eyes fixed to my lips, then my eyes, and then my lips again. I couldn’t handle the intensity in this interaction, so I grabbed the cookie dough wrapper and started picking at the bits of lingering dough to stick in my mouth. “Want some?” I asked with a slight shake in my voice, holding out my dough covered finger. He smiled and accepted the cookie dough I held up, licking up the dough and going for more from the wrapper. I didn’t want things to get awkward with Grayson if I had made a move and kissed him when maybe he was just super high and admiring me for no reason.

The last photo was just of me, asleep on his chest with his hand through my hair. This was from the morning after he had spent the night during finals and I didn’t even know he took this. This time, the sharpie just read “12/13/17 – nervous x nbhd”. My heart escaped my entire body and I felt my head start to spin. I knew this meant he wanted me to know that I made him nervous, as The Neighborhood had so perfectly titled their song. I couldn’t breathe, but before I could ask Grayson anything, my mom barged into my room.

“Y/N, come back down please. We’re doing family stuff,” she said eagerly, “don’t be rude by staying up here.”

“Okay, give me just a second mom, Grayson sent me this-“

“Y/N! Now!” she whisper-yelled. I put the polaroids away in my desk just in case my mom wanted to punish me for smoking weed or being asleep on top of a boy.

“Hey, Grayson I’m sorry. I gotta go, but I’ll open the package later?” I bit my finger nervously.

“That’s fine, go do family stuff. I’ll be awake,” he reassures me. I felt butterflies in my stomach knowing I’ll be talking to him later.

While watching yet another boring Christmas movie with my family, I couldn’t help but think about Grayson deciding to put that song title on the picture of me sleeping. What did this mean? Was there any meaning to it at all? I was stepping in more uncharted territory with Grayson, and with anyone. I hadn’t had a boyfriend since the beginning of high school, so I forgot how to interact with boys I liked. I also didn’t get much practice since I was too busy swooning over Grayson to pay attention to any other guys who might have been potential interests. Grayson didn’t make it very clear if there were any other girls in his life, but the more I thought about it, the less I could think of a single time he talked about being interested in a girl. I grabbed my phone and texted Ethan.

Y/N: Hey I need to talk to you
       Don’t tell Grayson!!! PLEASE!

Eetee: What’s up??

Y/N: Okay I need you to be completely honest with me right now

Eetee: Ok…? I always am but ok

Y/N: Yes. So does Grayson like me??

       Read at 9:47pm

I got nervous as he left me hanging for a good 15 minutes.


Eetee: I can’t tell you anything either

Y/N: What do you mean?

Eetee: You’re asking someone who was sworn to secrecy on this subject. Shouldn’t that give it away?

Eetee: Btw that should be a totally obvious answer, but I can’t insinuate anything. Just talk to him

Ethan knew Grayson was in love with me. Grayson had told him about every single time he got me to smile so much that my faint dimples started showing. Grayson told him about every snapchat I sent him while he held up his phone and said “Isn’t she so cute?!” Ethan was there every time Grayson came home from hanging out with me, feeling sad that he couldn’t find the courage to confess how he felt. Ethan was also there the night Grayson got high and came home giggling hysterically. He knew he had smoked, but what he didn’t expect was to hear Grayson tell him how he almost kissed me. He almost found the courage to act on his feelings, but I made cookie dough our “cock-blocker”.  Ethan wanted to tell me all of this right then, but Grayson made him swear he wouldn’t spill a word to me because he wanted to do it himself. He needed to find the right words and the right time.

I decided to leave my family once again, claiming that I was tired and promised to come back down if I couldn’t sleep. It was a cheap excuse, but my family finally let me go and I immediately facetimed Gray as I locked the door to my room.

“Hey again,” he smiled through his barely open hoodie. He was snuggled up in his bed and looked so perfectly cute. I could never get enough of him.

“Hi, sorry about earlier. I’ve been so eager to keep talking to you.”

“It’s okay. Go open your present,” he flashed his toothy smile as he commanded me to open what he sent.

“You know you didn’t have to get me anything, right? The pictures are amazing, and I was so close to crying before my mom came in,” I admitted.

“Cool, then it worked. Now open what I WANTED to get you because I know I don’t have to get you anything,” he chuckled. He knew I was stubborn about gifts and I hated being materialistic.

But when I opened the package, I didn’t expect to see what he had gifted me. It made my heart stop for the second time tonight, but also start racing faster than it was already going. I stopped fighting my smiles at this point. “Gray….. what the…?” I whispered.

“Just wanted you to know how much you mean to me.” He said sweetly. It was a beautiful, dainty gold necklace with a small crescent moon adorning that I had seen in a jewelry store we checked out when Ethan wanted a new chain and we tagged along. It was very pretty but I couldn’t afford it and I had honestly, completely forgotten about it. I’m surprised Grayson remembered how much I loved it when I saw it.

“Why did you- when did you- what?!” I was out of words. This was the most attention someone had ever put into a gift for me. Even though I didn’t wear jewelry often, I knew I was going to be rocking this necklace every single day just because Grayson had gifted it to me.

“I know you love the moon, and you loved that necklace so much. I saw it in your eyes when we were at that store. I went back like a month later by myself and got it. Saved it for Christmas.” Grayson sounded really proud of himself, and honestly, I was too. This was such a sweet gift and it truly made me want to be the first to confess how I felt and get it over with.

“Grayson, I love it. Thank you so much,” I gushed, “god, I love you…” I said quietly. I felt an awkward silence fall on us, and I was unsure as to if he heard me or not. I kept my focus on the necklace to avoid seeing his face if he had heard me.

“Y/N… I need to tell you something….” He said quietly, losing his short-lived confidence. I looked at my phone screen to see him tucked behind his hoodie that he had pulled the strings on, only his nose and some of his forehead visible. “I’ve had a major crush on you since we met, and my feelings just keep getting more intense. I wanted to tell you in person, I swear-“

“It’s okay, you have told me in person,” I cut him off reminiscing in all the memories where I left myself wondering if he liked me or if it was just a delusion of mine. The pictures and his confession of said “crush” was enough confirmation that I had been waiting for.

“What do you… oh, the pictures?” He chuckled, opening his hoodie a little more, to peek through. “Yeah, I was hoping you caught on eventually… I just- I’m not sure how to tell someone I like them, so…”

“It’s fine, I love the pictures. I love the necklace. I’m so, so happy right now, Gray.”

We spent that night on facetime until 5 in the morning in my time zone, but he was up until 8 in the morning, where he had to go open presents with his family. We talked about our different memories where it was obvious that we had feelings for one another and we both felt like the other was not into them. I laughed at how he thought the time I changed in front of him was because I thought of him as a brother. But I was very drunk, and he walked me home that night to make sure I was okay. And I needed help getting out of the dress I had worn because the back zipper got caught on something and fell off completely. Everyone else in my apartment was still out partying and Grayson was the only person around, which was fine by me. I pranced around in my underwear after he helped me out, hoping it would be a bit amusing or maybe spark a bit of innocent, drunk fun between us. He admitted he was also drunk that night, being overly tempted to finally kiss my lips as well, and touching my bare skin made him too nervous to make a move. He didn’t want to send the wrong message, so he avoided contact with me until I needed to be tucked into bed when he kissed my head through my hair. I hardly remembered that, as I was pretty wasted. But, he told me how nervous he was I’d get weirded out by it.

This is where it really started.

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3, and Gray???


A/N: I mixed 3, 33 and 36 (out of two other requests), hope u dont mind. I’m so genuinely sorry all of these took so long, I’m trying to get back on my feet and lately I have zero inspo with Gray.


“Please don’t do this” you said, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tight while talking to his ear.

You were out at a nice restaurant with your family, your long-term boyfriend Grayson and you ex Jason. Your family and you have alway had a close relationship with the boy since you two were little, and when you broke up with him before he could propose, it felt like nothing changed. He still came along to meals and some reunions and you were fine with that because you were in good terms, the problem was that you two weren’t actually in love with each other.

Grayson was never the jealous type, he knew you were with him and both of you had eyws for only the other one. But when he started noticing how Jason looked at you after he broke up with his girlfriend not too long ago, he felt all tensed up.

“Don’t do what, baby?” he was playing dumb and you knew this, you absolutely hated when people got jealous. It showed a lack of trust, and you knew Gray trusted you the most.

“You’re letting him get to you, behave please”

“What do you want me to do when he’s sitting next to your dad looking at you like a piece of meat, Y/N?”

Thank God these tables are long and they could hear your little argument.

“He’s not doing that Gray, he’s just… happy to see me, I don’t know” he inhaled air in an almost sarcastic way, and rolled his eyes. “And if he was, you know I love you and only you” he exhaled, not looking at you and you decided you had it. Letting go of his hand, you stood up and walked towards the restaurant’s little backyard, but gracefully to keep the drama between you two.

It was freezing outside, and your thin sweater wasn’t doing enough for you. You hugged yourself until you felt a heavy thing over your shoulders and turned around, being embraced by your boyfriend’s warm arms.

“Thanks” you said coldly at him, his jacket keeping you warm as well as his arms did. But you were pissed at him right now, so this wasn’t right. You grabbed his arms and detached them from your waist, making your way towards the door.

“Please don’t leave” you turned around and saw his puppy dog eyes staring back at you with nothing but guilt behind them. “I’m sorry baby, I really am. I have no reason to feel jealous and still i act like a complete jerk. Please don’t be mad, I’ll stop it” he said, reaching out for your hand and your hesitation made his heart rate pick up.

You exhaled, your breath visible before you becauae of the cold night. Your shoulders fell, and you rolled your eyes with a small smile, extending your arm towards him.

“I wish I could hate you,” he smiled and you shook your head “But you’re too perfect and I love you too much, I can’t” he hugged you, kissing you temple and you smiled more.

“You’re gonna be the best wife in the world”

“Wait, what?”

the end.


People mentioned: David Dobrik, Vlogsquad, Tana Mongeau, Romeo Lacoste

Summary: You’re at a club with your friends. When you step outside the club you start talking to some strangers. One of the stranger makes you uncomfortable, and after leaving he follows you. You run away scared and need help from David, who saves the day :)

sidenote: this idea came to mind when i was walking home during the night and some drunk people startled me lmao. I love my imagination

Feel free to shoot me a request!♡

“Cheers!” Tana cheered, raising her shot glass in the air along with her friends, Todd, Scotty, Zane and Heath. You joined in and cheered. You took a deep breath, pinched your nose and forced the bruning liquor down your throat, followed by shivers up and down your spine.

Everbody headed to the dance floor and danced their hearts out. The floor was crowded with people dancing and grinding on eachother. Not really your scene - you preferred hanging out by the bar, chatting and meeting new people.

The music was blasting, everybody was dancing, and you were leaning over the bar trying to catch the bartenders attention. “Two shots” you mouthed to the bartender, holding two fingers in the air, trying to order some shots for you and Dom. The bartender nodded and proceeded to find some shotglasses.

Dom took the shots, handed one to you and you both counted to three. Once again the nasty taste gave you shivers and made you make a disgusted face. Dom leaned over to whisper something in your ear. “Come meet me outside, I wanna show you something.”

He made his way through the crowd, as did you shortly after.

At this point you had started feeling sluggish and almost seeing double. Not only did you have 2 shots of who knows what at the club, but you also had a few drinks and beers at David’s house before everybody went out. The flashing lights and loud music at the club didn’t make it any better. Safe to say you were pretty drunk, but you kind of enjoyed it. Everything got a hundred times funnier when you were drunk, so you were very curious as to what Dom was gonna show you outside.

As you exited the club you looked for Dom but didn’t seem to find him anywhere. He couldn’t have gone that far, you were just gonna meet him right outside. A few other drunk people were stood outside the club, but none of the faces looked familiar. You decided to go up to a group of people who looked friendly just to keep yourself company. “Hey, have you seen a tall blonde guy with a dorag anywhere?” you asked. They all shook their heads no, “are you alone?” one of the guys asked.

“I guess so,” you laughed. “Is it okay if I hang out here while I try to call him?” you asked, picking up your phone from your pocket. “Sure. What’s your name?” the same guy replied.

You were stood with them for a few more minutes while looking for Dom aswell as trying to call him. He never picked up which was just typical Dom.

One of the guys noticed you started shivering a bit. After all it was getting a bit chilly and you wore nothing but some shorts , a top and a thin jacket. He took a step closer to you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. This caught you completely off guard. “Uhm, hi?” you said looking at him quizzically. He pulled you closer to him, his hand now on your waist and you could feel his strenght not letting go of you. Your body froze. You didn’t know what to do. You were very uncomfortable at this point, not knowing who he was let alone his name. Taking a step back didn’t work because he wouldn’t let go of you. You desperately looked around for familiar faces, hoping they’d see you and help you, but there was no one around.

“Can you let go of me, please?” you asked the guy politely. “Why? You look too damn fine to walk around alone. Stay here with us.” he demanded. You shook your head and pulled away from him, scared, and took a big step back. He creepily smiled at you as he took a step forward towards you. Your heart started beating faster and faster, your anxiety kicking in aswell. You looked around you for a place to run. Anywhere was fine as long as you got away from him. You couldn’t go inside because all of his friends was satnding by the entrance, and the only exit that caught your eye was down a small alleyway. You ran for it not looking back. Not looking back because you were scared he was following you. You had never been in this position before. A position where you were approached by a stranger in that way, being so uncomfortable your entire body froze and went into panicattack.

The alleyway was small and dark and led to behin the building. Once you got behind the building you didn’t stop to catch your breath. The only way out now was to climb the fence. Your adrenaline was through the roof so climbing the fence was no problem. Running out of breath, drunk and seeing double you made it down a few blocks atleast. This was a new street with very few people and a few lit up shops along the streets. You pulled up your phone in hopes of having some missed calls from Dom, but nothing. The only person you could think of right now, that was available and wasn’t out partying, was David. Your hands were shaking as you dialled his number.

After waiting for what felt like forever he finally picked up, “What’s up?”. His voice calmed you down a bit. “David, I need help. I don’t know where I am. Can you please come get me?” your voice cracked trying to hold back the tears. “Y/n, what’s wrong? Where are you?” he asked, trying to calm you down. “I don’t know where I am! I think I’m being followed, David. I’m so scared, you need to come get me, now” you cried, finally letting your tears fall as you dropped to the ground now sitting against the wall. “Calm down. I’ll come get you. You don’t know where you are? What do you see around you?” he asked. He was very familiar with the whole LA area, so giving him some pin points he’d be able to track you down.

You looked around the area, and the first thing that caught your eye was a lit up tattoo shop. Seeing double didn’t do you any favor, but you squinted as hard as you could and tried your very best to make out the words written on the huge window. “C-california… dream tattoo?” you said. David knew exactly where you were. The California Dream Tattoo was none other than Romeo Lacoste’s famous tattoo shop where just about every youtuber ever got their tattoos from. “Okay, okay. I know where you are! Is there anybody inside? Knock on the door and ask for Romeo. Tell them David Dobrik sent you.” You did as he said and waited for someone to open the door.

“H-hi, is Romero here?” you asked, still keeping David on the line incase anything happened. The guy who opened the door looked at you in confusion. “You mean Romeo? I’m him. How can I help you?” he replied. “I’m David Dobrik’s friend and I need help. Someone is following me and I don’t know who they are,” you said desperately, almost letting tears down your face again.

Romeo opened the door widely allowing you to enter his shop and sit down.

You were sat on the couch, face down looking staright down at the floor. There were a few people at the shop, probably just Romeo’s friends because they were all hanging out and chatting. You sat by yourself waiting for David to come pick you up.

This was supposted to be a fun night out. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. You were a fun, social person who was easy to hang out with and loved making new friends. However, there was something about this guy outside the club. He wasn’t what you expected. Normally it wasn’t an issue for you to talk to strangers, but it was something about this guy that felt a bit off. The way he looked you up and down, grabbed your waist with force pulling you closer to him, you knew it wasn’t gonna end well, and if you tried to pull away he wasn’t letting you. As any other human being would be, you were scared. Drunk, not an ounce of self-control the night could have ended very badly.

“Hey” a familiar voice came from behind you as you felt a hand laying on your upper back. You turned around to see David with a worried look on his face. It didn’t take long until you wrapped your arms around him and hugged him tightly, your face buried in his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in tighter as you let out a big sigh. “It’s okay. I’m here.” His words warming your heart making you feel very safe. “Let’s head home” he said and grabbed your hand. “Thank you, Romeo” you smiled before you and David left.

David opened the doors to his Tesla and the two of you got in. “Wanna go to Chipotle and get some food?” David suggested, hand on your thigh and smiling at you. “I’d love that” you replied.

Parked in the parkinglot David’s white tesla was the only car there. The two of you stuffed your faces with food, laughing and talking. His car was warm and comfortable - you felt much safer in his presence.

“So, what happened tonight?” David asked after finishing his burrito. You sighed to yourself, not really wanting to talk about it and re-live it all, but you knew David cared about you. You didn’t want to leave him worried so you told him everything.

“I just bolted. I’ve never ran so fast in my life. Dom’s gonna hear it tomorrow. I didn’t even get to see what he was gonna show me!” you laughed.

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Hey I love your writings!! I was wondering if you could write something where the fans are suspicious that Ethan and the reader are dating so they finally come clean?

can i try something new with this one??

i hope you don’t mind :D


  • Ethan always talks highly about you…
  • “She’s amazing in every single way possible.”
  • “I’m lucky to have her beside me.”
  • “She’s the greatest best friend I have aside from Grayson.” Ethan’s eyes would twinkle with love and adoration.
  • not just fans but also other online stars.
  • Grayson would have the biggest smirk plastered on his face saying “YOU BOTH DESERVE ONE ANOTHER!”
  • James would be singing “This ship is sister sailing.” While the you and Ethan would be red as a tomato.
  • Other stars like Liza, Molly, David, Zane and anyone basically is screaming… “DATE ONE ANOTHER!”
  • First of all every time he was asked this question he would straight ahead deny the rumors by saying “No, Y/n deserves a lot better than me. We’re just friends.” With a small smile at the end.
  • H O W E V E R
  • When people started noticing how Ethan is being a lot happier these back few days.
  • How he mentions you in almost every videos…
  • “Y/n would like this.”
  • “Y/n would kill me for this.”
  • “Y/n, if you’re watching, you know what it means.”
  • Then every video collaboration Ethan and Y/n would be more touchy than usual…
  • His hand resting on your thighs
  • Your head on his chest
  • On his snapchat or Grayson’s… it would be like you guys are all over one another
  • Fans are becoming even more suspicious but supportive as ever…
  • tea accounts are spurting theories about you guys
  • ship accounts are rising day by day
  • Whenever Ethan was asked this question he would drifted apart from the topic and his neck would he all red..
  • Until one day… Ethan tweeted..
  • “We’re going on live this afternoon.”
  • When the time comes…
  • It wasn’t Ethan and Grayson on screen
  • It was you and Ethan
  • His arms wrapped around your waist and you smiling brightly
  • “Is this real?!”
  • “Are you guys real?!”
  • “Are you guys dating?”
  • “Spill the tea.”
  • You were biting your lips and fidgeting your fingers.
  • Ethan looked over and saw that you were being nervous.
  • He took your hands and bring it closer to his lips, pressing a small peck with a smile. Y/n shook her head, shy.
  • Everyone in the comment section..
  • “SHIT.”
  • “PERFECT.”
  • Then Ethan would glance at the camera and smiled, “So you guys have been right this whole time.”
  • You were too shy that you hid your face at the crook of his neck and Ethan chuckled.
  • Everyone in the comment section is celebrating.
  • “AHHHH”
  • “We been knew.”
  • Ethan would chuckle at the response and you would take a peek slightly…
  • “Anyway, thank you for all your support and love towards us. I really appreciate it. I’m just going to end it here because my baby is too shy and I’ll be too awkward talking by myself.” Ethan said while waving his hand lightly and ended the live video with his other hand.
  • You pulled away lightly and Ethan would smile… “We did it. We came clean.”
  • “I love you.” You whispered and Ethan would pulled you into a hug and kiss the crown of your head, “I love you too, Princess.”


hey hey hey!!

this is my first time writing this kind of thing….

i’m not even sure what to call this,, but i really hope you guys like this!!

feedbacks are always very much appreciated!!

thank you once again for reading :)) x

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meeting the twins at coachella and hooking up w grayson

Warnings: smut + cursing

You never thought you’d find yourself in this situation when you bought the tickets for Coachella 2019. But here you were, hooking up with Grayson Dolan at a Coachella afterparty.

It all happened unexpectedly.

One moment you were running toward the stage, trying not to miss The Neighborhood set; and the next you bumped into who you thought was the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen. The collision with his built body making you stumble, but he was quick to grip your arms; stopping you from falling. You embarrassingly stared into his hazel eyes, as a smile grew on his perfectly structured face. He introduced himself and after having a little chat, he invited you to his friend’s party.

Cuando Tú Quieras played loudly through the speaker in the house, but became muffled once Grayson kicked the wooden door closed with his foot. Your legs were tightly wrapped around the younger twin’s hips, as you shared a passionate, lust filled kiss. Your hands roamed all over his upper body, tracing every dip and curve of his skin; before you lightly gripped the ends of his dark hair.

“I’ll show you a good time, baby” Grayson growled in your ear, before throwing you gently on the bed; making you squeal in surprise. He smirked an slowly walked to you while removing his white crop top; exposing his tanned, muscular chest. He crawled on top of you and brought his hands to the spaghetti straps of your yellow top, slowly pulling them down your shoulders and leaving butterfly kisses all over your naked skin, whispering sweet words in between kisses; removing your top completely.

Grayson trailed his fingers all over your body, before lowering them inside your black leather skirt; leaving you whimpering and moaning underneath him.

“Mh, look at you” He groaned gazing deeply into your lust filled eyes, “So wet and ready for me”

He then got off of you, discarding the rest of his clothes, getting back on the bed soon after; only to roll your skirt up your hips and push your panties to the side. Grayson wrapped his arms around your legs and pulled you towards him, making it easier for him to ease two thick fingers into your wet entrance at once, fingering you while keeping his eye fixed on your squirming figure. The feeling of his fingers making you moan his name softly.

“Do you like me fingering you, baby?“ He asked rhetorically and began to finger you harder and faster, curling his fingers to search for your g-spot. Curse words and moans of his name slipped from your mouth, making him grin in satisfaction.

He chuckled softly and lowered himself between your spread legs, his flattened tongue immediately rolling over your clit as you gasped and arched your back; loving the way he was pleasuring you. He began to finger and lick your clit simultaneously, feeling you getting wetter and tighter around his fingers; his shit-eating grin never leaving his face as he gradually increased the speed.

Breathy moans left your parted lips as your body stated squirming violently underneath him; feeling overwhelmed by the pleasure.

But before you could release, Grayson stopped with his actions and brought his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean and sitting up.

He pecked your lips and lined his cock to your slick entrance; sending you a quick look before pushing the tip in.

“Please, G-grayson” You whined, gazing into his eyes with an innocent look; making him groan and fully push inside of you.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so tight” He groaned loudly and lowered his head to the crook of your neck; while he began to ram his cock inside you, panting at the feeling of your walls around him. Your nails pressed into his skin as the bed began to shake and creak, the headrest occasionally bumping into the wall.

“You feel so good, Gray. So fucking good.” You gasped and clung tighter onto him, nails scratching over his back as he kept thrusting hard and fast, balls slapping against your ass, your eyes rolling back in bliss.

“Cum for me, angel.” He groaned, with a smirk still plastered on his face “Scream my name.”

Broken moans left Grayson’s parted lips at the feeling of your walls tightening around his twitching cock. “C’mon, baby” He smashed his swollen, plump lips back into yours.

With a loud scream of his name, you came around him as your body shook from the powerful orgasm.

“Fu-fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Grayson mumbled against your neck, moaning your name against your bare skin as he came inside you. The movement of his hips halted for a moment; before he collapsed on top of you, completely out of breath and energy. He rolled over and wrapped one arm around you, pulling you against his side.

“We should do this more often” You winked.

Oh, for sure angel” He chuckled.

Wecome to your tape. (a Thirteen Reasons Why inspired Dolan Twins imagine)

reader x bff!twins, reader x Ethan sorta..

Author: me, @notanotherdolantwinsblog (man, it’s been such a long time since the last time I typed that…)

Trigger warning ⚠️ typical behavioral symptoms of depression, anxiety, mental illness…

A/N: I’m going to try to finish this and post it from my phone tonight since I am feeling this and maybe.. just maybe.. I’ll feel a little better. If you’ve been here long enough, you know I posted something similar months ago and had a little “scandal”.. so AGAIN, I won’t apologize for something I didn’t force you to read/something I did warn you about.

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Taking a deep breath, hands slightly shaking from nerves, you grabbed the tape recorder and placed it close to your mouth.

“ 12. This one I’ve been dreading since I first planned this but alas, it must be done.. Number 12, you just might be the person I miss the most when I leave.. but that doesn’t excuse you from being on these tapes.. You-.. You’re the only one who’s heard all these stories before, you’re the only one who already knows everything.. Sorry, knew everything… Right, Gray? You were my best friend. And you were an angel. My angel, as I liked to call you. Grayson Dolan, welcome to your tape. This isn’t about anything you did.. Rather, this is…for what you didn’“

You paused the recording as you felt more tears coming. Damnit, you thought. Keep it together, Y/N. You can do this. You pressed the record button again, sniffling.

Grayson,” your voice cracked. “This one hurts the most.”

You started crying again but decided to keep recording.

“I know he’s your brother.. your twin brother.. but you could’ve warned me not to fall in love with him. You could’ve warned me that he’d break my heart. You could’ve warned me about Emma!-“

You paused as you felt yourself get angry. No, you must stay calm.

“You could’ve done something.. A little ‘hey, maybe don’t fall for my brother, your other best friend because he’s in love with Emma’ would’ve been nice. Or-.. or something… but you didn’t…”

You decided to end the recording there and hide the tapes quickly as you could hear footsteps coming closer. You looked in the mirror and wiped the tears away, sighing, rehearsing your infamous fake smile for the person you knew was about to knock on your room door.


WOW OMFG THIS SUUUUUCKS. I AM SO SORRY. Anyway, I cut this short as it is so delicate.. I’ll ONLY continue if you ask me for more. I hope at least someone likes this trash haha I’m just..having a little ptsd from the last time I wrote that other one…

I’m going to be that annoying bitch and unsolicitedly tag @kara-dolan @dolandreaminn @rockstardolan @sisterdolan because if this SUCKS, they’ll tell me lol ok byeeeeee back to uhh probably not writing because I guess I have ptsd from that one time 😅😅😅😅

The Cove Part 10 Final

When you woke up it was dark out. Grayson’s arms were still around you but they were limp, letting you know that he was still asleep. Even if he wasn’t actively trying to keep you close to him, his arm still weighed a ton and even though you knew you were in pretty good shape from endless swimming his arm was still huge. You huffed, trying to get off the bed without waking him. Just as you were about to give up Ethan walked in the room. Your eye caught his and you gave him a pleading look. He laughed and walked over to the bed.

“He’s fucking huge.” You whispered.

“It’s his ego that keeps him in the gym for hours at a time.”

“Fuck you Eth.” Grayson mumbled and you giggled. Grayson moved a bit and you saw your escape but he pulled you back into his chest quickly.

“Bro, let her breathe.” Ethan tugged on Grayson’s arm half-heartedly and Grayson mumbled a ‘No’ before smothering you again.

“Hafta pee.” You tried to get out, but Grayson’s body was currently covering you and you were having a hard time breathing under him. With a groan Grayson rolled off of you and you took a huge gasp of air. You jumped off the bed and ran down the hall, leaving Ethan and Grayson in the room together, eyes zeroed in on the bathroom a few feet away.

When you came back in Grayson’s room Ethan had gone, “Feeling better?” you asked.

“A little. Sorry I’m boring today, though.”

“Don’t you dare apologize. It’s not your fault and I’m not mad. Can we take a drive?” Grayson looked up at you, eyebrows raised.

“Yeah. I think Ethan is going out soon, though, we’ll have to take my mom’s car though.” You nodded and walked to his closet, “What are you doing?”

“It’s gonna be colder, you’ll need a sweater.” You tossed him a hoodie and grabbed one for yourself. You still had his other hoodie at home and you smiled when you realized that you would probably gain more of his hoodies the more you hung out.

“It’s summer, Y/N… it doesn’t get cold, even at night.”

You shook your head, pulling him towards the stairs, “It gets colder where we’re going.” You were bringing him to the cove and while it didn’t usually get cold, even at night, the cove was always a few degrees colder.

“Where are you going?” Grayson asked after ten minutes of driving, “Are we going to the lake?”

“Kinda…” you kept it vague.

Finally you made it to the lake and parked the car as close to the cove as you could. When the two of you got out of the car you grabbed Grayson’s hand and led him down the familiar path. As you came closer to the cove you could feel Grayson’s hand tense in yours. You smiled a bit.

“Y/N, what–?” Grayson breathed when you made it into the cove.

“It was me, Gray.” You faced him, his eyes blown wide, “I’m Kai. You’re the Brad that I was talking about. And if I’m not mistaken, I was the girl you were talking about?” Grayson nodded, mouth open, eyes still blown wide, “What are the chances?” You laughed and turned around, walking to the edge and looking down at the lake. Grayson grabbed you and spun you towards him, pulling you tight to his chest before leaning down to place a light kiss on your lips, taking it slow. You smiled when he pulled away before pulling him back down you your lips.

When you broke apart you took a seat at the edge and you told him about how you found it, how you hid out and watched the lake from about, making sure you couldn’t be seen. You told time that you would watch him, too scared to talk to him. Your cheeks were pink but then Grayson told you that he would sometimes see you training and watch you run and swim, he told you  that he was mesmerized by the way you moved, how you glided through the water. Your cheeks pinked at that too. As the two of you sat, Grayson’s arms wrapped around you, you looked at all the other secret places that you found through the years. Maybe, eventually, you would show Grayson those places as well. But now? Now you were content to sit, listening to his heartbeat, lulled by his gentle rocking back and forth. With a smile on your face you watched the moon rise over the lake, reflecting off of the water below it, completely happy with everything in your life.

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Nothing like us ° ED

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“Please,” I said as he was packing his stuff. He turned and looked at me with sad eyes. I had tears running down my cheeks as he spoke softly to me.

“I’m sorry, but I have to.” I cried harder than before and collapsed on the floor. I felt arms wrap around me and pull me into their lap. I gripped onto his shirt, not wanting him to go.

“What did I do?” I said while wiping my tears. He rubbed my back and kissed my temple.

“Nothing, beautiful, and no that’s no reason to leave you but I have to, I’m sorry,” he simply said with a cracked voice. I shook my head and wrapped my arms around him.

“Do you want to?” I felt him breath in a slow breath and hug me tighter.

“I’m sorry.” I closed my eyes as fresh tears spilled from my eyes. “You deserve better.”

“No I don’t, Ethan, I need you.” He pulled me away and looked at me. He wiped my tears and kissed me softly.

“There will be nobody in this world as beautiful as you but I have to.” I nodded and cried.

“There’s nothing like us baby.” He finished off as he slowly took his arms away from me and walked to the door and left me alone.