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that snap of grayson turning the music down to tell E what he was thinking gave me serious boyfriend vibes so here’s what i think life would be like with boyfriend gray

- these random thoughts that he gets in the car prompting an hour long discussion that continues even when you’re parked back at the twins’ house and E comes out to see what’s taking you so long to get out of the car (he shields his eyes just in case – he’s learned his lesson from last time)

- you calling shotgun in his porsche and ethan shooting you the side eye as he grumpily opens the back door

- him wheeze laughing and you crying with laughter at inside jokes while everyone around you just eye rolls you both fondly 

- when he’s in a bad mood, him coming and laying himself across your lap wherever you are, you not looking up from whatever it is you’re doing but the contact from your hand stroking through his hair immediately makes him calm

- in fact he loves head scratches so much he’ll just head butt your hand lightly when you’re watching a movie or just chilling out to get you to run your hands through his hair and he just closes his eyes with a little contented smile on his face

- this insecure little baby boy jokingly asking “so how was it for you” and wiggling his eyebrows after sex but secretly adoring how you can’t reply beyond a weak thumbs up because you are DONE

- pet names!!!!!!!!! don’t get me started on the stupid pet names you two would cook up

- you joining the boys on their adventures and sometimes joining in but sometimes they’re a bit too crazy for you so you occupy yourself either sunbathing if they’re cliff diving or chilling nearby with snacks and a book and gray keeps glancing over at you sending you cheesy grins and waving like a goof

- him storing your favourite snacks in their cupboards and yelling at ethan because he keeps eating them 

- when you first stay over night officially, gray being super nervous and making such a fuss over you to make sure you’re comfortable and happy

- months later you still teasing him about how nervous he was on that night and him getting all embarrassed and giggly and softly throwing a pillow at your head then tackling you onto the bed to shut you up

- him bringing you treats and medicine and hot water bottles when you’re on your period and giving you his hoodies to try and make you feel better

- also him googling remedies you can try to get rid of cramps because he is a sweet angel who hates to see you in pain

- “hey y/n, watch this trick i can do!” “gray, please don’t do that on the concrete”

- the jam sessions in the car!!!!!!!!

- him saving a new album that he’s been waiting to listen to until you’re there

- you asking why he waited for you and him saying that if he listens to it for the first time with you then it’ll always make him think of you and your heart expands 10 times

- let’s be honest if you’ve gained gray as your boyfriend then you’ve also gained E as your brother and gray secretly loving that you and E do things together without him even though he pretends not to because it means you love each other as much as he does

we all deserve as much bf gray content as we can get

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I really wanna be more active and post more, so you guys should send me requests! (For now) I’ll write for the twins (obvi), the vlog squad, Shawn Mendes, and Tom Holland (bc those are my angels). So please send me requests for any of these people!


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Moonlight. (4) natural instincts.

warning: before reading this book you must understand it is fictional, and the twins are both werewolves and have animal like personalities. also this is a Grayson x reader x ethan story :)

|| series masterlist. (i cannot link it atm but if you do to my tumblr and type in moonlight it will appear)

Ethan couldn’t help as his body filled with desire, it practically oozed from his pores. On the other hand Y/N was terrified of the yellow irises that looked her up in down in desire. It was natural extinct to need for her, to desire her.

Suddenly in seconds she was crushed between the wall and his body. His skin hot with desire as her finger tips meet the arm of his skim extinictly. The moment his hardness pressed against her stomach her hands met with his chest with an attempt to push him away but it was no use as he stood tall like a brick wall.

His lips found the scent of grayson along her neck pressing into the delicate skin. His wolf was suppressed inside but growled internally at the scent of his brother along her skin. His soft lips pressed against the softness of skin, the most valuable part of her whole body. Despite being dangerously close to her jugular he wished nothing but to feel her skin, to get rid of Gray’s scent. Despite the close proximity, too close for her comfort, goosebumps of pleasure ran up skin. A shiever sinking into pores causing bumps to appear rapidly against skin. “Ethan stop!”

All extinct had taken over Ethan at this point his wolf had completely taken over, ready to take what is his. His lips met hers with desperation as she pushed him away again. “Why won’t you kiss me my queen?”

“She said stop brother.” Grayson basically roars as he weakily climbs to his feet, teeth snarling at his brother.

Ethan gently let’s her down without a thought of her protection first. In minutes his teeth were bared to his brother, in stance mode ready to attack at any given time. Despite being weakened Grayson stands his ground, head held high. An alpha never backs up from a challenge.

In the exact moment Y/N realized this is what would happen. The two males destined for the role of alpha fighting over the female they claimed was theres. No matter the circumstances she would always be the reason for the brothers fighting, who was she to tare to brothers who have been binded since birth?

“What will you do brother? As from my sight you can barely stand let alone fight me.” Ethan snarls as Grayson continues to hold his ground. Ethan’s eyes were still yellow indicating his wolf was still in charge.

This change was hard for the twins of the moon. Not only did it take a toll on their bodies from breaking every bone in their body to controlling the extra testosterone that was admitted with their mate being around.

“Stop already!” Y/n’s voice raising with annoyance at the constant bickering of them. Grayson immediately stood down when an order came from his other half. Ethan’s wild on the other hand snarled, wanting her to back down. Ethan was the alpha, not her and he demanded respect. Grayson pushed Y/n behind him in attempt of attacking his brother but he was to slow as Ethan dodged it, sinking his teeth into his neck pulling a patch of skin from it.

Blood pumped profusely from the wound, sliding down his neck and onto the tanned skin of his muscular chest. In a split second she took stance on front of ethan. “What is wrong with you?!”

Ethan was internally fighting himself trying to suppress the wolf back into his mind. Grayson’s touch, his hand wrapping around hers brought the feeling that scared her so much. These men in front of her are complete strangers but give her fulfillment like no other.

“I’m sorry.” Ethan apologizes quickly to his brother which is clearly accepted as he nods. Ethan’s unsure eyes meet hers with fear of her hating him. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Sometimes he still has a hold on me.”

This was true. He had spent decades being trapped in the back of his wolf form, he was still conscious all those years just not in control. Y/n nods unsurely as Ethan sighs. His heart was heavy with her unsureness but he chose not to push it any further.

Hours have passed and the twins grow worried of her quietness. She says nothing, only sits at the small table that was crafted by Grayson’s own hands. What was more worried some was she didn’t bother with the food placed in front of her or the generous cup of water. The white wall seemed to speak to her since it was the only thing her eyes have met.

They decided it was best for Grayson to approach her. Ethan was worried he would only upset her more then she currently was despite how much the muscles in his body burned and twitched at the thought of comforting her along with allowing grayson to touch her instead.

“Why haven’t you eaten my half?” Grayson’s voice was soft as he sunk to his knees in front of her showing his most vulnerable state. With grayson’s experience when dealing with upset she-wolves it was ideal to show weakness. Depsite how much she wanted to look away the pull to this male was strong, his shoulder’s rounded with muscles along with his thick arms shaped by the ‘moon goddess’ herself. Without second thought her eyes meet the tanned skin of his neck, right at the base of where neck and shoulders meet. For some odd reason she felt the need to touch it. Her lips tingle with the thought of kissing it often like how Grayson and Ethan did to her.

“I am not hungry.” It came out colder then expected causing Grayson to sigh loudly. Despite how much it stung he didn’t like the uneasy feeling that filled his stomach from her. Both twins felt the affect of her mood making them both equally sad as her.

“You haven’t eaten since yesterday. Please eat love.” Grayson couldn’t help but reach to feel her skin and the moment he does she backs away from his touch no matter how much it hurt to do so.

“I am not your love!” She exclaims loudly as the back of chair falls to the ground as she stands her ground. To the wolves buried inside these men they growled, showing their dominance, wanting to show her that disrespect wasn’t tolerated. “Do not touch me. This is ridiculous. This claim you two think you have on me scares me! Just because we are connected in some weird ass moon way doesn’t mean you can keep me here! I have friends and family. I need to go home.”

“Your home is where we are.” Ethan finally speaks with poison, anger radiating from his skin. Grayson’s eyes meet his brother with challenge knowing that he was having trouble containing his wolf side.

“I don’t even know you!” Ethan’s growl is animalistic as it vibrates his chest. His wolf no longer tolerating the disrespect she was showing. Grayson understood, he was completely in control of his wolf but knew the situation his brother faced is difficult.

“She is scared Ethan. She was raised wrong, not the true way.” Grayson tries to tame the beast with a soft tone. Y/n scoffs at the words trying to push past gray only to be stopped by the roughness of his hand.

“It is true. You belong with us. You can’t deny what you have seen, what we showed you. No matter what you believe your faith has been chosen for you.” Grayson argues not allowing her to finish her path to the door.

“You are a luna. Despite those humans supressing your wolf in you. She is there. A natural born leader and provider.” Ethan says, “you will help guide our pack.”

“What pack? Last time i checked it was only you two assholes!” Her words laced with venom as Grayson moves from his spot only to left the back of the chair with ease back into its proper spot. “Sit down. And we will not guide, we will stay here.”

Ethan’s attention is now on his brother. “We will go.”

Grayson had promised himself to stay calm towards her but his brother was another story as he flips his lips to reveal the sharpened fangs. “We will stay. We will not go back to that life!”

“You wish to defy the queen that made us? She specifically told us what to do Grayson. You heard her, you felt her power. How stupid are you?” Once again the brothers were facing each other. The room reeked of dominace and anger. Despite her lack of wolf she could smell the musty air of the room.

“Do I get a say about any of this?!”

“No!” The twins growled together and Grayson’s hand came down on the table angrily. “Now eat before we make you.”

It had been two quiet for Ethan’s liking as time passed. Ethan as well as Y/N were concentrated on the books in front of them while Grayson had made himself a bath. His aching muscles that still buzzed with anger from some time ago finally relaxed as the water massaged his skin. By this time the wound on his neck was completely healed other then the small print of his brother’s teeth. The soft yawn had caught both of their attention, snapping their heads in the way of the direction it came from.

Despite the words said earlier and his angry Ethan’s soft voice broke the silence. “Come sleep love.”

Even though she was still mad the invitation of sleeping on the soft furs where Ethan sat was the best idea of the day. Gray was distracting as he rose from the water, his nudity the least of his concerns as he mets her eyes with a smirk. He wanted to tell her to look, that this body was crafted for her and her only. The pattle of her feet against the wood floor was music to Ethan’s ears as he anticipated the warmth of her skin.

Ethan finally puts the book to rest watching as she quickly sits next to him. “I’m covered in goop.”

Ethan couldn’t help but crack a smile as he looks at Gray who was already a step ahead of him as he used his bath water to wet the rag. The cold water pressed against her face made her hiss away from Grayson’s touch. “It’s freezing!”

Grayson replaced the patch of coldness with his warm lips sending a small shock down her skin. Ethan had now began to rub the other side of her body. It was nice for the both of them. Being providers, taking care of their queen.

As soon as she was clean Grayson had returned with her shirt slipping it over her head.

“I’m sorry for my hostile behaviour, for yelling at you.” Even though gray had said the words Ethan presses his lips against her shoulder in an apology.

The candle was blown out from Ethan’s lips making the room fall dark. Once again she spent the night squished between the two men. It felt so right to touch their skin, smell their scent but she still felt rash about this and was wishing she was home.

My Valentine (Grayson Dolan Fanfic)

ahah I really wish I had the courage to post this on Valentine’s Day but I didn’t know if I should continue posting stuff bc idk if ppl want to see this stuff but hey I’m back bc why not

beware, for the amount of fluff in this… isn’t actually too much but hey, whatever

Also, happy (super late) Valentine’s day, y’all!!

“What’s taking you so long?”

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Cuddle (Grayson Dolan)

Requested: can you do a fluffy grayson imagine where they build a little fort in the living room and have a little movie date and they cuddle and its just really fluffy and cute?

A/N: I kind of based this off of Imagine by Ariana Grande so here you go!

“It’s raining.” You tell Grayson when you get to the front door of his and Ethan’s house. You had spent last night with your boyfriend and you were just about to go to lunch when you see the bad weather.

“Damn it. I really don’t want to drive in wet LA traffic.” He sighs.

“Me either.” You agree. You turn around and follow Grayson back into his room and sit down on the bed.

“We can order food so that’s not a problem.” He says, getting on Postmates.

“But I wanted to do something fun. We didn’t get to do anything yesterday because I was working and now we can’t do anything because it’s raining.” You groan, dramatically falling back into your boyfriends unmade bed.

“Grab those pillows. We’re making a fort.” He smirks, pointing at the pillows behind you.

He quickly goes into the living room and you do as your told and follow him.

He takes off the couch cushions and grabs as many blankets as he can and gets to work.

“Should I help you?” You ask, not really sure what to do.

“Nope. I have a vision and I can’t have you ruin it.” He half-jokes, taking pillows from you.

“Yes sir.” You say, taking a seat in the kitchen while he does his thing.

“Our food should be here in like 20 minutes!” He calls out to you. You can hear that he’s practically out of breath and you giggle a little at how serious he was about his fort making.

“Okay!” You say.

“Are you laughing at me?” He asks.

“No!” You say in defense, unable to hold your laughter in anymore.

“Don’t make me come over there.” He jokingly threatens.

“Okayyyyy!” You mock.

Not even 30 seconds later and he was standing in front of you, breathing heavily.

You cover your mouth as you try not to laugh at him.

“Babe! This is serious business!” He yells, trying not to crack a smile.

“Sorry! You look very hot making your fort.” You nod, trying to control yourself.

He lets out a giggle and kisses your forehead gently before going back to work.

“Fuck!” You hear a few moments later.

“Are you good?” You ask, focusing on your phone.

“Yeah, I just…never mind! Don’t come in here until I’m done!” He calls out.

You hear the doorbell ring and get up to go get it.

“Y/N! I told you not to come in here!” Grayson says when he sees you.

“I’m getting our food, I’m not looking I promise!” You say sweetly.

You quickly run past the living room after you get the food and grab utensils and napkins.

“It’s ready!” Grayson tells you.

You make your way into the living room with the food and are amazed at what Grayson created.

“It looks so good!” You exclaim to a very happy Grayson.

“Thank you! We can eat in it and watch movies or whatever.” He says, showing you the inside.

“This is so cool!” You say, sitting down inside of it. He had set it up to where it was big enough for the both of you to lay down in once you were done eating.

He puts a movie on while the two of you eat and you can’t help but smile at how happy he was. He turned a gloomy day into a good one and you could tell he was much happier at home with you than he would have been in the city.

You pick up the trash and bring it into the kitchen before coming back to the fort to find Grayson already laying down and ready to cuddle.

You get under the blankets and he grabs your waist, pulling you in close to him. He places sweet kisses on the top of your head and you look up at him and kiss him softly. He smiles down at you and puts his hand on your butt, just like he always did when you cuddled.

Feeling his touch instantly made you happier, and you bury your face into his neck while he slowly moves his hand up and down your back.

The way he smelled was so clean and comforting that you could have sworn you could lay there with him forever.

You feel him shift slightly and look up at him.

“I’m cold.” He says before starting another movie, getting up from under the blankets to go get a hoodie.

“Bring me one!” You tell him.

“Will you promise me you won’t steal it?” He asks.

“No.” You smile at your boyfriend who rolls his eyes with a smirk before going get the two of you his hoodies.

He comes back and throws a grey hoodie at you.

You put it on quickly and it get back under the blankets with him.

“I don’t know why you steal all of my stuff from me, it’s always so big on you.” He shakes his head.

“That’s what makes it cute.” You say, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before settling back down into his chest.

He starts the movie and you quietly watch it for a long time.

“I love you.” He says to you softly, mindlessly tracing patterns on your hand that was on his chest.

“I love you, too.” You say back, feeling yourself drift off to sleep.

You wake up to Grayson playing with your fingers that were resting on him. He always did this when he was either anxious or in deep thought.

“Sorry.” He whispers when he sees your eyes flutter open.

“It’s okay.” You smile, kissing his shoulder.

He runs his fingers through your hair and looks down at you and smiles.

“You fell asleep.” He says quietly, rubbing his thumb on your cheek.

“I’m sorry.” You say.

“It’s okay.” He smiles and kisses you gently.

You and your boyfriend lay in the fort for what seemed like hours, just talking and enjoying each other’s company. You rarely got to spend down time with Grayson and it meant a lot that you were able to do this with him.

You spend the rest of the night just being there with him, focusing on different parts of him. His hair, his hands, his breathing. He was so beautiful and peaceful.

You loved seeing him smile and laugh, and knowing you were the reason why made all the difference in the world.

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#23. “Is that my shirt?” I picked ethan btw

The day was long, filled with rude co-workers and your annoying boss. On top of that being stuck in traffic for almost three hours, at this point being miserable was the only option.

Either gray or e were home which was probably better for the both of them seeing they wouldn’t be on the wrong side of your sour mood. Quickly your clothes were gone leaving you in one of Ethan’s shirts and pair of underwear. Make up still dressed your face as you hit the pillow of Ethan’s bed.

The bobby pins in your hair poked against your scalp but at this point it didn’t compare to the mood you had. Finally your eyes shut, a nap seeming like an order. Right when you felt as if all your problems were lifting, mind closing off along with your eyes the door slammed shut.

The annoyed huff didn’t go unoticed as Ethan leaned against the door frame of his bedroom. “Did i wake you?”

“No i just ramdomly make sounds.” Ethan rolls his eyes at your sass while making his way to the foot of the bed. He pulls the blanket from off your body in attempt to tickle you for the unnecessary attitude being thrown his way but was stopped at the sight of you. “Is that my shirt?”

“Ethan please. It’s cold and i had a bad day.” Ethan sighs, eyes roaming over the revealed skin of his beauty. A small kiss is pressed against your knee, then right above it and above that until he left a trail of tiny kisses to the hem of his shirt.

“Bad day baby?” You only nod in response as he settles himself next to you. “Let’s cuddle then pretty girl.”

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gray realize he is in love

Originally posted by iloveboylove

You were asleep, you head resting gently in Grayson’s lap as he ran a soft hand through your hair. He watched with curious eyes as your chest rose up and down from the soft, calm breathes you were taking and as your eyes slowly shifted as you dreamt. 

Grayson was completely and utterly mesmerized by you. Every noise every movement that you made was like art to him. He could watch you for hours. 

His relationship with you was different, it didn't feel like any of his others. Nothing ever felt forced, nothing ever felt awkward, everything was perfect. Sure you two argued, but even then it was just simple bickering over mundane things, like who was going to do the dishes or where his blue sweatshirt went. 

You shifted in his lap, your hands moving to rest on his thighs. “Gray,” you mumbled softly, almost so soft that he couldn't hear it. 

“Yeah.” He responded, not sure if you had woken up. 

“I love you.” 

He couldn't help the smile the spread across his face. He wasn’t sure if he would ever truly be able to love anyone, but you had sparked something inside him. He realized now that he loved every little thing about you. He loved how your voice rose three octaves whenever you were mad and how jumpy and loud you would get whenever you were excited. Grayson Dolan loved you and he always would. 

wip list (but just ideas)

which one do you guys think i should write next?

Yours (Gray fluff/angst)

  • You get pregnant with Grayson’s son shortly after he moved to LA & you choose to keep it a secret so that he can live his dream. Three years later Grayson shows up at your doorstep.

Princess (boxer!E fluff)

  • For your boyfriend’s birthday you decide to take your three year old daughter to LA to see him fight for the first time.

Flicker (Gray fluff)

  • You realize that you love Grayson for the first time, and you finally decide to tell him how much he actually means you. [Based on the song Flicker by Niall Horan]

Another Lifetime (Ethan angst)

  • You were pretty rebellious when you were young before you got pregnant. You and Ethan have been together for two years and he has become like a stepfather to your daughter, and then your ex leaks pictures from your past (tw: drug abuse, domestic violence)

Through the Dark (Gray fluff)

  • You’re shopping for your wedding dress but you’re having trouble because you can’t find anything you like with long sleeves, but you don’t want Grayson’s family to know that you used to self harm. Grayson finds out and comforts you. [Based on the song Through the Dark by One Direction]

Kiwi (Ethan smut)

  • You and Ethan are best friends and you both party hard. Two months after one of your drunken hookups, you’ve stopped coming around and Ethan starts to wonder why. [Based on the song Kiwi by Harry Styles]

AP (Gray smut)

  • Grayson is your AP US History teacher, but he’s also so much more. (tw: age gap, teacher/student AU)
Eye To Eye (G.D)

Warnings : drinking, arguing, swearing

Word Count : 727

A/N : Thank you for this request! I wouldn’t have thought about writing about height, and it’s not the greatest, but I hope you enjoy! Just so you know, requests are always open! So just hit me up! (I’m just not comfortable writing smut) 

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Hi i was @sebastianxnyc and i changed my username and i just wanted to let you know cause i'm on your permanent tag list!!

thank you so much for letting me know!

and I’ll use this to give an update: my computer can’t be fixed so I have to buy a new one (which i’m planning on doing very soon) so until then I won’t be able to write.

I’M SO SORRY but I’ll write every request I have when I get the new computer.

he was blinding. so bright and colorful. his bubbly personality making everyone feel all yellow inside. and yet, his name was gray.

a name that definitely did not match the person, it didn’t matter though. a simple name could not tie him down.

just because he is gray, doesn’t mean that he is gray. he is so much more.

he’s a bright sky blue, and a beautiful violet. his smile so bright, just like fresh, white daisies. he can sometimes turn red or green, but it isn’t long before he fades into a soft, gentle yellow.

gray isn’t gray, he’s an infinite amount of colors, so vibrant and new.

when gray grabbed my hand, his palm in mine, i can see the world through rose tinted glasses. even when taking a black and white polaroid, he always seems to shine vividly through the film.

gray is not gray, and neither is anything around him.

it’s as if everything he touches turns a deeper, vibrant shade. it’s only when gray left, my world began to dim its colors.