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Happy tuesday!!!! WHAT TIME IS IT?! ITS DOLAN TWINS TUESDAY! (Imagine this with high school musical music k?) - - - -

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Halloween blurb night guys???

Anything to do with Halloween or vampires, mythical creatures etc :) I will do them for the next few days almost done with the mob ones.

Sup guys I will no longer be a fan blog but instead just be using this blog as my own personal one. I understand if you want to unfollow but I just don’t have time to run a fan account blog but I still love tumblr and don’t want to delete it. I had a good time getting to know ya’ll and share our love for some goofy twins! I will only be reblogging stuff mostly now or if anyone still wants to chat we absolutely can. I just won’t be writing anymore. I appreciate all of you!


Sofia ❤️

Always You Pt. 2 // G.D.

Hey guys, sorry I’m a little late posting, my midterm took longer than expected. I hope ya’ll enjoy though! Like always, feedback is welcome and requests are open!

Warnings: swearing & smut… like, they frickle frackle

Cameron’s surprise party goes off without a hitch. Your cake turns out great, no one ruins the surprise before its time, and surprisingly, neither of the twins blow themselves up while setting off fireworks. Everything seems perfect, you smile, and take goofy pictures with Cam, and gossip with Lisa in the kitchen when you get tired of socializing. Once you return to your room for the night, however, you fall apart. You barely make it two steps into the room before you’re sobbing, heaving breaths struggling to leave your lungs. You wash your face, and brush your teeth, and change into your pajamas all while still weeping. The last time you cried like this was when you were fourteen and your nanna died. You feel like someone has died, possibly you.

You cry yourself to sleep, and when you are woken up at four in the morning by someone crawling into your bed, you still have wet tracks staining your face.

Grayson’s arms tighten around you before you even have time to move. You know it’s him because he smells like the fancy soap you had bought him from Lush on a whim. You don’t say a word, you’re afraid that if you do he’ll leave, or you’ll wake up for real and he won’t be there at all.

Grayson breathes in deep. His breath rattles on the exhale. “I know I said I couldn’t do this anymore, but I just need you one more time. Please. I just,” you feel his voice hitch more than you hear it, “I just need to say goodbye.”

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“We forgot her birthday.”

Requested by anonymous: “an imagine where y/n is dating Grayson. He forgets y/n’s birthday but she doesn’t tell them and they all go to Ellie Thumann’s surprise party thrown by Emma. At the party y/n is really upset and salty and Grayson gets really annoyed at her for ruining Ellie’s party. Then they have an argument and he figures it out.”


“Hey, are you doing anything this weekend?” Grayson asked you.

“No, why?” You asked. Your birthday was this Saturday, so you were hoping this was his way of dropping hints that he had something planned for you.

“Emma is throwing a surprise party for Ellie and she wanted to know if we wanted to go.” He explained. You’d forgotten you and Ellie shared a birthday.

“Oh. Yeah, sure. That’ll be fun.” You said quietly.

* * *

Saturday evening rolled around and you and the twins were getting ready for Ellie’s party. You got as dressed up as you could, because you really didn’t want to go, but you also didn’t want to half ass an outfit. The three of you were ready to go and you headed out. As you made your way to the party, you began to get more upset because you still couldn’t believe, that after four years of friendship, and two years of your being with Grayson, him and Ethan had both forgotten your birthday,

“Whatever, I’m not even gonna think about it. I’m gonna try to have a good night.” You thought to yourself as you made your way inside. You immediately got yourself a drink and mingled with everyone, not even wanting to be anywhere near either of the twins.

“(Y/N)! Hey! I’m so glad you could make it. Happy birthday to you, by the way. I figured you would’ve had something planned for yourself tonight.” Emma said as she walked up to you, pulling you in for a hug.

“No, I was as free as a bird tonight. This is some party you put together here.” You said, taking in all the decorations.

“Well, I can’t take all the credit. I had a ton of help, Ethan, Grayson, Hannah, and Bryant all helped me out.” She said, which upset you even more, knowing the twins helped with this party, but probably didn’t even think about doing anything for you. “Hey, I know it’ll be after the fact, but let me take you out to lunch sometime next week for your birthday.”

“Sure, I’d like that.” You said with a forced smile. You and her exchanged some more small talk before she had to take care of some party things. You found Ellie in the middle of the crowd and walked up to her.

“Ellie! Happy birthday, babe.” You said as you hugged her.

“(Y/N)! Happy birthday to you too. I’m so glad you could make it!” She said with a smile.

“Yeah, this party has been a lot of fun. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” You said. You said a quick goodbye and made your way over to one of the sofas and sat down, people watching for a while, trying to take your mind off the twins. You were pissed that they’d not only forgotten about your birthday, but also helped Emma plan this party. You tried not to seem jealous, but you were upset that not even your boyfriend would’ve remembered your birthday.

You sat on the sofa for a while, not wanting to talk to anyone or do anything.

“Hey, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you. I feel like I haven’t seen you since we got here.” Grayson said as he sat next to you.

“Yeah, I talked to Emma and Ellie for a little bit, then found this sofa and have been here ever since.” You said, not looking up from the floor.

“You’ve been sitting here all night?” Grayson asked, kind of irritated.

“Yeah. I’m not really in a party mood. I thought I would be, but I guess not.” You said.

“Then why did you even agree to come? If you were gonna sit and be pissy all night, then you could’ve stayed home.” Grayson said.

“I’m sorry, what did I say to upset you? I’m not stopping you from enjoying your night.” You said.

“Well, no, but it’s the least you could do to help celebrate our friend’s birthday.” He spat.

“That’s really funny coming from you.” You said.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“What’s today’s date?” You asked.

“The 20th.”

“Right. And who’s birthday is today?”

“Ellie’s birthday is today.”

“And?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at him. You watched as he stared at you as he tried to figure things out. Once everything finally clicked, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“Oh my god. I am so sorry.” He said softly, going in for a hug.

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it.” You said, getting up from the sofa.

“(Y/N), please wait.” He said as he began following you. You made your way through the building and all the way outside before he caught up to you, Ethan following closely behind him.

“Are you two okay?” Ethan asked.

“Y'know, I thought that after four years of friendship between the three of us, that would’ve warranted me some kind of celebration, regardless how big or small. You didn’t offer to take me to dinner last night, you didn’t offer to take me out to tomorrow. You didn’t even give me a fucking text or cheesy Instagram post.” You said.

“What’s wrong?” Ethan asked Grayson.

“We forgot her birthday.” Grayson said quietly.

“Oh fuck. (Y/N), we’re so sorry. We got caught up with helping Emma with this party, it must have just slipped our minds.” Ethan said.

“I don’t even want to talk about this anymore. I’m going home. Enjoy your party.” You said, turning away from them.

“But we came together.” Grayson sighed.

“I already ordered an uber. I’ll see you to later.” You said as your car pulled up. You slid in the back seat and watched the twins disappear as you pulled off. You stared out the window and let out a small sniffle as you began crying.

“You alright?” Your driver asked.

“Yeah, it’s just been a crappy night. I’m ready for it to be over.” You sighed as the car pulled into the driveway of the twins’ house.

“Hey, keep your head up. It’s only one night, I’m sure tomorrow will be better.” The driver said as you got out.

“Thank you.” You said softly. You hopped out of the car and waved as it left, walking back into the house and flopping down into Grayson’s bed. You lied there and cried for a while before you fell asleep, sleeping for the rest of the night.

You woke up the next morning to an empty bed.

“Gray?” You said quietly as you sat up. You looked around the room and found nothing but a bouquet of your favorite flowers sitting on the nightstand. You pulled the card off and read it to yourself.

“Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Join us for breakfast when you get up.”

You glanced at the flowers again and smiled to yourself. You walked out to the kitchen and found the twins standing in the kitchen, making plates and setting the table.

“She’s gonna be up any second, bro. We’ve got a lot to do to make up for last night.” Grayson said as he finished piling pancakes on the dining room table.

“Does she take cream and sugar with her coffee?” Ethan asked.

“More like coffee with her cream and sugar.” Grayson laughed as he made you a cup of coffee. He set it down at what you assumed was your plate at the table and looked up and saw you in the doorway. A small smile appeared across his face as he walked over to you. “Morning sweetheart.” He said, pressing a kiss to your lips.

“(Y/N), good morning.” Ethan said as he gave you a hug. The led you over to the table and sat you down in front of a plate full of your favorite breakfast foods and the three of you began to eat.

Over breakfast, Ethan and Grayson exchanged quiet whispers about everything they had planned for the rest of the day.

“Alright, now that you’re done, go get ready for the day. We’ve a lot planned for you.” Grayson said with a smile as he took your empty plate.

“How should I dress?” You asked.

“Casual is fine, comfortable sneakers for a day full of walking.” Ethan said. You nodded and got ready.

Throughout the rest of the day, the twins had tons of things planned for you. They took you shopping, they took you out to your favorite restaurant for lunch, they took you to the movies and did all kinds of things that you wanted to do.

“I’m starting to get tired. Can we go home now?” You asked through a yawn.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, we can head home now. Of course, if that’s what you want.” Grayson said, checking the time on your phone.

“Yes, I’m ready to head home.” You laughed. The three of you made your way back home and you unloaded all your purchases from your shopping spree.

“You can just put all your stuff in my closet.” Grayson said, handing you the bags he had. You nodded and took them to his room, setting them up in his closet so they weren’t in the way of anything. You walked back out to the kitchen where the table was now covered with plates, balloons and a cake in your favorite flavor, number candles lit on the top.

“Happy birthday (Y/N).” They both said quietly as you sat down at the table.

“Awe, you guys.” You said with a smile.

“(Y/N), please believe us when we say how incredibly sorry we are about everything that’s happened, regarding us forgetting your birthday.” Grayson began.

“Us helping plan Ellie’s party isn’t a valid excuse for forgetting your birthday. It’s the same day as hers and it was shitty on our part, especially since you’ve been our best friend for four years.” Ethan said. “Grayson has it a bit worse than I do, since he’s your boyfriend, but that’s besides the point.” He joked.

“Please accept our apology. We really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but we do accept full responsibility.” Grayson said.

“Everything you two have done for me today has made up for yesterday, plus some. I would’ve been fine with just going out to lunch or something, but of course you two went above and beyond, as usual. I’m so lucky to be able to have such good friends like you two. But, I’ll only accept your apology on one condition.” You said.

“What?” They asked in unison.

“You have to help me eat this cake.” You said with a smile.

“Well, you have to make a wish first.” Ethan laughed pushing the cake closer to you.

“But I already have everything I could ever wish for.” You laughed before blowing out the candles. “Thank you two, for everything. I love you two so much.” You said, kissing Grayson and pressing a kiss to Ethan’s cheek.

Feelings and Emotions~A Grayson Dolan Imagine

A/N: I know this is like two weeks late but working two jobs is tiring and I just didn’t have the time but I can only work one job this week so I wrote this. This is Part 4 to An Old Flame. I have linked the first three parts in case you need a refresher and I just reblogged them as well! The next part is E’s wedding and I am super excited to write that! I am not sure when it will be up though I have friends visiting for a late birthday celebration this weekend. This has got a little bit of everything in it and it is a few hundred words longer than the other three. Excuse any typos, please. Please feel free to send in requests!

An Old Flame

Little Black Dress

My Home is You

Warnings: Smut, Protective Daddy Grayson, DADDY! Grayson, some cursing. 

Word Count: 3,857

Ethan, Grayson, Amelia, and Addison’s birthdays are tomorrow. My parents, the boy’s parents, Brooke, Cameron, and myself had planned a surprise party for all four of them. Which was hard due to the age difference, but we decided to just do two themes. The girls had Peppa Pig and the boys had a muscle cars theme. Two cakes, two sets of decorations, two of pretty much everything. Brooke had the easy job she just had to wrangle up Ethan to go over to his parent’s house, I, on the other hand, had to get the girls and Grayson there. I told them we were going to a birthday dinner and they all needed to dress nicely. Grayson wore black skinny jeans with a black shirt and a denim jacket. Meanwhile, the girls had matching dresses, but one was black, and one was red. Addison wore the black one while Amelia wore the red one. I had Bentley wear blue jeans with a sweater and a collared shirt underneath it. I wore a blue sweater with black leggings. We all looked very nice and very warm. 

(A/N: I do not imagine the models of the outfits to be what the characters look like. It is only to show the outfits. The only person that matches is Grayson. It is totally up to your imagination what the characters look like.)

“Babe, can I drive the Jeep?” I asked. “Um, why?” Grayson hesitated. “Where we are going is a surprise, so you are all getting blindfolded even B, so he doesn’t tell” I explained. “Why don’t we take your car then?” he suggested. “The girls’ car seats are in the Jeep and they won’t all fit in my car,” I told him. “Ok but don’t kill us,” he said while tossing me the keys. “I need you to help me blindfold the kids then I will blindfold you,” I said. “Ooo kinky” he snickered. “Grayson Bailey” I scolded. “What?” he shrugged, “I said slinky”. I rolled my eyes then blindfold Bentley while he put one on Addy. I hopped in the drivers’ side while he finished with Lia’s. “Your turn” I smiled as blindfolded him then buckled myself in. “Not only are you driving MY car, but you are doing it while I am BLINDFOLDED” he exaggerated. “Gray, you’re being a drama queen, quit acting like Ethan,” I said shaking my head even though he couldn’t see me. “How long until we are there mommy?” Bentley asked. “We are almost there, sweetheart,” I told him. I pulled into the driveway but didn’t park the car so they wouldn’t think they were there. Right as I checked my phone Brooke had texted me. “We will be there in a minute”, so I decided to back out and drive around the block. “Why did you back up?” Gray asked. “I am used to driving my car and I thought we could fit in the parking spot, but we couldn’t” I explained falsely, and he nodded. When we pulled back in Brooke was waiting for us. It was hard having to direct everyone, so I told Bentley to take off his blindfold but not to say anything and he nodded. “Addy, Lia hold Bentley’s hands he will guide you,” I said to the girls. Which having a two-year-old guide two five-year-olds wasn’t easy, but he did well. I had Gray while Brooke had E. We both mouthed, “3,2,1” to each other and walked in. Everyone screamed “Surprise!” as they all took off their blindfolds. “A surprise party!” The girls yelled while the boys both grinned.

Lisa came up to us first shortly followed by Sean. “I see you managed” Lisa commented. “It was difficult, but I let B take his blindfold off so he could help the girls” I explained. “The decorations look awesome,” I said as I admired the mix of the two themes. “Cam helped us” Sean explained. “Where is she?” I asked. “Not sure,” Lisa said as they were swept away by some family friends. I felt arms wrap around my waist. “You are amazing” Gray whispered in my ear. “I’m not trying to brag but I mean” I snickered. “Thank you for all of this. My parents told me this was all your idea everyone just joined in. You weren’t even in the state and managed to make everything work. The girls and B are having a blast” he told me. “I love surprise parties. It was a lot of fun, honestly” I admitted truthfully. “Daddy, when can we open presents,” Lia asked tugging at Gray’s shirt. “Let me talk to grandma first, ok?” he asked, and she nodded then ran off. Gray intertwined his fingers with mine as we walked around trying to find Lisa again. “The girls are ready for presents” he chuckled. “Well then let’s get them some presents!” she exclaimed. We sat through presents and cake. The evening started to die down. It was almost nine and the kids were getting tired. We started loading the kids up into the Jeep. Gray had taken Addy out first because she was already passed out. Ethan came up to me as I was packing up all the presents the girls had got. “Thank you,” Ethan said to me. “For what, E?” I asked. “This party but mainly for coming back to Grayson. Not to be dramatic but he is so different now that you’re here. You light up his whole world. I mean the girls mean everything to him, but you just completed the hole that was missing in his heart. I have never seen him smile or laugh this much since before you left” he admitted. “Ethan, I know I messed up. I know I hurt your brother and trust me I feel like a terrible human being, but I promise that I will never leave him again. I haven’t been this happy since before I left him either. I mean I loved Ryan and he gave me Bentley but Gray” I paused “Grayson is the one and I hope he feels that way too,” I told him. “I think he does too. I mean I think that’s a way’s away but either way let Brooke and I tie the knot first, ok?” he chuckled. “Oh, we will I promise,” I told him as Gray entered the room. “What are you guys talking about?” Gray asked. “How much of a little bitch you are when it comes to Y/N” Ethan teased him. They hadn’t changed much with age. Gray quickly tackled him to the floor. “Like you’ve got much room. You are the first one to get married. No one thought you’d be first or even second” Gray snickered. “Yea well you beat me to kids” Ethan rebutted. “And that is a good thing,” Grayson said back. “Ok you two we need to get our kids home,” I said pulling Grayson from his brother. “Can I drive now?” Gray asked. “But I loved driving the Jeep” I pleaded sticking my bottom lip out. “Damn, you know I can’t tell you no, right?” he asked. “Yes, I know,” I said as I kissed him once he was done shutting the door to his parent’s house. I pushed him into the door to hold us up. “Babe, the kids can see us,” he said, and I pulled away. He started walking to the jeep and as he got in I told him “We are finishing that later” and he smirked.


**Skip to Summer (Specifically Memorial Day)

My family decided to have their Memorial Day on Saturday and Gray’s family’s was on Sunday. My parents had a beach house, so we decided to go there. My dad had fireworks, food to grill which Grayson insisted he would help him with, and lots of things for the kids to do. “Having one of these would be so nice” Gray commented. “I mean yeah, sure but not for a while, right?” I asked him. “Whenever you want one babe” he responded. “I mean my parents would let us use it whenever. Why would we need one?” I asked. “It was just a thought, darling” he replied.

We had brought the kids to the beach. Bentley had never been, so he was excited with his swim trunks, sunscreen, and some floaties as well as sandcastle equipment courtesy of the twins. The kids were a few feet away building their castles while Gray laid on his stomach letting his back tan. I had a small chair on top of our large blanket so I could tan my stomach. I was reading a book when Addy came running over to us, crying. “Daddy those kids knocked over our sand castle,” she said pointing at kids who were probably about eight or nine and stomping on my kids’ sand castle. Gray got up quickly and I knew that look. He was protective of me, sure but with the kids, it nearly doubled. I couldn’t tell if his face was red from the heat or from anger. “Gray, they are kids!” I shouted at him. “Were you the kids who destroyed my children’s sand castle?” he asked them angrily. “Yes, their sand castle was ugly. We did them a service” the boy responded. He was probably nine or ten. “Yeah, it was all lopsided and separated” the blonde little girl explained. “They are two five-year old’s and a two-year-old, who are you to come over here and destroy someone else’s hard work? I don’t care how good or bad it looked, they were proud of it and they were learning because they are young. Bentley here has never been to the beach. You little brats came over here being bullies and ruining his first time here. That is just terrible. Now apologize to my children before I find your parents and tell them how rude you were to MY kids” he finished. “Uhh S-s-sorry” they all muttered. “You better mind your own business while you are on this beach and leave kids that are younger and smaller than you alone. Do you understand me?” Gray asked them. “Yes,” the two younger girls said immediately but the boy stood there. “I believe I asked you a question,” he said growling towards the oldest child. “Uhh, yes sir” he finally muttered slightly scared of my boyfriend. “Now be gone and don’t come near my kids ever again,” he said as the older kids all ran off. Damn, he was hot being all protective. “Are you guys ok, did they hurt you?” he asked the kids. “Just our feelings, daddy” Lia sniffled. He kissed her sandy head. “You guys want to build another one?” he asked. “but they said it was ugly” Addy cried. “Hey, you guys haven’t made one in a long time. Practice makes perfect. Why don’t Y/N and I help you guys?” he asked looking over at me and I nodded then got up. “Ok!” they all shouted. “You’re so hot being protective over the kids,” I said while the kids were off getting some wet sand a couple feet away. “There are 6 people you don’t fuck with. My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, you, and especially my kids” he told me still slightly angry. “You’re a good dad, Gray” I smiled at him while making a smooth spot for the sand castles. “I was bullied my whole life I refuse to let it happen to my kids too,” he said. “I know, babe. I’m not mad at you. It kind of turned me on, actually” I said as I started to get up to go help, Bentley. “Oh, really?” he smirked. “Mhmm,” I said as I bent down to his ear “Daddy” I finished as I walked away to help Bentley. Making sure my boobs looked very full and perky knowing he’d stare right at me, and the kids of course. I had realized there were a couple of buckets behind us, so I turned around and bent over to pick them up just to tease Grayson more because why not, right? We walked back over and started making the sand castles. Grayson came over next to me and began rubbing my thigh. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Just some payback” he snickered. “When we get back to the beach house you can do whatever you want to me” I begged. “Damn right,” he said reaching over to help the girls. We were at the beach about another hour as it was nearing dinner time and it was almost time to eat. We walked back to the beach house. The kids changed into their Memorial Day outfits as Grayson helped my dad grill. “He loves you” I heard a familiar voice. “I know mom and I love him too” I smiled. “I am so glad you came back even though it was for Grayson,” my mom told me truthfully. “Bentley deserved to have a family and a father figure, some siblings” I responded. “You made the best choice for you and your son never forget that,” she said as my dad called out that the food was done cooking, so it was time to eat.

It was such a fun day overall. It sucked the beach had to be ruined by those bratty kids. Thankfully we could get our frustrations out because my parents’ room was downstairs, and the kids’ room was all the way down the hall. “You were not very nice at the beach today,” Grayson said as he came back from showering. His body glistened with water droplets and a fresh tan. “I couldn’t help it. You were so sexy standing up for the kids like that” I said as I moved closer my eyes never leaving his body. I quickly pulled the loose knot he had anchored around his hips. The towel falling to the floor releasing his semi-hard member. “I guess we should fix that,” I said wrapping my hand around him as he leaned down to kiss me hard. He backed me into the bed where I fell and then I quickly scooted my body up to the pillows. “How does it feel knowing that we are having sex in the same house your parents are in” he asked. “It was fine until you said something, but I’ll get over it” I shrugged grabbing his face and connecting our lips. “Eager, are we?” he snickered. “Always for you, daddy” I teased. “Damn it, baby girl” he growled pulling my thighs towards his mouth. “You know you deserve a small punishment for teasing me in public like that princess and with the kids? What would have happened if I got too hard because of you?” he asked angrily but before I answered his mouth attacked my clit, harshly. I screamed out in shock and in pleasure. “Graaaaayyy” I moaned. His tongue lapped at my pussy as his nose brushed my clit. He stopped for a second to ask, “Do you want a finger baby girl?”  “Oh my god, yes daddy” I yearned for more of his touch. He thrusted a finger inside of me while continuing his attack with his mouth. The things he could do with his tongue, his teeth, and his lips. He added another finger causing me to moan loudly. “Keep quiet, princess. Don’t wanna get caught” he hummed. I was close, and he knew it. He wrapped his mouth around my swollen clit sucking harshly as two of his thick fingers pulsed in and out of me. “Daddy!” I screamed as I started to cum all over his face, probably drowning him with my release. He never stopped his mouth stayed on my clit even after I had come down from my high. “Gray, I can’t,” I said with a shaky breath. “Oh, but you will, this is your punishment baby girl. I want you to cum two more times then I will think about if I want to fuck you or not” he explained. He then returned to his position. He kitten licked my sensitive heat as I moaned his name repeatedly. “God this pussy is so pretty and it’s all mine” he growled plunging two fingers into me without warning. “D-d-daddy” I stuttered out. I was close to my second orgasm. “I’m close” I moaned out. “I know baby girl. I know exactly how you are when you are about to come for daddy” he said with a cocky grin. He took a break from his mouth. His two fingers stayed inside of me at a steady rhythm as he brought his other thumb up to my clit rubbing in sync with his other fingers. “Cum Princess, I know you want to cum on my fingers for a second time tonight” he granted me permission and I fell apart at his touch. “G-G-Gr-Grayson” I said trying to recover from my orgasm, but he wouldn’t let me. His thumb never left my clit except for when he switched it back to his mouth. “Grayson,” I said but he wouldn’t stop. I needed to take a break. “Gray” my voice cracked as tears pricked at my eyes and he stopped immediately. “Wh-What’s wrong?” he asked. “What did I do?” he asked with sad eyes like he’d hurt me. “I just need a break. It is starting to hurt a little bit” I said. “I-I’m sorry” he sulked. “It’s ok, it felt so good until it didn’t. You were caught in the moment and nothing’s wrong with that” I smiled at him and he kissed my forehead.  “Why don’t I uhh help you out,” I said motioning to his dick that was glistening with precum yearning to be caressed. “I don’t want to get carried away again” he whispered. “I’ll stop myself if I need to, just let me do it, ok?” I said making my way down his body and he nodded. I flicked my tongue along the underside of his long, thick shaft. “Mhmm, baby girl” he hummed. I began to suck gently on his desperate tip. “Oh god, beautiful. Fuck I love you so much” he groaned as I removed my self from him. “I love you too handsome,” I said as I began to take more of him in my mouth hallowing my cheeks and slipping my tongue in every direction. Gray couldn’t help but be in control, so it wasn’t long before he pulled my hair into a makeshift ponytail. I looked up at him as he did it and he looked right at me. His eyes saying I’ll be careful. I nodded and let him take control of me. I bobbed my head on his cock as he led me with pulls and tugs of my hair. He removed me suddenly and I was confused. “What did I do?” I asked. “Oh god, not a damn thing but if I don’t fuck you right now I am going to lose myself inside your mouth” he groaned as he pulled me up and pointed for me to lay on the bed.

He climbed on top of me slowly. “Ready, beautiful?” he asked. “Whenever you are, Gray” I agreed. He slowly pushed himself inside of me like he was afraid of hurting me. “Babe,” I said, and his beautiful brown-green eyes flicked up to meet mine. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing but you act like you’re going to break me” I explained. “I don’t want to hurt you again,” he told me. “You won’t, Gray. It’s ok” I explained. “I’m over your punishment. I just want to make love to you now” he said quietly. He had kept a steady pace, but it was slow. “That’s fine, baby but can you go a little faster?” I asked, and he nodded picking up his pace. It was rare when he was slow and deliberate. His neck was bent to where he was looking at my boobs as they bounced with the connection of his hips with mine. I took the time to capture his body in my mind. Our bodies continued to connect over and over. It felt like slow motion as if we needed to take the time to truly feel our emotions. I loved him, I always had. He was my boyfriend, my best friend.

We both had come down from our highs and we were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. He had turned away from me like he was afraid to look at me. “Grayson let me see your face” I requested. He slowly turned onto his other side. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He sighed, and I pulled him into me. His head rested on my shoulder buried in my hair. I began playing with his hair trying to calm him. “Talk to me, babe” I begged. “I’m scared. I’m scared that I’m going to hurt you not only in bed but like in real life. Not like physically, god I could never hit you or the kids but like emotionally” he said rambling a little bit. “Gray, I am an adult. I have grown and so have you. What happened tonight was an accident. I know you feel bad. It was one of those things where you live and learn. I am not mad or upset. You weren’t trying to hurt me, you were trying to have fun and it went south. It doesn’t make you a bad person” I explained to him and he didn’t respond. “Grayson Bailey” I sing songed.  “What?” he grumbled. “I love you,” I told him. “I know, and I love you,” he said while looking up at me. I leaned down and kissed him gently but deeply. Something was bothering him, but I wasn’t sure what. I could tell by his breathing he was beginning to fall asleep. His head on my chest and his legs intertwined with mine. I held him until he fell asleep then I kissed the top of his head. “You’re an incredible man, an even more amazing boyfriend, and a fantastic dad, Gray. I’m so lucky to get to love you again” I whispered to his sleeping body. “No, I’m the lucky one” he whispered into my chest. “You’re not asleep?” I asked. “I was then I woke up to you talking,” he said rolling onto his back then stretching out. I started to laugh. “C’mere. I want to hold you now” he said. He seemed more at peace, but something was still off, but I wasn’t going to bring it up now. We laid there in each other’s embrace. I felt safe, Grayson was my home, and nothing would ever change that. I felt myself fall asleep in his muscular arms. My eyes became hard to open and my body began to go limp. He began to speak softly but I heard everything he said, “I love you beautiful. I can’t wait to marry you one day and raise our kids together. I am so glad you came back to me. I thought you were the light at the end of the tunnel, but it turns out you’re the tunnel that I hope never ends”. I squeezed his hand to tell him I agree, and he kissed my head. “Goodnight, Y/N,” he said. “Goodnight, Grayson” I whispered back then quickly fell asleep feeling the most content I have ever felt in my life.

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E/G catching his twin's gf mastubating.

E didn’t know what to do as he walked into Grayson’s bedroom only moments before Gray shouting he was leaving to go the store and of course he thought his girlfriend would be with him.

That wasn’t the case as his eyes examined her, down the skin of her creamy thighs, legs running for miles, hand resting against her bare mound as her glistening fingers covered in her thick slick, but soon the sight was gone as she scrambled to cover her body with the sheet. No words were said as they stared at each other.

Ethan mumbled a small apology before leaving the room. His head rest against the door of his bedroom door as he let out a sigh not believing how much she affected him as heat of arousal built up inside his stomach.. his cock throbbing against his lower stomach. 

“Fuck.” It is whispered as his hand trailing against his skin and under the waist band of his shorts and boxers to what pained him most at the moment.

Always You // G.D.

Hello, I’m Erin and this is my first fic for this fandom, so please be nice. I used to write fic back in high school and have recently gotten the itch for it again. Feedback is appreciated, and requests are welcome. (Also I’d be down to write a part 2 if enough people want it)

Warnings: swearing & mentions of sex

“We’re best friends Grayson, I don’t know what more you want me to say.” You shuffle your feet, putting all of your focus into the cake that you’re making.

Grayson invades your space, hips pressed firmly against yours, gripping your chin so that you’re forced to look at him. “Best friends don’t get each other off.” His jaw ticks, drawing your eyes down to his mouth.

God that mouth. The things it had done to you over the past few months. Fucking Gray was the best decision you ever made, or at least it had been until he started asking questions. You love him, you really do, but the attention and invasion of privacy that would come with being Grayson Dolan’s girlfriend is just too much.

“Do you really think this is the time to be talking about this? Here in your family’s kitchen? On Cameron’s birthday?” You jerk your chin from his grip, pointedly stirring the cake batter. When Lisa had asked you to help with Cameron’s surprise party, you hadn’t hesitated to say yes, knowing it would give you an excuse to fly out to Jersey with the twins. You love spending time with their family, another reason dating Grayson could ruin everything. If you guys fall apart, you wouldn’t just lose one person, but a whole second family.

“Alright, when would be a better time? After I fuck you tonight?” Grayson huffs, pushing away from the counter, “Maybe you’ll be more reasonable then.”

You shove the bowl of batter away, whipping around in anger, “Are you calling me unreasonable because I won’t date you? Are you seriously shaming me right now for making a decision that I feel is best for me at the moment?” Angry tears begin to well in your eyes, “I can’t fucking believe you right now.”

Cake all but forgotten, you shove past Grayson and head for the stairs, not even hesitating to slam the door once you’ve reached the guest room. Grayson is hot on your heels, flinging the door open almost as soon as it’s closed. You stare him down expectantly, trembling in place.

“You can’t fucking believe me? I can’t fucking believe you! We hold hands, we kiss, we cuddle, we fuck, we make love for fuck’s sake! Jesus Christ, Y/N, you even send me pictures of cute babies and shit from your goddamn pinterest board!” Grayson’s voice gets louder with each statement, he tugs at his hair, his face turning red. “What am I supposed to think? That I’m just some hookup?”

You continue to stare at him in silence, fresh tears leaving tracks down your face. Calmly you close the door behind him before taking a seat on the bed, patting for him to join you. Licking your lips in hesitation, you struggle to find the right words. “You’re supposed to think that I’m your best friend, who enjoys spending time with you and doing different,” you pause and search for the right word, “activities with you.”

Grayson falls back on the bed and snorts. “Is that what we’re calling them now? Activities?”

You fall back too, joining him. “I mean, yeah, because we don’t just fuck ya know. We watch tv and go bowling and bake cookies and do loads of other boring shit together like laundry. Activities.”

Turning his head to look at you, Grayson squints. He squints for so long that you start to squirm. Finally his lips quirk into a small grin before he lets out a chuckle. Turning away from you and rubbing his eyes, he says, “You’re so stupid. I can’t believe I’m in love with you.”

You sit up abruptly, raising your eyebrows high. “Did you just call me stupid?

”Grayson rolls his eyes. “I literally confess my love for you, and that’s what you focus on? Me calling you stupid?”

“Fine. I’m in love with you too. Now why am I stupid?”

Grayson practically roars, jumping up from the bed and yanking at his hair. “That’s why! You’re stupid because I’m in love with you and you’re in love with me and we do all the shit that couples do, but for whatever fucked reason you still won’t be with me!” 

Now his eyes begin to well with tears, and fuck if that doesn’t tear your heart to pieces. You stand up and begin to reach for him, but he pulls back, sniffling and rubbing at his eyes.

“And it hurts Y/N, it hurts so much, because when I see my future I see you. I see you with a ring on your finger, in the house of your dreams with our baby in your arms. Always you. It’s never going to be anyone else and if you don’t want that with me,” a sob rips from his chest, “then I can’t do this anymore.”

You’re at a loss for words, staring at your broken best friend, the love of your life. “Gray, I, I’m sorry.” You apologize, your throat raw with words unsaid. You apologize for everything you want to give him but can’t. You apologize for what you know you’re about to lose. 

One last tear travels down Grayson’s tired face before he quickly wipes it away. “Yeah, me too.” Turning to face the door, he reminds you, “You better get downstairs and finish that cake, wouldn’t want to disappoint Mom.” He doesn’t give you time to reply, already down the stairs before you can even think of a response.

You decide that you get one minute. One minute to mourn what you could’ve had and everything you just lost. Silent sobs leave your body shaking. What the hell did you just throw away?

A heart’s journey [10/10]


warnings: forced marriage, drama/angst

words: 4.534 [this is stupid long, I know, but IT’S A FINALE GUYS]

summary: a wedding…or not?

tagslist: @graydolan12 @sweet-dolans @obsessedlittleangel-deactivated @ninjadurtles @weirdshapedbawlz


What’s going on? Did Grayson not get his way? Did the Duchess manage to convince him in the end? Are my family safe after all? Do I marry him? Am I prepared to marry someone who doesn’t even like me? Whose life I ruined? How am I supposed to do this?

All the thoughts swirling in your head are making you feel dizzy and it’s a good thing you’re sitting down, because otherwise you probably would’ve fallen over. There’s people pulling at your hair and scrubbing you down with scented soaps. A maid is putting up your breakfast by the window while another one is laying out your dress on the bed.

If you’d had your breakfast already, the sight of all the virgin white folds of fabric would definitely make you throw up. As it is, your stomach can only cramp up and you can’t stop staring at the dress, this entire situation somehow wholly incomprehensible to you.

You wish they had let Tatiana stay.

There’s excited chattering around you as they towel you down and when someone starts dressing you, you don’t even feel their touch. It’s like you’ve been degraded to a mere spectator in your own body and someone else is steering it. When your undergarments are on, you’re sat down in front of the food but your hand feels too heavy to lift. You stare at the food and you can’t seem to find one single reason why you should put it in your mouth. It’s not like you’re going to taste any of it anyway…

The maids are tugging on your hair, twirling it around hot irons and twisting it into perfect little curls. Out of the corner of your eye you can see yourself for a short moment. You look pretty. Your hair looks pretty. Your undergarments are pretty. There’s a fine pattern sown into the fabric, you realize. It’s hundreds and hundreds of ‘V’s. You can’t feel your hands anymore.

“Hurry up, the ceremony is starting in a few hours!”

“She hasn’t even eaten, yet.”

“Well, we weren’t ordered to start earlier. It’ll be fine.”

“The Graces have already had breakfast, Katie said so.”

“Well, the ceremony will simply have to wait for the bride. They can hardly start without her.”

“The church looked beautiful, have you seen the flowers?”

No. There is a magic word that will stop all this and you know it. You can always say ‘no’. Right? That’s probably the cruellest part in all of this. That there’s that tantalizing sliver of a chance of escaping the situation you’re stuck in. You could always just say ‘no’.

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Never not friends. (2)

Originally posted by iloveboylove

Summary: Mob!Gray is head over heels for his niece’s teacher even though he won’t admit it but when he finally realizes it it might be too late. this is short, it’s just the smut from part 1 :)

part 1.

warning: sMut


Grayson’s didn’t need an answer as he flicked his tongue against her. Grayson didn’t waste no time thrusting his tongue inside of her, tasting every drop of her with a moan that sends shivers throughout his whole body. His tongue running between her folds watching as her body shook with pleasure, the sinful sounds of slurping and the sound of his tongue lapping over her again filled the room. His finger relished in the warmth of her bare opening, tracing the hole slowly, collecting the wetness around it.

“Do you want my fingers babygirl?” He mumbles against her heat, she nods fast moans slipping from her lips. With no verbal answer his hand slips to her thigh squeezing it roughly. “Use your words.”

His jaw is clenches as he feels her hips pushing against his face, an annoyed expression with her choice of using no words, but the squeal that fell from those lips had his cock throat, the spot of his pre-cum seen through his boxers as his pants where around his ankles on the floor.  “I want your fingers so fucking bad daddy, i was so lonely without you. Touching myself to the thought of you..”

Grayson’s heart as well as his hard dick swelling at the thought of her touching herself to him despite the break up.. if you wanted to even call it that. A rush of heat engulfs her as he presses his body against her. Legs spread for him, as he gently presses a finger against her opening, stretching her completely.

“Taste yourself pretty girl..” His finger pushing past her plump lips leaving a salty taste against of herself. Grayson’s lips wrap around his fingers at well the sight sending a shock of pleasure to her pussy.

“I’m going to fucking destroy you, fuck you until the only name you know is mine.”

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The Lie Detector {E.D}

Originally posted by majesticdolans

word count: 1.5k

warnings: swearing, a bit cringy & this is trash because I haven’t written anything in forever and the storyline isn’t great but I hope you enjoy anyway :)

summary: the twins had asked you to help out with their latest video, but you hadn’t expected you would actually have to be involved. 

You stood outside the front door of the house, holding three Starbucks cups in a cup holder. It was only a few moments before the door swung open, revealing Grayson who beamed at you. 

“Let me take those.” he reached out, taking the drinks from your hands and turning into the house, you following close behind him and shutting the door. 

“Y/N!” Ethan shouted, coming into view before quickly pulling you into a warm hug. He pulled back, smiling sweetly. 

“Is someone gonna tell me why I’m here?” you asked, his smile only growing wider. 

“You’re helping us film, and we wanted Starbucks.” he grinned, making you roll your eyes as he walked to the kitchen where Grayson had left the drinks. 

Grayson was sipping at his drink when you entered the kitchen, the other two drinks placed on the dining table. Ethan grabbed his and you got yours a few moments later, leaving all of you standing there, sipping your drinks. 

“So, what’s going on?” you asked, breaking the silence as the twins smirked at each other. 

“Well, we’ve filmed the intro but we thought we might need some help filming the rest of the video.” Grayson said, walking towards the camera and tripod. 

“And, what is the video?” you asked, still slightly confused as to why you were needed. 

“It’s a lie detector video,” Ethan spoke up, “we just wanted someone to make sure everything was good with the equipment when we’re in there.” 

You nodded slowly, still slightly curious but deciding to leave it alone. Continuing to sip on your drink as the boys began to gather everything they needed to film. 

The car ride was fairly short, the boys sat in the front, talking about the questions they were going to ask each other and you could tell they were nervous. 

As they set up the equipment in the lie detector room, you could tell they were nervous. The constant giggling and deflection showed just how anxious they were to get started. 

Grayson was the first, being mostly honest and answering some big questions that you’d wondered every now and then. It wasn’t a long questioning and you could see the relief on his face when he was detached from the machine. 

Ethan was hooked up next and your heart was racing to hear his answers. The first few questions were pretty basic and Ethan was honest with all of them. 

Until Grayson asked a particular question which you were anxious to find out the answer to. 

“Do you have a crush on someone?” Grayson read, and you perked up as he asked. 

You could see Ethan become anxious as he avoided eye contact with everyone and the camera. 

“No.” he replied unconvincingly and he was quickly called out for lying. Grayson told him to elaborate but he avoided the question and they continued on. 

After Ethan’s questioning was over you started to pack up the equipment but you stopped when the boys weren’t moving and were instead looking at you with raised eyebrows and smirks. 

“What?” you asked slowly, eyeing them up as they started to grin up at you. 

“Your turn!” Grayson said eagerly, standing up and walking towards you, ushering you towards the seat which Ethan had just stood up from. 

“Wait, what?” you asked, confused as Grayson pushed you down into the seat. You looked at Ethan with furrowed eyebrows but he simply grinned at you as the man started to hook you up to the machine. 

You stared at Ethan with hard eyes before averting your eyes to Grayson who held the same shit-eating grin as his brother. 

“Ready?” Grayson asked, his phone in hand and a glint in his eye. 

“I hate you both.” you snarled, staring at them through squinted eyes as they looked down at the phone, presumably scrolling through questions they’d thought up. 

“First question, who do you find funnier?” Ethan asked, smiling at you. 

“Ethan.” you said, Grayson furrowing his eyebrows with his mouth hung open whilst Ethan laughed. 


“Next question,” Ethan smiled, “who is better dressed?”

“Grayson.” you said honestly, Grayson grinning when it came up as true. 

“Whatever, have you ever been attracted to one of us?” Ethan asked, his eyebrows wiggling as he smirked.

“What a douchey question.” you laughed, surprised that Ethan had even asked. 

“Cmon, you can tell us.” Grayson giggled, leaning forward in anticipation. 

“No.” you lied, hoping you would get away with it. 


The twins were quick to react, immediately laughing as you sat there, flustered and blushing. You’d only been asked three questions and you were already excited for it to be over so you could go home and hide. 

“Awh, look she’s blushing.” Ethan said, making you roll your eyes and give him a hard stare. 

“You’ve had your fun, are you done now?” you asked, sinking into the seat. 

“One more question”, Grayson smiled, “who was it?”

You could feel your face get even hotter and you wished the ground would swallow you whole. 

“Don’t make me answer that.” you said, your heart feeling like it was going to burst out your chest. But the smiles on the boys showed you that they weren’t going to back down. 

“Fine,” you gave in, still feeling like you could throw up, “Ethan.”


You felt like you could throw up and Ethan had gone visibly red whilst Grayson just sat there smiling. 

“Am I done now?” you asked, completely done with everything. Grayson simply nodded as he stood up and you were helped to detach yourself from the machinery. 

You quickly grabbed the equipment, slightly annoyed with the boys for embarrassing you but more anxious about what Ethan was thinking. He’d never shown any signs to indicate he liked you and you were afraid you’d ruining your friendship. 

The ride back to the twins house was awkward and you would’ve asked them to take you straight home if you hadn’t left your jacket at their house. Ethan didn’t say much but Grayson made up for it by playing music which he hummed along to. 

As soon as Grayson pulled up to the house, you clambered out of the car and waited by the front door as Grayson unlocked it. 

Ethan was still getting the equipment out of the car as you walked into the house with Grayson. 

“I’m sorry about all that, it wasn’t fair on you.” Grayson spoke up, smiling sympathetically as he threw his keys onto the side. 

“It’s fine, just a little embarrassed.” you admitted, giving a small smile before turning to the living room to grab your jacket. 

As you went to leave the house, you bumped into Ethan who was just coming in. You apologised quickly and moved around him to leave, eager to escape his presence. 

“Y/N, can we talk?” Ethan called from behind you, making you stop and turn around. He looked upset at the fact you were avoiding him, and you couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad. 

“I’d rather we never talk about it ever again.” you said, desperate to leave and pretend that it never happened. 

“Please.” he said, his voice cracking slightly and your heart sunk for the second time that day. 

“Fine, but make it quick. I don’t need you to long it out.” you sighed, staring down at your shoes as you shuffled on the spot. 

“I like you.” he sputtered out, making your head shoot up with your eyes bulging out of your head. 

“W-What?” you stuttered, not sure if you heard correctly. 

“I like you, I have for a while now but I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I totally get it if it’s too soon or if you think I’m an ass for what happened today but I just needed to tell you.” he rushed out, letting out a deep sigh when he was finished. 

“Ethan, I really like you.” you smiled with a sigh. His eyes glinted and he strode towards you. 

“Can I kiss you?” he asked, you stomach erupting into butterflies. 

“Please do.” you smiled, his warmth enveloping you as he placed his hands on your cheeks, his lips pressing daintily against yours. Your face heated up as you moved your lips gently against his, savouring every moment. 

It was a few moments before he pulled away, a small whine escaping your lips, making him let out a chuckle. 

“I’m sorry about today.” he whispered, his minty breath warming your cheeks. 

“Well, it didn’t turn out too bad did it.” you giggled, a warm smile gracing his face. 

“It couldn’t have gone better.” he grinned, before pressing his lips to yours once again. 

“I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck” | ED

A/N: Heyyyy everyone!! I know I haven’t written anything (somewhat decent) in absolutely forever, but I am back! This is my first thought out fic and my first smut, so please please please give me some feedback on it, it would really help :)))) hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing and sexual content

Word count: 1536

Part 1


“So Ethan, where are we going?”

“First back home to pick up Gray and then to the cinema.”

I nodded my head in agreement to the arrangements made. I went back to scrolling through my Instagram feed and responding to some fan’s comments, until a sudden burst of the speakers made me jump in my seat. The beginning of Ethan’s current favourite song, You’re Dancing In September I Love It, started playing.

“Why do you even like this song? It’s basically full of swear words!”

“You’re full of swear words.”

I glared at the smug look upon his face.


I responded while watching the playful smirk widen on his face.

“I stand corrected.”

“Don’t try me Dolan.”

I spoke up from my phone. I continued my scrolling whilst bopping my head to the beat of the song. I started tapping my hand on my knee and out of the corner of my eye, Ethan was watching me intently, like a lion stalking its prey.

“You know I can see you, right?”

Ethan immediately tore his gaze from me and focused back on the road. He started humming along to the song. I will admit, it is catchy.

“Snape sister snapped.”

“Never ever say that again in your entire life.”

Ethan gave me a sly side smirk and continued driving. Ethan’s favourite part came on and he turned the volume up to the point where the side mirrors were vibrating.

I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck

I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck

I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck

I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck

I’m a sick fuck I like a quick fuck

I like my dick sucked I’ll buy you a quick fuck

On the last line he grabbed my bare thigh and had a large, cocky grin on his face.

“You’re so fucking cocky E.”

“There’s more than me that’s just cocky.”

He not so subtly mumbled.

I slapped his hand away before he could continue. Ethan and I had never really done anything that “scandalous” with one another. Sure, we’ve given each other a peck on the lips once or twice but we weren’t official. We both had feelings for each other and definitely knew that but nothing much had happened yet.

After a bit more driving and Ethan’s absolutely terrible attempt at rapping, we finally made it to the twins’ street. Ethan pulled over on the side of the road just a few houses down from his own.

“Why did you sto—“

“Backseat. Now.”

Ethan stated demandingly, already unclipping his seatbelt. Confusion etched all over my face, I undid the belt cautiously and opened the door. As soon as I opened the rear door, Ethan pulled me in, shut the door and locked it.

“Undress now.”

He said once again with a sharp tone of voice.


“You’ve been teasing me this entire time. Having your skirt rolled up too close for comfort, giving me an attitude, calling me cocky.”

“I don’t have an attitude.”

“Oh yes you do princess, and daddy’s going to punish you for it.”

With that I was speechless. My eyes had gone wide and I had definitely turned red.

“What’s wrong princess, something got your tongue?”

He said with a smirk plastered across his face.

“Come here.”

He said and opened his arms up. I shuffled towards him and he leant me down on the backseat whilst he was hovering over me. I could tell he didn’t really know how to initiate it, even though we were already this far.

“Just kiss me Ethan.”

I said bluntly.

“We haven’t don’t anything else besides pecks. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Depends how far this goes.”

I said initiating between his body gently placed on top of mine.

“I will only do what you want me to.”

“And I want you to kiss me.”

He genuinely smiled before pushing our lips together. His cologne wafting into my senses making me huff contently at the masculine scent. The sounds of other cars passing by without a clue in the world of what was going on inside of the car and our lips tangling together were the only things registering as real in my mind. My fingers were playing with the stray curls at the back of his neck whilst his large and calloused hands were touching all around my waist and my inner thighs. From the little whimpers I was making, he gained confidence in what he was doing. His teeth jutted out and took my bottom lip between them, before briefly knocking his teeth against my own. His hands continued gliding all over my body before reaching down to grab my ankles, pulling me further along the seat and wrapping them around his waist. I let out a quiet squeal whilst doing so and he took that as a sign to move on. His hands found their way back up to my top half as they snaked their way around to my back. My back arched so he could remove my bra with ease. He gripped it with two fingers and pulled it around my torso and flicked it behind him. Our lips reconnected, his hunger for me deepening further. His hands were gripping my waist whilst I was gripping tightly on his biceps. I pulled away and said out of breath, “this needs to come off now.” Whilst pointing to his shirt. He sent a smirk my way and leant up off my body to remove his shirt. He kept eye contact with me trying to read what I was feeling. I sat up on my elbows out of breath watching his every move. He threw his shirt into the front seat and lowered himself back down towards me. He connected his mouth with my neck started placing kisses all over it. My hands reached down to his jeans and unzipped his flyer.

“If you’re going to undo mine I may as well undo yours.”

Ethan stated whilst chuckling. I mocked his laugh as he reached one hand down to take off my skirt.

“Ugh finally that skirt was bothering me so much. In more ways than one.”

He winked towards me.

“You’re acting like a horny teenager Ethan like Jesus Christ slow your roll.”

Again he laughed and raised his eyebrows.

“Hurry up and take your pants off!”

“Well, someone’s desperate.”

Ethan said snarkily.

“Hush It Dolan.”

“It’s difficult to get your skinny jeans off in the back of a car Y/N!”

He eventually got his jeans off and his growing bulge had some freedom. My eyes widened at the sight of it getting slightly scared.

“Don’t be scared princess. If you don’t want to do this we can stop.”

“No…I want to.”

Ethan nodded and reached for my panties and hooked his fingers around the seam. He was watching my face whilst he pulled them down my shaven legs, and watching my face slightly contort when the cool air hit it.

“So pretty.”

Ethan mumbled. He moved his head up to my stomach and started pressing kisses all over it, slowly but surely moving down towards where I needed him the most. He looked up at me from between my legs. Then continued his kisses down towards my knee.

“Ethan please.”

I whimpered.


He looked up at me and smirked but slightly rolling his eyes. He moved his lips towards where my legs meet. He licked one stripe up my core. He nodded his head in approval and sighed satisfingly. He craned his neck and continued licking small stripes up my slit, savouring the taste. When I started making noises, that’s when he sucked my clit. Hard. I squealed at the sensation and my hands immediately fell to Ethan’s soft hair.


I yelled. When I started being more vocal, he pulled his lips from me, glistening with wetness. My wetness.

“What did you do that for?”

I stated almost offended.

“I want you to look at me princess.”

I sat up on my elbows and hissed as he went back down, watching my every move.

“Who got you this wet baby?”

“You did Ethan, it was all you!”

I moaned in response. He went back to work, slowly edging my orgasm on. I started pulling on his hair more when the pit in my stomach started building closer and closer. As I almost lost control, my moans got louder.

“Ethan! I’m so close.”

As soon as that sentence left my lips Ethan pulled away.

“What did you do that for?! I was so close!”

“It’s time for me to be inside you princess. Time for your punishment.”

I swallowed thickly. Ethan reached down to his boxers and pulled them down his thighs swiftly. His member flew up and hit his stomach.

“Lay down princess.”

Ethan said with lust and care laced through his voice. He lined his head up with my entrance.

“Are you sure about this Y/N?”

“I’m sure. I want to do this. I mean we’re in the backseat of your car for god sake.”

He smiled down at me, intertwined our fingers and pushed inside.

L A {G.D.} – Part 3

Summary: moving to LA her senior year, Y/N goes into this new journey with low exceptions. Surprisingly, the new school has tons of drama to keep her occupied from what she’s missing out on back home.

A/N: ok i know it took forever to post this but i have been looking for an apartment and all this other adult stuff that’s really been stressing me out so please, don’t hate me.

Warnings: N/A

WC: 2.5k


After Grayson ran off last night, Ethan called me again, thanking me for telling his brother what I saw.

In no way do I feel like the hero Ethan is making me out to be though. From what I gathered with the way Grayson bolted like he did, telling him about Tara brought him pain. I hate thinking he’s in pain.

Walking into school this morning, I am very unsure on how the day is going to go. I mean hell, it’s the second day and there has already been enough drama to entertain me for a whole year. I assume that’s just LA in a nutshell, though.

By the time I’m in fourth period, I begin to worry about Grayson. Class is about to start and he isn’t in his assigned seat beside me.

“Good morning class.” Mr. Bennett greets us as the bell chimes throughout the halls.

In unison, we all reply with a simple good morning.

Halfway through class, I receive a text from Grayson.

Grayson Dolan

We need to talk asap.


Kinda sitting in class like you should be. Where are you?

Grayson Dolan

Had to take care of something. Meet @ bathrooms on west hall in 5.

Without any questions, I do as he says. I get permission to leave class and head towards the bathrooms all in the 5-minute time frame Grayson asked of me.

Once I reach the bathrooms, I don’t see Grayson anywhere. As I’m scanning up and down the hall, a force pulls me into a janitors closet.

“What the hell, Gray?” I question when I realize it’s him.

“Y/N, I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have ran off like that. I know you were just trying to help and I’m sure you’ve been confused but I just– once you told me, I had to go end it with Tara and–”

“– you broke up with her?” For some reason, I wasn’t expecting him to cut things off with her so soon after I told him. Honestly, I don’t know if it even crossed my mind that they would break up at all. I just assumed he’d address the issue and it’d be worked out.

“Yeah.” He chuckles and scratches the back of his neck, “She’s with someone else. She doesn’t need me and frankly, I don’t need her.”

“And you couldn’t have told me that over text?”

“Well, I wanted to ask you something and it would be rude if I asked you over text.”

I fold my arms across my chest and raise an eyebrow, indicating for him to continue.

His hazel eyes glisten with hope in the dimmed light of the tiny room. “Y/N, would you go to dinner with me this Saturday night?”

“Like a…” I begin, unsure if I should say the word or not.

“Date? Yes, like a date.” He confirms.

During lunch, Tara and Sabrina sit at a separate table. At this point, I’m sure the whole school is aware of the breakup considering Tara’s sudden change in dining location.

Jordan ends up sitting with us and it seems as though him and Holly can’t stop flirting. How sweet.

Grayson and I give each other a couple glances but unless we speak conversation within the table, it doesn’t go any further than that.

After school, Holly gives me another ride home. I could just start driving my own car to school but I honestly despise driving. Also, LA traffic is the worst. I’d probably have a mental breakdown trying to maneuver through it. 

“So,” I turn down the radio, “Grayson asked me out on a date.”

“What?” Holly looks over at me shocked then quickly back at the road. “Grayson asked you out? And what did you say?”

“Well, since Tara isn’t in the picture anymore I figured it wasn’t a big deal so I said yes.”

As she turns on to my road, she sighs, “I hate to break it to you, but Tara will always be in the picture. I know Grayson is insanely attractive and no one in their right mind would turn him down but in reality, he’s stuck in this bubble with Tara that is never going to pop.”

All night, I go back in forth with what Holly told me. As much as I like Grayson, and given our history, everything in me wants to try with him. I mean, like I said, we have history. It could be different with me and the bubble really will be popped. But if it’s not, and I’m just a distraction until he gets back with Tara, I will be devastated. I had to disconnect myself from Grayson once before and it was hard. I really don’t know if I’d be able to do it again.

As much as I want to convince myself that Grayson and I have something special, I end up letting the cons outweigh the pros and I decide to just look out for my own heart and I back out of the date with Grayson.

Being the hypocrite I am, I do it over text. Of course I feel bad but I know I wouldn’t be able to do it in person.

I can picture it now: I’d tell him to meet me to talk, which seems to be a trend with us, I’d look into those beautiful hazel orbs and immediately forget what I had to say. Instead, my mind would wonder to the things we did 2 summers ago and I most likely wouldn’t be able stop myself from jumping his bones.

So, this simple text would have to do the trick.

It takes him a couple hours to respond, which freaks me out, but once he does, he questions me. I simply let him know it’s just too soon.

Agreeing, we leave it off with the mutual decision to not let this ruin our friendship.

Thank God he doesn’t hate me for bailing because I really don’t think I could deal with anymore drama this week.

When Saturday finally arrives, Holly and I decide to have a girl’s day and go shopping.

Part of me thinks she is using it as an excuse to see Jordan when she comes to pick me up. That’s fine with me, though. Jordan needs a girlfriend so maybe he’ll get disconnected from fortnite at 3 am and reconnected with a normal sleeping schedule.

With how fancy this house is, you’d think the walls would be thicker. We live in this huge place yet I still have a bedroom right next to his.

“What time are you going to be home– oh, hey Holly! Didn’t know you were coming over.” Jordan tries to play it cool as he walks into my room.

I laugh as I get my things together, “Shut up J, I told you she was coming to get me. As for when I’ll be home, I don’t know and I’m sure you don’t care.”

My brother’s face turns a nice shade of red as Holly and I walk past him towards her car.

“Hols, do you like this top? I think I might get it for the party on–” turning to face my friend who I thought was right beside me, I bump into a tall, blonde guy who has a smile to die for.

“–woah there, slow down now!” He chuckles, offering his hand as support as I stumble a little.

“I am so sorry!”

“Well, ‘so sorry’, that’s an odd name. I’m Ross.”

I can’t stop myself from giggling even though his joke was absolutely terrible. Good thing he’s cute.

“Actually, my name is Y/N.”

“That’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.” He flirts. Again I giggle even though this wasn’t meant as a joke. “Listen, I really gotta get going. I just ran in here to grab a present for my sister but do you think you would be up to going to dinner with me tonight?”

I slowly nod, giving him a soft smile. We exchange numbers then he’s on his way.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N!” Holly whisper yells as she walks up to me, her mouth basically hitting the floor. “Ross Bradley?”

“What? Is there something wrong with him, too?” I question, worried she was about to tell me some dark story about his past and how I shouldn’t even associate with him.

“No! He’s one of the hottest guys in school! Well, after the Dolans and your brother of course.”

“Ok, ew Hols.”

She laughs then continues telling me about him, “He’s on the lacrosse team, has connections with the owners of most of the bars downtown, and is so rich that his family could basically buy the state of California and make it their own country.”

I act as if his bank account fascinates me but in reality, it doesn’t.

After her quick over view of the guy who just asked me on a date, she jumps right back in to our earlier conversation about my least favorite subject: my brother.

Like a gentleman, Ross knocks on the front door, compliments me on my appearance, walks me to the car, and also opens the car door for me.

I’m quite surprised at his hospitality but one hundred percent impressed by it as well.

He takes me to one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever been to. I mentally thank Holly as she is the one who helped me pick out my outfit tonight. Without her, I’d be sticking out like a sore thumb.

As the host leads us to our table, I try to keep my head down because of how out of place I feel. Also, I feel as if I might fall in these heels so if I don’t watch where I’m going, it will be inevitable.

Even though my focus is on my feet and making sure I don’t wipe out, I still manage to catch the single pair of eye in the room that are watching me.

They belong to no one other than Grayson Dolan.

And who is he at this beautiful restaurant with?

Tara Rhodes.

He gives me an ‘I’m-sorry’ look but I break the eye contact.

Holly was right about the bubble and for the second time tonight, I mentally thank her.

I purposely sit with my back to Grayson so he doesn’t distract me from my date. Once I brush off the feeling that he’s staring holes into the back of my head, the dinner with Ross goes great. In attempt to impress my parents, he doesn’t want to keep me out too late, so he takes me home afterwards.

“I had a lot of fun with you tonight.” Ross says.

“I really enjoyed it, too.”

We stand there for another few seconds not saying a word. It’s obviously a little awkward until he finally breaks the silent by simply telling me goodnight. He pulls me into a hug then walks back to his car, only turning around once more to send me another smile.

I make my way inside, following the voices in the kitchen. Holly stayed and had a movie night with Jordan. Before I can reach them, there’s a knock on the front door.

I spin around and head back to the entrance, expecting to see Ross standing there with something I left in his car.

For the second time tonight, I am making eye contact with the guy who was not my date.

“Grayson,” I breathe, “w-what are you doing here?”

“I- uh- Jordan left his math book in my car so I brought it to him. I thought maybe he’d need it.” He scratches the back of his neck as he begins to realize how dumb he sounds.

“Oh yeah, he’s been devastated because he couldn’t study statistics on his Saturday night.” I laugh, grabbing the book from him.

“Really? I–”

“No Gray, not really.” I cut him off, unintentionally letting another giggle slip.

His face turns red, realizing how dumb he sounded again but something inside me can’t help but be even more attracted to him.

I walk outside with him, taking a seat on the top step of the front stoop. He is quick to follow and sits beside me.

“What’s on your mind?” He asks. I shrug my shoulders and look down at my feet.

The summer we met, Grayson and I never expected it to end. Our naive 16-year-old selves thought that those two months would last forever. In this moment right now, sitting beside him in our spot, I felt like I was back– like it never ended. 

But I wasn’t going to tell him that.

“Are you and Tara back together?” I quietly ask.

“Nah, we were just talking tonight.”

Nodding my head, I fumble with my thumbs. Knowing this is a nervous tick I have, Grayson grabs both of my hands and pulls my full attention to him.

“I just want you to know, I really was looking forward to our date.”

“I was too.” I whisper.

“Then why’d you back out?”

“I- I don’t know I just- I guess it’s just so obvious that you’re in this constant cycle with Tara that I don’t want to be caught in. I didn’t want to be your rebound and I didn’t want to get hurt when you went back to her.” I struggle to confess.

He simply nods, not arguing with what I’m saying. I simply watch him as he stands up. He turns to me before walking down the driveway in the direction of his house, “You look beautiful tonight by the way.”

As he disappears out of sight, I stand up to go inside. Just as I’m about to push the door open, a car pulls into the driveway.

Realizing its Ross coming back, my heart begins to race as he quickly gets out of the car and rushes up to me.

“There’s something I forgot to do.” He says. Grabbing my face and pulling me towards him. He connects our lips, kissing me like he wanted to before he left the first time.

If anyone was watching this, I’m sure it would look like a scene from a movie.

Out of breath, Grayson rounds the corner of the large hedge at the end of the driveway, taken aback with what was going on in front of him.

Little did Y/N know, it was like a scene in a movie. The genre being horror for Grayson.

He had come back to do the same thing to her, maybe convince her to give him a chance. But it was too late for him. She was already lip-locking with someone who is not him and as much as he wanted to run up to Ross and punch him square in the face, he knew he shouldn’t because she wasn’t his anymore.

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Never Just Friends.

Originally posted by iloveboylove

Summary: Mob!Gray is head over heels for his niece’s teacher even though he won’t admit it but when he finally realizes it it might be too late.

part 2.

warning: smut ahead ;)

Grayson tried to pay attention to the four year old dressed in a pink fluffy outfit that resembled a princess dangling from the tower but it was hard due to the vibrating phone that had his brother Ethan glaring over his shoulder. ‘Sorry bub.’ Gray mouths quietly standing from his seat angrily shoving his hand into his pocket as he reached the hallway.

“What?” The small yell that ripped his throat practically had the man on the other side of the phone trembling. “We have a problem boss.”

“I told you not to bother me or Ethan. It’s Ella’s recital.” Grayson asked for one thing today to not be bothered to watch her dance recital and especially Ethan since he’s been looking forward to watching his daughter for months. “G is making his moves he knew the two of you were going to be gone. They’re outside with crow bars and guns.”

"Fuck.” Grayson mumbled, hand rubbing down his face stress fully.  “I’ll be there soon. Don’t let anyone in and no one leaves.”

The moment Grayson walked back into the auditorium the echoing of claps filled the room loudly as he rushed back to his seat picking up the pink flower bouquet he ordered weeks before. Ella came rushing down the stairs to her father and mother squeezing their legs before finally jumping into her Uncle Gray’s arms. “You did so good pumpkin!”

She giggled wrapping her tiny arms around his neck, “Did you watch me Uncle Gray?”

“I did pretty girl.” The sudden sound of a clearing of a throat caught him off guard as he turned around. Never had Gray been stunned in his life by a female. Woman weren’t an everyday part of his life, even though they usually fall to his feet,  Grayson didn’t have time for a relationship let alone for more then one night. 

“Umm hi..” She mumbles sweetly, smiling at Gray and waving at Ethan. “Hi miss Ella you forgot your book bag.”

Before Ethan could reach over Grayson leaned forward finger’s skimming hers as he held Ella with one arm, and hooked his fingers around the strap. “Thank you Ms. L/N.”

She smiles, “No problem sweetheart, did you have fun today?”

“I did look at the pretty flowers Uncle Gray got me!” Her mouth hangs open in surprise, stepping for she could smell the beautiful arrangement of pinks and purples. Grayson’s grew nervous at the heat that radiated from her small frame and now his cheeks. Eyes watching her every move as she leaned closer until the fresh floral scent hit her nose. Ella giggles as Gray gulps. “They smell beautiful darling.”

Ethan seemed to notice his brother’s lingering stare rasing his eye brows at him. Gray rolls his eyes smiling at the little girl that rest he head against his chest. “You said you needed to pick her up early tomorrow right?” 

Ethan nods, that’s why he told him he needed to leave before. “I’ll do it.” Grayson just wanted to see her again and due to how much his heart was still pounding just looking at her.

The next day Gray found himself dressed in one of his best custom Gucci suits leaving the office early with Ethan yelling, “Don’t forget to get her McDonald’s after her appointment!”

“I know E.” He rolls his eyes as the warm weather of LA hit him. Gray didn’t know why he had a pit of nervousness in his stomach that would pinch every block he got closer to the school. The school was only the best for Ethan’s daughter, when it came to family Grayson would do anything for them and that is exactly why he pays her private tuition despite how much Ethan would try argue it.

“Grayson Dolan.” He answers the security guard, handing over his ID, the older man’s eyebrows raising at the well known name in the area. “Here for Ella Dolan I assume?”

He nods as the security guard hands back his card opening the locked door with a loud click as Gray’s legs move his muscular thighs flex against the tight material of his pants, the secretary in the office giving a small squeak at the power radiating from him, and with the guard mumbling the name that everyone knew. Grayson was the main reason for all of the violence and drug trade in the whole state, no one would over power him, and the cops wouldn’t dare arrest him, having no proof and also a large majority on his pay roll. “Here’s your visiting pass Mr. Dolan.”

Grayson didn’t waste any time and before he knew it he was knocking on the door of the classroom. When the door was opened his swore his breath stopped he couldn’t understand why seeing her took his breath away. “Hi Mr. Dolan. Ethan told me you were coming for Ella today.”

“Call me Grayson.” He was so nervous, so so nervous. He killed men with his bare hands but somehow seemed completely intimidated by his niece’s pretty teacher. “Ella should be out in a second, it’s nap time.”

Gray gives her a nod with his handsome dimpled smile. “People always seem to know who you are Grayson. You’re a very wide known name around here.”

“You’re not from here?” He tucks his clammy hand into his pockets muscles bulging as the tight material stretches around his big muscles. “No i actually just moved here”

Gray didn’t know why the words came out, usually he didn’t care about the girls he slept with, he barely knew their names, he could care less. She was different, gave him a feeling he never felt before. Never had he been nervous over a girl he barely knew, “It’s okay if you’re not interested but i would love to take you out.”

The first time Gray took her out he was so nervous to the point he needed helping picking out his attire. Gray lived a lonely life with only his brother and his family back in NJ. He didn’t trust anyone, he was constantly paranoid which left him very lonely. Gray saw every human as a potential enemy trying to dethrone the king of LA. The only person who he truly appreciated an opinion from was his beloved house keeper Maria. She was a small Spanish older woman who he wouldn’t be able to survive without, she cleaned his clothes, and house, made him meals and most important was one of the only friends he had.

“Gray, you can’t be serious? Oh Dios mio!” She exclaims as Gray rolls his eyes. “It’s not that bad Maria.”

“You can’t wear blue with pink.” She scolds him rolling her eyes. “I will literally die if you walk out of the house like this.”

“They’re just pink socks, stop being dramatic.”

Grayson never thought he would be here right now. His porshce parked in front of her house, her grinding against his lap, pants wrapped around his thighs . Lips pressing against skin, tongues tasting every inch of skin that was possible, heavy breaths fogging the tinted windows. Her skinful hips lowering onto him, his cock filling her to the brim, a hiss falling from his lips as he stretches her gently. “I was so fucking nervous today I definitely wasn’t expecting a the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen to be on my cock.”

Grayson radiated power, and despite him being so cocky, she couldn’t believe how sweet he was the entire date. He was constantly complimenting her, showing his best manors, even to the point that they messed up her meal at the very expensive restaurant they went to and Gray was fuming and demanding a new meal.

She blushes softly lifting her lips and back into his as he let out a small whine, “Fuck sweetheart.”

After that day Grayson couldn’t imagine his life without his angel angel, waking up to her naked and sprawled across the bed taking all the covers once again, or seeing that smile when waking her up with coffee. They became inseparable, joint at the hip but despite how much he couldn’t live life without her would never admit he was in a relationship.

She thought it was because he wasn’t use to the relationship scene and was afraid of labels but despite how right she was the truth is he was afraid she would get hurt. Being apart of Grayson’s life came with danger, and anyone he loved was always in it. It made more sense if something happened to her when they weren’t together it wouldn’t hurt as much as if they were dating in Gray’s mind at least. 

Y/N was never nosy of Gray’s life, she understood he was a busy man but sometimes she would think he’d work himself to death. She really never questioned the future events of ‘being a couple’ until one day she stumbled into his office to see a woman perched on Grays. It hurt, it hurt so fucking much, and at that point she thought she wanted nothing to do with him until he came running after her, heart beat in his ears, no matter how much he would say he didn’t love her, he didn’t want to live life without her.

“Peach.. sweetheart please stop.” Gray grabs her wrist stopping her from going any further, tuggling softly so she turned around to face him.. but he wish he didn’t. Nothing would prepare him for the tears rushing down her cheeks, and heart broken arms.

“Leave me alone Grayson. I know we aren’t together but i thought we had a mutual understanding!” She sighs, wiping the tears from under her eyes she was stronger then this.

“Listen to me please. i feel nothing for her. she is someone i do business with and if i don’t make her happy i don’t get her business.”

“So you fucking sleep with her to keep her happy?!” She pulls her arm away from his grip, but this only makes his reach for her cheeks, soft hands against the warm skin.

“No never.” Gray shakes his head. “I swear there is no one else i want in my life. My life is difficult, but you’re the one sure thing I want.”

She forgave him that time, but the second time she walked in on it, she was done. There were no tears this time, Grayson noticed as well, his heart pounding against his chest as if it was going to fall out as she said, “Don’t contact me ever again.”

The next few days were filled with heart break on both sides. Days were dull and meaningless again, no more fun, no more waking up with a smile and he couldn’t shake the aching in his empty chest, his heart hurt without her. He was too stubborn though to admit he was wrong. Despite telling the complete truth that he wanted nothing to do with that woman, she would literally just like to sit on his lap and was one of the biggest competitors around, she needed to make her happy for there was no war between the two for LA was a safe place for Ella to live, for Y/N to live.

“Where is Y/N?” Maria clicks her tongue at the fact she had definitely prepared too many eggs expecting his angel to be here. 

“I don’t know. It’s not like she doesn’t come over everyday.” He mumbles, hand falling to bridge of his nose trying to ease the head ache he’s obtained from the restless hours of no sleep. “Having trouble in your relationship?”

“It’s not a relationship I don’t have time for a girlfriend.” He answers taking a sip of his black coffee trying to warm the numbing pain felt through out his body.

“But don’t you already do every thing a boyfriend does? You buy her things, she sleeps over, you two are always together.”

Those words replayed in his head all day at the office, his men staying clear because of how moody he’s been for the last few days. All day he would stare at his desk, eyes running over the small note from moths ago in her hand writing, ‘ have a good day xx’

After sitting there for hours and hour finally came to realization that he wouldn’t live his life another minute without her in it. His life would never be the same, and it didn’t want it to be. He didn’t want to go back to an empty house way too big and elegant, he didn’t want lonely dinners, he didn’t want to wake up without Y/N practically being on top of him. 

In seconds Grayson was up, it was late but at the moment he didn’t care. The ride to her house seemed as if it was hours with anticipation, he just wanted to see her again, wanted to feel the heat of her eyes on him. Gray wanted to run away  when he faced his door, he was afraid to declare his love out of pure rejection but couldn’t take another day without her. His heart stopped at the sight of her. Hair was thrown into a messy bun, eyes red and baggy, she was just dressed in a shirt that stopped mid thigh giving the illusion of having nothing underneath. Grayson swore his heart stopped for real this time, seeing her beauty so raw, and the emotion that ran through her eyes said it all; much like him she was a mess.

The moment their eyes met everything else in the room disappeared the only thing that was truly there was the thick tension of sadness and sexual attention. His eyes roam her face, jaw clenching at the erect pink nipple hard through her, actually his short. She had worn it all day today because she missed him so much and the smell, the smell of his expensive Gucci spray helped.

No words were said as he slowly stepped closer to her, cautious not to scare her away but slowly lifing his hands to meet with her cheeks, forehead soft against eyes meeting each others for a moment before lips slowly meet. The kiss started out slow as lips mold one another, but as his hand slipped to her lower back pressing her breast against against his hard chest, Gray felt a fire in his stomach expand. He needed to feel her. Gray was the worst with words, and this one the only way he knew how to show her how he really feels.

The shuffle through out the apartment as Gray tries his best to navigate through out the furniture until they finally meet the couch and moment they did his greedy lips molding into hers, she could feet the heat rushing through her body as his hands slip under her shirt to squeeze her soft breast. Her hands running along his clothed chest before one tries to undo his belt despite the heavy kiss. Gray let out a soft groan as her hands wrapped around his clothed cock, the sweet feeling of her hands again had him dizzy in desire, braking the kiss.

Gray was in awe of the sight of her, legs spread as he could feel the heat of her bare pussy radiating against pubic area, her cheeks flushed with desire, lips swollen form his own. He felt his cock throb at the soft, “Gray please touch me.”

Gray didn’t waste anytime lifting the shirt over her head exposing her completely to his greedy eyes. His lips pressing hot kisses against her collar bone, tongue trailing down her chest, lips closing around her nipple tongue swirling and licking. His lips had meaning this time though, even though he couldn’t find the right words to say, he was trying his best to show them. Y/N was already a panting mess. As he switched to the next nipple, he dragged his hand down the front of her body, hand dangerously close to where she wanted him most.

Her eyes flutter shut as his lips press against her jaw line, finger’s touching the sensitive bundle of nerves swollen in desire, Gray smirks at her moan. “Tell me what you want sweetheart, tell daddy how much you missed him.”

He genially wanted to hear the words, his heart fluttering his his chest because of how much it would mean to know he wasn’t the only one who had gone through days of heart break. She felt her core throbbing for him, begging for his fingers to fill her deliciously. The tone of his rapsiness sending her thighs squeezing around his lips.  “Tell me what you want and you will get it. Anything.”

“I want you to touch me, i missed your touch so much…” With her confession he wasted no time as he pushed his tongue further into her mouth, rolling his softly against hers. In minutes Gray was on his knees in front of her, as he presses her lips back against the sofa. Her teeth sinking into her lower lip as he licked a stride down her throbbing heat. “So wet for me? Did this tiny pussy miss me?”

Grayson’s didn’t need an answer as he flicked his tongue against her. Grayson didn’t waste no time thrusting his tongue inside of her, tasting every drop of her with a moan that sends shivers throughout his whole body. His tongue running between her folds watching as her body shook with pleasure, the sinful sounds of slurping and the sound of his tongue lapping over her again filled the room. His finger relished in the warmth of her bare opening, tracing the hole slowly, collecting the wetness around it.

“Do you want my fingers babygirl?” He mumbles against her heat, she nods fast moans slipping from her lips. With no verbal answer his hand slips to her thigh squeezing it roughly. “Use your words.”

His jaw is clenches as he feels her hips pushing against his face, an annoyed expression with her choice of using no words, but the squeal that fell from those lips had his cock throat, the spot of his pre-cum seen through his boxers as his pants where around his ankles on the floor.  “I want your fingers so fucking bad daddy, i was so lonely without you. Touching myself to the thought of you..”

Grayson’s heart as well as his hard dick swelling at the thought of her touching herself to him despite the break up.. if you wanted to even call it that. A rush of heat engulfs her as he presses his body against her. Legs spread for him, as he gently presses a finger against her opening, stretching her completely.

“Taste yourself pretty girl..” His finger pushing past her plump lips leaving a salty taste against of herself. Grayson’s lips wrap around his fingers at well the sight sending a shock of pleasure to her pussy. 

“I’m going to fucking destroy you, fuck you until the only name you know is mine.”

part 2 tmr!!! I’m sorry guys i wanted this to be a full fic but most of it was deleted and i have so much school work to finish ! Thank you for understand ily<3


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A/N- I’ve had this in my notes for a while and decided I might as well post. Hope you enjoy!

Requested- No.

Warnings- None, just extreme fluff. Also, bad writing.

Word count- 801.


“Shit, wait, no. No no no no no I didn’t mean to make you upset! Don’t cry, please,” Ethan panics, making his way over to the young girl sat on the kitchen counter in front of him. He had only asked if she had been excited that her baby brother would be here by the time she went to bed tonight. Apparently, it was a sore subject. He picks up the wailing toddler in his strong arms and sits on the couch, rubbing her back as she screams.

“E, keep talking to her. Your voice will calm her down,” you whisper to him, rubbing his linebacker shoulders as he tries his best to comfort his niece, who was staying in his home for the night. He nods at your suggestion and whispers soothing words to his brother’s two-year-old.

“C’mon, LeecyBug…. I’m right here, and so is Auntie (Y/N), yeah? Uncle E and Auntie (Y/N) are right here, LeecyBug,” he comforts, using the pet name he gave her when she was born, which also happened to be you and Ethan’s wedding day. In the early morning of your special day, he received a call from his panicked best man and brother, crying that his first child was coming and he didn’t know what to do or how he would make it to the wedding. It’s not like this was expected. Your little Goddaughter was coming 2 months early. Obviously, at that point E’s only concern was the little one getting here safely, and you enjoyed your in-law’s company through FaceTime that night.

Alicia continued to sniffle into her Uncles bare chest, enjoying the warmth that was familiar to her fathers. You walk around the couch and sit next to the the two of them, leaning down to kiss her little temple. “Do you want some dinner, little missy? And then we can have fun and eat cupcakes?” You ask her gently, and she nods. Ethan smiles at you softly, taking in every moment that you and his little bug interact.

“And then you and I can put the baby to bed and have some fun of our own? Possibly make her a cousin?” he says, smirking at you.

Rolling your eyes at him, you respond, “be careful what you wish for,” and pick up the young girl, bringing her to the marble kitchen table to eat the small plate you’ve made for her.

After dinner, another meltdown, dessert, and a book, Alicia was fast asleep in the guest room bed- which was pink and sparkly- just for her. The tiny snores that came from her slightly parted mouth made your heart melt, and you could tell it did just the same to your husband’s. “Goodnight Leecy,” he whispered to her and kissed her tiny, round nose, walking over to where you stood in the door frame. “You know I wasn’t joking,” he said quietly, pulling you into the hallway.

“Wasn’t joking about what?” you ask, confused.

“About having a baby. Makin’ her a big cousin,” he says, pulling you into his arms and nibbling on his bottom lip nervously. “Maybe not tonight, if you don’t want to yet, but I really think it’s the right time for us… and seeing Gray with Leec-“ he starts but gets cut off by the sound of his phone dinging. He looks at his screen quickly before looking back up at you with a smile spread across his face and tears in his eyes, “Leecy and his baby boy… Grant…”

You smile at him and wipe the happy tear trailing down his cheek. “It makes you want one of your own?” you clarify and he nods, kissing you. “Well, that’s great to hear. Because I’m pregnant.”

Immediately his jaw drops and his heart stops. “(Y/N), I’m gunna fucking sob. Are you serious?” he asks, hope filling his brown eyes. “Please tell me you’re serious.”

“Was gunna tell you in a few weeks on Halloween, but this seems like the right time. I’m 6 weeks. You’ll never guess when they’re due,” you say slyly, placing his hand on your stomach.

“When? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I love you. IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou,” he chants, peppering kisses all over you face before dropping to his knees and kissing your tummy. 

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to tell you until I was far enough along that I was in the clear for not having an early loss. Didn’t wanna upset you if anything happened,” you say gently.

“I don’t even care, baby. Just tell me, when is the little one due?” he asks with the most joy you’ve ever seen displayed on his Italian features.

“May 30th.” The day Grayson and his girlfriend have set as their wedding date.

“I’ve never been more in love with you, (Y/N).”

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grayson dress up as santa and kiss you and then the next day your kids said that santa kissed mommy and grayson plays along

“hey mr. claus.” you hum quietly as grayson, dressed up as santa, tugs you closer to him by the waist. his white gloved hand wanders down your back to your bum and gives it a pinch. you send him a tight smile and playful tug at his fake, curly beard, saying, “better be careful santa, i have a husband.”

“is that so?” grayson responds, keeping his voice low through the thick beard, “i think he can make an exception, especially since it’s the season of giving.”

you giggle, hiding your smile by turning your head and shaking your head, “i don’t know…”

“i mean,” he points to the ceiling, causing your eyes to look up, “what about mistletoe?”

you scoff before leaning in and pressing a quick kiss to his nose, saying, “i’m not kissing you through this itchy beard.”

“we can save that for later,” he mumbles, quietly so no one else can hear, “maybe i’ll give you a few presents later, even though i saw your name on the naughty list.”

you smirk, quirking your eyebrows up, smugly replying, “is that so?”

he nods winking before pulling away, “we both know what a naughty girl you’ve been this year, baby.”


“and we saw mommy kiss santa!”

“just like the song!”

grayson fakes a surprised face as your kids continue on with the tale of “mommy kissing santa claus”. you smile softly, helping your little girl cut up her pancakes and wiping some of the sticky syrup from her cheek. you and gray glance at each other, smiling softly before he leans over and pecks your lips. his were sweet from the sugary food, making you lick yours. he cocks up one eyebrow, looking at you suggestively, making you chuckle and shake your head.

both of you were thinking about last nights festivities after the christmas eve party was over, how well grayson took care of you for being a naughty girl. you cross your legs as you feel your core pulsing between your thighs from the memories of last night.

“well,” gray sighs, sitting back at the table with his second helping of pancakes, pouring syrup over his breakfast, “santa sure is a lucky guy, i guess.”

you look up at him through your lashes, placing the plate of food back in front of your daughter and handing her her smaller fork. she thanks you and continues eating, you smile at her before looking back to grayson who bites his sticky lips. you watch as he dips his finger in syrup before licking the digit clean. you could’ve melted right then and there.