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me when grayson posts some cute shit

1. low key looks hot in this video. 2. I also graduated a year early and I donโ€™t remember ish. 3. proved once again heโ€™s the smarter twin. HIGHSCHOOL DROPOUTS TAKE FINALS ft Dolan Twins

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is…is he drunk?💀

i changed my name hehe. why? bc i’m thaaaaat bitch lol. i used to be smiley-ddobrik (i think) lol

okay no the real reason why i changed it is bc i wanna make it clear that i’m here for the dolan’s and for dobrik!! hopefully i’ll have more people hehe

also i’m slacking in witting bc my depression hit me really bad last week, couldn’t even get out of bed and i was sobbing for like 3-4 days straight. so remember to take care of yourselves and that i’m always here for you.


Oh my god 😂

@dolandolll : G clan Grayson with his baby girls. 🥺 thought this might cheer you up after such a long day.

Leah I would die for you what did I do to deserve you 🥺🥺

As soon as Grayson walks through that door you know Nina and Thea are dropping everything and singing a chorus of “DADDYYY!” As they run over and jump into their father’s arms.

Doesn’t matter what he’s doing or how tired he might be, he’s always catching them. Lifting them up to cover them in kisses, more than ready to hear about their day and love up on his babies.