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Sofia ❤️

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Y/N and another girl wear the same costume and are at a party. Grayson ends up hugging from behind the stranger as Y/N watches

I kinda snapped lmao sorry for errors 😌🤪💞

(Love me some blond gray)

“How do I look?” I asked as I walked down the hall and into the living room. James, Ian, Emma, Bryant, and the twins were all seated, waiting on me to get ready for the costume party we were going to. “Holy shit.” Emma said once she saw me. I smiled and winked at her. “If I wasn’t gay, babe.” James groaned before he stood and took my hand to spin me. I felt my cheeks heat up as I glanced down at myself. I was dressed as an angel- short white skirt, strappy pointed white heels, and a sheer lace white bodice. My hair fell down my back, and above the crown of my head, a halo circled. James has helped with my makeup, giving me white freckles and white glitters across my cheeks and eyes.

“You look amazing, Y/N!” Bryant said before he stood to take my picture. James pulled me to his chest and rested his hand on my lower back, as he pulled up my other leg and smiled. I laughed and smiled for the camera before I watched the flash. James was dressed as a devil- we chose to match. The twins dressed as two vampires. Ian dressed as James, and Emma dressed as Ian for jokes. I laughed when I saw Emma’s clothes and she smirked. “Didn’t go the sexy route like you did.” I raised my brows before I took her hand in mine. Ian scoffed, “I happen to think I’m sexy.” We all laughed and he rolled his eyes before the twins stood. “We ready to go?” Ethan asked, the first I had heard from him when I walked in. Grayson remained silent as we all agreed we were ready to leave.

“Y/N and Bryant can ride with me.” Grayson said as he got his keys off the counter. I nodded and started to make my way to the door. Bryant helped me walk across the gravel, my hand holding his shoulder. We had barely got across when I felt Grayson scoop me up. “It’s faster.” I felt my cheeks heat up but I nodded nonetheless and wrapped my arms around him. Bryant walked behind us, snapping a quick picture he knew Grayson would appreciate later.

Gray sat me gently in the car before he made sure I was buckled. “You never said what you thought of my outfit!” I whined and he laughed before he shut my door. His shoulders shook with giggles as he got in the drivers side. “You made me speechless.” I laughed and leaned across the middle console, putting my arms over his arm that rested there, as I leaned closer. “Well between you and me, I think you’re the cuter vampire out of you and E.” His brow raised and he smiled before he started to drive, one hand on the wheel, and the other seemed to be begging for me to hold it. “That so?” He asked before he smirked. “For sure, Gray. You look so much older.” His glare made me giggle. “Remind me not to eat anything with garlic. Wouldn’t want you to leave me tonight.” Grayson chuckled, “I took my garlic pill earlier, angel. You can’t get rid of me.”

Again, Grayson aided me with walking inside across the hard concrete. Bryant and him were sharing jokes as I walked, my arms wrapped around his one. Emma waved at me from the porch and I laughed before I detached from Gray and I walked ahead quickly. Ian laughed once he saw me holding my skirt down before James snorted. Ethan looked at his brother and raised his brows, noticing Grayson’s lingering stare. I quickly reunited with Emma before I smiled widely, “Let’s go get drinks.” James squealed and I took his hand before we three walked in.

People threw their greetings at us before a dude came and stopped in front of me. “Y/N, lookin’ hot. Seems like God finally answered my prayers.” I raised my brows and smiled, “Seems like you should be on your knees praying more. I’m not your guardian angel.” I gave him a quick wink before I continued to walk. “You shut him down! Why?” James teased and I gave him a look. “Right, a certain vampire has your attention.” Emma’s brows raised and she gave me a smile. “Is it Ethan?” I shook my head no and she gasped before she and James freaked out together.

I moved away from Ian as we danced before I shifted to Grayson. Emma took my place with Ian and they laughed together. My hands found Grayson’s chest as I swayed with him. “Not exactly a slow song, angel.” I looked up at him before I pouted my lips and sighed. “My feet are killing me, and I needed to lean on someone.” He snorted against my hair before he kissed my temple. “Go get us some drinks and I’ll get us a seat on the couches.” I nodded before I spun out of his grip and moved to the kitchen.

With two cups on fruit punch in hand, I made my way to where I saw Grayson’s hair. As I got closer, I saw his arms around another girl dressed as an angel. Her skirt was too short, and her hair was braided, so we looked different. He did t mistake her for me, which meant he wanted to be with her right now. I sat his cup on the counter before I turned to get swallowed in the crowd.

That guy from before laid his sweaty hands against my hips. “I talked to God, asked him to bring you back to me, and look who I found?” I raised my brows and pushed myself flush against him, my hands on his shoulders, as his one hand slid down my back. “That so?” I asked as I leaned my head closer, my mouth closer to his ear and I smiled. “Consider me a fallen angel. I ain’t a Judas.” His brows raised and he pushed me back a bit to see my face. “Lookin’ to sin tonight. Think you could help with that?” I asked as I slipped my hand under his torn black shirt- he was dressed as a werewolf. “I could definitely get on my knees for other activities than praying.” I smiled, “Why don’t you show me how you speak in tongues?”

My back was pressed to a bed we had found upstairs. His hot, clammy hands slithered over every inch of my body before he stopped on my thigh. He tasted of alcohol and weed but I pushed those thoughts back as I wiggled his belt free. “Eager little demon.” He growled and I smirked before I got on my knees. My shoes his the floor and I unzipped the side of my skirt. His eyes zeroed in on the thin strap of my white thong. “Surprised you chose to wear panties at all. I want them in my hands, princess.” As I was about to slip out of them, the door opened.

Ethan stood there in shock before he pushed the guy back. “You don’t touch her.” I laid my hand on his shoulder, “Ethan, it’s okay. I wanted this.” His brows raised and he backed away before he shook his head. “We’re leaving in an hour.” I bit my lip and sighed, “Don’t tell anyone about this.” He nodded and left before I looked back at the guy. “What’s your name, anyways?” I asked as I laid back on the bed. “Legally it’s Aiden, but you can call me daddy.” I raised my brows before I shifted my skirt off my hips, “Yes sir.”

“Someone had a wild night.” James teased as he and Ian sat in the back of Gray’s car. “What are you talking about?” Grayson asked as he switched lanes. I gulped and I looked out the window, hoping James wouldn’t elaborate. But of course he did. “Y/N went upstairs with a guy dressed like a werewolf.” I put my face in my hands before I sighed and rubbed my eyes. “You did?” Grayson asked, his tone soft. I looked up to see him look so disappointed and sad. Why was he sad? He ditched me for some other girl. “Doesn’t surprise me you didn’t notice my absence. You were busy with another angel.” I rolled my eyes and he scoffed. “So I was flirting with other girls? That doesn’t mean you get to fuck a guy!” I turned in my seat, my jaw dropped. “You don’t get to tell me who I can and can’t sleep with! That’s not a choice you should make.” He rolled his eyes, “It should be when I wanna be the only guy who fucks you.”

The car got eerily quiet and I shook my head. “You have the worst method of showing when you want to jump my bones. Like, please flirt with me the entire way here, but also! Ditch me at the fucking party. So sexy.” I muttered sarcastically. Grayson barked out a laugh before he looked at me, “You didn’t enjoy it, did you?” I raised my brow and leaned against the door, facing him. “And if I did?” He glanced at me before his hand landed on my thigh, “When we get back to the house, I’ll just have to make you scream so loud, the neighbors and God can hear you.” I laid my hand over his before I moved it farther up my leg, “Please do.” Ian gagged and I looked behind me. “Did you forget we were here?” I snorted and smiled, “If you weren’t here, Grayson would already have my ass bent over the seat, so consider yourselves lucky.”

When you realise it’s Dolan Twin Tuesday😝😆

Clouds GD

inspired by clouds - KYLE

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I looked around me and heard my alarm clock buzz with annoyance. I got up from my bed and wiped my eyes clean. I made my bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face so it can be clean from regret and selflessness. I brushed my teeth and hair to finally put my clothes and leave my home for the day.

I felt my heart sink to the heels of my feet as I stepped out from the door. It was to be me. To go through pain everyday. To be broken into pieces every night.

I walked to the park My was down looking at the lines of the sidewalk, receding into the grass. I look down so much that I forgot that the world had clouds. If I could look up and see the clouds I would him looking down at me. Looking proud at me. My brothers were always there for me as I was there for my sisters. My parents never being there for us. They tell I’m strong. But I know I can be stronger. I tell myself every night. I love myself. I love myself.

What a lie.

I looked at kids swinging on the swings so carelessly. Yet they could fall of and their parents would be by their sides in an instant. Parents. I wish someone could love me enough to make me a parent. A mom. With 2 kids. Maybe 1 girl and 1 boy. If I could just open my eyes and see my kids. Crying. Waiting for their parents, my husband and I, to come save them from pain.

But I can’t.

God doesn’t want me to be a parent.

It’s alright they said. It’ll be alright soon he said. I’ll be there soon the unknown child said. I’ll love you forever the unknown lover of mine said.

“Y/n?” I heard someone say, “you alright?”

“Soon,” I said with my hand on my stomach that once held a baby. A baby that was mine. A baby that was his. I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds. There he was. “I’ll be alright when I see you, Grayson Dolan.”

he remembers ✧ continued

exiting the bathroom, grayson’s piano was in view. walking toward it i pulled the bench out and took a seat. putting both my hands on the right keys, they felt cold beneath my fingertips.

für elise was his favorite piece to play so i decided to learn it, for him.

i would visit him at the hospital everyday and sat with him on his bed sharing the stories about a couple which was us.

“they seem like such a happy couple.”

i looked over at him and smiled.

“believe me, they are.”

the next day i got a call from ethan explaining grayson was getting released from the hospital and he’d be the one filling out the papers for his release and bringing him back home.

with much excitement, i had a big smile on my face when heading back up the stairs to our bedroom. deciding to practice one last time before he arrives, i sat myself on the bench and played the piece to perfection.

when i heard the doorbell ring, i ran down the stairs and opened the door.

“alright gray, we’ve arrived.”

grayson walked in taking a look around the house and smiled at me.

“you have such a nice house i’m happy i could stay here.”

my heart stung a little when he said that because i wanted to tell him that he wasn’t just staying here, he lived here, but instead i smiled and nodded.

“grayson, i actually want to show you something or more like play something for you.”

i grabbed his hand leading us both upstairs and into our bedroom.

“you have a piano? no way! i love playing the piano!”

i smiled and helped him take a seat on the bench before taking a seat myself.

“i’ve been practicing this piece for a long time and you don’t know how hard it was to finally reach the point where i can play it to perfection.”

i began to play and he stared down at my fingers moving along the keys in awe.

“i could have sworn i remember playing this before with you, but-“

“wait! you’re the one i was playing this to on that night the accident happened. you’re also my girlfriend, y/n!”

my eyes went wide as i looked up from the keys and frantically nodded still in shock that he finally remembered.

“you remember!”

“i remember!”

he kissed me before wrapping me in a hug.

“i remember everything.”

he whispered as we looked into each other’s eyes, foreheads touching.

he remembers.

Beauty and the Beast (E.D.)

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Author’s Note: Heyy so this imagine took me so long and made me have a brain fart but it’s finally finished sorry for any typos.

Requested: No

Word Count: 5.5k

Warnings: Curse words

Prompt: Beauty and the Beast inspired


Different. That’s how people described you to be. You were a different type of person than most people at your school. And you were ok with that.

You never found interest in what the majority did. Football games, drinking and smoking, none of that amused you. Instead you found your head buried in a book that sucked you in for hours. You had visited the school library more times than any person before, since typically no one really goes to the library this day and age.

But you didn’t care. You always found a sense of comfort in reading that you never had before. Your mom would always read to you before you went to sleep. She always had a book in her hand whenever she was home. Maybe that’s where you got it from.  

But your dad said you guys were different. You were so fearless, so smart and intelligent yet so gentle and caring. According to your father, “your mother could only be one of those things depending on the day. But you, you’re all of them. You’re beautiful.”

“Actually, I’m known to be different.” You said, closing the book that was on your lap with a finger still in the book so you’d know what page to flip right back to.

Your father practically scoffed. “Nonsense. You’re unique. And that’s something no one will ever take away from you.”

Your father would always tell you that your beauty ravished from the inside out. And you thought that to be true. But you could tell there was something else that made many guys like you. Especially this one guy who wouldn’t leave you alone.

“Yo babe wait up.” There was only one person who said that to you every morning on your way to your second period class. George.

He seemed to be infatuated with you, and the very idea of love to him was just having himself between a girls legs. You pulled your binder closer to your chest hiding where his eyes were drawn to most of the time whenever you talked.

A hand reached out to touch your arm and you turned around and were faced with a huge stack of weeds that seemed to be picked from the school parking lot.  

“Are those supposed to be flowers?” You asked stepping back from him as the dirt on the roots started to fall.

“Well, no. This is a way to win you over. When you come over my house there will be nice flowers set up. So,” he stepped closer and pushed the bunch of weeds into my hand, “Come over tonight?”

You pushed the weeds back into his chest. “I will never go over your house George. Sorry.” You turned and walked away to your class as he just stood there with his friends surrounding him.

“Bro she just turned you down again. That has to be a record of some kind.”

“Shut up. She’s just playing hard to get. She’ll fall into my traps soon.”

Ugh. Go to George’s house? Date George? What a disgusting thought. You wanted the real type of love. The love that was similar to those in a book. Maybe those are only stories in the books, but you wished of a love story. Not a sex story.

You weren’t exactly quite sure why George was so obsessed with you either. Many people weren’t. He was one of the most popular guys at your school and he wasn’t bad looking either. Girls pounced on him like he was their last supper and he ate it all up. He loves attention and that’s the one thing he’ll never get enough of. Along with you.

But you were just a simple girl who loved to read.

When the bell finally rung for lunch, students raced to the cafeteria to meet up with their friends and talk about drama and so on and so forth. You walked in the opposite direction of them to the school library where you went every day for lunch.

You pushed open the familiar blue doors and went into the library to the same spot you went every day. It was right next to the librarians desk since you two had lunch together.

“Hello Mrs. Mulligan.” You said, sitting down and pulling your lunch out of your bag.

“Why hello there Y/N. Looking beautiful today as always.” She complimented. You smiled at her to thank her as you thought about her.

She was a little old lady, around 63 years old. Most people wanted to retire at that age but Mrs. Mulligan loved books. She’d said the only way she’d ever leave this job is the day she couldn’t walk to this job. She loved it and had been working in this school for over 40 years.

You and her had many similarities. You were both book worms, both had lost someone dear to them, and both enjoyed quiet and peacefulness over the loudness and wildness.

Not to mention Mrs. Mulligan was gorgeous when she was younger. She had shown photos of her in high school one day after you had shown her your senior photos and she was simply gorgeous.

“Oh but not nearly as beautiful as you my dear. You have something no one else has. You have dignity.”

She always said how back in her days it was so common for people to love books. But now no one ever came into the library besides you and maybe two other people.

“Is anyone here today?” You asked, taking a might bite of your apple.

“One person I believe. He comes in pretty often but he chooses to be in the back.”

You wondered why, but then remembered not many people liked to express their likings, especially if they had to hide them because they felt embarrassed.

“Oh.” You continued to talk as you made your way around the library, looking for a book that interested you.

You came across a book that interested you and went to grab it when another hand came across to grab it as well. You looked up at the figure whose hand also reached for the book and saw a 6’2ish guy who turned away so quickly you weren’t able to see his face. Before you knew it he snatched the book away from you forcefully causing you to lose your balance and stumble back into the bookshelf a bit.

You regained your balance and he was gone.

Such a beast.

Sixth period was the last period of the day for you and it was your favorite. English. You loved english and your teachers seemed to love you more. You were the only student they had that really understood the books the assigned. You were also the only student that was able to make those connections and references to life.

You didn’t even try to be one of those kiss ups that people made you out to be. You were just so fascinated by English and literature that you got it so easily.

So when your teacher asked you to stay after class for a minute you weren’t scared like every other kid would be.

The bell rung and you stayed the extra minute like your teacher asked.

“Y/N, you are my best student when it comes to English. I was wondering if you could help tutor someone who struggles a little more.”

“Oh. I don’t know.” You said honestly. You weren’t sure if you wanted to tutor people.

“You just have a way of explaining the text and literature that makes it easy to understand. And I’ll give you service credits.” You sighed, knowing full well you would give in anyways.

“Sure thing.”

“Great, are you available tomorrow after school? It will just be in the school library.”

“Yes that’ll be fine.”

“Great, thank you so much Y/N.”

“Anytime.” You walked out of the class and out of the school. What had you gotten yourself into?

2:35. The person you were tutoring was already making a great impression. You didn’t realize they were late as your head was buried into a new book you picked out earlier at the library. At around 2:40, the library door slammed open, causing you to jump. You looked at who you were tutoring, and it was the same person who snatched the book from you at the library.

Ethan Dolan. You knew who he was. He was in your English class freshman year. You never knew what he was like since he either never showed up or didn’t care.

You were confused to say the least. Why would Ethan want tutoring for English? He hated it. Unless Mr. Alceri forced him to show up? You weren’t sure. But you were sure he didn’t want to be here.

He took the chair that was the opposite side from you. Although it wasn’t that far away, it was still a good distance that made it a bit harder to help him. But you didn’t mind. You preferred to keep your distance.

“Let’s just start by reading the chapter we’re on now. Page 14.” You both read in silence, and you became so intrigued into the book that you almost didn’t hear Ethan nearly growl.

“I don’t understand this shit! It makes no sense to me!” He exclaimed, clearly frustrated.

“What part don’t you understand?” You asked, looking up from your book to look at him. He shook his head and almost chuckled at your question.

“None of it. These stupid romance books are a fucking joke.”

“Ok well maybe you need someone to explain it to you. Here I’ll show you.” You said, getting up to go over to him. You bent over near him so your book was in front of both of your faces. It had sticky notes on almost every page to help you for your reports.

“Get that book out of my face.”

“What?” You asked, clearly confused by his demand.

“I said get the fucking book out of my face!” He yelled, grabbing the book and throwing it away. For the first time since you’ve met him you feared him, and you quickly grabbed your book off the floor before grabbing your bag and leaving the library.

Never in your life have you been that scared before. You were always one to be brave, fearless. But he just had something that was so beast like about him. Your heart was still beating out of your chest as you walked down the familiar hallways to leave the school building. You were telling your English teacher tomorrow there was no way you were tutoring anymore. At least not him.

What an asshole. You couldn’t believe you were going to waste your time trying to help someone who just you like that.

You passed by the boys locker room and held your breath, as every time you walked by it smelt like body odor and too much cologne. You heard voices and you knew it was just the basketball team. They always had practice at 2:30-4:30, which meant their practice was just around over. And when they turned the corner, you were face to face with George and 2 of his other friends.

“Aye baby, you came to see me? I’m a little sweaty right now but that’s how we’ll be tonight anyways.” He said.

Your face twisted with disgust from both the smell and words of him. He’s gross.

“Get away.” You spoke. You were in no mood to have to deal with George and his crew.

“Come on girl you don’t wanna have a little fun?”he asked, grabbing your arm to pull you closer.

“George leave me alone.” You said, pushing him off of you. He suddenly became angry and grabbed both of your arms so you couldn’t go anywhere.

“What did you just say?”he asked. You weren’t scared. You knew he was trying to be cool in front of his little macho men. But you didn’t have your chance to defend yourself.

“She said leave her alone.” A deep voice spoke. George released his grip on you and you took the opportunity to take a step back before turning around. Ethan.

“Oh and look who we have here. Ethan Dolan. Look buddy you don’t scare me. You wanna fight, let’s go.” George said.

“Don’t. He’s just trying to instigate. That’s all he does.” You said, putting your arm in front of Grayson to stop him. You weren’t sure why George would want to fight Ethan. Ethan was at least five inches taller than him, and two times more muscular as well.

“Yeah listen to your little bitch. I just can’t wait until she’s face down on my bed as I’m fucking her until she passes out. Who’s bitch is she now?” George asked. Once again your face twisted with disgust but Ethan took this opportunity to lunge at George.

They went on the floor and Ethan was definitely winning until George’s 2 other friends jumped in and attacked Ethan as well. All you saw was Ethan practically throw them away from him and they got up, looking at Ethan. He stood up and the next thing you know they all ran away from him.

You watched Ethan slowly walk over to the lockers. He seemed to be in pain as you heard him groaning.

He turned around and slid his back down the lockers, closing his eyes as he landed on the floor. You started to walk away but stopped and turned back towards him. No matter how much you disliked someone, you hated seeing people in pain.

“You have to get up for me.” You spoke softly. “I can’t help you if you don’t stand.”

He grudgingly grabbed your hand and you helped him up with whatever strength you had. You had your arm around his strong, muscular back as you led him back into the school library. You knew there was a first aid kit somewhere in there that could help you clean Ethan’s cuts.

You got him settled on a chair as you fiddled around to find the first aid kit. Her office. It was definitely in her office. You went to open the door to her office but it was locked. Normally she would’ve been here, but since she was able to go home at 2:30 there was no need for her to be here at 4:18. You thought for a moment and had an idea.

You got the bobby pin that was holding a strand of your hair back out of your hair and held it in between your teeth to separate the flat side from the jetted side. Taking the flat side you slid it into the lock, wiggled it around a few times before hearing the familiar click. Turning the door handle once more you opened the door to the office and turned the lights on. You retrieved the first aid kit from her office and closed the door, making sure it was locked before going over to Ethan.

You studied his face for a moment to look at the cuts as your mind wandered. His lip was slightly cut open, but the bigger cut was from the side of his face where he looked like he was clawed.

“Not the good girl I would’ve imagined.” He spoke, referencing to the stunt you just pulled.

“You have a big scratch on the side.” You said disregarding his last comment. You began pouring hydrogen peroxide into a cotton pad to clean it.

“Yeah I know. Such a pussy he can’t even fight with his hands he has to use his nails.”

You frowned at the language he was using and he noticed, stopping what he was saying before sitting up straight. You pressed the cotton pad to the side of his face before he pulled away.

“Ow!!” He practically roared.

“Would you let me clean it?” You snapped.

“It hurts!”

“It’s only gonna hurt more if you keep moving!”

“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t storm out.”

“And this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t scare me out!” You almost yelled. He seemed taken aback by this, not knowing that you were more scared than angry. He still didn’t say anything and let you cleaned his cuts, his jaw clenching at the pain that lasted for 15 seconds.

After you cleaned it you went to put a tape over the cut so it didn’t get any bacteria into it but Ethan pulled his head away, indicating he didn’t want. You shook your head disagreeing with his choice but at this point you didn’t care.

You went to put the first aid kit under the cabinet and turned back around to see Ethan gone.

Whatever. Closing the library door, you walked out of the library and school before getting in your car.

Your phone buzzed as you were getting ready to go to sleep. You looked down to see your friend calling you.

“How was it?”she asked as you answered the phone.

Your head went back against the cushion as you shut your eyes.

“You don’t wanna know.”

You agreed to tutor Ethan again today. You had a feeling that you would be able to actually help him. And maybe you were crazy, but you had a feeling he would change his demeanor. It would just take time.

Today he wasn’t that late, and he didn’t sit that far away from you. Granted it wasn’t ideal to help him, but it was better than the last time.

You didn’t waste any time and opened up right to the same page you were on the previous day, page 14. You began to read it when Ethan cleared his throat.

“I uh- I just don’t get what this is saying.”

You looked up and saw his face, his eyes not dark and empty as they were before, but rather confused. Maybe that’s why he hated English, because he just didn’t get it. You slowly and hesitantly got up, waiting for him to protest you moving closer. But he didn’t, so you sat next to him.

“Here, let me show you the way I look at it.” You said, and started explaining what you grasped from it as simply as you could to Ethan. You tried to stay on topic about explaining the first part of the book to Ethan, but you couldn’t help yourself. You began to go off about the different love books and romance you read, connecting each one to this. You started talking about they way these love books affected the way you look at love and life in your eyes. You just went on and on, but you weren’t stopped once. Ethan listened to you intently and actually held on to every work you said.

“Oh my God I just spent 10 minutes rambling, I’m sorry.” You said, a slight blush starting to form on your cheeks as you looked down at the book.

Ethan shook his head, indicating he didn’t mine. “It’s fine. You actually helped me understand the book a little better.”

“Really?” You asked, a little too excited.

“Yeah.” You smiled, proud of yourself and started to read the book again as half a smile crept onto Ethan’s face.

To say the truth, Ethan was still completely lost. He understood what you said, but the book was still so confusing to him. How could these people do all this for some love? It sounded pathetic to him.

But you got so happy when he said you understood it, and the way you got shy when you went on a ramble made Ethan so intrigued. He didn’t have the heart to tell you he was still confused. He mentally cursed himself for lying to you, because as you read on he couldn’t tell you what was happening. But mostly because he was starting to change for you. He felt himself get butterflies in his stomach and wanted to punch them out of him, but he knew he couldn’t help it as much as he wanted to. So he looked at you, and then looked back at the reading. But his mind wasn’t focused on the reading, it was thinking about a million other things.

You were tutoring Ethan again today. The whole day you kept thinking about it, and you weren’t sure why.

Sure you weren’t.

Ethan opened the library doors and slid into the seat next to you.

“Hey.” He said, making you jump out of your seat. You had no idea he was there, because as per usual your head was buried into a book. He laughed as you rested your hand on your heart.

“Holy crap you scared me.”

“Holy crap?” he asked. “Have you ever said a curse word in your life?”

“I mean yeah I say them. But not a lot. Or ever for that matter. Only when I’m really mad.” He laughed again.

“You’ve been hanging out with old ladies too much.” You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out at him.

“First of all, I have other friends. And secondly, old people can be very cool. Mrs. Mulligan is my bro.”

He shook his head and put his head in his hands. “Oh my God don’t ever say that again.” You laughed as he joined you.

“Ok come on, we have to start reading,” You encouraged. He groaned but still opened the book to page 45. Making great progress here.

You started reading and thought everything was going fine until Ethan abruptly stopped you.

“Ok I’m sorry but I’m really lost.”

“Don’t be sorry. Just tell me where I lost you.”

But he didn’t give you a specific answer. He looked down before looking at you again.

“I never got this. I just said I did because I didn’t think you’d be able to understand.” He fiddled with his fingers and you looked intently at him. You felt bad. Clearly he wanted to understand this, he just wasn’t getting it for whatever reason. You wanted to help him.

“Talk to me Ethan. You know what?” You asked, sliding the books to the edge of the table before it crashed on the floor.

“What-” he started to ask before you cut him off.

“Who cares about this project right now. Ethan this could be the key to me helping you. Please, just, talk to me.” You practically begged. He looked down and sighed before looking back up.

“I never felt loved before. I never felt like I was wanted or needed. Even in my family. My parents could give two shits about me. They care more for my brother and sister than me. I mean they’ve always considered me to be so independent and everything but maybe I don’t want that all the time. I guess I don’t understand these books in English because they’re all love books and I never felt like I’ve really been loved in a while.”

He finished his speech by looking at you. You looked up and searched in his eyes. You searched for that cold expression you’ve seen many times.

But you didn’t see that. You saw a gentle, truthful brightness that came from his eyes.

“So you understand the books that have to do with drama more than love?” You asked.

“Yeah. But when have we done that? Never. So annoying he chooses these stupid romance books so he thinks he has a chance at his relationship.” He scoffed, referring to our teacher. You frowned.

“I don’t get it. How do you understand love so well? You don’t have a boyfriend.” He asked.

“Uh how would you know that?” You asked, defensive.

“Oh right I forgot, George.” He joked, a soft smirk forming.

“Ugh. He disgusts me.” You said.

“Why is he so obsessed with you?” He asked. You shook your head not knowing the answer to his question.

“I couldn’t answer that because I have no clue. I mean there’s nothing in me that he couldn’t get from any other girl in this school.” Ethan opened his mouth to say something but decided against it.

“He hasn’t bothered me since that day you chased him away.” You said. “Which reminds me, I never got to thank you. For you know, making him leave me alone.” You said.

He simply shook his head, as if it was no big deal.

“I never got to apologize. I’m sorry for scaring you out that day and throwing your book. I never meant to make you scared. I’m just so used to people running away from me instead of trying to help.” He said, looking down. He almost seemed embarrassed.

You went to put your hands over his, but you stopped. Instead you took one hand and grabbed one of his. He looked up and you saw his eyes move down to the lower part of your face before looking back into your eyes.

“You know I’m always here to help you, right? Let’s start from the beginning,” you guided him and went to the other end of the table to pick up the book that had fallen off the table.

That had started the almost daily occurrence of the library meet up. Every day at around 2:30, the library would be empty besides you, him and Mrs. Mulligan.

It became easier for you guys to become closer. Spending almost every day with each other, you were only bound to develop feelings neither of you knew about.

You were also able to discover that part of him that he had never shown the anyone. The loving, caring and soft part of him. He hated to show that side to anyone, but around you it was so easy. He didn’t want to scare you away because he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.

Now it’s Friday, and you’re both sitting there finishing up the last chapter of the book.

“Thank god this is the last chapter,” Ethan spoke suddenly, interrupting your inner voice reading the words on the page.

“Why? Sick of this love book?” You teased. He looked at you and frowned, disagreeing with your statement.

“Not quite. I’m just sick of Mr. Alceri trying to relate it back to his pathetic love life,” he remarked. You couldn’t help but to let out a soft scoff, slightly laughing.

He was actually sad this book was ending because he didn’t know what it meant for you both. Although it was the end of the book, he was praying for a beginning of something great.

At the last tutor session for the book, you put some classical music on your phone.

Ethan looked at you like you were crazy. “What? It helps me relax!” You exclaimed. He laughed and shook his head.

You got up from your chair and he looked at you again.

“This makes me want to dance.” You said, extending your hand out for him to grab.

“I don’t dance.” He said, rather sternly.

“Come on, everyone dances!” You exclaimed, grabbing his hand and attempting to pull him out of his chair. He stayed put for a while as you struggled to make him stand. You finally stopped and stared at him, silently pleading. He saw those big, bright puppy eyes and he knew he couldn’t say no. He reluctantly got up slowly out of his chair and you nearly squealed in excitement. He chuckled a little, amused at how excited you got.

You waited a moment to hear the music and the beat it was on. Finally you were able to grab his hands to start to dance to the music.

He stared at you before going along with your movements. He was so gentle. You were so small compared to him he was afraid he’d break you. His hand covered a majority of your back as he softly placed his hand there, and the other in your hand as you both held it out.

You danced to the slow beat peacefully, as if there was no rush and you had nowhere to be. As if time stopped for the both of you to have this moment. You were quite impressed with his dancing. It seemed to come to easily for him. He could say the same for you.

“I learned to dance when I was 8. My father taught me so I wouldn’t be embarrassed at the Father-Daughter Dance.” You said. He laughed before starting his story.

“I never really learned,” he began. “I remember just always wanting to dance. Just comes naturally I guess.”

You could definitely agree with that. He seemed to do it to effortlessly you were swept off your feet, both figuratively and literally.

A slight giggle escaped your lips as he spun you around, his arm tight around your waist while your legs dangled in the air, hair whipping around your face due to the fast twirl.

He watched your face. Studied your face. He always waited to see that radiant smile you gave. He watched the ways your eyes would change, the way they almost grew and got brighter as you would both read the same love story you’ve been reading for the past month. He watched that love story turn into real life. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he knew.

He knew the day you didn’t show up to the tutoring at the library. You never got sick. Maybe once every two years. But you somehow ended up being so sick you couldn’t get out of bed to go to school.

Your head was killing you, you had the heat chills you didn’t eat for 2 days, you threw up God knows how many times. Your dad was debating on bringing you to the hospital.

The funny part was you had never missed a day of school before, but you were so sick you couldn’t formulate a thought in your head to let Ethan or Mrs. Mulligan know ahead of time.

Ethan remembers walking into the library, expecting to see you sitting there, already taking a sneak peek at the chapter you were supposed to read together. But the table was empty.

Maybe she’s running late, he thought. But you got out earlier than him, that’s why you were always waiting for him.

“She’s not here. Her dad emailed all her teachers. She’s quite sick .” Mrs. Mulligan was shocked herself and a bit worried, but the email from your dad calmed her down. However Ethan, not so much.

His face showed expressions of being worried and sad. He didn’t realize the effect of seeing her every day. She became the one thing he looked forward to seeing. He could feel himself smiling and his heartbeat getting fast every time he thought of her.

He wanted nothing more than to go see you and make sure you were ok. To drive you your house and stay there and see your face and just be there for you. But reality kicked in, and he realized that was so unrealistic.

“You care for the girl, don’t you?” Mrs.Mulligan asked.

“More than anything.” He replied quickly. He didn’t have to think about it. He loved you. And everyone could see it. Mrs.Mulligan nudged him a bit and he looked down to look at her.

“What are you waiting for? You don’t get any younger boy.”

He dropped you out of the air so your feet were on the ground again, his hands still securely on your waist. Your hands were resting on his bulging biceps, much bigger and muscular than you would’ve thought.

“I love you.” His eyes scanned yours back and forth as he breathing almost stopped.

You were fearless. You weren’t afraid to say what you’ve been wanting to say for the past few weeks. You looked deep into his eyes, those bright eyes that attracted you since the first time you really looked at him.

Your heart was beating fast but you didn’t waste any time.

“I love you too.” You could’ve sworn he released a breath he was holding.

“I’ve waited my whole life to hear that.”

And that was all you needed before you kissed. You felt the same gentleness, caring, and loving that was there even when this all started.

Because one day, you’ll change. Some change for the better, others for the worse. But you’ll meet the thing or person that changes you forever. Ethan met his change in his life, and no one has ever seen him quite like this.

He went from this dark, mysterious creature to one of the most loved people in a heartbeat. And all it took was a time.

A tale as old as time.

Song as old as rhyme.

Beauty and the beast.


A few things. The ship name is awful but I don’t know how I feel. Emma kind of annoys me but if Ethan’s happy then I’m happy and I feel like he did low key confirm it in the video yesterday. Honestly though the polygrapher guy said “it took his breathe away” so if it is true, talking about her literally took Ethan’s breathe away and that’s cute as fuck. But what I’m not going to do is tweet Emma, James, Ethan, or Grayson about it or bully Ethan or Emma. Some people in this fandom, maybe not on Tumblr but other social media are so abusive and toxic to the sister squad. Let Ethan be happy, face it there are a lot worse people the twins could be dating so honestly I’m low key thankful that it might be Emma.

The Dolan Twins are a blessing :)


Ok but honestly I would love to see where all of the people who bullied and made fun of the twins are now. They bullied them just because they made videos but now they are happy, successful, and have millions of people loving the shit out of them across the world for doing what they have loved for so long. Like I’m so glad Ethan and Grayson said fuck you to those people and kept going so they can make us laugh years later. I’ll never understand how people can bully those boys when they are literally so funny and never have a mean thing to say about anyone. I’m so thankful they had each other to push themselves to keep going because look at them now. They’ve had their ups and their downs but they are doing what they love while putting out stuff they are proud of all while trying to make us feel better. Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan, you both deserve the world.