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Falling asleep on a Monday is great bcuz when you wake up…it’s Tuesday!!!😁

the moon and the stars [e.d]

“who would have thought we’d end up ditching some random dude’s party just to come back home, sit on this trampoline to watch the moon and the stars” ethan spoke after a while of silence. but it was a good kind of silence, a comforting silence.

“i honestly didn’t think that, but i’m glad we did” you leaned back into his chest as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, kissing the top of your head. “sure parties can be fun and you can just dance the night away, but after a certain point they get boring and you see no reason in partying till the sun comes up” you continued.

you reached to grab your phone from the back pocket of your jeans and shut it off.

“can i see your phone?” you asked with your hand out.

“sure, but why?” he placed the phone onto your palm and brought his hands back around your shoulders.

“let’s just have this night to ourselves. no bothers” you sighed and placed your hands on top of his after shutting his phone off and placing both your phones to the side.

you didn’t wanna sit for much longer so you moved to where your head was placed on his lap, hands on your stomach as you turned to look at the view to your left. that view was him looking up at the sky. you could have a whole beautiful scenery in front of you, but he’d always be the view you’d love the most.

he looked down at you for a second and smiled just before directing his attention back up at the sky his hand coming up from his side to start playing with your curly hair.

“i just love your curls so much” he mumbled as he continued to run his fingers through them while looking at you.

you smiled and closed your eyes loving the feeling. he stopped on purpose to catch your reaction. when he saw your eyes open again and your eyebrows furrowed, he laughed.

“why’d you stop?” you whined.

“wanted to see your reaction”

you lift his hand back up, but when you felt no movement, you groaned.


“i’m so lucky to have you. you’re mine, mine, mine, all mine” he moved down to where he was covering your face in all his kisses.

“say it again, baby” you smiled up at him.

“you’re fucking mine”

“i’m yours” you whispered back.

sweet ▸ [g.d]

it all started with a little game of whoever was the first to touch the other was the loser and so far, you were doing really great, but you decided to be a little tease and get your man to break. not because you wanted to win, but because you missed the feeling of his hands roaming all over your body.

grayson was due to be done with filming in an hour and he’d be all yours to ‘cuddle’ but he really was in for a surprise. you went out to buy handcuffs and even bought some sweet treats those sweet treats being whipped cream and hershey’s chocolate syrup.

after all, you were craving some sweetness. after lighting two scented candles and placing one on your nightstand and his, you put the lighter away. sitting down on the couch at the end of the bed, your hands lay on your lap as you waited for that text.

you sat in your pastel pink silky robe with nothing else underneath it. your phone dinged with a new text and you excitedly looked down and grabbed your phone beside you reading his text.

on my way sorry to keep you waiting i know how much you wanna cuddle ):

don’t worry about it baby all’s forgiven we’re gonna have a great night tonight (:

getting up, you grabbed the bottle of perfume grayson got you as an anniversary gift, spraying some on and smiled at your reflection in the mirror. you heard the sound of the front door opening and then footsteps coming up the stairs. you were still facing the mirror when he came in and he smiled when he saw you.

“hey” he whispered and took his shoes and clothes off leaving him in his boxers as he passed by you to get to his side of the bed.

“what movie or show do you wanna watch?” you asked grabbing the tv remote and setting up netflix. you don’t know why you even bothered turning it on if you’re not going to watch anything.

“whatever’s fine” he shrugged as he scrolled through his phone. you put on some random show and put the remote back on the dresser as you lay on your side of the bed waiting for the perfect moment to straddle his lap and cuff him to the headboard.

as sneakily as you could, you pulled open the draw to your nightstand seeing the cuffs sitting in there. you grabbed them without making any noise and quickly shoved them into your robe and crossing your arms over your chest.

“how about we do something else instead of watching some lame show?” you asked as you leaned on your side and moved your hand up from his stomach to his chest.

“what do you have in mind?” he smirked and that was your cue to get on his lap and his eyes followed you as you got yourself comfortable.

you captured his lips for a kiss turning it into a heated makeout session with his hands wrapping around your waist and slowly making their way down to your ass giving it a squeeze. you reached into your robe and pulled out the cuffs as you opened your eyes while kissing him and quickly grabbing both his hands from your ass and bringing them up to the headboard.

“baby, wh-“

“tonight i’m in control since i never get to be and we’re gonna have some fun” you winked and got off his lap to open the bag which had the cream and syrup in it.

shaking the bottle of whipped cream, you popped open the cap pouring some into your mouth purposely letting some fall onto your chest and cleaning it off with your pointer finger and putting it in your mouth hollowing your cheeks.

you now stood above him as you opened the bottle of chocolate syrup and letting some drizzle onto his chest, to his stomach and stopping at his v-line.

“i’m craving chocolate and you happened to be all drizzled with it”

you kneeled down so you were level with his face and ran your fingers through his hair.

“uncuff me” he glared at you.

“aw why? let me have my fun” you said with a pout.

“this isn’t funny, y/n”

“i know it’s not ‘cause i’m not laughing”

you got up and moved your head down to his stomach licking up all the chocolate. all he could do was watch and hold back his moans because he’s supposed to be mad at you.

getting back on his lap, you removed your robe and threw onto the floor.

“holy shit” he whispered as he tugged on the handcuffs.

“come on, baby please let me get a feel”

“mm, no maybe later” you scoot yourself down his thighs your fingers grazing over the band of his boxers as you pulled them down releasing his thick cock.

grabbing the bottle of whipped cream, you sprayed some on his tip before spraying it all over and took him into your mouth. you moaned at the sweetness as you looked up at him, struggling to keep himself together.

“fuck baby, take me deeper” he encouraged you as you took in all that you could hollowing your cheeks around him.

you felt your mouth start to tire as you pulled your mouth away and continued to pump him. “oohh baby, ‘m about to-“

you pulled your hand away and wiped the corners of your lips as you got a hold of his cock again and slowly putting it in you. bouncing up and down, he wanted to touch you so badly, guide you up and down his cock, pull your hair, slap your ass, anything, but the stupid cuffs were holding him back.

“don’t you just wish you could run your hands all over my body as i bounce on your cock?” you ran your hands over your boobs taking each into your hands and squeezing them together.

“y/n i’m begging you to please uncuff me”

“and i said not yet” you said into his ear and bit down on his earlobe.

you got off his lap and pulled out the dildo you’d use to masturbate whenever you were lonely and horny. you began to suck on it while playing with your pussy and staring right at him.

you fingered yourself to your climax and crawled over to him putting your fingers in his mouth.

“can i please get uncuffed now?”

“maybe you should beg for it”

“y/n, angel, please uncuff me and i’ll make sure to eat you out just the way you like and have you cumming a total of seven times”

“mm that does sound quite convincing” you smirked as you reached over him for the key on his nightstand and uncuffed him.

his hands came down to your waist and he huskily whispered into your ear, “looks like i lost the challenge, but it’ll be so worth it once i get a taste of you”

‘my youth is yours’

‘i bloom just for you’

Bryant: I’ve had the worst thanksgiving ever.

Dolan: Mine was really bad too. It was like Pearl Harbor meets the movie Pearl Harbor.