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Thank you . Couldn't have gotten through my afternoon television watching without a little TONGUE ACTION from a shampoo commercial.

I've added these pencils to seven tweets now. They're the best present ever. If they're not viral soon I'll be sad. @

Ugh. Yup. Definitely a cold coming. But at least my butt looks okay in my running gear.

I dunno man Iโ€™m feeling myself lately. Not literally though of course. Thatโ€™s illegal.

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Would u like to Fuck a hottie?

i often get told that i am mean to men or that i can be offputting but i think that people don’t realize why that is.

as the ugly friend, and for a long time the ugly sober friend, i am used to being treated the way men actually feel, instead of being treated the way they treat someone they want to fuck. i get told honestly that my body language is mean, that i am ugly, i get ignored or pushed or whatever. i have had drinks poured on me, i have been told i can’t come into bars, called fat, whatever works.

men go out of their way to express that they aren’t attracted to me; to the point where i will out myself with emphasis on my attraction to women to get the conversation out of the way, or i will barter with them and then cockblock with a wink; why anybody thinks i would legitimately help them hook up with my friends i don’t know, but the desperation that morphs into buying us both drinks even though we won’t be leaving with them is a power trip I can’t even name.

it’s fucked up, i know. but who can afford therapy on a graduate student stipend? not me.


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I like to think of this as my petty revenge on Tumblr for banning a shedload of my gifs that were taken from perfectly legitimate mainstream tv shows. Since one set they informed me violated their guidelines came from Shoestring, I feel it’s only right that I should share the still images from said violating gifs…

Gratuitous pictures of a young Trevor Eve wearing not many clothes? Yes. Yes, I rather think so.

Your move, Tumblr. Since Shoestring was a primetime Sunday evening family show…



And voila

the upside of being traumatized by Spec Ops: The Line way back when is that i now have no compunction about reaching an acceptable ending in Bandersnatch - mediocre game, but dude’s healthy and taking his meds - and then putting the remote down and calling it the end.

coming back to tumblr on a new pc without my old xkit blocks is a lot like accidentally yet on purpose flinging myself back into a pool of endless vexation.

the really difficult thing about watching legends of tomorrow is that it makes me want to reread all of Hellblazer from #1 again and i am constantly having to remind myself i am no longer a 20-year-old with literally nothing to do all summer