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Home is where the cat is.

& here we have 2 different completely pictures, w/the 1 on the right being an image I’ve wanted to post for a couple months but feared was too trashy. This week let me know…

It’s about the fight for women’s suffrage soooo...

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Monday 8pm! Before the watershed,& the level of disturbia & violence portrayed is APPALLING! I have seen cert 18 films less gruesome.Abuse, psychosis, hammer, knuckle duster, bats, guns, gore, beatings! Investigate please! Turned off!

Stuck at prep, while to be fair, I don't think it needs that much more work. Don't play Railroad Tycoon - show adaptability! ;

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I love the water. I can't imagine not swimming. I JUST got a (new to me) boat. Been saving for years 😌 dying to show anyone so forgive me

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coming back to tumblr on a new pc without my old xkit blocks is a lot like accidentally yet on purpose flinging myself back into a pool of endless vexation.

the really difficult thing about watching legends of tomorrow is that it makes me want to reread all of Hellblazer from #1 again and i am constantly having to remind myself i am no longer a 20-year-old with literally nothing to do all summer


Date 4: A slip and slide in the rain. Ben wipes out which amuses Hakim quite a bit.

Fun fact: Hakim is a random townie and yes, he was that jacked all on his own. He got some new hair, but he looked pretty close to this out of the box.


Madutec - Dream

sunday study day jam

remembering how a few years back people took it as a personal attack that i used the exile’s canon name as an all-purpose tag for exiles.

nothing like some time away from tumblr to really remind yourself just how ridiculous tumblr drama really can be